Junkyard Jim


Jim starts slow, flicking his tongue on the tip, licking the entrance to Boomers cock, the dog loves this, and he knows it. He licks up and down the shaft, taking in the familiar scent and taste as he does, and lightly scratches at the dogs tight swollen ball sack.

“Oh, you’re so full tonight, boy, lucky for you I’m here to help.”

He loves dirty talking with Boomer, it makes him feel dirty, nasty, and downright slutty.

“You don’t know it yet, boy, but we’re going to be emptying some of your delicious cum elsewhere tonight.”

The man’s cock twitches and balls tighten as he said it. Focus, Jim, he thinks. You need to empty his first load quick, to make him last longer for the next round. He quit with the foreplay and got to it, Boomers cock is now almost fully out of his sheath, and Jim is nearly a professional cocksucker. He spits a big wad of saliva onto Boomers cock a few times, making it nice and slimy. Then wrapping his hands around his thick cock, he works his spit all over the big red, tapered shaft. As he jerks Boomers shiny cock, he swallows the head and half his cock in one quick gulp. Boomer is used to this, and doesn’t flinch a muscle. Jim takes the fat cock into his mouth as deep as he can, working his tongue along the veiny red shaft as he jerks the rest of the cock and rubs his dog balls. Jim loves the feeling of Boomers big cock stuffed in his mouth, he loves every minute of it, yet a blowjob is just the start of tonight. With his anticipation building, he goes into slut mode, furiously working Boomers shaft and balls with his wet mouth and hands. He can feel the swelling, growing and Boomers knot is the size of a baseball. He’s ready, so is Jim.

With a final deep suck, Boomer erupts as if a cannon in Jims mouth. Firing stream after stream of tangy, watery cum down Jims throat and into his waiting belly. He loves the feeling of a belly full of Boomers cum. Boomers hips are fucking Jims mouth as he erupts, and makes the man choke/gag several times. He likes the sensation, and pushes his head deeper, making himself gag, and forcing tears from the effort he’s exerting to keep pace with Boomers furious humping. Jims granted some relief as Boomer withdraws the mighty cock from the man’s greedy mouth, and stands panting and licking his doggy chops with satisfaction. Jim notices Boomers cock is still spurting small jets of cum and decides not to be wasteful, so he lightly grabs Boomers cock and directs his final sprays over his face and chest. He loves being such a dirty slut, he just wishes he had someone to share it with aside from Boomer.

As Boomer lies on the blanket to rest and lick his cock, so Jim reaches into his backpack and grabs his ass-gasm cock ring vibrating plug he always keeps in his bag. He often gets horny so he when he masturbates, he uses the device, even moving around in public with this attached makes him feel so naughty and horny. The thrill added to his orgasms and he always had powerful ones with this male sex toy. He lays on the blanket, head on the towel he set up, stuck the vibrator in his mouth to lube it, then slowly slides the cock ring over his cock and balls, before inserting the bulbous plug into his ass. After turning the device on, the feeling is incredible. This vibe always makes him cum hard, yet tonight, with what he has just finished doing, and the taste of Boomer cum still fresh in his mouth, he strokes his slimy cock furiously. Boomer comes over and starts licking Jims thick, seven-inch cock throbbing between the man’s legs. Jim lets go and clenches his eyes as the combined feelings of Boomers coarse tongue lathes his cock while the sex toy vibrates around his cock and against his prostate making his body jerk and thrash with pleasure.

“Oh, ah, fuck, yeah, oh God,” Jim moans loudly.

Glimmers of light begin gleaming through his sex-fuddled brain. To him, this isn’t merely sex, it’s a deep emotional experience. A thick glob of precum drools out of his cock slit only to be swiped away with a lashing of Boomers tongue. Jim holds his breath, waiting for the inevitable, knowing nothing on Earth can stop him cumming soon. His eyes open wide, and begin rolling back into his head, as a low moaning sound gets louder in his throat, and finally bursts forth in a great roar as the dam explodes.

“Oh—my—god—fuck—FUCK—aaaaaaah,” Jim shouts as he cums.

The first shot is like a jet and squirts into the back of Boomers throat who starts licking wildly as he tastes Jims sweet cum, and a positive rain of cum splatters all over his chest and belly that the dog licks clean in seconds. Eventually, his cock becomes too sensitive for the persistent attention Boomer gives it, and Jim rolls to his side closing his legs, breathing heavily. Boomer backs off, and sits, watching his human lover with soft whines while still licking his chops in case any delicious man juice is there.

“Oh, fuck, Boomer,” Jim says, panting, as he pulls the vibrating butt plug from his ass, and pulls the cockring from his deflating penis. “No one can make me cum as you do.”

Boomer sniffs at the discarded butt plug toy and licks it clean, then moves to Jims ass and licks his anus and butt crack.

“Oh god, that feels so good,” Jim moans.

The dog flicks his tongue several times over the crinkled and twitching muscle of Jims asshole. Boomer pushes his tongue against the spongy anus. He doesn’t try to penetrate him, as much as Jim wants him to. Soon, he’s writhing beneath the lashing tongue. Holy fuck, Jim thinks. I’m way too horny to handle this myself. Time for the main attraction. He looks over at Boomer and sees the dogs red cock is erect again, as if he knows what’s coming. Boomer is ready, and the way he licks Jims red anus is the same way he would lick a bitch’s cunt before mounting her. Jim rolls onto his hands and knees. He’s seen this in many videos and figures with a little coaxing, he can get Boomer to lick him for a while, and when ready, take his cock into his ass and be fucked as the bitch he is, and deserves to be. However, Boomer has other ideas, and pounces as if a starving wolf on the first piece of meat he’s had in ages. Before Jim can even gasp, Boomer is on top of him, laying his weight on the man’s back, paws clawing at his side, stinging, and drawing blood. Jim feels the tip of Boomers massive, swollen cock probing for his waiting ass.

“No, Boomer, no, not yet, I’m not ready,” Jim shouts.

Boomer doesn’t care, it’s too late and Jim suddenly screams so loud, he thinks his throat might explode. Boomer finds his target, and drives all ten inches to the knot, deep inside Jims tight asshole.

“OWWWW, Boomer, please, it hurts. You’re tearing me in half.”

However, Jims pleas go unanswered as Boomer continues to fuck him from behind without mercy. The man can feel every inch of the huge cock inside his body, rubbing his prostate, throbbing and twitching, and pushing against his diaphragm. Jim has never felt so full in his life, even after a big meal, his stomach is stuffed with cock. After a while the pain starts to subside as his anal sphincter relaxes, and he begins enjoying the assault on his asshole from this beast. He even moans and coos, pushing back against his giant knot, and with a few big pushes from both, Boomers knot sucks into Jims asshole making him cum so intensely he nearly passes out. Jims cum shoots onto the blanket beneath him and with eyes clenches he sees stars, however, Boomer is far from finished.

Boomers dog cock feels so big, it’s as if someone is fucking him with a baseball bat. He looks beneath himself to see Boomer balls slapping his, the pace is slower and more rhythmical humping compared to the frantic fucking on initial penetration. The dog grips him firmly with his front legs, as he drives the massive cock and knot inside Jims warm insides. The knot is caught, so when the animal withdraws, Jim feels his anus stretch so beautifully around the baseball-sized protrusion. The knot doesn’t come all the way out, but pulls free enough to make the stretch madly, then on the following thrust, Jims body washes with leg-weakening tingles as his anus snaps back around the shaft again. Their bodies move forward with each powerful thrust, and Jim moans loudly, head low, and holding the blanket in his fists. The sound of Boomer panting reverberates inside the enclosed trailer, his long tongue hanging out of his mouth as it drools on Jims back.

After what seems an age, Boomer slows, and his movements become jerky. Jim feels something warm filling his asshole, it’s a familiar feeling. The feeling of a guy filling his ass with cum. However, this is different, the sheer amount being pumped into him is unlike anything one of his male lovers can do. His ass is filling to the brim with Boomers hot doggy cum, and he loves it. He can see traces of cum and blood running down his inner thighs and off his cock, and knows Boomer has ripped his ass, yet he doesn’t care. This is the most amazing sex he’s had. Then he remembers his original plan, scanning the floor and finds the metal bowl, grabs it, and places it between his knees, and let the cum collect. That’ll be a nice treat for later, Jim thinks with a devilish grin. Boomer has stopped now, as he unloads his balls in Jims bowels, yet the man can feel the mighty phallus throb, buzz, and pulsate in his belly.

Eventually, Boomer jumps off Jim, however, his knot is still too large to pull free, so they lie ass-to-ass on the blanket. Jim has always imagined this as the best part of the experience, to lie there with a pulsating cock stuck inside his ass, owning him, has helped him achieve many fine orgasms while masturbating. Now he’s experiencing it for real, he’s awestruck at how great it feels. Being knotted to his lover makes him feel closer to the animal. After at least twenty-minutes, Boomers cock pops out of his ass, followed swiftly by a flood of Boomers cum. The savory juice flows out of his ass as if pouring champagne, splashing and collecting in the bowl below. He smiles at the amount of cum he collects and looks over at Boomer who has laid in a corner trying to recover and clean his equipment. He deserves some gratitude after the show he just put on, Jim thinks, and crawls his way toward him. Boomer looks over at Jim, with a tired yet satisfied look on his face.
“Who’s a good boy?” Jim moans in his sexiest voice, “Let me take care of you, baby.”

With that, Jim again has Boomers big cock in his mouth. He loves how dirty he feels, because he’s cleaning the cum off the dog cock that just fucked his asshole. He’s such a dirty little slut, and he loves it. After he finishes licking every drop of cum from Boomer and his cock has returned to its furry sheath, he lies on the floor for a few moments thinking about what happened. How amazing the experience was, and how perverted he is for letting Boomer fuck and breed him in his in his dad’s junkyard. However, he mostly thinks about how his ass is aching to be filled again. Jim thinks about this, and about the other dogs roaming the junkyard, and he smiles wickedly.
“This night is far from over,” he said to Boomer.

He makes his way to the back door of the trailer to look for more trouble.


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