Keira made her decision without hesitation. Henry is sleeping soundly, and she knows nothing will rouse him before morning. There can be no better time for a secret training session with Shadow. She slips from the bed and pulls on her robe. Quietly, she steals through the house and across the backyard. Shadow grunts at Keira and comes to the end of its chain to greet her.

“Shush,” Keira cautions the dog.

A thrill of panic surges through her at the thought of discovery by a prowler or early deliveryman, or anyone else, while she’s doing what she has in mind. She frees Shadow from its chain and climbs the stairs to the apartment, the burly hound at her heels. The woman judges from the sound of the dog’s occasional joyful whimper it’s already enthused over the unique adventure. Keira feels confident its enforced exile from the house has constituted a traumatic experience, and this excursion must be a heavenly event in the dog’s dim consciousness.

At the top of the steps, Keira opens the door and waves Shadow inside. She follows the dog, shuts the bolt, and then switches the lights on. Shadow plants itself on its haunches in the middle of the room and gazes into her face, tail thumping the floor.

She takes off her robe and hangs it in the corner wardrobe, then catches sight of herself in the wardrobe mirror that still seems incongruous to the woman in the cramped quarters. Keira’s powder-blue nylon pajamas cling lovingly to her curves. Her nipples stand out clearly, and the shadow of her pubic hair is unmistakable. Even her navel is sharply defined. With a tingle of fearful anticipation, Keira unbuttons the top and draws it off. Her nipples pucker instantly, and she suspects it’s from apprehension rather than cold air. Keira hangs the garment carefully; aware she’s killing time and forces herself to face Shadow again before removing her pants. Very slowly, she slides the elastic waistband away from her and onto her hips. The light band of flesh where suntan hadn’t reached rose into view, and she pushes the wrinkling material over her mound. Shadow cocks its head, its tongue lolling from the side of an open mouth, and seems to be grinning appreciatively.

Her hands tremble as she slides her pants down her thighs and over her knees, and she teeters momentarily when she stands on one foot and pulls the other free. In a moment, she holds the discarded pants in her hand. Keira hangs them with the top and runs her hands over herself in a sensuous caress, first cupping them beneath her tits and pushing the generous globes upward until she can touch each nipple with her lips. Then sliding her hands over her belly and into the thick, dark hair that covered her cunt. The woman slips her fingers into her crotch and strokes them in her slit, needles of pleasure shooting inward at the contact. A hot rush of moisture in her cunt convinces Keira she has no further excuse for delay, and she turns back to Shadow.

“It’s up to you now, Shadow,” she said. The sound of her voice in the silent apartment startles her. “Fuck, I’m jumpy,” she said gazing at the door. “How the hell do we do this, Shadow?”

Keira approaches the dog uncertainly, then spreads her thighs widely and holds her cunt inches from the animal’s face. Shadow whimpers once, stares at her eyes, and then touches the pungent pussy with its nose. Keira flinches and holds her breath. The dog sniffs audibly, its nose rubbing and withdrawing repeatedly. Her knees shake and the inner slopes of her thighs quiver. Keira feels erratic bursts of excitement in her cunt. Curiosity overcomes Keira, and she bends forward to watch the dog. Shadow extends his tongue a fraction of an inch and dabs at her pussy. With trembling fingers, she pulls her cunt lips apart to expose their inner pinkness. Shadow whimpers again and touches the shiny surfaces with its tongue.

“UNNGH,” Keira grunts through clenched teeth. “You’re getting down to pay dirt now, boy. Good boy.”

Shadow wags his tail violently at her praise and licks tentatively again.

“Yes, boy, yes. Good boy. Good Shadow!”

She keeps her tone a gentle crooning and Shadow’s entire body wriggles with pleasure at her approval. The dog licks with increasing concentration, and the sensation of pleasure in Keira’s pussy intensifies until she thought of it as a tangible thing.

“That’s good. That’s right, boy. Good boy.”

Her straddled position and the increasing tendency of her hips to jerk with Shadow’s dabs tire her. Keira glances about quickly; it must be time to move to the next phase. She eyes the small coffee table and the couch. Straightening and backing away from Shadow, she starts toward the couch. To her surprise, the patient hound shows reluctance to lose the morsel it’d found. The dog’s nose prods hard at her crotch, and when she turns her back to avoid him, the animal nudges the cool pad into the crack of her ass.

“Ooh,” Keira groans, “Shadow!”

The housewife bends to pick up one of the seat cushions, and the dog’s muzzle touches her pussy again. For a moment, Keira holds the position, letting him lick her from behind. However, she realizes her excitement is building rapidly and drops the cushion on the coffee table. Catching Shadow’s head between her hands and forcibly holding his nose away from her crotch, Keira seats herself on the edge of the table. She spreads her thighs and releases Shadow’s head.

The dog drives its muzzle instantly into the softness of her pussy, its tongue probing into her slit without hesitation. Keira croons to the beast and rubs his head lovingly, determined to convey the idea it’s performing as she wishes him to. Her attention produces the result she expected. Shadow settles to the task of stripping her pussy of its juice and shows no concern when she lies back. Keira’s afraid any movement of her hips might drive Shadow away, but as her lust grows she loses control of them, and they undulate. The dog shows no sign of concern, and there’s no break in the steady lapping of its tongue.

The housewife twists and watches the dog’s manner closely. She can see his cock emerging from its bristle-covered sheath, fiery red and easily as thick as Henry’s hard-on. Shadow’s back begins to hump, and his hindquarters twitch. Keira groans involuntarily at a sudden surge of pleasure and raises her feet, catching her knees with her hands and pulling them far apart. The aroused woman can feel the lips of her pussy separate and her cuntal mouth gape, and Shadow immediately starts polishing the rim. She writhes with excitement and feels the dog’s tongue dip into her cunt.

“Oh, yes, Shadow—do that—don’t stop.” Yet the dog withdraws its tongue almost at once. She groans with disappointment and lowers her legs. “What’s wrong?” she asks the dog.

Shadow’s back is severely arched, and cock hangs nearly to the floor. The dog’s rump jerks in the conventional fucking motion, and he utters short, whimpering grunts.

“Oh, baby,” she moans. “C’mon, baby—Up—Mount.”

Keira slaps her belly to encourage the dog.

Shadow does nothing, and his misery is evident to her.

She catches the dog’s collar and tugs him between her thighs. With great difficulty, Keira gets one of the dog’s forepaws on her leg, close to her mound, and then the other. She clings to its paws and falls back, dragging them to her waist and pushing them apart, so they touch the cushion. There’s a moment of indecision, with Shadow pulling back and Keira fiercely clinging to the dog, and then he shuffles his hind paws closer. Keira feels a sharp jab at her pussy and knows the beast has made contact with its cock. The dog stiffens and humps, and she’s convinced he’s starting to understand.

“C’mon, Shadow,” she said softly. “Good boy—c’mon, fuck me.”

The point of the dog’s cock continues to jab aimlessly into the mound of her flesh. Frustration bites at her and Keira no longer thought of her action as a training exercise. Her grip on Shadow’s forelegs tightens, and she pushes them against her sides. As if the pressure has awakened some latent instinct, the dog grabs her waist with its paws and thrust intentionally with its cock. The slopes of her pussy lips guide the big red cock steadily inward toward the mouth as its rump continues to oscillate. Keira feels pressure against her cuntal rim and throws her legs around the dog’s thick back. Locking her ankles, she jerks him toward her and feels the thrill of Shadow’s hot dog cock plunging into her pussy.

Shadow’s paws drag her ass against his belly and the big cock bottoms at the inner end of her cunt, but the dog continues to bear. Keira’s acutely aware of the internal stretching as the enormous cock lengthens her resilient cunt, but at last, the bristles of the sheath stab her pussy lips. Keira gulps and holds her breath, waiting for her belly to accustom itself to the impossible penetration. Shadow displays no inclination to wait. The dog’s rump surges with a savage beat and Keira snaps back as she’s dragged beneath the beast by its powerful forepaws. She gropes at the dog’s shoulders and buries her fists in folds of its thick hide. Keira’s thighs scrub against the coarse fur on the dog’s flanks.

“Ooh—Oh, Shadow,” she moans softly, her voice shaking. “Oh, fuck, Shadow—you’re wonderful.”

Shadow’s face is a mask of glee, and she laughs gently through her passion. Turning her head, she gazes at the great dog and herself in the wardrobe mirror, the sight triggering a new burst of excitement. The rich nut-brown sheen of her flesh lies in soft, tantalizing curves beneath the bulging muscles of the great beast. Shadow’s tongue lolls, brushing her nipple with each surge of her ripe tits. Keira’s ass swells gently, and her thighs gleam where they cross the black and white sleekness of the dog’s sides. Her calves taper to graceful ankles that lock over the beast’s spine and jerks with its undulations. Hips rise and fall beneath the dog’s thrusts. With arms, darker than the rest of Keira’s body, looking delicate as they cling to Shadow’s heavy shoulders.

An enormous pressure grows in her, low in her belly and barely inside the rim of her cunt. The animal cockhead presses near her lungs, churning her organs and disrupting the rhythm of her breathing. Above every other level of awareness, the friction in her cunt sustains a high, pulsing plateau of pleasure and desire. The mounting tension in Keira’s belly leaps abruptly to fill her being, and she knows she’s going to cum.

The first orgasmic contraction in her belly bears on a massive, unyielding bulge in Shadow’s cock, the dog’s knot, and then rushes inward along its shaft to the tapered cockhead. Keira cries out at its violence; a succession of contractions follows the first and the woman sobs with their intensity. Throughout her spasms, the dog’s regular lunges continue without variation, and when she falls spent, Keira still gets swept onto the base of the swelling cock by the tireless jerks of Shadow’s forepaws and the head of his cock is still churning the depths of her cunt.

Keira clings to Shadow’s shoulders with numbing fingers. Her climax has tapered more slowly than any she’d previously experienced, and she senses the dog’s active, undiminished thrusting action had prevented the usual collapse. The feeling of limpness that followed the orgasm was a momentary thing, and Keira realizes she’s still highly excited. Her clit throbs with pleasure and is super sensitive to the bulk of the dog’s body and the force of his short, swift movements. The housewife’s racked by strong impulses to movement throughout her body, but her ability to react physically has faded. Her grip on the loose folds of skin at Shadow’s shoulders is defensive. An effort to minimize the flogging of her body Keira knows will come as a result of the way Shadow’s paws jerk her back and forth. If Keira should lose her hold, she senses, her entire upper torso will flop about like a rag doll.

Even Keira’s legs seem in danger of intolerable flailing beneath the accelerating motion of Shadow’s hindquarters. She despairs as her ankles slip apart. Her weakened thighs tremble violently and loosen, and her legs slide off Shadow’s sides. Keira’s heels strike Shadow’s hind paws and the dog jerks back as if she’s startled him. Fear paralyzes her when she realizes the dog’s swollen cock is firmly locked inside the rim of her cunt. Keira feels her ass drag off the edge of the table, and the humping dog yelps at the sudden weight on its cock and dances away from the table.

The panicking woman’s hands open and her shoulders fall to the floor. She moans at the terrible strain on her cunt and rolls, trying to free herself. After a moment of thrashing and kicking, she finds herself hanging face down, her ass hugged tightly to Shadow’s belly by the relentless lock of his cock and her legs limply extend, astride the dogs. Keira pulls her knees beneath her to relieve the agonizing force in her cunt and thrusts with her arms to raise her shoulders. Incredibly, she finds herself solidly set on her hands and knees, the ever-present tugging at her pussy forcing her to let the small of her back sag so her cunt could be rotated back and up.

As her head clears, Keira feels renewed vigor in Shadow’s humping. The dog’s belly rests firmly on her ass, and its paws encircle her waist. They slam her back and forth, but she can rock to their direction without losing balance. Keira’s breath hisses loudly, each exhalation driven by Shadow’s forceful fucking. Her hair is a loose, thick veil that blots out the room. She exists in a universe of pleasure, delight hammering into her cunt and swinging from her tits and racing with sharp claws over all of her flesh.

“Aaahhhhrrrr—Yeah—fuuuuuuuuuck,” she shouts, and the stiff cock fucks her harder still. “Shadow—Oh, Shadow—you’re magnificent—good boy—good Shadow.”

The dog stiffens and rears, hugging her to it and wheezing. The thrusting gives way to high-speed vibrations that make Keira’s teeth buzz and generates a torch-like heat in her belly. She digs her toes into the worn rug and pushes, raising her knees and driving her ass against the dog’s taut stomach.

A new and deeper set of contractions convulses her, and she feels wet warmth seeping into the upper region of her belly. Keira’s spasms rock her, triggered by the unique vibration of Shadow’s cock and charges with a higher intensity of pleasure she can never remember having experienced. Slowly, her conscious awareness blunted by the strength of her orgasm, she wakes to the fact Shadow’s orgasm is continuing far longer than any of her previous ones. When Keira can no longer hold her breath, she’s still cumming as violently as at the beginning. When the faded pattern of the rug before her face writhes and loses its coherence, there’s still no sign of lessening the intensity.

When she’d lost every vestige of thought or awareness other than sustained orgasm, the buzzing in her pussy dies away, and her convulsions subside. The heavy dog stands over her, its legs spread wide and trembling, its canine body still with breath rushing out in sobbing pants. Keira hangs from Shadow’s cock, limp and numb, her lips whispering his name. Her consciousness clears gradually, and the sensations in her body swim into focus. She feels the raw burning wherever Shadow’s fur scratched her and the ache where forepaws had clutched. Dog saliva is pooling slowly on her back before trickling to the floor, evaporates and creates a spot of coldness. Keira’s pelvic ring and the muscle bands in her cunt, supporting the weight of thighs and torso, flame with agony.

“What sweet agony,” she murmurs. “Oh, Shadow, everything about you is good. No puppy is worth five grand to do what you just did. Not when you can already do it.”

For a long time, Shadow stands still, waiting for its knot to shrink enough to pull free of Keira’s cunt. He finally backs restlessly away, but when his movements fail to dislodge Keira from its cock, the dog flops awkwardly to the floor and curls around her entrapped ass until the swelling left his cock sufficiently for it to slide out of her. Shadow then licks her pussy, heaving itself laboriously into a more favorable position to clean her, and then his own cock.

Keira lies with Shadow until she’s convinced the dog’s fully recovered from the exercise. She clambers wearily to her feet and retrieves her pajamas from the wardrobe. There’s a touch of unreality in the picture of civilized gentility she presents with the delicate garments in place. The housewife laughs softly and falls to her knees to hug Shadow’s massive head against her tits and kiss the furrows between his eyes. Shaken by her emotions and afraid to admit them even to herself, she gets up and puts her robe on.

“C’mon, boy. Time to go. It’s going to be daylight before we know it.”

She turns off the lights and clings to the doorknob while she waits for her eyes to adapt to the darkness. When Keira can distinguish shadows, woman and dog descend the stairs, and she fastens his chain to his collar.

“We won’t have to do this much longer,” she whispers. “Not much longer, boy.”

Keira kisses the top of Shadow’s head again and slips back into the house and to bed.


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