Outback Girls


Outback Girls Moe Lester

  • Jenna is on holiday at her cousins' farm in outback Australia and has her first sexual encounter. Words: 20,394.
“There ya go, missy,” Liam said, pulling the SUV up to the large white house.

Jenna thanks both, flushing again when she shakes Wyatt’s hand.  The men wave, tearing around the large circular drive in front of the house and bouncing back to the road.  Jenna stands on the broad covered porch, shading her eyes against the brilliant afternoon sun until they disappear behind a cloud of red dust.  Little did she know she’d become a woman in this dry country.

I wonder if I should tell Marissa,’ Jenna wonders as she turns and opens the screen door.  She has a trace of a smile on her face.  Jenna has secretly envied Marissa’s wild sexual escapades, although she publicly disapproved of them.  Now she’s had one of her own that, if not precisely putting her up in Marissa’s league, would show her to be a serious contender.  ‘Get some water and lie down,’ Jenna decides, moving silently through the high-ceilinged living room to the kitchen at the rear of the house.  It’s cool inside.  The girl rests against the edge of the sink, letting the tap water run over her wrists for several minutes, then splashing it over her face.

“Oh, yes,” Jenna groans with relief, splashing her arms with the cool water, then grabbing a glass from the sink counter, and filling it quickly.

She drinks it down in four gulps, put the glass down, then moves slowly through the kitchen and hall toward the bedrooms on the other side of the large home.  As she strolls quietly through the deserted building, Jenna thinks she hears someone groaning.  At first, she thinks it’s her imagination.  After what happened to her in the truck today, it’s a miracle, she isn’t having visions already.

Yet the closer she gets to Marissa’s room, the louder the moans become.  When she’s by the door, Jenna realizes there are several people inside besides her cousin.  The sounds of laughing and swearing are loud but still incomprehensible to the young blonde.  Jenna stops by the door, pressing her face against the wood and peering into the room through a wide crack between the partially open door and the frame.

Ooooooooo,” Marissa moans.

Jenna sees her naked cousin lying on her back on the large queen-sized bed her mother had just has shipped from Townsville.  A guy is kneeling between the pretty brunette’s legs, his face buried in the bushy thicket of Marissa’s crotch.  Jenna can hear the sloppy sounds of pussy-lapping echo through the small room.  The guy is naked too.  Peeking from under one jutting hipbone, Jenna can see the guy’s cockhead.  He’s rocking his hips, rubbing his cock between his body and the wrinkled sheet for temporary relief.  At the same time, he eats away at the young brunette’s loins.  His name, Jenna guesses from Marissa’s occasional pants, is Ethan.

Two other guys are also in the room, although they still have on their boxers.  They stand on the far side of the bed, fingering the bulges between their legs.  Large wet pre-cum stains on their boxers tell Jenna they’re fully aroused and probably waiting their turn with Marissa.  Occasionally the brunette rolls her head slowly toward the two guys and said something to them.  They smile wryly, suggestively cupping their fingers under their cloth-shrouded cocks, pretending they’re about to pull them out.  Then they drop their hands and let Marissa moan at the bulging crotches inches away.

Jenna watches the scene in near disbelief.  ‘Marissa is taking a chance to do something like this in her home.  What if her mum and dad come home?’  Jenna decides she better wait in the living room to try to steer her aunt and uncle away from the back bedrooms should they come home early.  About to back away, Jenna feels herself suddenly seized with a coughing fit.

“What’s that?” one of the guys at the far end of the bed asks.

He moves around the front with his friend following behind.  The guy between Marissa’s legs and Marissa herself keep on going as if nothing’s wrong.  They’re too engrossed in one another, so anything or anyone wouldn’t disturb them.

“Oh,” Jenna said, protectively clutching her throat and backing away.

She didn’t know why, but something tells her these young people are too advanced for anything she’s prepared for.

“Hey, it’s Marissa’s cousin,” the first guy said, opening the door and finding the blonde cowering in the hall.

“Please, just leave me alone,” Jenna said nervously as both guys step slowly into the hall and block her route of escape through the living room.

“Spying on us, eh?” the taller, dark-haired guy said, his eyes narrowing while he studies Jenna carefully.

His body is slender and nearly hairless, though well-developed.  His small head, black hair, and narrow eyes give him an Asian appearance, although Jenna has seen his redheaded parents.

“What do you think we’d better do with her, Kyle?” the shorter, blond head guy asks, his brilliant blue eyes fastened on her like laser beams.

Outback Girls Moe Lester

  • Jenna is on holiday at her cousins' farm in outback Australia and has her first sexual encounter. Words: 20,394.

Jenna glances at their crotches.  They’re both hard and bulging as before.  But now the blonde can see inside the partially open piss-flaps.  Cock, more of it than she had with Wyatt.

“I think she wants some cock.  But maybe we better teach her a lesson before she swings on this,” Kyle said.  “Grab her, Sean.”

Jenna raises her hands and swings out defensively at Marissa’s friends.  She’s Marissa’s cousin.  What are they trying to do to her?  She’s heard of the kinky things country people do for fun.  They didn’t have anything else to amuse themselves with, so they enjoyed kinky sex and murder, or so the stories go in Brisbane.  But now Jenna feels she’s to become one of those stories.

“Marissa,” she shrieks as Kyle throws her over his shoulder and carries her kicking, swinging, and screaming down the hall into the living room.

Sean follows, laughing at the young blonde’s helplessness and awkward position.

“Scream all you want to bitch,” Kyle said, stopping in front of the large wooden-framed Victorian-style couch and sliding the girl off his shoulder.

She falls with a thud to the cushions, her long silky blonde hair flying into her face.

“Marissa’s in there with Ethan.  When the two of them get together, nothing short of a bomb is gonna get them apart.”

“But my uncle…” Jenna said nervously, pulling the halves of her shirt together just below her throat.

“They’re gone for the day to Townsville, won’t be back until tomorrow.  You were gone when they left, bitch.  We had this whole thing planned, I mean, we were gonna take you out, Marissa and all, and fuck the shit out of you.  Marissa thought it’d burn all that city girl snobbishness out of you.  But now we’re just gonna do it sooner,” Kyle said, sliding his thumbs under the elastic waistband and pushing his boxers down to his knees.

Jenna gasps at the seven inches of thick cock springing out.  It bobs up and down just above two fat balls jiggling together.  His crotch is flat, hairy, and threatening.

“Get Brutus,” Kyle said to his friend, his eyes riveted on Jenna’s partially revealed breasts.  “You a virgin, bitch?” he asks, moving slowly toward her.

Jenna presses her back into the couch, pushing her legs tightly together while shaking her head quickly.  Kyle stops and lets out a long, low whistle.

“I told Marissa you must’ve been fucked somewhere along the road.  She didn’t believe me.  Well, we’ll have a laugh over that one later,” Kyle said, resuming his advance.

His fat cock sways lazily with each step.  Jenna cowers, her eyes widening with fear as she wonders what he’s going to do.

“Get out of those clothes.  Strip ‘em off, or I’ll tear ‘em off,” Kyle said.

Only now does Jenna realize the guys drunk.  This close to her, she can smell stale beer on his breath.  Kyle’s uneven breathing, and his swaying, all reveal his drunkenness.  Whatever control he may have had sober is now gone.  There’s little she can do but obey.  Reluctantly Jenna crawls off the couch, stepping to one side and avoiding Kyle’s advance.  Looking the other way, the girl unbuttons her shirt, letting it slide off her shoulders and slip to the floor.  Quickly she unfastens her jeans, pushing them down and lifting one foot after the other out of the trousers.

“Fuck me, you’re one hell of a woman,” Kyle said, stepping back slightly and admiring the young blonde’s golden pussy bush and her jutting, high-riding breasts.

The nipples, red and stiff from terror, stand out like tiny poles from her breast-flesh.  Kyle stands as if entranced, drinking in the perfect womanly vision before him.  Jenna feels cheapened, humiliated by his lewd staring.  The trance breaks, however, when the front screen door flies open, and Sean appears, still wearing only his boxers.  Behind him trots a large German shepherd.  Jenna feels her skin crawl, although she doesn’t know quite why.


The guys gaze meaningfully at one another and smirk while the dog pads around the living room, sniffing at the chairs and tables, then finally turning around, and trotting over to Jenna.  At first, the girl is about to reach down and pat the big animal on the head.  It seems to be the only friendly thing around.  Its big sad brown eyes, thick coat of fur, bushy tail wagging slowly back and forth looks somehow reassuring to the frightened, naked teenager.  Then Jenna realizes Brutus has a hard-on.  The dog’s red cock is partially out of its furry sheath.  A clear drop of pre-cum dangles from the pointed tip.  Jenna jerks back up, pulling her hand away from the animal’s head as if she had touched a hot stove.

“What’s the matter, bitch?” Kyle asks, laughing when he sees the girl’s reaction to the excited animal.

Outback Girls Moe Lester

  • Jenna is on holiday at her cousins' farm in outback Australia and has her first sexual encounter. Words: 20,394.

Brutus growls deep in his throat, stopping in front of Jenna and sniffing at her knees.  The blonde backs away, her legs shaking with terror.

“No, naughty dog,” Jenna said in a high, nervous voice.

Slowly an idea begins to creep over her mind like a sickening fog.  They’re going to make her do something terrible with the German shepherd.  The girl instinctively knows it, and the thought almost levels her.  ‘Mummy, Daddy, help,’ Jenna screams silently, although she shows no sign of weakness to either Kyle or Sean.

“Down on the floor, bitch,” Kyle said, his fat cock brushing the hip of the groaning blonde.

Jenna backs away, struggling helplessly with the muscular guy.  Kyle holds her tightly in front of him, moving his thighs lewdly back and forth and scraping his cock against her outer labia.  The girl throws back her head and lets out a strangled sob as she feels his meaty cockhead working its way between her fleshy labia.  She’s having sex again, only a few hours after her first time.  But this time, there’s no gentleness, no gradual excitement.  There’s only crudeness, force, and brutality.  Kyle’s fingers dig painfully into her sides as the head of his cock disappears into her tight little cunt.

“Mmmmmm, too bad she’s gonna get it on with Brutus,” Kyle grunts.

Sweat beads on his forehead while he reams out the mouth of her cunt with his bulbous cockhead.  The dog prances nervously around the swaying couple, its head and ears pricked forward while its tail wags more furiously.

“But that’s the life of a bitch,” Kyle said, squeezing his smooth ass cheeks together and drawing his cock out of Jenna’s cunt like a sword from its sheath.

Placing his hands on her slender shoulders, the young guy forces her to the floor.  Kneeling in front of Kyle, Jenna must turn her face away to keep from having that drooling cock press against her mouth.

Ooh,” Jenna cries as Kyle shoves her roughly back against the couch.

Jenna feels the breath leave her body.  Her ass bangs against one wooden leg of the sofa, rattling her spine and making the teenager cry in pain and surprise.  Temporarily stunned, Jenna doesn’t realize how spread and open her loins are to sexual attack.  Brutus moves quickly while the blonde girl shakes her head and tries to clear her blurred vision.

“You can’t, you can’t,” Jenna moans, reaching forward and weakly trying to push the animal away.

But the German shepherd growls, snapping at her fingers.  Jenna sucks in a terrified breath, jerking her fingers back and covering her throat protectively with her hands.  She’s helpless before this monstrous attack on her pussy.  Helplessly the girl glances around the room.  All she sees are the two guys standing a few feet away, their arms crossed over their chests, their cocks stiff and rigid like spears while their eyes riveted on the revolting scene before them.  Brutus suddenly pushes his strong shoulders between her knees.

“Come on, bitch, raise them legs,” Kyle orders.

With a sob, Jenna obeys.  Closing her eyes, she let it happen.  The blonde sucks in her lower lip, biting down hard until Jenna tastes blood.  It’s the only way she can stand what’s about to happen.  ‘Things like this happened only in sick Moe Lester books,’ she thought.  In a way, Jenna fools herself into a kind of dream sequence.  This can’t happen to her.  It can’t be going on right now.  Yet there’s that hot, moist breath blowing through her crisp pussy curls.  How can she ignore something so obvious as that?  Jenna sobs, moving her loins to one side.  The animal grunts with excitement, lunging at the glistening, soft surfaces of her outer labia.

Ooh,” Jenna cries when she feels the cold, moist surface of Brutus’s nose touching her hot pussy lips.

The bristly fur surrounding the dog’s pointed snout tickles the sensitive pussy membranes, making her flesh break into goosebumps again.  Jenna can feel the dog’s powerful body trembling with excitement as it nudges her loins, backs away, then pushes forward again.

Despite herself, the blonde feels her pussy growing tight, wet, and warm.  Brutus, no fool, and no stranger to these matters wagged his tail in triumph.  The dog senses and smells the girl’s sexual excitement.  The animal gouges its claws against her thighs and sticks its long nose against the flooded slick folds of her loins.  Jenna can feel her hot juices wetting down the fur around the dog’s snout.  Its black nostrils gleam with it.  The pink tongue sticks out, lolling sloppily over her pussy, parting the hot, wet cleft, bathing her clit repeatedly.  Jenna shamelessly grinds her thighs together.  The tickle she felt with Wyatt is growing again, not as intense as before, but nonetheless strong and inviting.

No.  Bad boy, no,” Jenna moans weakly.

Outback Girls Moe Lester

  • Jenna is on holiday at her cousins' farm in outback Australia and has her first sexual encounter. Words: 20,394.

The German shepherd growls low in its throat and braces its paws on the floor while the dog presses up and in.  The blonde teenager’s knees shake.  One wet lick rubs her clit, and Jenna bites blood from her bottom lip.  ‘Am I gonna just let this happen?  I haven’t even put up a fight.  I just let these two guys tell me what to do, and like a docile sheep, I obeyed.’  Now they’re standing over her like two warlords, laughing at her and the big animal.  Their eyes glow like two red-hot coals.  The guys cocks jerk and twitch excitedly as Brutus laps and licks at her spit-slicked pussy.  ‘A dog.  Oh God, what’s happening to me,’ she wonders?  The girl’s heard dirty jokes about this kind of thing, but even those offended her back at school.  Yet there Jenna is, sprawled on the living room floor with a big, stiff-cocked German shepherd lapping her pussy.

The dog presses harder.  Jenna shudders again, feeling the cheeks of her ass tight against the couch.  She can’t pull away, can’t make the dog stop.  The feeling is too delicious.  All the fight seems to be oozing out of her, spilling from her hot, wonderfully ticklish hole, the hole that beautiful dog is lapping.  ‘Oh God, he’s concentrating on my clit again.’  Over and over the dog’s rough pink tongue licks, slicking down that super-sensitive spindle of flesh and sending hot and cold chills through the twisting blonde.

“She sure looks like she’s enjoying it,” Sean said with a sneer, twisting his fingers around his boxers, then finally dragging them down and stepping from them.

“For someone who put up a fuss, she sure ain’t hurting now,” Kyle said, laughing loudly and wiping the drool from his thick lips with the back of his hand.

Jenna stares heavy-lidded at these two guys.  They’re hardly older than she is.  Yet they’ve forced her to commit these unspeakable acts with the dog, and they said Brisbane’s perverted.  Jenna rolls her head over the couch cushion.  ‘Why does it all feel so wonderfully destructive?

The dog’s tongue explores higher and higher, tickling along the insides of her thighs.  The girl can feel that hot, wet feeling of the animal’s spittle, then the gentle cooling as the air in the room evaporated the drool.  There’s always that constant, beating lapping against her clit.  The German shepherd goes over and over that piece of flesh until Jenna thought she’ll go out of her mind.  Occasionally she can hear Brutus give out tiny strangled grunts and growls, his muscular body shaking against the insides of her thighs.  She knows the dog’s close to climax, that it’ll be spraying her ankles and legs with its canine jizz.  Yet something inside her says it won’t be that bad.

Another female voice suddenly shouts, “God, fuck me.  FUCK MEEEE…

Jenna snaps temporarily out of her coma.  It’s Marissa, shrieking down the walls in the back bedroom.  Kyle and Sean turned around in the direction of the hall and laughed loudly.

“Fuck her good, Ethan,” Kyle shouts.

“Whole family’s got nothing on their minds except fucking,” Sean said, stroking his hot cock between his fingers.

The comment stings Jenna deeply.  Yet she can’t stop the feeling rising inside her like an atomic bomb.  But revenge will have to come later.

Oh God, GOD,” Jenna cries.

Brutus is licking her around the belly, wetting down her navel and the bottom of her ribcage.  She slides from the couch and falls back on the floor.  Forcing herself onto her elbows, she watches the big dog continue pussy-licking with terror and guilt.  Jenna’s pussy aches from the tension gathering like a thunderstorm.  The girl closes her eyes and tries to picture Wyatt in her mind.  It’s sinful, she knows, to be thinking of things like that.  But surely, it’s better to think of a man’s cock than a dog.

Friction, just one surface rubbing against another,’ Jenna thought.

Outback Girls Moe Lester

  • Jenna is on holiday at her cousins' farm in outback Australia and has her first sexual encounter. Words: 20,394.

She wriggles her thighs as that beautiful, clit-tingling tongue sloshed in and out of her cuntal cleft.  Her legs and crotch bathed and dripping animal saliva.  Jenna can feel her pussy hair plastered down by the action of that shepherd’s muzzle.  Jenna finds her body increasingly reacting to Brutus.  She pushes her hips forward.  Brutus whimpers and moves the extended tip of his nose from side to side.  Jenna drags her hands to her breasts and starts squeezing the hard, red nipples between her fingers.  She feels the strength drain from her arms, and the young girl finally collapses totally on the floor.

Jenna rubs her shoulders against the throw rug, wriggling her ass from left to right, rocking her body like a ship tossed in a storm.  If only she had something larger than that tongue in her pussy.  Only now does she realize how important it is for a woman to have a cock in her vagina when her clit is stiff and hot.  Soon Brutus’s tongue has peeled back her outer labia, slicking down her inner pussy with his spittle.  ‘If only someone would fuck me,’ she thought.

“Fuck.  Oh, fuck,” the blonde teenager babbles.

Jenna closes her eyes and rolls her head from side to side.  Sweat plasters her hair.  Her nipples ache furiously.  Then Brutus starts the low growl in his throat again.  The dog’s eyes grow narrow while its ears go back.  Jenna pushes her head up and sees the animal in this condition.  A thrill of terror shoots through her body.  The shepherd is like a wolf about to spring onto her and rip her throat out.  Instead, the dog opens its mouth wide and presses its front fangs gently into the white flesh of her thigh.  The sharp yet tickling cut of those teeth teasingly biting into that sensitive flesh drives Jenna wild.  The girl sucks in a ragged breath.  Brutus let go for the flash of a second and bites higher on the thigh.

Oh, oh, oh,” the blonde girl cries.

The tickle in her loins is worse.  The dog’s almost maddened, aroused to sexual heights even the guys hadn’t seen it in.  The beast gouges claws against her thighs and sticks its long snout up and down against her cuntal folds.  She can see her own hot seeping pussy juice wetting the bristly fur around the German shepherd’s mouth.  The animal’s muzzle drenched with her fluid.

Oh God, God,” she moans, dropping back down to the rug.

Jenna can feel her body winding for a powerful climax.  Her pussy is growing tighter with the animal’s insistent licking.  The girl pushes her right hand down her belly, running the fingers over her mound.  It feels wet with dog spit and her juice.  Then the dog runs its tongue over her fingers and knuckles.  Jenna moans, dragging her fingers up her belly, digging the nails into her flesh.  ‘Oh God, it feels so wonderful, so lovelyWhy do people think it’s perverted to do something like this?  It’s so good.’  The pulsating itch in her loins is about to find relief.  Her pussy lips are red and hot, while the girl’s clit burns furiously.

Rocking the hips slowly while Brutus keeps licking her, the girl’s bringing herself to an explosive climax.  The weight of her plump ass cheeks adds to the sensations already racking her pussy.  A damp sweat breaks out on her upper lip.  Jenna feels that familiar hot wetness under each jiggling breast and on top of her feet.  The girl’s orgasming.  She can feel the spasms making her pussy wink shut, then fly open only to snap tight again like a giant fleshy clam.

Brutus realizes what happened and whimpers loudly.  The dog squats down in front of the girl, pressing down on its red knob with its hairy ass and rubbing its cock to a firing frenzy.  As the knockout force of the first orgasmic spasm hits Jenna, she realizes something wet is spattering against her ankle.  Instinctively she knows it’s Brutus firing his jizz into the air, growling deep in her pussy, making those spasming walls rumble with his grunts and whimpers.  At the same time, the dog’s cock blows the thin, slimy dog jizz against her leg.

The fire stormed down her thighs, up her belly, to her breasts, finally bursting into a million brilliant lights in her head.  The girl bucks and thrashes, thinking the world will blow to pieces.  But ultimately, she comes to her senses and realizes the nightmare she has accidentally stumbled into is far from over.


This is an excerpt from “Outback Girls” a novella by Moe Lester. Buy the book to read every nasty detail or join our Members Area to read this and hundreds of taboo stories.


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