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Year: 2021
Roxy is abducted by two men and put through hell. When the courts fail her, she goes into hiding with her friend Katie. Can she escape these brutes and their dog.
Moe Lester
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She lowers her head and sucks in a ragged breath as she feels the table vibrate beneath the big dog’s movements.  The dog moves forward cautiously, while Roxy’s nervous trembling excites the Doberman.  The dog’s thick, red cock had never fully receded into its furry sheath while the humans talked.  Yet, it swells again, poking its wormy, pointed tip out of the sheath as the dog’s breathing becomes heavier and more irregular.  The dog’s big, black nostrils flare with growing excitement as its cock throbs in time to its heartbeat.  Roxy raises her head again a few inches off the table.  She can see the animal’s stiffening, widening cock better now than she could earlier.  The red cock is growing longer and longer, much longer than the blonde can believe.

Roxy would never guess a dog could have such a big cock like the one she’s looking at now.  The surface is red at the tip, turning to a pinkish orange at the base of the shaft.  Its shape is like an irregular cone, the surface broken by large, rolling swells of hard hot animal flesh.  Blue veins crisscrossed just barely beneath the tightly pulled skin, and at the fat root of ugly things are two furry balls drawn tightly against the base.

The woman gasps, her eyes bulging and her face flushing as the Doberman moves carefully forward toward her upturned pussy.  The dog sniffs once more at the wet, hairy gash.  Roxy can tell it’s excited by the powerful aroma of her pussy juice mixed with its spittle.  She watches the Doberman bend its head down low, take a large sniff, then pulls it’s head away again and move forward.  In an instant, the animal’s big forepaws are pressing tightly against Roxy’s raised thighs.

The woman shudders, clawing the wooden surface of the table harder until she thought she’d rip her fingernails off.  The flesh on her thighs crawls with forbidden excitement as the bristling hairs of the Doberman rake across her soft, smooth skin.  With a quick leaping movement, the large black dog jumps forward, driving the sharp claws of its powerful forepaws into the skin of Roxy’s belly.

OOH … GOD…” she shouts.

Roxy turns her face away from the drooling animal and gasping for breath.  It feels as if two sharp spears press hard against her stomach, digging into the tender flesh as they drive the air from her lungs.

“Go, bitch,” Alex groans.

Roxy yells as she feels the heavy, clawing forepaws slide up her belly toward her breasts.  The soft pads at the end of the Doberman’s forelegs chill her flesh while the claws leave a red trail of scraped skin.

Oh no, oh God in heaven, no,” Roxy moans, throwing her head from side to side as conflicting desires flood her mind.

She hates herself for the lust she feels deep in her pussy.  Part of the struggling blonde wants to kick the dog away.  At the same time, the other, stronger half enjoys the itchy, unsticking feeling her pussy lips made as they engorge with blood and pull back with excitement.

“Go on, take it, bitch,” Alex said, his words slurring into one another as he takes another puff on his joint.

The man sways uneasily back and forth, rocking drunkenly on his heels as he watches the big Doberman towering over the helpless woman.

The animal’s huge paws seem to cover more than half her belly as the dog throws back its head and let out a loud, low-pitched yelp of triumph.  Roxy shudders, letting out a choked sob mixed with unspeakable excitement.  She can feel the big animal trembling on top of her, its hindquarters move nervously on the floor at the end of the table.  Then the dog’s forepaws move up, pushing into her sweaty skin, clawing at Roxy’s heaving chest.  The Doberman lowers its head, and a long string of translucent drool hangs down from the right side of its powerful jaws.

NOOOOOOO,” Roxy shouts.

Her voice cracks with mixed emotions as she feels the hindquarters of the trembling dog sliding closer and closer toward her upturned ass cheeks.  Roxy jerks her head until she can see the animal’s huge, pointed, drooling red cock.  The big dog cock is throbbing with passion and tension, beating against the animal’s muscular belly as oily drops of doggie pre-cum ooze out of the tiny piss-slit.  The short fur on the dog’s hind legs tickles the back of Roxy’s upturned legs as he positions himself for the first entry.

“Fuck her, Killer,” Alex slurs.

“Go on, blast her cunt, Killer,” Tyson cheers as he slides his cock inside Katie’s asshole.

Roxy struggles beneath the big dog, and she feels its body lowering on top of hers.  Simultaneously, the Doberman’s muscular black hindquarters descend, bringing the tip of its hot cock within inches of the grunting blonde’s pussy.  Roxy jerks her head higher, opening her eyes as wide as she can.  Her head is almost even with the Doberman’s now, and she can see its jerking cock sliding forward in little hunches.  Already the big dog starts its fucking rhythm.  Cold sweat forms again on her forehead, trickling down into her eyes as knotty spear shoots forward.

AHHHH … AHHHH…” Roxy shouts, throwing her head down quickly and letting out a series of choking, gurgling groans.

The big dog eventually pierces her cunt.  With one mighty thrust, it slams into the woman’s vagina, peeling back her pussy lips with its cock and sinking the first few inches into her.

No … Oh God … Don’t let it be true … Oh God in heaven … Don’t let it be true,” Roxy shouts over and over again in a choked, muffled voice as she rolls her head back and forth on the table’s surface.

Her fingers rip at the wooden surface, clawing at the roughness as she feels the animal’s hot, wet cock jerking into her deeper and deeper.  The woman’s belly contracts then spasm as she chokes on her own spit.  A bitter, sour taste of bile invades Roxy’s mouth as she tries to keep from retching on the table.

“Take it easy, bitch,” Alex said, stepping close to her head and rubbing his soft cock on her cheek.  “You sure didn’t mind it when the dog was eating your cunt out a moment ago.”

Oh God, God,” Roxy wails almost insanely.

She feels her cuntal walls stretching further and further apart by the invading dog cock, getting shaped into a cone-like tunnel for the pointed cock.

“C’mon, suck my cock,” Alex said.

The words hit Roxy like a sledgehammer, and without even thinking, she opens her mouth and takes Alex’s flaccid, sour-tasting cock into her mouth.  She rolls his soft cock in her mouth, tasting the slime of his pre-cum dribble out, then sucks and licks the member with all she’s got.

Meanwhile, the animal’s hot, rancid wet breath blows across her face, filling her flared nostrils as it growls with satisfaction.  Roxy moans helplessly, sucking the cock in her mouth and feeling it ever so slowly grow hard.  However, she’s also feeling the giant dog phallus stretch her cunt mercilessly as it pounds into her.  She knows it’s useless.  The animal growls louder, lowering its head and opening its jaws as it squats lower, driving its cock more and more into her.

Roxy’s terrified it’ll start chewing at her breasts yet having to suck Alex’s stiffening cock keeps her in a position where she has to watch the dog fuck her hard.  The big Doberman opens its jaws, sticking out its tongue and lapping slowly at the woman’s jiggling breasts.  The dog slurps at her nipples, working on the red half-dollar sized areolas until they stiffen despite Roxy’s mental resistance.

Simultaneously, the Doberman swivels its loins in tiny circles, fucking in its cock quickly.  Roxy thrills at the sensation of its knot protruding from the cone-shaped cock bumping against her swelling labia.  Roxy is rocking her ass without realizing it, rolling it left to right as she involuntarily helped the big Doberman fucking her.

“Told ya she’d like it,” Alex said to Tyson.  “Fuck, she sure can suck cock.”

Mmm … Mmm … Mmm…” Roxy moans with each inward thrust of the animal’s groin around Alex’s hard cock.

Roxy can feel the big Doberman’s tongue slathering her swaying breasts.  Bathing them in a thick, greasy layer of its spittle as it humped and jerks more irregularly and quickly with each passing second.  Roxy feels her body ballooning up with emotional tension as two cocks fuck into her now.  Her belly ripples with lust, contracting with nervous sexuality every time the big animal’s furry chest lowers and touches her flesh.  Her lips go numb from the friction of Alex’s face.  She bounces her upturned legs frantically against the dog’s hunching sides as she tries to get the most amount of friction against her clit.

Roxy moans as she feels the Doberman’s belly slide against her clit and pushes the nubbin down into the hot flesh surrounding it.  She can feel the dog’s short, prickly fur covering the base of its cock tickling her peeled back, stretches outer pussy lips now.  The dog’s buried the full length of its cock in her—knot and all.  The dog’s balls squashed themselves against her upturned ass as the Doberman whines and growled its way to orgasm.

Roxy almost involuntarily squeezes her cuntal muscles together, trapping the frantic animal’s cock inside her pussy.  The dog’s sleek body shudders as the blonde MILF’s hot, wet cunt walls grips its cock.  Roxy managed to bounce her thighs up and down, rolling them faster from side to side as she feels her clit rubbing up to a fierce heat.

Ooooo … Fuck…” Alex suddenly groans as he starts shooting in her mouth, then pulls out and sprays her face with his sticky hot semen.  “Damn, this woman has skills.”

Feeling the former shame and revulsion slowly disappearing, Roxy’s on fire.  Her pussy is a hot, messy glob of sputtering sexuality, stirred hotter and hotter by big Doberman’s spearing cock.  The blonde’s belly heaves wildly as she gasps for breath and bounces her full, rounded ass cheeks frantically around the wooden surface of the table.  Roxy pulls her arms up and locks her fingers around the back of the Doberman’s powerful neck.

She moves her hands slowly up and down the short fur of the big dog, groaning with unspeakable pleasure as she feels the tiny hairs tickling the skin just beneath her fingernails.  She pulls the big, fucking animal down closer to her like a lover, rubbing her belly and chest against the dog as she feels her cunt beginning to roar with a climax.

OHHHH … I’M CUMMING … I’M FUCKING CUMMING…” Roxy shouts, shutting her eyelids tightly and rolling her head wildly back and forth on the top of the table.

Her nostrils flare as she sucks in the air.  Her lips open, but no sound comes out of her twisted mouth.  The cords stand out of her neck as Roxy digs her fingernails into the Doberman’s black, slick sides and bounces her knees hard off the big dog’s hindquarters.  She’s orgasming hard, shooting off in front of these rapists and Katie with a dog.  The stiff hairs on the end of the dog’s peeled back sheath tickle her sensitive outer labia to a higher and higher plane of sexual awareness as her clit throbs and beat out a wild rhythm of tearing orgasm.

The dog stops, still panting wildly and drooling, its cock buried inside Roxy’s stretched to the limit cunt.  The Doberman’s knot is rubbing on her g-spot and keeping her orgasms tricking over.  Roxy feels the dog’s hot semen pump into her, filling her belly with a new warmth as it floods and expands her womb.  The Doberman is still for a few minutes, then suddenly jumps off her.  Its knot pulls free of her gripping pussy lips, making Roxy scream in pain as it pops out of her.  She feels an aching emptiness now the hot cock is gone, and her gaping red cunt is dripping dog jizz.


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