Horse Crazy

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Horse Crazy
Horse Crazy
Year: 2024
A young woman discovers her sexuality with the help of a horse and an older man.
Sheela B.
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Eighteen-year-old Jade Miller quietly slipped out of her house into the midnight darkness.  Immediately, the beautiful youngster broke into a run, not stopping until she reached the ‘Harrison Stables,’ where she worked after school, weekends, and vacation periods.  Jade walked slowly toward Dante’s stall, not wanting to frighten the big stallion.  However, this was not the first time Jade had sneaked into the stables late at night to be with the horse she loved more than anything or anyone in the world.

“Oh, Dante, I love you so much!” Jade cried, throwing her arms around the horse’s neck and nuzzling her face into his lush mane.

The horse whinnied in response and pressed his cold, wet nose against Jade’s neck.  The girl shivered, feeling a quickening sensation deep in her virginal pussy.  For a moment, she found herself wondering what it would feel like to ride the gorgeous stallion naked.

“God, I’m so horny!” she gasped as she quickly stripped all her clothes off and lay down on the soft straw next to Dante.

Jade wasted no time in touching her pussy.  It was on fire with desire, desire for the huge cock between Dante’s rear legs.  The girl had never fucked a horse before.  In fact_ she had never fucked anyone before.  But she just knew that fucking with Dante would be the thrill of her life.  The very thought of feeling Dante’s huge horse-cock thrusting deep into her snug pussy released a flood of pussy juice that filled the girl’s cunt and began to trickle down her thighs.

Moaning softly and staring steadily at Dante’s big cock, which hovered just above her, Jade stroked her pussy.  It felt so good.  She had done this many times before, and she knew from experience that she would be able to make herself cum if she touched herself right.  As she continued to massage her moist pussy, Jade could feel her blood growing hotter, pumping down toward her crotch.  She could feel her inner and outer cuntlips swelling and throbbing with lust.

Oh, yes, it feels sooo good,” she groaned.

She felt an intense tingling at the insides of her trembling thighs.  And she felt a mounting ache in her loins.  She could feel that her entire body was flushed with desire—a desire for the big stallion she loved so much.  For just a few seconds, the teenager’s mind filled with the image of Mike Harrison, the owner of the stables, and her boss.  Mike was a tall, handsome, well-built man in his thirties, and more than once, Jade had thought that it would be great to fuck him.

She still thought so, but the youngster had to admit to herself that the main object of her lust was Dante.  She wanted to make it with the horse more than anything in the world.  But someday, she knew that she would welcome Mike’s cock, too.  She knew that the man was horny for her.  She had seen it in his eyes more than once.  And she knew she was a beautiful girl.  She liked seeing the big lumps that formed in the crotches of the men who looked at her.  But when Jade finger-fucked her horny pussy, she never thought about these men, except for an occasional thought about Mike.  For the most part, Jade thought only about Dante —and his huge horse-cock.

She knew that the horse was just as hot for her as she was for him.  Many times, when she was grooming him, she was delighted to see his cock growing big and hard.  If she could only get up the courage to fuck him.  But, as much as she desired the gorgeous stallion, the idea of his oversized prick ripping into her virginal cunt filled Jade with fear.  And she had to admit to herself, too, that she hadn’t the foggiest idea how to go about maneuvering that gigantic cock into her pussy.

The angel-faced eighteen-year-old ran the tip of her tongue back and forth across her lips as she continued to stroke her pussy, her fingers growing wet with all the juice that was seeping out from between her bloated pussylips.  As Jade lay there naked in the bed of hay, she looked wanton.  Ripe.  And when Dante whinnied again and he stared fixedly at Jade’s fully exposed cunt, the teenager couldn’t help but wonder if the horse wanted to fuck her right then and there.

Oh, God, Dante,” Jade rasped as she caught sight of the horse’s cock.

It was growing bigger and longer and thicker right before her very eyes.  Jade licked her lips faster as she slipped one finger between her cuntlips, searching for her clit.  Suddenly, Dante lowered his head and licked both of the girl’s big tits with his big sloppy tongue.

Fuck, that’s great, Dante.  Do it again.  Lick my tits,” Jade rasped, writhing with lust on the floor of the stall.

As if perfectly understanding the girl’s words, Dante again lowered his head, and again, he licked her tits, leaving her pulsing nipples and tit-flesh wet with his horse saliva.  Jade’s big tits were milky white and shaped erotically so that her large nips pointed upward whether she was standing or lying down.  Her nipples were red right now and hard and erect as Dante licked them.

As the big black stallion continued to lick the girl’s heaving tits, Jade rubbed her horny little clit.  She was breathing hard and fast now, and she knew that she would come soon.  Jade also knew the pending cum would be the biggest and most exciting orgasm of her life because, for the first time, Dante was actually a part of it.  The fast, steady way the horse was licking her nipples and tit mounds thrilled Jade beyond belief, and she knew that it was that very tit-licking that would soon result in a powerful orgasm.

Dante whinnied and stamped his hooves against the hay-littered floor of the stall.  He seemed to be licking his human friend’s tits harder now.  Jade shivered as she felt the coarse tongue rubbing her tit- flesh raw.  Her nipples grew even bigger.  And they got harder, throbbing violently.  She wondered if the horse could feel them pulsing against his tongue.  The teenager’s gasps were getting faster now.  Jade realized that she was panting, panting just like the wild animal in heat that she wanted to become for her beloved stallion.

She felt extremely hot, and she knew that her naked flesh was flushing more and more.  Suddenly, Dante began to lick the insides of Jade’s quaking thighs, snorting with pleasure as he tasted the girl’s flowing pussy juice.

Yes, Dante, yes.  Lick me there.  Just like that,” Jade cried, and her hands flew to her saliva-coated tits.

Jade took both of her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.  She pinched them lightly.  Then she pinched them harder until she could feel little twinges of pain mixing with her pleasure.  The youngster did not mind the pain at all.  In fact, she welcomed it.  It was an exciting sexual pain.  She pulled on her nipples, tugging at them until the flesh all around them was taut, and her nips were pointier than usual.  Dante’s long, rough tongue continued to lick up and down the teenager’s inner thighs, lapping up her flowing juices.

Unh, Dante,” Jade moaned, and in her mind’s eye, the horse was mounting her, taking her pussy with his huge, oversized cock.

The thrilling image made her cunt quiver, and she released her grip on her nips, beginning-to stroke her tit mounds with both hands.  She could feel her rosebud nips throbbing against the palms of her hands, and she moaned with erotic pleasure.  Jade felt her juices dribbling down into the crack of her ass as she fondled her tits.  And all the while, Dante was lapping at her thighs with his big stallion tongue.

Her pussy drooled more and more, and Jade could feel her cunt flesh crawling as if it had developed a mind of its own.  She panted harder and harder.  Her heart was pounding violently.  And she could feel her little clit growing more and more erect.  The girl’s little fuck-button was growing larger and harder with each lick of the horse’s tongue against her silken thighs.  She spread her thighs wider apart.  She could feel the lips of her cunt and the cheeks of her ass open up more, letting her thick pussy juice flow steadily downward into her asscrack.

She rubbed her little hard clit frantically.  It felt to the teenager as if her clit were about to explode.  She was so turned on now that she knew she would not have to rub her clit for long to make herself cum.  At that moment, Jade honestly did not know which was more of a turn-on; the way she was stroking her throbbing clit, or the way the beautiful stallion was licking her inner thighs harder and harder.

She stared up at Dante’s cock and swallowed hard as she saw a pearly drop of pre-cum hovering at its tip.  ‘God,’ Jade thought lewdly, ‘I wonder what that tastes like?’  And, unconsciously, she licked her lips as if savoring the taste of the horse’s cum.  As she stroked her clit faster, and as Dante licked her thighs harder, Jade’s tits heaved up and down on her chest.  She desperately sucked air into her lungs.  She writhed as much as she could without losing contact with that delicious feeling of tongue.

The girl’s hips moved in sensuous circles.  She shifted her weight rhythmically from one cheek of her lily-white ass to the other and then back again.  She humped her pussy upward against her stroking hand.  The horny teenager wriggled her ass and humped her pussy upward as if she were pretending a huge horse-cock was inside her, hammering animalistic pleasure into her cunt.

She slipped her finger away from her clit and thrust it into her virginal pussyhole-as far as it would go.  But she did not get far.  She was only inside herself up to the first knuckle when she felt the wall of her hymen stopping her from going any farther.  For a minute, the girl was tempted to push her finger right through that wall so she could stroke herself on the other side, where she just knew it would feel exceptionally good.  But she wanted to wait so she could present her cherry to whichever man-cock or horse…dick would be the first to fuck her.

As Dante continued to lick her thighs, Jade pulled her finger all the way out of her cunt.  She could feel her pussy muscles tensing up on her involuntarily.  Most of all, the muscles in her asscheeks were growing more and more taut.  Jade bounced up and down on her ass, unable to hold herself still.  She had to touch her clit again.  Jade peeled her clit petals upward.  Then she touched her clit with the tip of her finger, and her hypersensitive clit trembled in response, growing harder and stiffer beneath her lewd touch.

Even though Jade had touched her clit as lightly as she could, she felt a lightning bolt of pleasure coursing through her.  A deep, intense erotic pleasure rolled up and down her spine.  Again, the youngster touched her clit, pulling her finger away before her orgasm could begin.  She knew that she was on the edge now, about to cum.  And she was thrilled half out of her mind with the exciting knowledge that Dante was helping her get there with his relentlessly licking tongue.

Her entire body was tensed now.  She arched her back, lifted her ass, and placed her finger back on her clit, leaving it there this time.  As she began to stroke her clit harder than ever, she was overjoyed to suddenly feel Dante’s licking tongue on her pussy.

Ohhh, argh, yesss, Dante, lick my pussy.  Help make me cum…”

Dante whinnied loudly as he ran his rough tongue up and down the full length of the girl’s pussy-slit.  Then, as she continued to rub her clit, the stallion ran his tongue between her pussylips and lapped at her cunt-flesh, thirstily swallowing all of her spilling pussy juices.  That was all it took.  Jade began to cum.

Oh, Dante, I’m cumming,” she cried aloud as her orgasmic explosions began.

She felt her pussy growing wetter and hotter.  And she felt her little cunt opening up as if it wanted to suck a huge cock right up inside it.  As she orgasmed, the teenager continued to rub her clit as hard as possible.  She had been right in expecting this orgasm to be the most exciting one in her life.  It was thrilling beyond belief.  Her entire body was filled with intense waves of joy, and she trembled violently on the floor of the horse’s stall.

Unnnhhh, Aargh, ohhh, Dante, I’m cumming so hard.  Keep it up, Dante.  Keep licking my pussy,” Jade cried, half out of her mind with lust and bestial pleasure.

But as she continued to climax, Jade was shocked and frightened to hear a loud masculine voice booming out right above her.  “What the fuck is going on here?” Mike Harrison demanded, glowering down at the naked eighteen-year-old with his hands on his lean hips.

“Oh my God.  Mike!” Jade cried, springing to her feet, her eyes filled with fear as her boss glared hard at her.

Then, before Mike could stop her, and even before the girl herself knew what she was about to do, Jade leaped up onto the stallion’s back and, naked, rode him out of the stable at a full gallop.

“Jade.  Come back here!” Mike called after her, feeling his cock throbbing in the crotch of his pant.

For the man had had a raging hard-on ever since he had seen the beautiful girl lying there stark-naked with the horse’s tongue licking her to orgasm.


As Jade rode Dante down the bridle path, she felt her naked pussy bouncing up and down on the horse’s broad back, and she realized that she was living out her fantasy.  And it felt every bit as good as she had known it would.  The stallion galloped down the path at breakneck speed.  And as his powerful hooves pounded against the ground, the jarring movement made Jade’s pussy ram down hard against the animal’s muscular back, sending tingles of animal pleasure through the teenager’s cunt, focusing on her aroused clit.

As Jade’s pussy bounced against Dante’s back, she suddenly realized that she was still cumming.  In fact, the girl had never stopped cumming.  The sight of Mike standing over her while she was orgasming on the floor of the horse’s stall had excited Jade as much as it had frightened her.  And now, with her pussy lips spread wide apart and her naked clit riding against Dante’s rippling back, Jade continued to cum.

Although Jade spent as much time as possible grooming and exercising the horses when she worked for Mike, part of her job was to provide a lead for the horseback riders who came to his stable.  And it was along her familiar bridle path that Jade now rode Dante.

Cumming…” the teenager screamed as she galloped along the moonlit path with Dante.

The summer breeze blew her golden hair behind her.  She held onto Dante’s thick mane with both of her fisted hands.  She thought she heard echoing hoofbeats behind her.  But when she glanced back over her shoulder, she could see only the inky darkness of the night.  Jade rode Dante until both she and the stallion were lathered with sweat.  Then, in the clearing at the end of the bridle path, she pulled the powerful stallion to a halt.  She buried her face in the animal’s mane and moaned as the last of her series of orgasms passed through her.

A few minutes later, the teenager climbed off the horse, shivering as she felt the night breeze on her naked flesh.

“Maybe it’s fate, Dante,” she whispered to the horse.  “Maybe you and I were meant to be alone like this.”

She looked into Dante’s large brown eyes, and it seemed to the girl that the horse was trying to tell her something.

“I want to give you a blowjob, Dante,” the horny teenager whispered, feeling her pussy quiver at her words.  Jade looked under Dante’s body and rasped.  “Oh God, Dante!” she said as she saw the horse’s huge erection.

His mammoth-sized horse-cock was bright red in the light of the moon and easily a foot long.

“Fuck!” Jade cried, feeling a stirring in her loins.

Jade held the horse by the sides of his head.  His long tongue lapped out and bathed her face with his warm saliva.

“Dante, I want you to get down on the ground and roll over on your back for me.  Do that, and then I’ll do something really nice for you,” Jade said.

Jade gasped with surprise and delight as the horse immediately rolled over onto his back with all four hooves up in the air.  Then the youngster remembered Mike telling her that Dante’s previous owner had worked for a circus and had trained the stallion for some of the circus acts they had performed together.  Jade guessed that her words ‘roll over’ had triggered the horse’s prompt response.

Jade had groomed this horse many, many times.  And she knew that Dante was gentle and that she could trust him not to hurt her.  In a matter of seconds, the beautiful teenager was stretched out on her belly at Dante’s ass.  Her face was just a few inches away from the stallion’s huge sac of balls and his erect cock.

The horse’s cock was usually out of sight in his furry cock sheath.  But now, fully aroused, Dante’s cock protruded like a battering ram.  Jade’s mouth watered as she thought of what the horse’s balls and cock were going to taste like.  Jade parted her moist lips and stuck her tongue out as far as she could get it.  She made her tongue as pointy as possible at its tip.  Then Jade reached forward with her left hand, her palm up.  She placed her fingertips on the underside of Dante’s huge ballsac and lifted it.  She pushed her tongue beneath the sac, quickly finding the horse’s asshole.

Jade could see the horse’s red cock pushing even farther out of its furry sheath.  The youngster quickly discovered that she loved the smell of the animal’s cock and balls.  The girl loved the taste and loved the feel of the horse against her tongue.  She flicked the tip of her tongue lightly and quickly back and forth all around the stallion’s asshole.  Then she flicked right across the hole.  Dante whinnied as if in approval.

The aroused teen began to lick at the horse’s asshole more eagerly.  She switched to the flat part of her tongue and licked across his twitching asshole.  As she licked, Jade savored the taste of her beloved horse’s shit chute.  Finally, Jade stiffened her tongue and placed its pointed tip right on the stallion’s bunghole and began to push forward with her face, her entire head, and her slender shoulders.  Her nipples were stiff with lust, and her pussy was drooling out a steady stream of thick, hot juice.  Jade was surprised and delighted at how easily the horse’s ring of ass muscles opened to let her tongue inside.  She pushed her tongue on in as far as it could go.

Mmmm,” Jade moaned as she felt Dante’s asshole squeezing and sucking her stiffened tongue at the root.

She wiggled the tip of her tongue around teasingly.  Her tongue stroked all over inside the animal’s asshole, using varying pressures with each caress.  She worked her tongue in and out of the horse’s ass a few times and then pulled out completely.  The fingertips of her left hand were still holding Dante’s sac of balls aloft.  His balls were huge, the size of oranges, and seemed to be filled to the brim with cum.  It looked ready to overflow, and Jade’s heart pounded with excitement.

She wiggled her left fingers, fondling the stallion’s swollen balls.  She bobbed them up and down a few times, trying to clutch as much of the oversized balls as possible.  She squeezed them rhythmically in sync with the pounding beats of her own heart.  She could feel the horse’s balls throbbing against her hand in response.  And the pulsing beat of the stallion’s huge nuts seemed to echo the hammer-like pounding of her heart.

A few minutes later, Jade decided that it was time to let her mouth do the work.  She removed her hand and massaged the horse’s balls with her wet, drooling mouth.  Then she moved her lips up and down the sides of Dante’s huge cock while the animal whinnied with pleasure.  The teenage girl began to lash out at the balls with her tongue tip.  She moved her head all around, striving to reach all areas of the mammoth-sized sac.  She licked at the base of the sac.  And she licked at the base of Dante’s cock.  She lapped happily at the horse’s balls and up and down the trembling sides of his gigantic horse-cock.  Dante’s haunches bounced up and down on the ground of the grassy clearing.  As she continued to lick him, Jade hoped that the horse was pretending that he was fucking her.

She lapped at his cock and balls with the flat part of her tongue, drooling with excitement, just as her pussy was drooling out more and more hot juice.  In a matter of seconds, the stallion’s huge sac was wet and shiny from the warm saliva that spilled from the girl’s mouth.  She sensed that Dante would enjoy her sucking his balls as long as she didn’t suck too hard.  She curled her pouting, luscious lips over her teeth to be sure that she didn’t bite the stallion’s nuts accidentally.

She relaxed the muscles at the sides of her face, letting her mouth fall open as far as it could go.  She dropped her jaw low, not minding the ache she felt as she stretched her mouth wide.  She knew that her jaw would hurt a lot more before she was through.  Jade wrapped her lips around Dante’s right nut.  She began to suck.  The girl didn’t suck hard, trying not to hurt him.  But she didn’t suck too gently, either.  She sucked right, hard enough to give the stallion intense pleasure.  Dante whinnied again and bounced up and down on his haunches with mounting lust.  Jade could easily see that the horse was loving what she was doing to him.

The teenager hollowed her cheeks inward, creating a strong vacuum about the animal’s ball.  Jade kept her tongue busy at the same time, licking and sucking on the horse’s nut simultaneously.  After long moments, Jade pulled her mouth away and sucked the horse’s left ball.  By this time, Dante’s cock was throbbing hard, and it stretched out on the animal’s belly, its tip pointing at the stallion’s head.  His huge horse-cock bounced up and down as if doing a lewd kind of dance.

Knowing that Dante needed to feel her mouth on his cock, Jade pulled away from his nuts.  She puckered her lips and blew a stream of cool air onto the stallion’s wet ballsac.  Dante whinnied eagerly.  Once again, Jade clutched as much of the horse’s sac as she could in the stretched palm of her left hand while she moved her right hand to his huge cock.  She slid her fingers in between the horse’s belly and the top of his twitching cock-shaft.  Dante’s cock was so thick that Jade’s fingers could not possibly make it all the way around.  And with a pang of disappointment, she also realized that she would never be able to get his mammoth-sized cock inside her mouth.  It was just too fucking big!

But that was not going to stop the girl.  She was determined to make Dante come.  She found herself wondering if his huge cock would fit inside her cunt.  Jade figured that it would, for after all, if a baby could come out of a cunt, a cock even the size of Dante’s should be able to fit inside it.  She gently lifted the tip of Dante’s cock away from his belly.  It was super heavy.  She parted her trembling lips and stuck her tongue out.  She placed the tip of her tongue at the furry spot where the base of the stallion’s cock met his ballsac.  She flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth lightly and rapidly.

Her tits were pressed against Dante’s ass.  And she knew that the horse could feel her hard, stiff nips throbbing against the smooth fur of his ass.  She began to flick her way past the furry sheath at the base of his cock right onto his moist red cockhead.  She loved the flavor.  It inflamed her senses, making her pussy grow hotter and wetter with each passing second.

The horse stiffened.  Dante’s haunches bucked.  Jade began to flick her way slowly toward the tip of the animal’s cock.  She moved her right hand to the base of his huge fuck shaft, holding his cock snugly in place.  The girl curled her fingers around his red cock as far as they could go.  She squeezed his balls and his cock at the same time.  With mounting lust, Jade licked her way slowly to the tip of Dante’s cock.  She took her time, licking upward only a fraction of an inch at a time.  She couldn’t get over how good his huge cock felt to her as it throbbed against her palm and the insides of her gripping fingers.

She imagined those same pulsing throbs inside her cunt, stretching her virginal tissues.  Her pussy was soaking wet now.  ‘Maybe I can’t fit this huge cock inside my mouth,’ the girl thought excitedly, ‘but I can sure as hell make him cum in my mouth.’  She had often wondered what cum tasted like, especially Dante’s cum.  She had a hunch that the stallion’s jism would be the most delicious stuff she had ever tasted.

With that obscene thought in mind, Jade placed her mouth snugly over the hole at the tip of Dante’s cock.  Then she began to pump up and down on his cockshaft with her hand.  Jade could feel his cock getting thicker than before.  And she could feel it growing stiffer.  It grew longer and turned a darker shade of red.  She sensed by the animal’s frantic movements that he would come soon.  She couldn’t wait to taste his horse-jizz.  And she longed to feel the texture of his cum.  She wondered how much of the stuff there would be, and she only hoped there would be enough to satisfy her.  She had heard from her friends that cum was hot, and she looked forward to feeling the goo warming her empty belly.

Jade sucked on the very head of the animal’s cock, urging him to come while she continued to pump her hand up and down his huge cock.  Dante shuddered with delight and let out a loud whinny as if to tell his human lover that he was about to shoot his load.  Harder and harder, Jade sucked on the little cum-slit at the tip of the horse’s cock.  She felt his big cock spasm in her grasp.  Then it erupted, and the horse’s cum began to flow.  Before Jade could completely prepare herself for it, her mouth was filled with cum.  She tried desperately to keep it all inside her mouth, but it was impossible.

She puffed her cheeks out and began to swallow immediately, as hard and fast as she could.  But still, the little girl could feel the horse’s cum oozing out from the stretched corners of her mouth.  His hot, thick jism rolled down onto her chin, where it began to cool.  Other drops of cum dripped off the tip of Jade’s chin onto the stallion’s furry loins.

Mmmm,” Jade moaned, acknowledging that her instincts had been right on the mark.

Dante’s cum was just as delicious as she had anticipated.  It was hot and creamy and thick and smooth.  And there was far more of the gooey cum than she had expected.  After the initial blast, Jade managed to keep all of the delicious cum inside her mouth.  As she continued to swallow it, she could feel her pussy juices drooling out of her cunt and streaming down her soft inner thighs.

Finally, all of Dante’s muscles relaxed, and Jade felt his cum stopping its spurting flow.  She pulled her mouth off of the tip of the animal’s cock.  Jade looked down at his swollen pisshole and pumped his thick shaft a few times.  She could feel his huge horse-cock losing its stiffness.  The girl could feel the blood pumping out of it.  She wanted to be sure that there wasn’t more cum trapped in the shaft, cum that she could swallow, cum that would join the pool of jism now warming her belly.  Several drops of cum oozed out of the swollen pisshole, and she hungrily licked them away with a single swipe of her tongue.

“Ohhhh, Dante, that was soooo good.  I love the taste of your cum,” Jade murmured happily, licking her lips as if in search of more.

Suddenly, Jade heard a sound behind her, and her heart pounded in fear.  She turned and saw Mike Harrison standing there, grinning.  He was standing next to his horse.  Jade flushed and hung her head in embarrassment.  She wasn’t sure if he had seen her sucking Dante off, but she was sure that he had seen her letting the horse lick her pussy to orgasm on the floor of the animal’s stall.  And she was also sure that he must be disgusted by her behavior and by her obvious lust for the stallion.

He’s going to fire me.  I just know it,’ Jade thought in anguish, hoping against hope that the man would not tell her parents about her lewd, depraved actions.  But when Mike finally spoke, his surprising words swept all such fears from the teenager’s mind.

“Great performance, honey.  You can really suck horse-cock!” Mike drawled.

Jade gasped, and then, in the bright moonlight, she saw the huge bulge in the crotch of her boss’ trousers, and she returned his grin.


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