Jenna’s Wild Night


“Oh, hi, Misty … Hi, Mr. Webb,” Jenna said happily.

She stands. Gilbert shifts, his tail pounding the floor.

“Hi, Jenna. Well, we’re ready,” Misty said.

The doorbell rings. Misty’s shoulders sag. She had hoped to be able to talk for a few minutes with Jenna, get things rolling, so to speak. However, the Burke’s are here now, and they’ll have to leave right away.

“Have fun now, Jenna, OK?” Sean said, touching the teen’s shoulder and giving her a firm squeeze.

“We’ll be home quite late, honey,” Misty said. “Sure you’ll be OK?”

“Oh, sure, Misty, just fine,” Jenna said. “We’ll have a good time. Won’t we, fella?”

Gilbert gives a sharp, quiet yelp.

Everybody laughs at the dog’s response, and the couple left the house. Misty glances back once and waves to Jenna. Sean grips her arm tightly and leads her forcefully to the car. Jenna watches the car drive off, then closes and locks the front door. She goes through the house, as she always does, to make sure the windows and other doors are secure. Then she comes back into the living room where Gilbert waits.

“C’mere, Gilbert,” Jenna calls, patting her thighs through the thin material of her skirt.

She presses her palms more firmly against her thighs and rubs the material over the warm flesh of her legs. Gilbert leaps up from his place near the kitchen door and dashes over to stand in front of the eighteen-year-old girl, his big head stretches toward her as his tail wags happily behind.

“Thataboy…” Jenna said, smiling.

She can barely control her overpowering urge to giggle. She’s excited. Her body is tense. The innocent young woman feels hot, happy, and scared all at the same time.

“Now, watch me, Gilbert. Watch me close, OK?”

Gilbert snorts, and Jenna burst into a brief fit of giggling. The German shepherd’s tail slaps the floor in time to the teen’s giggles.

“OK,” Jenna said, forcing herself to stop shivering and snickering. What she wants to do excited her, but it also embarrasses her. She’s thought about it all night, though, and embarrassed or not, Jenna’s going to go through with her plans. The eighteen-year-old blonde college girl lifts the front of her skirt. Gilbert’s tail freezes in midair. Jenna hooks her thumbs into the tight elastic waistband of her blue panties, the skirt hanging down in a soft curve in front of her thighs. Gilbert sucks his tongue back into his mouth and shut it tight. His eyes seem to grow wider, more prominent. Jenna pushes down on the sides of her panties.

Gilbert stops panting. The dog’s whole body goes tense, and ears stand straight.

Jenna avoids looking at the dog’s handsome face and works the panties down her long slim legs. She lifts one foot and slips the panties off over her shoe. Then she lifts her other foot and pulls the tiny wisp of material off her other shoe.

Gilbert gulps.

Jenna can’t see it happening, wouldn’t have suspected it’s happening, but under the German shepherd’s belly, Gilbert’s cock is growing longer, stiffer, thicker.

“Whew,” Jenna said softly.

She turns slightly and places her panties on the couch behind her. The girl wipes the back of her forearm across her forehead, smearing the slight film of sweat. God, I’m getting hot, she thought.

“Well, Gilbert … This is it … I’m gonna show you my most secret … most wonderful thing.”

Jenna lifts up the rear of her skirt and sits on the couch, pushing her panties aside. Her bare ass cheeks mash into the cushion. She shifts, grinding her naked flesh into the rough material.

“Ready, boy?” she asks, feeling a sudden burst of speed in her heart.

She swallows, licks her lips. Her blood seems to be on fire as her pulse roars in her ears. Jenna’s heart hammers painfully in her suddenly constricted chest. Most strange of all, Jenna’s nipples are swelling, throbbing as they bloat into dark itching nubs of exquisitely sensitive flesh.

The blonde teen clears her throat and then lifts her heels onto the edge of the couch. She pulls the loose front of her skirt high around her slender waist. Gilbert snorts loudly, sneezes violently, and thrust his head forward nostrils quivering as the dog sucks in the strong odor of her innocent virgin pussy. The dog is more than familiar with a smell. It had been his job, his primary function, with its previous owner’s wife to lick and lap her pussy and make her orgasm. The previous owner did not know this, of course, as it only happened when he was at work.

The dog’s cock is hard, pulsing with blood, and eager to feel the tight muscles of cunt clutching hard at its rigid dick.

Jenna doesn’t know how excited the dog is. She’s passionate about playing with her pussy right in front of the doggie’s lovely eyes. A fantasy the teen has is fingering her pussy in front of a handsome stud of a man and making him all hot and horny for her. It’s the most exciting things the inexperienced eighteen-year-old can imagine. Doing this in front of Gilbert is the next best thing. The blonde’s body yearns for it. Her breasts seem to swell, and nipples expand, even more, stretching the flesh covering her small B-cup breasts to the limit. The dog snorts again, blowing hot air against the teen’s bare mound, Jenna loves keeping her pussy shaved smooth.

“Mmmm … I like that, Gilbert…” Jenna purrs.

She spread her thighs apart, exposing her pussy as thoroughly as possible. The inner folds peep out through the tight slit of her virgin pussy, glistening with the sticky moisture of her girl precum. Gilbert’s tongue slops out and slaps against the smooth inner flesh of Jenna’s thigh.

“Oh … Wow,” the teen cries.

Her thigh jerks away from the dog’s hot, wet, rough tongue. Nevertheless, the feeling sends a hard jolt of pleasure into her guts, knotting her belly with lust.

“Fuck,” she whispers, more to herself than to the animal before her.

That had felt kind of good, she thought. Odd, but very good. Slowly, she let her thigh move back, closer to Gilbert’s lolling tongue. She experiments and brushes her leg directly against the large, wet, pink monster of the German shepherd’s tongue. The teen shivers with the delightful sensations shooting through her belly. Then, for the first time in her life, Jenna wonders what it’d feel like if Gilbert should stroke its tongue right against her pussy.

Jenna’s heart nearly burst out of her chest. She gulps hard, repeatedly, trying to catch her breath. The teen is panting, her lips parted, her tongue resting on her lower lip, thrust slightly out of her mouth.

“Omigod…” she moans.

Things have suddenly got very hot and fuzzy in her mind. Jenna’s body feels strange as if she’s floating. She takes a series of deep breaths and let them out slowly and loudly. Then the girl shudders hard. Her hand shook as she moves it down between her open thighs and cups her hot pussy fully. This feels so nice to her, and the teen moans then rolls her hand against the back of the couch. Her middle finger curls, poking lightly between the soft lips of her pussy and stiffens a bit as she wiggles it, working the finger into her wet slit. Twitching and whimpering as her fingertip strokes up along her slit and rubs over the swollen nubbin of her painfully sensitive clit.

Pressing her fingertip onto her throbbing lump of clit flesh and massaging it in quick tight circles is wondrous. Jenna mashes her clit into the hard bone of her pelvis. She’s now sweating profusely, the small balls of salty water popping out in her thighs, throat, and forehead, wetting the underarms of her blouse and trickling down her back. The fingertip caresses her clit, sending chills of pleasure into her body, making Jenna quiver. Rolling her head forward, her pretty eyes droop as lusty urges take over her mind. She’s purring softly, fingers are gently stroking her pussy lips, smearing her fishy-smelling fluids all over.

The glare in the dog’s deep dark eyes startles the girl; it’s a hungry look. The German shepherd’s forepaws dance on the rug. Its tongue slaps around against the roof of its mouth, rolls out, slurps in, and thrusts out again. The animal is panting wildly, chest heaving. The dog’s nostrils quiver as the heady scent of virgin pussy juice fills its brain with visions of delicious licking and sucking.

“Hmmmm…” Jenna moans, her eyebrows furrowing into a question.

What does the doggie want, she wonders? What does he need?

Gilbert suddenly thrust his head forward and stands, his tail thrashing the air behind. The dog butts its nose against Jenna’s protective hand and nuzzles at it, trying to push the hand away from her pussy. The dog’s tongue licks her fingers. The edges of the canine tongue slop around her fingers and strokes the highly sensitive creases of her thighs.

“Fuck…” Jenna squeals sharply.

Then, without thinking, she yanks her hand away from her hot pussy and throws her arms over her head. The blonde teen shifts forward to the very edge of the couch, feet slamming down to the floor, and spreading wide to offer her wet pussy to the dog’s tongue.

“Ohhhh,” Jenna moans weakly as she feels the first hot wet stroke of the animal’s great tongue against her smooth pussy.

The dog’s tongue feels like sandpaper, in a way, yet it’s soft, moist, and hot, molding to the contours of her pussy lips. Gritting her teeth and clutching at the cushions on the back of the couch, Jenna arches her ass off the couch edge, thrusting her pussy against the dog’s nose.

Gilbert takes over completely. The big dog nuzzles the teen’s pussy with the tip of its nose, driving against her pussy lips in such a way it pressures the clit buried between them. Jenna groans with lust shifted her ass and pushed her pussy harder against the dog’s snout. The German shepherd’s tongue lapped her smooth pussy. It twists its strong neck and slices its wide blade of a tongue between Jenna’s pussy lips, knifing deep into her tight vaginal orifice, and then swiping up over her clit. He slurps out a tongue full of her hot girl goo. The taste of Jenna’s pure juice sends the doggie mind whirling with lust and need. Gilbert’s cock oozes precum. The dick sticks out, bright red and raw from the furry sheath between the dog’s powerful thighs.

“Oh, doggie,” Jenna moans, clawing at the cushions behind her head. “Ooh, Gilbert … Yessss … Lick my pussy.”

Gilbert tongues her lovely slit, soaking her pussy with hot saliva, and the juice dribbles along the creases of her thighs driving her nuts with pleasure.

“Ooh … oh … uh…” Jenna pants, her head rolling wildly from side to side, her long blonde hair twisting against the back of the couch.

The dog’s tongue is sending her to heaven. She claws a hand along the front of her blouse and grabs her right breast, clutching her it hard through the material of her blouse and bra. Jenna feels her hot hard nipple drilling into her palm, even through the material. She clutches and caresses her breast, cups it, and thumbs her nipple with sharp, hard flicks.

“Omigod … Omigod…” she moans as each flick of her thumb shoots a bolt of pleasure through her breasts.

Jenna has never felt so fucking hot. Sweat pours out of her body everywhere, drenching her clothing. Gilbert licks the teen’s wet pussy hole, slurping out her flowing juices. The dog works its tongue into her pussy slit and twists its nose against her clit.

Jenna squeezes her breast and then begins fumbling in a frenzy at the buttons down the front of her blouse, ripping at them to get the blouse open. Yanking her shirttails out of the waist of her skirt while slamming her pussy hard into Gilbert’s thrusting nose.

The other hand jerks to her left breast. Her bra plastered to the mounds of her breasts, soaked with gushing sweat. She claws at the wet silk of the cups, yanks them around her throat, and then jerks her hands back down to the hot globes of her breasts. Gripping her nipples in her fingers, Jenna pinches them hard and twists them between her fingers and thumbs, pulling them far away from the lush masses of her lovely breasts.

Gilbert senses the teen’s excitement. Fuck fluid flows thick from her vagina.

“Oh, fuck … Oh, fuck … Fuck me … Fuck me … Omigod, I need a fuck … I need a fuck,” Jenna whimpers, tears spilling from her eyes, rolling down her hot cheeks. “Omigod, it feels so good, Gilbert … Lick me harder, boy…”

Gilbert obliges the girl eagerly. His tongue curls and drives deep into her pussy channel. The German shepherd sucks the tangy fluids, its rough tongue massaging the walls of her virginal cunt. As the dog withdraws its tongue from her vagina, it swipes its tongue over Jenna’s clit. Jenna throws her head far back, arched into a bow of pure pleasure feeling the pressure rise high and fast, washing over her like a wave of hot water, drowning her.

Jenna suddenly orgasms.

Her ass jumps and bounces all over on the couch, and thighs automatically clamp tightly around Gilbert’s strong neck, while heels crossing over the dog’s back. Jamming her hands onto the dog’s head, grabbing it and hugging its snout tight against her cumming pussy as her juices gush against Gilbert’s nose and mouth. Gilbert slurps the thick goo as it floods out of Jenna’s cunt. The girl juice is hot, thick, sticky, fishy, and delicious.

The teen’s whole body bucks wildly against the animal’s head. Her clit twitches and spews cum. The girl’s nipples are bloated to the limit, aching and throbbing painfully. Jenna gouges her fingers into the soft fur at the back of the animal’s neck, dragging its snout tighter into her gushing, bucking crotch.

Arching high, and trembling violently.

Her small breasts jiggle wildly. Sweat gushes from her body like the cream from her cunt. Her long blonde hair matted to her face, shoulders, and back. Crying openly, tears flood out of her eyes rolling down her cheeks and spilling onto the upper slopes of her jiggling breasts. Jenna suddenly clamps her thighs tighter against the sides of Gilbert’s head, gives one violent final shudder, and then sinks back against the couch. Her long legs fall limply off the dog’s back and arms flop loosely at her sides.

Jenna groans loudly—exhausted. The eighteen-year-old is drenched.

Gilbert snorts, licks his lips, and backs away from Jenna’s spent body. The dog knows when things are finished. It’ll savor the taste of this pretty teen’s pussy juice for a long time. Happy, Gilbert trots back to his spot near the kitchen door, turns around a couple of times, and then lies down. The dog gives a loud sigh of pleasure, then lowers its chin to its forepaws, and grins over at Jenna.

The girl groans. She slides off the couch and stretches out on her back on the floor. Her vagina dribbles and ooze girl goo still, the thick fluid trickling down along her pretty pussy slit and wetting her ass crack.

“Omigod…” she whispers. “Omigod.”


This is an excerpt from ‘Jenna’s Wild Night’ a 19,200 word story. Buy the eBook to ready every nasty detail.


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