No Man’s Land Resort


No Man's Land Resort Moe Lester

  • Two female lovers start a resort where no man is required after they discover the carnal joys of bestiality. Words: 24,825.
“Oh, who the fuck is that?” she mutters.

Julia stands, wondering whether to answer the door when the bell rings again.

“All right, all right, I’m coming,” she shouts.

Not the first time I’ve shouted that, today, she thought and smiled. Detouring through her bedroom, she scoops her bathrobe off her bed and wraps it loosely around her. While Muttley still licking his lips, follows her.

“I hope you don’t think this means you now have bedroom privileges,” she said to the big animal and pats his head affectionately. His answer is to sniff again toward her crotch. “Now cut that out,” Julia said lightly hitting his muzzle. “We have a visitor.”

They’re soon at the front door. Wrapping the robe tightly around herself, she opens the door to see a familiar face smiling at her.

“Kylie,” she said.

A tall, lushly built brunette is standing on the porch. A sardonic smile twists her lips.

“Just getting up?” Kylie asks, her eyes taking in Julia’s robe-clad figure.

“Well, no, I, ah, just took a bath,” Julia said with a slight blush because she hardly looks as if she just had a bath. She’s sweaty and hot from Muttley licking her cunt, and if Kylie has any sense of smell, there’s a good chance she can smell her hot pussy. Kylie always makes her nervous, she’s only two years older than Julia, yet seems more mature. One of the things making Julia uneasy in Kylie’s company is the brunette’s air of sexual freedom. Julia suspects there’s probably nothing her friend hadn’t already experimented with. Does that include dogs, Julia wonders? So far, Julia hadn’t invited Kylie inside.

“Do you, err, have somebody with you?” Kylie asks, smiling knowingly. “Did I come at a bad time?”

“Oh, no,” Julia said, realizing she’s being inhospitable. It’s just Kylie had arrived so soon after her episode with Muttley. “Come in,” she said hastily. Julia leads the way into the living room. “Can I get you anything?”

“I’d love a cock,” Kylie said.

“A what?” Julia asks wide-eyed.

“I said I’d love a Coke,” Kylie said with a frown. “What did you think I said?”

“Um, nothing, a Coke it is then,” Julia said and heading to the kitchen.

Julia realizes the other woman’s eyes are following her. Can Kylie tell, she wonders? Is there something giving away the shameless act I just did? How can there be? As she walks, her slippery cunt lips rub tantalizingly against each other, reminding her how horny she still is. She decides she’s going to be polite to Kylie, get rid of her, then get Muttley to lick her cunt again, yet Kylie is watching Julia for another reason. The loose robe barely hides the lush young body beneath. Kylie feels her pussy heating as her eyes follow the younger woman’s sensual movements. I bet she’s got a tasty cunt, the brunette thought excitedly.

A total sensualist, Kylie has long had eyes on Julia. Not exclusively a lesbian as such, she, nevertheless, loves eating pussy, particularly when it’s attached to a gorgeous creature like Julia. Kylie is glad she chose today to visit her friend. There’s something in the young blonde’s manner suggesting this is a good time for Kylie to make her move and she gets her chance immediately. Julia is so nervous that when she comes back into the living room she spills some Coke onto the top of her robe.

“Oh, crap” she groans as the cold Coke seeps through the fabric.

Kylie is there in a flash. “Here, let me help,” she said.

She pulls out a handkerchief and begins mopping the Coke from Julia. She casually pulls open the front of the woman’s robe and wipes her chest, the top of her tits, continuing until the edge of the handkerchief brushes one of Julia’s tender pink nipples.

“Oh, that’s all right, don’t bother,” Julia mumbles.

No Man's Land Resort Moe Lester

  • Two female lovers start a resort where no man is required after they discover the carnal joys of bestiality. Words: 24,825.

She’s so surprised by what Kylie is doing at first she doesn’t react. When the handkerchief touches her nipple an immediate thrill runs through her already aroused body.

“You’ve got nice tits,” Kylie said, her voice thick.

The two women stand to face each other for a moment. Julia’s hands flutter indecisively; she wants to ask Kylie to pull her robe back over her naked tits, yet she seems unable to move.

“I wanna make love to you, Julia,” Kylie said bluntly.

Even as she said it, her hands are closing around the young blonde woman’s big tits, her thumbs going to work expertly on the woman’s nipples. A blast of pleasure rockets through the sensitive globes.

“W-What did you say?”

Julia’s hands rise to push feebly at Kylie’s hands.

“I wanna make love to you,” Kylie said throatily. “Suck your tits, eat your cunt, and make you cum.”

She quickly fastens her lips around the nearest of Julia’s throbbing nipples.

“NO—No, don’t—Ooh, God,” Julia moans. “What are you doing to me?”

Her body is melting, sexually. Masturbating, Julia can understand. Having the dog lick her, and now, Kylie, with her soft lips working on her nipples is causing her mind to closedown. Oh, God, it feels good, she thought as she stares at Kylie sucking her now erect nipple. Julia’s hands stop pushing and drop helplessly onto Kylie’s shoulders and her eyes half-close. Her lips parts slightly. This is incredible. Kylie’s hands part the robe and push it out of the way. She then stroked Julia’s nude body, running her hands hotly over her flanks, and belly, cupping her tits from beneath while her mouth works on the nipples. She’s smart enough to leave Julia’s cunt alone for the moment.

“Is there somewhere where we can lie?” she asks, while she deftly removes Julia’s robe.

When Julia doesn’t answer, Kylie pushes her onto the floor. Julia goes down easily enough, her legs are so weak she can hardly stand.

“Wait, I can’t,” Julia said. “I’ve never done it with another woman. I’m not gay.”

Kylie smiles. “I’m not either,” she said as she undresses.

Julia watches Kylie hurriedly take her clothes off. Her breathing gets faster as she sees more of Kylie’s body. Kylie has big breasts, a curvy body with some plumpness to her. Her nipples are bigger and darker than Julia’s, capping pointed, swooping tits. Dark pubic hair punctuates the sweet swell of her hips, and her legs are sleek and long.

“Oh Kylie,” Julia whispers as the bigger woman lies on the floor next to her.

Julia feels the other woman’s warm-naked body press close to her.

“It’s OK,” Kylie whispers reassuringly. “You need this, baby.”

“I do?”

“Yes. I’m gonna make you cum so hard you’ll never think of that asshole again.”

Julia’s body melts, there’s more sex ahead, a kind she’d never choose for herself, yet she’s too horny to argue. Her pussy aches and throbs with unfulfilled desires. So far, today, everything sexual that’s happened to her has only made her hornier.

“Mmm,” Julia moans.

Kylie’s lips are sliding over her nipples again. The pink little buds harden, thrusting toward Kylie’s hot mouth. Then Julia stiffens, she feels Kylie’s hand gliding over her belly heading for her cunt. Instinctively her thighs clamp together yet Kylie’s touch is so feather-soft Julia’s tense muscles relax. Her thighs parts again and Kylie’s finger works its gentle way between her pussy lips.

“Aaaaahhhh,” Julia moans. It feels as if a giant butterfly is loose inside her quivering pussy slit. Soft wings beat against her clit. “Oh, Kylie,” Julia whimpers.

Kylie smiles around her mouthful of tit, things are working out even better than she expected as Julia has fallen as a ripe peach. Kylie’s cunt contracts as she feels her finger gliding into Julia’s juicy slit. What a sweet little cunt, she thought. I’m going to love shoving my tongue up it. Kylie works an experimental finger into Julia’s pussy to find it as tight and hot as she expects. She feels the other woman’s cuntal muscles flutter, clamping suddenly around her finger, then they open again, inviting her further inside.

Almost timidly, Julia begins caressing Kylie’s tits, she’s never touched another woman’s breasts before and now she can see why men are always pawing them. Kylie’s big orbs give soft yet resiliently beneath her hesitant touch, the dark nipples swell until they’re as big and hard as small berries. They dig excitingly into Julia’s palm and she feels the big brunette shifting her body, positioning herself so Julia can touch her cunt if she wants. Julia isn’t ready for that yet and the thought of putting her hand inside another woman’s wet cunt is too much.

However, she loves what Kylie is doing to her cunt, and if she didn’t know better, she’d swear Kylie has ten fingers on each hand. Every part of her cunt feels touched. Kylie has two fingers in Julia’s pussy, while her thumb flips lightly across the moaning woman’s clit. The blonde woman squirms helplessly on the carpet as Kylie stimulates all her sexual areas making Julia’s body throb, especially her tits and cunt. She hasn’t been this aroused since Muttley licked her cunt a half hour ago. Then Kylie is sliding lower, her tits dragging on the side of Julia’s body. Julia makes a last grab at the big soft appendages, yet they’re soon unreachable.

“What’s happening?” she asks.

“I’m gonna eat you,” Kylie said huskily. “I’m gonna put my mouth against your cunt.”

She kneels between the younger woman’s thighs and spread Julia’s legs wide, then parts the blonde’s pussy lips with her thumbs. They open like a meaty flower, the pink meaty insides are bared to the brunette’s hungry gaze.

“Oh, I’m going to like this,” Kylie moans.

She leans closer, and the sweet aroma of Julia’s cunt wafts to her nostrils. Little beads of cunt-juice are forming inside the woman’s steaming pussy slit. Her cuntal opening pulses jerkily, yet Kylie is most interested in the trembling pink tip of Julia’s clit. She brings her mouth close to the sensitive nubbin. She blows, pouring her warm breath over the glistening wet insides of Julia’s pussy slit.

“Oooohhhhhh,” Julia moans. Her body squirms helplessly on the carpet. The soft feel of Kylie’s smooth cheeks between her thighs and the warmth of her breath is driving her wild. If her breath feels this good, Julia wonders, what will her mouth feel like? “Oh, c’mon, Kylie, for fuck’s sake, quit torturing me,” Julia moans. “Lick my cunt—Eat me—Eat meeeeeeee.”

Kylie sighs as her tongue slips into Julia’s pussy slit. Julia’s reaction is stronger.

“Oooooo—God—YES,” the young blonde moans loudly.

Almost immediately, her body twists on the carpet as blinding waves of ecstasy wash through her cunt as her friend’s tongue slithers over her sensitive slit. Kylie slips her arms beneath Julia’s thighs, then digs her fingers into the woman’s hips. With the blonde’s lower body locked tight in her embrace, she digs her mouth deeper into the gushing pussy depths before her. A real little honeypot, Kylie thought. Her mouth is full of the rich taste of Julia’s cunt. Funny, though, another taste Kylie is getting seems out of place. Kylie would never have imagined tasting dog saliva in Julia’s cunt, so she ignores it.

“Ooh, Kylie, I love it,” Julia moans. “Why was I so afraid of doing this before?”

“Watcha mean?” Kylie mumbles around her mouthful of soft wet cunt flesh.

“I always thought two women doing it kinda wrong,” Julia said, “but I was the wrong one.”

Julia doesn’t know how Kylie will take that. What the older woman is doing to her tongue-ravished cunt is wonderful, yet already Julia is getting the idea it isn’t going to be enough. Eventually, her horny body is going to ache for a big cock. Kylie is doing her best to make sure Julia never forgets her first tongue fucking by another woman. She alternates her attentions between the woman’s pussy and her clit. For several seconds she reams Julia’s convulsing cuntal opening, then shifts higher stabbing her sharp tongue at the woman’s swollen clit. Kylie is getting into her work, a tongue’s length into Julia’s wet hot pussy, when she suddenly feels something cold and wet jab into the crack of her ass.

“Oh, what?” Kylie moans jerking her face out from between Julia’s silky thighs.

Twisting, she sees Julia’s big red dog standing behind her, sniffing at her ass. When Kylie started her seduction of Julia, Muttley had been lying quietly in his favorite corner. At first, he wasn’t interested until Kylie undressed and lie next to his mistress. Soon after, the same heady scent that had excited the big dog earlier filled his sensitive nostrils. He remembers the tasty juice he licked from Julia’s thighs earlier. By the time Kylie is lapping Julia’s cunt, Muttley’ curiosity gets him to his feet. Kylie is crouching between his mistress’ legs, her legs tucked beneath and her lush ass thrust toward the dog. Muttley’ attention is drawn to the dark tangle of pubic hair between Kylie’s thighs as some exciting smells come from there. Therefore, as a dog, he sticks his nose there and sniffs, the cold black sensory organ sliding into the deep crack between Kylie’s firm round buttocks.

No Man's Land Resort Moe Lester

  • Two female lovers start a resort where no man is required after they discover the carnal joys of bestiality. Words: 24,825.

“Hey, what’s with your dog?” Kylie shouts. Muttley’s nose is first sniffing her ass, then what he can reach of her cunt. “Can’t you tell him to—Aaaahhhh.” A loud choking gasp rips from Kylie’s throat as Muttley’ tongue suddenly digs into her pussy slit. Her body jerks forward uncontrollably. “Oh, fuck, what?”

Kylie’s pussy throbs and before she can get her breath back, Muttley licks her again.

“Muttley, stop that,” Julia yells.

The dog pulls his head away from Kylie’s ass, looking sheepish.

“Oh, no, for fuck’s sake, don’t make him stop,” Kylie shouts. “It feels wonderful.”

Julia smiles knowingly. “I probably can’t make him stop now, anyway,” Julia said. “Once he gets a good sniff, he—”

Then the Julia gasps realizing she has given her secret away.

“Ah-ha, so that’s why you looked like you’d just had sex when you answered the door,” Kylie said with raised eyebrows. “You amaze me, Julia. This big red brute has been licking your—Uuuuhhhh.” Kylie moans as Muttley licks into her cunt again. “Ooh, I love it,” Kylie moans. “What a turn-on this is, I’ll lick your pussy while your dog does me from behind.”

“Oh fuck,” Julia said, as her friend’s head burrows between her thighs again. “I was afraid you were gonna stop.”

Now it’s Julia’s turn to whimper and squirm as Kylie’s talented tongue slithers into her welcoming cunt. The young blonde catches glimpses of Muttley, his head turns partly sideways as he runs his tongue the full length of Kylie’s shaven pussy slit. The whole scene is bizarre Julia can hardly believe it. All she knows is the way her cunt feels, with Kylie’s busy tongue dancing between her pussy and her clit. Ooh, I wish I could get fucked, she thought. However, she realizes Kylie’s tongue in her slit is the best she’ll get today. Anyhow, she doesn’t like men anymore, so maybe this can be her new thing. Maybe I’m a lesbian, after all, turned into one by asshole men, she thought.

Kylie is writhing with delight. a mouthful of the sweetest cunt she’s ever tasted, and a dog lapping her cunt from behind. She wriggles her ass lasciviously toward Muttley yet to her surprise, he suddenly stops licking. Kylie’s face is shiny with cunt juice when she pulls it from between Julia’s spread legs.

“Hey, whatsa matter, big boy?” she said to the dog. “Don’t you wanna lick me?” Muttley is backing away, a strange, strained appearance on his face. Kylie grows alarmed thinking maybe the dog might bite her. “Nice doggy,” she said softly, wagging her ass lewdly. “C’mon, stick your nose in my ass again.”

She even reaches back and wets her fingers through her dripping pussy slit making a wet smacking sound. However, Muttley is still backing away. It’s Julia, from her vantage, that sees it first.

“Omigod, Kylie,” she shouts, “he’s—he’s got a boner.”

Several inches of glistening scarlet dog-cock has emerged from its furry sheath beneath Muttley’ belly and is getting bigger by the second. Muttley whimpers.

“Well, fuck me,” Kylie said softly. “Your dog’s horny.”

Lapping into Kylie’s musky cunt, picking the intense sexuality between the two writhing women, has excited Muttley. Automatically his cock becomes erect, at least nine inches of thick scarlet hardness.

Julia pushes herself to sitting position, saying, “I’ll put him out.”

“Noooooo,” Kylie shouts. “It’s such a lovely cock, why waste it?”

It takes a moment for Kylie’s meaning to soak in. “You mean—He’s a fucking dog, Kylie”

“I hope he is a fucking dog,” Kylie murmurs with an insolent expression.

She reaches beneath the dog’s belly and strokes his pointy cock. Muttley whines, dancing nervously away.

“I-I thought you were only into women,” Julia said.

“Where’d you get that idea from?” Kylie asks rolling her eyes.

“I only ever see you with women.”

“I love cocks, it’s the men attached to them I don’t like,” Kylie said. “Something I’m sure you agree with.”

“Yes, I hate men,” Julia said, surprised to hear herself say it aloud for the first time.

Kylie’s eyes narrow. She studies the excited dog humping the air. “I wonder?” she said.

No Man's Land Resort Moe Lester

  • Two female lovers start a resort where no man is required after they discover the carnal joys of bestiality. Words: 24,825.

The same thought occurs to Julia. “You mean Muttley,” she said in a whisper, “you and Muttley?”

“I wonder whether we can get him to fuck me?” Kylie asks.

Julia gasps and her face flushes red. “Kylie.”

“You don’t mind if I have a go with your dog?”

Julia’s eyes scan Muttley’ scarlet cock and she feels her pussy tingle. “Well, I guess it won’t hurt him, yet—oh, Kylie, you can’t.”

“Oh, can’t I?” Kylie is already rolling back onto all fours. She waggles her ass cheeks back. “C’mon, help him,” she asks Julia.

With Kylie on all fours, some of Muttley’ confusion clears and his eyes stare at Kylie’s enticing cunt, poking back between her thighs. He understands this position instinctively; a bitch is presenting herself to him.

“I-I don’t he needs help,” Julia said.

Muttley is pacing nervously behind Kylie’s obscenely presented loins. Kylie spread her legs more, running her fingertips along her pussy slit, coating them with cunt juice. She waggles her dripping fingers beneath the dog’s nose, then pats her ass invitingly.

“C’mon, boy,” she urges the big animal. “Hop on and fuck me with your big cock.”

“It’s all right, boy,” Julia said to her pet. “C’mon, up here.”

Patting Kylie’s shapely ass, she smiles at Muttley and the dog feels reassured. He suddenly mounts Kylie and settles his front legs around the brunette’s waist.

“Oh, do it—do it,” Kylie moans. “Stuff your animal cock up my cunt.”

She’s shivering with eagerness, as nothing turns Kylie on more than something sexually taboo. The woman feels the dog’s hairy loins pressing against the backs of her thighs and his erect cock brushing her skin.

“Oh, it’s going down,” Julia said disappointedly, referring to Muttley’ cock.

The rigid scarlet shaft is rapidly shrinking. Things are happening too fast for the big animal. A woman’s plump smooth buttock doesn’t feel the same as the lean hairy shanks of a bitch-in-heat.

“Ooooohhhhhh,” Kylie moans unhappily. “Do something, Julia, I’m so ready.”

“What can I do?” Julia asks palms up, “it’s almost gone inside again.”

Muttley’ cock is indeed shrinking fast. Only the pointy tip shows, the rest swallowed by the hairy protective sheath.

“Jerk him off,” Kylie said with a deep frown. “I want my cunt full of dog cock.”

“Oh, I suppose so.”

The idea never occurred to Julia as jerking off a dog isn’t something you do every day, yet it’s the obvious answer. By now, she’s so enraptured by the exciting lewdness of a possible sex act between her dog and friend that nothing seems too much.

“Hold still, Muttley,” she said as her hand slides beneath his belly. She starts massaging the hairy sheath protecting his cock. “Nothing’s happening,” she tells Kylie.

“Keep trying,” Kylie said, “he’s got to do me.”

Julia feels a slight hardening in the flaccid hairy cylinder beneath her hand.

“Wait, something’s happening,” she said. Her fingers stroke and caress pulling the loose furry skin over the hardening shaft. “Oh, there it is,” Julia shouts excitedly.

The tapered scarlet tip of Muttley’ cock slides into view, and with amazing speed, Muttley’ cock slides smoothly from its hairy covering. Julia touches its glistening surface.

“It’s so hard,” she said her eyes widening.

Her fingers close around the slippery shaft. It feels like a core of steel rod covered by a thin scarlet membrane. Nothing gives beneath her probing touch.

No Man's Land Resort Moe Lester

  • Two female lovers start a resort where no man is required after they discover the carnal joys of bestiality. Words: 24,825.

“Get him to mount me before it goes soft again,” Kylie moans eagerly. Julia leads the dog close and he jumps smoothly, his forelegs again clamping around Kylie’s waist. “Help him get it in me,” Kylie moans.

Yet Muttley isn’t so shy this time, he dances forward on his hind legs, his huge scarlet dog cock swaying beneath his hairy belly. Muttley starts hunching forward looking for something tight and wet to sink his aching shaft. The tapered tip of his searching cock catches at the opening to Kylie’s tightly puckered asshole.

“NO,” she shouts. Twisting her ass sideways, she manages to dislodge the lunging probe. “Ooooohhhh,” Kylie said in shaking her head. “I guess I’m gonna have to show him where my pussy is.”

Reaching back with a hand, Kylie lies her fingers alongside Muttley’ searching cock and guides them toward her waiting cunt. She wiggles her ass, positioning herself so Muttley’ cock tip slides a half-inch into her cuntal opening.

“OK, big boy, the rest is up to—AAAGGGHHH.”

When he feels Kylie’s hot wet pussy closing around his throbbing cock, Muttley acts instinctively. His lean powerful loins hunch forward, burying all nine inches of rock-hard dog cock inside the surprised woman’s cunt. Her body arches in shock. There’s nothing even remotely gentle about the way Muttley fucks. Dog-style, he humps forward wildly, his hips churning powerfully. His long scarlet cock drives madly into Kylie’s stunned cunt. Kylie’s body shoves forward with each powerful thrust, her arms collapse, and her face grinds into the carpet. However, she recovers, and after the first brutal shock of feeling her cunt suddenly bursting with a huge dog cock, she manages to struggle onto all fours again.

“Ooooooo-fuck me,” she moans. “Fuck your hard cock into my cunt.”

Kylie fucks back. Her tensed ass cheeks circle one way, then the other, grinding her pulsing pussy more tightly around Muttley’ cunt reaming cock. The dog has his legs clamped desperately around Kylie’s slim waist. He dances in closer to her gleaming white ass as he tries to bury as much of his dog cock as possible inside her steaming pussy. The dog’s tongue lolls from his mouth, spilling over his fangs, his eyes are hot, wild, and feral.

Julia dances around the weirdly locked couple on the carpet; she can’t believe this is happening. This morning had started as so many others with a finger fucking and now this. Her friend Kylie is crouched on all fours as a bitch in heat while Muttley rams his scarlet rod into her greedy cunt, the same woman who had been licking her cunt only a few minutes ago. Julia wants to touch. She kneels and cups Kylie’s firm tits as they dance and sway beneath her heaving body. The nipples are nearly a quarter inch long. Julia enthusiastically fondles the hard rubbery nibs.

“Ooh, Julia, I wish I were still eating your cunt,” Kylie said glancing back at her friend. That would be hot, your cunt in my mouth, and the dog’s cock in me.”

Each time Muttley lunges forward, burying nine inches of feral cock inside the crouching woman’s body, she slams forward. Her words change to moans, then to a humming whimper as her orgasm nears. Julia just has to feel what’s happening between Kylie’s thighs and she reaches between her friend’s legs. My God, she’s so wet, Julia thought. Thin streams of pussy juice run down the brunette’s inner thighs.

This close, Julia can hear Muttley’ cock slurping noisily as it pounds Kylie’s gushing cunt. She works her hand in further until her fingers are pressing against Kylie’s soft pussy lips. What a thrill to the panting blonde as she feels Muttley’ cock sliding past her fingers, into Kylie’s juicy cunt. Its slick hardness feels so alive, so warm making Julia feel jealous it’s Kylie, and not her, getting dog fucked. However, her rising excitement washes out the jealousy, as she realizes something is about to happen. Muttley starts yipping, a high shrill sound, almost a howl, and his eyes glow hotly.

“I think he’s gonna cum,” Julia shouts.

A tremor passes through the dog’s body and with a powerful lung he thrusts the big ball of flesh at the base of his cock into Kylie’s already overfilled cunt.

“Ooooooo—FUCK—What is that?” Kylie shouts turning her head to stare back at Julia.

Julia giggles. “He just shoved his knot into your pussy,” she said.

“Omigod, it feels like he’s fucking me with a bowling ball,” Kylie groans. “Oooooo—GOD—Ahhhhhhh.”

Julia feels his cock swell even larger next to her fingers and the way it stretches Kylie’s cunt makes her eyes bulge. Muttley’s rhythmic thrusting is becoming less sure, jerky, and the dog is whining loudly.

“He’s gonna cum,” Julia shouts.

“Oh yeah, you big brute,” Kylie moans loudly, churning her hips furiously. “Fill me with your animal cum. Squirt it into my hot cunt.”

Julia feels Muttley’ cock slam into Kylie’s cunt a last time, gasping as the huge knot slams through Kylie’s pussy without mercy. The dog suddenly holds it there, trapping her hand between his hairy balls and Kylie’s pussy. The dog’s cock jerks and shudders, and Muttley groans with orgasmic pleasure.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHRRRG,” Kylie moans loudly as she feels the dog’s semen shoot into her.

It shot into her spasming depths in one long searing stream, feeling as if it’s drilling a hole through her insides. Kylie cums immediately, her belly spasming, shuddering, and her head raises as if a wolf howling at the moon. Constant moans fill the room. Julia feels sticky ropes of dog cum running out Kylie’s cunt, dripping from her intruding hand. She can sense the rhythmic pulsing of the other woman’s climaxing cunt. Her pussy throbs hungrily, wishing she were pumped full of boiling semen too, even dog’s cum. Any cock inside her cunt would be enough to rid her of the terrible aching hunger she’s had for so many months.


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