Ming’s Dynasty


Chapter 1

Jing-Mei ‘June’ Woo wakes to a delightful tingling of her dainty cunt, and for the first startled moment, she thought she’d napped too long in the backyard sun and is blistering again. With her tender Asian skin, it’s so easy to sunburn. However, it is only the Great Dane Ming, licking at her thighs again acting silly. She tries to bring her knees together, but somehow, he has gotten in between them this time; his furry body is thick and muscley when she squeezes, and the solidity of it makes a funny little thrill race up her backbone.

“Ming,” she said lazily, “go away, mutt.”

However, she doesn’t really mean it. The dog’s nose snuffles deeply into the swim-suit bottom she wears, and the heat of its breath increases the tingling in her pussy. Tugging the towel down over herself, June thought it wouldn’t hurt to let the crazy dog have its way, to allow the Great Dane lick her pussy until it tires of it. Besides, it feels so good. She lifts her butt and gives a wiggle that helps her slide the swimsuit down, but she has to put one bare foot against Ming’s broad chest to shove the dog back far enough so she can get the bikini off.

Quickly then, she makes a tent of the big towel and spread her knees so Ming can stick its soft, furry muzzle back into place over her crotch. The dog did it quickly, eager to get its hot, wet tongue going into her smooth shaven pussy. Of course, June doesn’t mean to let Ming try anything else, just the hot and ticklish lapping the dog’s always trying on her cunt. Ever since the Great Dane matured, it seems like it’s hungry to lick her pussy all the time.

Her mother (Suyuan ‘Sue’Woo) is always saying, “Watch out for that dog, June, slap him when he does that.”

However, her mom doesn’t understand about the tingles.

“Ooh,” June shouted, arching her back some as the dog licks hotly right into her pussy lips.

Ming’s never been right down to those before, and the sensation is wild, crazy. The Great Dane’s tongue shoots a wet fire up her cunt, and she rolls her ass the way she did when Tommy Hancock used to fuck her. Maybe Ming will lap her pussy long enough to make her cum; the animal seems content to keep at it, and its tongue feels terrific, rubbing away at her pussy like that. She wonders if her orgasm will be significant, and trembles all over.

However, June keeps her head enough to glance around the yard, to peer into the tall hedge separating their backyard from the Petersons. She sure doesn’t want any of them to catch Ming licking her pussy this way, and she spread the towel wider over the dog’s head, pretending to be wrestling the large canine.

Ming works its tongue furiously into her pussy, spreading the pussy lips apart some, slurping into her hot slit and whining deep in its beastly chest. It’s great for her, getting to her in a way not even Tommy did. June pushes Ming’s head down, shoves its furry muzzle deeper into her heaving pussy. She rolls her hips and lifts to it, kind of fucking the dog’s nose, while the good feelings get better and better in her pussy.

“Oh, Ming,” she moans, swinging her head from side to side and breathing harshly. “Oh Ming, eat me up. Just eat up my pussy!”

The big dog seems to understand, to respond, for its long, thick tongue pushes harder, licks more avidly, and a hot, bright spot grows swiftly around her excited clit. Her cunt gets all hot inside, turned wetter and juicier, and she humps jerkily on Ming’s muzzle, quivers and gasps as June started to orgasm. It’s a thrilling sensation that makes June hump her crotch to Ming and kicks her slim legs and digs her fingers into the Great Dane’s broad head.

“C-Cumming,” she moans. “Oh Ming, you big, horny dog-you’re m-making me CUM.”

Her heels beat against the grass and great, racking shudders whip over her taut Asian body. June came, and came, her eyes rolling back in her head and her teeth locked into her lower lip. The sun overhead seems to flash on and off, and she falls back limply, half out of her mind. Weak and spent, June laid flat upon the grass while her small tits heave up and down and her mind spins. June knows Ming is still lapping her inflamed pussy, yet she doesn’t know when he stopped. In a daze, she’s sorry the dog quit, because it won’t take much more to make her orgasm again.

The dog’s big head comes up from under the towel, tangles there, and June has to help it get free. Then she’s sorry she did because Ming has its front paws clamped into her rib cage and is squeezing her hard. The Asian teen recoils in shock, and she feels the prodding of the Great Dane’s s cock, the slick, hard, massive cock is blindly reaching for the entrance to her wet cunt.

She wiggles and struggles to push him off, but June only succeeds in bumping her belly against the dogs. Ming holds on, humping its back and thrusting forward steadily with the long, pointy cock. Once it slides across her smooth mound, and she bucks wildly beneath the weight. Panting, June has to turn her head aside from Ming’s dripping tongue, and the move throws her crotch into the animals moving cock again. The thing is slippery, oozing precum, and June’s pussy is slick, too, skidding along under the intensity of the enormous dog cock. Something had to give.

Suddenly, the tip of the phallus pokes into her pussy lips. June quivers sharply and tries to wiggle off the end of Ming’s hard cock, but the dog keeps humping and pushing, and somehow, June bounces the wrong way.

The massive red dog cock goes into June’s cunt.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she squeals loudly as the huge cock pushes into her tight cunt.

The dog’s cock slips into her pussy, right between the lips so slippery by Ming’s licking, and June flinches because the cock is infinitely more massive than she expected or imagined. The canine cock’s knot has grown substantially, and is now shoving and poking into her cunt. June is no virgin, she lost it to Tommy Hancock when she was sixteen, yet the young Asian American is no slut either. Tommy had a modest six-inch dick, Ming feels twice as large inside her belly.

June is shaking. She claws at the big, dominant dog, and her curled fingers only slide down its short-haired hide. The Asian teen tries to push the big dog up with her knees, but the beast is far too heavy for that, and its cock penetrates deeper into her pussy. Now it hurts like hell, the pain crazy, and she’s just about to scream, but fights back the panic just in time.

Mom isn’t home, but the Petersons probably are, and she doesn’t want any of them to come running, to catch her being fucked by her dog. She’d just have to fight Ming off, before its huge cock rips her cunt wide open, and makes her bleed.

June wraps her arms around the dog’s heavy neck and tries to wheel the animal off to one side, but it has the feel of her inner pussy now, and won’t be denied. Ming bends its back and plows its giant cock deeper into her tightly resisting cunt.

“Miiiiiiiiing,” she hisses. “Get off me. Stop it. MING!”

The Great Dane is too far gone to listen; it only squeezes her surging body tighter between its paws and pounds the insistent cock more strongly into her tight cunt.

“N-No,” she groans. “Oh, no—don’t do it.”

However, she can’t get herself free or loosen the impaling cock working like a cudgel into her belly. The pain is quick and sharp, and she feels the slick dick moving, and the swelling of the knot on the end of the dog’s hungry cock. Now June knows the deep tickle of a big cock within her cunt. At least Ming can’t get me pregnant, she thought. Ming grunts and shoves; its cock rams into her cunt all the way to its furry balls, and June knows she can take it all without ripping, that her tightly clenching vagina can swallow every swollen inch of the dog’s big cock without tearing.

There’s no denying it, Ming’s cock feels terrific. It feels fantastic, buried so deeply in her cunt that she can feel the hard tip nudging her womb. She is being fucked. The big cock feels marvelous, filling the Asian’s pussy and making her ass go tight. Ming thrusts into her cunt with the speed and force only an animal can achieve, and the thrill of the distended cock slipping over her throbbing clit is almost too much. June thinks she’s going to faint from pleasure.

She doesn’t pass out because the doggie cock feels too good. June rides it back and slithers forward when it slams into her cunt again. The swollen tool bulges inside her clinging pussy, and June wonders dimly if she and Ming can get hung up like she’s seen a bitch dog and a male do once. It’ll be nice in one way, to keep this enormous cock inside her hot cunt for just as long as she wants it, fucking until she cums, and cums again, and sums some more.

However, getting knotted with Ming in the backyard wouldn’t be so cool. In her bedroom at night, after her mom is asleep, that’d be OK. Yet not here and not now, right out in the open daylight where anyone could catch them. The towel once covering her is gone, kicked away in the scuffle, and when she glances down by twisting her head a little, she can watch the shiny red cock pounding through of her dripping, reddened pussy lips.

Oh wow, June thought, WOW. Ming’s cockhead is bumping against her womb, and making her head bob, and the teen has to have something to hold onto, or the dog might fuck her right to the back fence. June clings to Ming’s thick neck and gets her feet up until her ankles can cross the dog’s back. The teen hikes her crotch to his thrusts and then and swings her ass in quickening circles because she’s on the verge of cumming.

“Oh GOD,” she shrieks as he fucks her. “Oh god, you’re gonna tear me in two.”

The big dog cock feels even bigger inside her cunt, as it dominates and pushes her, forces her body to have to adjust to its massive girth. The muscles don’t give way quickly, even when being forced, and a curious mix of pleasure and pain makes her body quiver. Getting fucked by a dog is far more exciting than she ever imagined. Once the doggie-cock invaded her tight cunt, there was no stopping the animal. The Great Dane’s hind legs stomp the ground. The beast drools all over the teen. Its massive cock fucks relentlessly into her stretched-open, wet cunt.

“Ahhhrrrr, God, I’m getting fucked,” she moans, quivering with mounting excitement. “He’s really fucking me. Mmm, my pussy’s so hot. Fuck me, Ming, fuck me.”

Ming’s cock slams deep into her pussy and pulls back for another battering-ram stroke, and when the dog thrusts its dick to the balls again, the Asian teen quivers in ecstasy.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahrrrrrr,” she squeals. “Omigod—I’m cumming!”

June orgasms; she’s hugging Ming and fucking back at the dog, clinging to the Great Dane’s body with her legs and arms, sticking to its cock with the hot, wet walls of her cunt. Lights flash on and off within her head, and crazy things happen to her clit, bombed inside her cunt. Her asshole snaps tight as a rubber band, and she feels the dog’s swinging balls massage it.

Ming keeps right on grinding that stiff dog cock into her blazing cunt, ramming and banging it, and her legs slide off his back, but only to brace her heels against the grass so she can rock her crotch up to meet the lunges. June’s cunt is absorbing every terrific inch of the hard and slippery cock and knot.

Ming whines then, the dog’s breath hot in her ear and its damp muzzle pressing against her cheek. June feels her tits rubbing erect nipples into the dog’s heaving chest, explores the rise and fall of its furry belly as the animal shoves the cock to her cunt in a last, savage burst of power. The Great Dane ejaculates inside her cunt. June trembles from head to foot as hot dog sperm spurts from the cockhead. The boiling semen hosing her entire womb splashes hotly against the walls of her cunt and packs the length of her vagina. Watery yet creamy, dog semen flows over Ming’s throbbing cock, and a few drops squeeze out of the teen’s rubbery pussy lips to puddle in the crack of her steamy ass. Blissfully, June rolls her crotch, turns the hard cock and knot around inside her frothy cunt and over the aching button of her clit.

Moaning softly to herself, clenching her teeth, she heaves her pussy against the dog’s balls, pushes it wetly into his crotch. The teen burrows her stiff nipples into his muscled chest and moans again, softly and with the craziest feeling blossoming within her overheated body.


June’s body convulses with pure pleasure, and her skin flushes as sweat drips from it. The jolting sensations make her lose all sense of time and place; June revels in the sheer hedonistic pleasure of sex for the first addicting time in her life. At this moment, her life’s path has changed, yet she doesn’t know this yet.

“Oh Ming, you lovely, wonderful dog with the lovely, wonderful cock, you’re making me cum again,” she moans as another surge of intense pleasure explodes inside her belly and radiates outward.

As if in answer, Ming’s cock gives another spurt of hot semen and June, reveling in the buttery sensations within her flexing cunt, goes just a little bit insane with the contortions of her groin and ass. The orgasms were even more tremendous than when Ming licked her off and even better than the furtive rutting of Tommy Hancock. June bucks to rapture upon this deeply buried cock and knot still stiff as a poker. It’s as if she had a strobe light in her cunt as if it were flashing on and off and making everything inside her jerky, jumpy. Every nerve ending in her body tingles and sparks, and the orgasms dominate her mind, body, and soul.

It’s the sweetest and the sexiest thing ever. The dog’s cock and knot are hers; June possesses it in her cunt and holds it prisoner. The great knot in particular pulses and turns greasy inside the tender trap, but the dog just balances above June, stopped in the motions of its fucking, holding the teen in the diminishing throes of its ejaculation. Oddly, June thought that this must be Ming’s first fuck, too. Poor Ming, June thought; he can’t even masturbate, although he can lick his cock, I guess. The teen wishes she could stretch herself around to lick her pussy like a dog can. However, they’ll make do very well now by fucking each other instead.

June has a new lover now. She has Ming, who can fuck her for as long as she wants. Who can shoot big, sizzling loads of rushing cum into her cunt and not make her pregnant? However, now the walls are down and the taboo times finished with, June thought she’d start taking the Pill anyway, because, as her mom said, “You can never tell what might happen.”

Poor mom, June thought; she doesn’t have a lover. June slides tentatively upward, and Ming allows its hard knot to slip almost out of her pussy. The large knot is half in/half out, and June loves how it stretches her pussy lips and cuntal opening.

“Omigod, Ming, that knot is like a bowling ball,” she moans.

Then her pussy lips stretch a little more, and with a wet plop, the dog’s cock slips out of her ruined cunt. June grabs for the big towel and puts it over her gaping hole to soak up the semen and juices flowing out. Suddenly, there’s a noise near the hedge between the backyard and the Petersons, and she turns to see the leaves move a little. June frowns at the hedge and scratches her chin. After staring for a moment and straining to hear every noise, she sighs. Just my imagination, she thought. If I’m gonna do Ming again, it can’t be out here.


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