Scenes: Canine Version


Lulu twists around, feeling like someone has caught her doing a most intimate and personal thing.  Shaking her head to clear her vision, she sees no one in the doorway.  The door must have swung open on its own.  The girl is about to return to her finger-fucking when she catches sight of something moving below.  It’s ‘Storm,’ the family’s pet German shepherd.  Lulu felt a blush redden her cheeks.  The dog has been watching her, observing how she satisfies herself.

“No.  Go back downstairs, Storm.  This is no place for a dog,” Lulu shouts.

Lulu feels herself shivering, the lust still burning her thighs.  But she wasn’t about to do anything more until she’d gotten rid of the dog.

“Storm, you heard me.  Come on, go downstairs, get out of here.”

The dog still stands in the doorway.  Its furred head is cocked to one side while its tail stands straight in the air.  The dog’s a handsome animal.

She hadn’t wanted to get out of bed.  The itchy thrills were fading, and she tried to keep up the tension.  But Storm doesn’t appear to want to leave.  She will have to take the German shepherd by the collar and push the animal out of the room.

“Come on, boy.  Come on.  You’re just being stubborn,” Lulu said with a sneer.

She swings her legs over the bed’s edge, standing a little shakily.  Lulu stops, her knees rubbing as trickles of pussy juice run down her thighs.  It’s so good, so darned good, having something like this happening to her.  The teen girl’s hotter than she has ever been in her life.  When she gets rid of the animal, she’ll be back in bed fantasizing about having a massive cock fuck her senseless.

“Come on, Storm.”

Lulu bent to slip her fingers under the dog’s collar when it twisted its head around and began licking at her thighs.  She shivers, dropping her hand from the collar and staggering back.

“Storm.  Bad dog.”

Dogs nose around a lot.  That is just natural.  Usually, a slap on the nose or a sharp word ends all that.  But this is different.  Somehow, Lulu feels suddenly threatened.  She draws her hand over her pussy, as if the dog’s tongue scalded her flesh.

“Get out of here, Storm.  Please, leave.”

Lulu backs up until she feels the backs of her legs brushing against the mattress.  The dog remains in the doorway, staring at her.  The dog’s dark-brown eyes seem to be burning sexily.  It’s weird.  Too weird for her to think about it rationally.  For one mad second, the teenager thinks the dog will attack.  But then Lulu remembers she was the one who had picked the German shepherd out, who had loved and played with it the most.  ‘Why would he turn on me now?’ Lulu wonders.

“Back, Storm.”

The handsome three-year-old German shepherd advances.  He’s sniffing the air, and Lulu blushes furiously.  The dog’s smelling her hot, juicy pussy.  She watches with growing fear as the dog’s black nostrils quiver.  The animal’s tail begins wagging slowly.  ‘Yes, he had been watching me finger-fuck myself,’ Lulu thought.  ‘Now he has come in to take care of me.  Oh, what on earth am I thinking?  This is fucked up.’

“Out, Storm, out, and I mean it,” she shouts.

The dog moves forward quickly, leaping and knocking its forepaws against her thighs.  Lulu let out a helpless cry, her arms flailing to either side of her body.

“What are you doing?” the blonde shouts.

Falling backward, the girl bounces on her back.  The bed squeaks and groans while the headboard clatters angrily against the wall.  ‘That dog.  That fucking dog is doing this,’ she thought.  Lulu tries to fight back up, curling her fingers into tight fists and beating back at the dog.  But Storm dodges her hands, barking and growling while crawling all over her naked twisting body.

“Stop this.  Oh, please, stop.  Bad dog.  Get off me.”

It can’t happen.  Lulu wouldn’t let it.  She had heard stories about women who did this sort of thing.  Here this dog, this horrid dog, is touching her all over.

“Storm, no.  Oh God, this can’t be happening to me.  No, I won’t.  I won’t.”

Lulu tries twisting around on her side.  But then she finds the animal is trying to mount her.  She feels the German shepherd rubbing its furred undersides against her right hip.  Something hot is rubbing against her ass.  Lulu let out a helpless cry, jerking her body up until her forehead strikes the headboard.

“Back, back, down.”

Lulu twists around until she’s on her ass again.  Jerking her knees up, the girl tries kicking the dog off the bed.  But Storm is diligent.  The German shepherd stays with her, touching her all over with its tongue.

Gradually, Lulu relaxes.  She can now feel the slick wetness of her pussy.  She feels the inner cuntal walls rubbing together as she squirms around on the wide bed.  The dog moves forward again, placing its forepaws on her thighs.  The dog’s wedged between her legs, staring at her with those penetrating brown eyes.  It’s as if the dog’s waiting for permission.  Well, Lulu isn’t about to give anything to the German shepherd.

Why she lies there, the girl isn’t sure.  Then the dog drops its head, sticking its long black snout under her hot pussy mound.  The touch is electrifying.  Lulu curls her fingers, digging them into the mattress while hunching against the dog.  The canine’s going to lick her pussy, and eat her out just like that man in the video was eating out the blonde porn actress.


Lulu feels her shoulders shaking from that touch.  The dog’s wetting her pussy, licking her slit.  She can hear the big dog whining and feel the German shepherd wiggling its strong body from side to side as it stands above her on the bed.

“No, oh no, dog.  Oh, Storm, what are you doing to me?”

Lulu feels like the prey giving itself to the predator.  Accepting her fate slowly, Lulu lowers herself to the bed, letting out a long, low sigh of studied joy.  The first touch of the dog’s tongue had made her buck with fear.  But now the girl isn’t too sure of all this.  All Lulu knows is that she’s hot—very, very hot—and that wonderful dog is taking care of her needs.

My God, I don’t believe this,” the girl whispers.

Storm moves forward, possessively placing his paws across her thighs.  The dog’s doing it.  Fucking her vagina with its tongue, and how the girl loves it.

Fucked by a dog,’ the thoughts rattle about in her brain as Lulu lets the dog slowly take over.

Ahhh.  Oh, Storm, do it.  Oh yes, yes, do it to me.”

Lulu wriggles, stretching her arms behind her and curling her fingers around the poles of the headboard.  She stretches prettily out on the bed, rubbing her ankles against the mattress as the big dog licks deep into her vagina.  ‘Oh, it’s all too good to be true,’ she thought.  Lulu presses one hot cheek against the crushed pillow.  Slowly, she let her legs fall apart, admitting more of Storm’s tongue into her crotch.

Fuck,” she moans.

Oh, what that hot tongue could do.  Lulu was crying out for someone to fuck her earlier.  Now she’s swearing at the dog, rubbing her naked legs against its warm sides while letting the German shepherd do all these immoral things to her pussy.  The dog’s tongue slops over the inner flesh of her thigh.  Each lap brings out more juice flooding from her slit.

Lulu winces, twisting to the right, then to the left as that tongue slithers inside her vagina deeply.  Instinctively, Lulu opens herself to the dog, inching her knees up and out.  She can feel her pussy lips unsticking, peeling back and apart for the big dog.

That’s it.  Ahhhh.”

The dog’s smelling and tasting her pussy.  ‘Is there anything wrong with this?’ she wonders.  Lulu doesn’t think so.  As she writhed under the dog’s spearing tongue, the teenager giggled and sighed as the beast nuzzled its black nose between her swelling pussy lips.

Storm, good dog.  Good dog.  That’s it, boy.”

It’s unreal.  Lulu feels her head growing lighter as the hot, itchy thrills increase.  She can hardly breathe.  Her chest is tight while those scratching paws draw out more and more sensations from her pulsating pussy.  Gently, tenderly, Storm stretches his long pink tongue around her tiny inner labia.  The German shepherd pets her clit as if it knows what that little organ does.  Lulu made a crying sound, her face red and pinched while her fists pounded against the headboard.  She doesn’t know how long she can take that tickle.

The girl can feel the dog’s hot, panting breath tickle through her pussy curls.  Her sphincter snaps shut while her breasts jiggle like bowls of pudding.  All Lulu can think of now is what’s happening to her between her spit-slicked thighs.  She prances her ass high off the mattress, pushing her dripping mound hard against the animal’s snout.  She wants more tongue, more of that wonderful licking dog tongue inside her cunt.

Dropping her arms, Lulu pushes her hands forward, reaching down to her belly.  She feels the squishy mess between her thighs with her fingers.  Then she feels the dog’s tongue.  ‘Yes, it is wonderful,’ Lulu thought.  The dog Storm is licking at her knuckles, brushing his tongue up, then over to her palms.

Oh yes, do it, do it, do it.”

The dog Storm is growing wilder.  The German shepherd whimpers, its hindquarters prancing madly against the sheet.  Lulu thinks she can hear the material tearing under the beast’s strong claws.  All the time, the dog’s licking deeply into her cunt, wetting her palms.

Yes, God in heaven, yes, oh, oh, yes,” she wails lustfully.

Her words echo strangely in the large bedroom as Lulu pitches heavily against her rocking bed.  She’s moving her ass in fucking movements, giving the animal more of her loins to eat.  Storm can see the exciting changes in her attitude and licks harder.  The German shepherd whimpers, bathing the rounded bottoms of her ass cheeks with her tongue, then moving back to her wet pussy.

Ahhhh, fuck.  God, never stop.  Never stop.”

Lulu moves her fingers to the dog’s head and scratches the German shepherd behind the ears.  How her clit burns from the steady, licking friction.  That dog tongue keeps touching all the right places.  It’s as if Storm knows just what to do.

Ooooooooo, Storm….”

Lulu is going wild.  She gasps and babbles to the German shepherd as it tongue-fucked her.  Then an absurd idea strikes her.  All the thoughts about morality had evaporated in a flash.  It’s as if Storm was a nuclear bomb vaporizing all opinions in the girl’s mind except fucking.  Lulu is breathing with wheezing sounds through her flared nostrils, her eyes wide while sweat streaks her face.  Slowly, inch by agonizing inch, the girl begins raising her knees, drawing them back until they’re nearly pressing against her breasts.  ‘Fucking.  Yes, I want that beast fucking me,’ Lulu thought.

Storm.  Oh, please do it.  Do it….”

She moves her ass up and back, increasing the speed of that movement.  The stiff tickle of the dog’s coat against her thighs makes her go wild.  Drool oozes from the stretched corners of her lips as Lulu thinks more and more about letting Storm fuck her.

Oh Storm, yes, yes….”

Lulu kicks one leg high in the air, crooking it at the knee and petting the animal excitedly with her toes.  ‘What am I doing?’ she wonders.  ‘Am I going crazy?’  Lulu doesn’t know.  The young blonde pitches against the animal again, working her ass in circles.  She cries excitedly through her nose, her nostrils burning with the air she sucked in.  The more she moves about, the more pleasure she feels.  If only she could have that dog fucking her.

The thoughts fill her with increasing wildness.  Lulu tilts her pussy, feeling the dog’s tongue rimming the tight pulsating circles of her cuntal muscles.  Then Storm begins fucking his tongue into her hot vagina.  Lulu strokes the German shepherd excitedly.

Good dog, good, oh, good dog….”

But the dog brushes over her slit and licks against her tight little asshole.

Oh no, no, Storm, please.  Please lick my pussy.”

The animal’s tongue finds her vaginal entrance again, and it rises slightly from the bed, searching deep inside her cunt with its powerful tongue.  Storm finds those sensitive places again.  Lulu goes wild, feeling her cuntal walls spasm.  She can feel those muscles trying to grab hold of the dog’s black nose.  She’s on the edge of one hell of a big climax.

The muscles in her body are tensing, growing hard, and spasming while the pulse in her clit increases to a maddening rhythm.  ‘No, no, I can’t hold back much longer,’ she thought.  The big muscles in her ass are cramping right now.  She kicks her feet again, fanning her toes until they also cramp.  The dog slows its rubbing friction, tilting its head and staring curiously at the girl.

Oh, do it, do it….”

There’s strain and a higher pitch to Lulu’s voice.  She can’t stop twisting her pussy against the dog’s licking mouth.  The touch of that tongue, the feel of the bristly hair around the German shepherd’s nose is too much.  Storm lets out a little yelp and then nuzzles tightly against her drooling pussy again.  Lulu feels her cunt filling with more and more dog tongue.

If that man in the photos were fucking her now, fucking that long cock into her cunt, Lulu is sure her vagina would be milking his cock now.  The thoughts hurry her into the hurricane of her climax.

I’m cumming….”

Lulu bucks her ass against Storm’s parted jaws.  ‘Nothing in the world,’ she thought, ‘can match the feel of Storm’s mouth against my pussy.’  The girl rakes her fingers over the dog’s fur, drowning in her torrid lust.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh.  God.  Fuck.  Ooooooo….”


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