Primal Love!


Living in a remote area is boring, but for a perpetually horny gay guy, there weren’t many opportunities to meet other men.  Harris Myers had plans to move to a city as soon as he saved enough money to rent a place, but the nineteen-year-old is now living in his family’s small home in Ranmore.  Being nineteen and constantly wanting to jerk off, it’s difficult with so many people around all the time.  His parent’s home is cramped because three other siblings live there too.  Thankfully, living in the country afforded plenty of secluded places he could escape to for a bit of alone time.  For this reason, pleasuring himself outdoors in a public place had become almost a fetish.

Beautiful redwood forests and mountains surround Harris’s town.  Ranmore is a town of only around two thousand people.  On the road leading into the town is a big sawmill and processing plant, the biggest employer outside the actual logging companies.  On the road out of town is a scrapyard, a fifteen-minute bike ride from Harris’s home.  It’s a place people rarely visit unless they’re looking for some parts or want to sell scrap metal.  An old man known to most as ‘Grandpa Jack’ owns it.  He’s a cranky old Vietnam veteran with a muscular body, a big fuzzy white beard, and longish white hair.

Some even say Grandpa Jack was once a Hell’s Angels bikie and known to be in many fist fights and dust-ups.  So, he had an aura that scared the locals a little.  However, the man’s knowledge of cars, trucks, and motorbikes was legendary, and many would happily declare, ‘If Grandpa Jack doesn’t have it (meaning parts), then you won’t get it.’ The scrapyard is surrounded by a big wooden fence on all sides, with a metal gate securing the front.

During Harris’s previous adventures, he sought new places to have fun playing with his cock.  He found a loose fence plank at the back of the scrapyard, allowing him to sneak inside.  The back wall has old cars stacked high, so Harris has to crawl through an old seventies model Buick to get inside.  The front seat was missing, but the back seat was still relatively comfy.  Since that day, he had snuck in and jerked off in his private den.  Harris never wanted to go further into the scrapyard for fear of getting caught by the old man and his ferocious dogs.

The Buick provided a nice little jerk-off den, hidden from sight.

One day, though, Harris felt differently about it.  He wanted to explore the scrapyard some more.  Maybe find a new jerk-off den to shoot his load all over.  The Buick is starting to smell like old jizz.  Making his way to his usual spot, he opens the door into the yard and checks to see if anyone is around.  To the left, along the back wall, is a stack of eight cars.  The black-haired teen figures the view from the top would give him a view of the whole yard, so he climbs his way to the top and into a Toyota sedan.

It’s amazing what people throw away.  The car is almost immaculate inside compared to the old Buick, and the seats are covered.  The windows are undamaged, and the roof is intact.  Looking out the window, Harris can see the whole scrapyard.  The Toyota will be his new den.  Just the idea of jerking off up here had his cock hard.  Taking off his clothes and sitting them on the front seat, Harris gets to work stroking his cock as he scrolls through random porn on his phone.

He then hears a door slam shut nearby, which causes him to duck and hide.  Working up the courage to peek, Harris gazes around the scrapyard.  At the front is the metal gate with an old shed where he can see Grandpa Jack loading stuff into his truck.  ‘Old Jack must be making some deliveries,’ Harris thought.  He watches as the burly old man locks up for the day.  Opening the back tailgate, Harris hears Grandpa Jack whistle, and that’s when the teen first sees them.  They are the three biggest dogs he has ever seen.

They are the typical mean-looking scrapyard dogs.  There’s a Rottweiler, a Doberman, and a German shepherd.  Harris likes dogs, but these looked particularly scary, so he’s thankful Grandpa Jack’s taking them with him.  The naked teen returns to work and continues stroking his cock while scrolling porn on his cell phone.  He must have been there for a while because he hears the gate slam shut and the truck drive away.

Harris’s trying not to finish too soon and enjoy his time there playing with his hard teen cock, so he decides to go for a wander before stroking out his orgasm.  He wants to explore the scrapyard.  Horny as he is, he enjoys the idea of a bit of exhibitionism.  Harris only puts his boots on and climbs out of the Toyota.  The wind is cool on his twinky naked teen body as he climbs down the stack of cars.  His cock was still hard, jutting from his groin.

However, as Harris hits the ground and turns around, all sense of relaxation is replaced with fear.  In front of him is the Doberman.  It’s as high as his waist and standing a couple of meters away from him.  The naked teen is terrified.  He tries his best to cover himself as he begins to back toward the cars.  The teen hopes he can climb back up to the Toyota on top of the stack.  His new jerk-off den.  As he steps back, the Doberman comes straight up to him.

“Good, dog.  Nice, doggy,” Harris coos.

Harris is prepared for the worst, raising his hands to push the dog away.  That’s when he feels the cold, wet muzzle graze his balls.  After a brief sniff, the dog begins to lick them.  As the animal continues, Harris lowers his hand and begins to pet the dog’s head.

“You’re not so bad,” he said to the dog.

Neither is getting his balls licked.  The feeling of the Doberman’s warm, wet tongue wrapping around his balls is excellent.  Before Harris knows it, his cock is rock hard again as the dog continues to lick, working from his balls to the tip of his cock.  The feeling is better than Harris imagined anything like this could be.  As the dog continues, Harris peers down and notices it’s a male dog.  Its long red cock is hanging down.  It’s a big cock too.

A male dog is sucking me off,’ he thought.  ‘This is awesome.’

The Doberman licks as Harris grabs his cock and starts slowly jerking off.  The beast’s tongue warms his balls as Harris strokes, occasionally grazing the tip and sending shivers of delight through the teen.  The dog is coating Harris’s cock, balls, and taint in saliva.  The feeling is fantastic.  He feels himself getting close, and as the dog licks his balls, he places his cock on the Doberman’s snout and shoots his load across the animal’s head.

The dog pulls back and begins to lap the streams of semen as Harris quietly moans.  The dog enjoys the taste and keeps licking away every drop.  Even after the teen finishes, the Doberman keeps licking until it eventually takes a step back and sits.

“You’re a good boy,” Harris said.  “Thanks for making me feel good.  But I better get going before I get caught here.”


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