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Year: 2023
Two sisters, Julia & Sally share a secret taboo bestiality passion unbeknownst to each other until Sally comes home for a visit.
Sheela B.
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Eighteen-year-old Julia Redburn was still a virgin, but that was a condition that the girl fully intended to terminate at the first opportunity.  She was practical, without wanting to save her cherry for marriage or the right man.  Julia wanted to get laid.  Any guy would do, she figured, as long as it had a big, hard cock.  Julia would probably have been fucked by this time if she had lived in the city.  Still, selecting eligible young men in the isolated countryside was scant.  Although she’d been flirting lasciviously with the hired hand, it hadn’t yet made a move in return.  The stallion was worried it would lose its job if her father found out.

Julia had been finger fucking herself for about a year, having discovered the pleasure of her hand by accident one day while soaping her crotch in the bathtub.  She enjoyed it a great deal and did it with regularity.  At least once a day and often more.  She frigged her cunt to a foamy orgasm first thing in the morning, as a rule, when she was still groggy from sleep, and often she went to sleep at night with her hands still clamped over her soaking pussy.  She seldom bathed without enjoying an underwater handjob, remembering how she had first discovered the joys of masturbation.  But, as much as she enjoyed it, the sexy teenager was becoming bored with masturbation and was ready for some stiff cock.  Then she discovered a brand-new thrill.

It had happened the first time that she rode her pony bareback.  Julia hadn’t even been thinking naughty thoughts.  She had simply been jogging along on Happy’s broad back when suddenly, her cunt started to simmer, then smolder.  Julia had wrapped her slender thighs tightly around the horse’s powerful, sweat-lathered body and squirmed her crotch up and down along the ridge of its spine until, gasping, the girl climaxed.  It had been so wonderful that she could hardly wait for her next ride.

The girl wriggled happily on Happy’s back.  She had started to squirm the moment the bend in the lane had taken her out of sight of the field, moving sinuously and slowly, wanting to prolong the pleasant build-up before the creamy conclusion.

Her thighs tensed, and her ass churned.  She clung to the pony’s flowing mane, her eyes narrowed, and her lips parted, her pretty face transfigured to a mask of pure passion.  She wasn’t wearing any panties under her tiny denim shorts, and the crotchband of those shorts was sodden.  The material was dragged into the vee of her crotch as if by the suction of her cunt-hole, and her hairy, pink pussy lips were gaping open, pushing free of the band.  Frothy white slime trickled down the insides of her thighs like a string of pearls.

Happy tossed its head up and snorted, its soft nostrils flaring and its eyes wild and white.  The horse sniffed, scenting the girl’s arousal, and, being a stallion, started to get aroused.  The stallion trotted more slowly, its gait faltering as Julia rubbed her crotch up and down along its ridged backbone.

A ribbon of pussy juice slid from Julia’s steaming pussy and poured down the pony’s back.  The hot slime was drenching her shorts and seeping through the denim, making the animal’s back slippery.  Julia slid up and down on that lubrication, moaning softly as her wonderful sensations rose towards their peak.  Waves of joy rushed across her belly and shot like electric currents up her thighs.

Ooooooo,” she moaned as a spasm shook her.

Her taut, swollen clit detonated, setting off a juicy explosion in the depths of her vagina.  The blonde girl jerked about spasmodically, rubbing her pussy furiously up and down the pony’s heaving back.  She bowed over its arched back, then threw her head and shoulders back, her long blonde hair tumbling.  The waves of her climax came higher and faster, rushing one upon the other so fast that they were blending into one prolonged peak.  Her whole nubile body vibrated, her plump tits bobbing up and down, her trim ass grinding.

Pussy juice flooded over the pony’s back and dripped down its flanks.  Happy whinnied and came to a halt.  Julia rubbed her groin against it, working her climax off to the dregs as the muscular animal stood rigid under her jerking body.  The dumb animal wasn’t sure what was happening, but the horse knew it was exciting.

Happy twisted its head around, its thick neck coiling.  The horse’s red tongue came out and slurped at the slime running down its side.  Julia moaned when she saw her pussy cream slide onto the pony’s long, wet tongue.  It thrilled her so much that another spasm jolted her loins, and another river of pussy juice bubbled.  The frenzied pony lapped it up greedily.

You like that, do you, boy?” Julia murmured.

Happy whinnied, prancing under her, tossing her lithe body around.  The pony’s flanks heaved between her gripping thighs.  The last wave creamed in her cunt, and Julia whimpered with the thrill of it.  She leaned forward over the pony’s withers, a dreamy smile on her lips.  Then she looked down and saw that Happy was getting a hard-on.  Julia tilted sideways on the horse’s back, gazing under it, fascinated.  The stallion’s cock was long and thick and getting longer and thicker by the moment, the huge cock extending in a series of jolts and rising horizontally.  The naked black cockhead came sliding out from its leathery sheath, a massive slab of smoking hot cockmeat.

Holy shit,” Julia moaned.

She leaned closer, one knee hooked over its back, staring in awe at the stallion’s gigantic cock.  She shook her head as if in disbelief.  Happy snorted and tossed its head about wildly.  The dreamy smile on Julia’s sensual lips slowly changed to a wicked grin.  She leaned right out over the pony’s flank, like an Indian shielding himself from a wagon train’s guns, one thigh hooked across the horse’s back and the other leg sliding under it.  She rubbed her instep and ankle slowly up and down the animal’s cockshaft.\

The fat cock throbbed against her foot, and Julia whimpered.  She fluttered her toes against the flaring wedge of the horse’s naked black cockhead and watched the huge cock pumping in and out like an inhaling lung.  Julia was wondering, ‘Should I jerk it off?

She owed Happy a favor.  After all, she’d creamed on the horse’s back and, by doing so, had caused that huge hard-on, so she was responsible for dealing with it.  Then, too, she reasoned, ‘It would be too embarrassing to bring Happy home in this aroused condition, and how could I make its cock soft again unless I empty its balls?

These were justifiable excuses, but they weren’t the main reason naughty Julia wanted to jerk the pony off.  Her hands were itching for a feel of that hard, hot cock, and she was longing to have it throbbing in her grip and then to see all that hot, thick horse jizz spurt out.  Julia figured it was naughty, which made it all the more exciting.  ‘It’s not really wicked,’ she thought.  ‘It’s not like I’m gonna fuck Happy or suck it off.  I would never do that, would I?

Julia slid gracefully off the pony’s slippery back.  Happy’s head turned, and it gazed at her expectantly.  Being only a dumb brute, Happy didn’t know that it was naughty for little girls to jerk off animals, and of course, the horse didn’t even know what a handjob was.  But it was going to find out.

Julia stroked the excited pony’s arched neck and ran her fingers through its silken mane.  The horse snorted and nuzzled its soft, moist snout against the girl’s cheek.  The horse’s haunches were rippling with muscle, pushing its cock in and out under its belly.  Julia had just creamed, yet she was hotter than ever, thrilled by her naughty intentions, her imagination sparking with lust, her pussy steaming again.  She grasped Happy by the mane and led it off the path into the wooded fringe that offered them sufficient concealment.  The pony stepped along willingly beside her, its head going up and down.  The horse’s cock was jutting out so straight and stiff that it seemed to be striding along a fence.

Julia halted in the dappled shadow of the trees.  She gazed at the pony’s cock and balls again, her pretty face radiant with desire.  The horse’s cock pulsated as if her hot gaze had physically caressed its meat, and it pawed at the earth with one hind hoof.  Julia slid her open hand down the horse’s sweat-soaked flank, then paused before she touched its cock.  The horse’s balls were so huge that she knew it would be shooting jizz all over the place when it climaxed, and she didn’t want to get her clothing soaked with slimy pony sperm.  It would be more naughty and exciting to be naked when she jacked the brute off.

Stepping back, Julia drew her tight t-shirt over her head.  Her blonde hair cascaded, and her firm tits swayed, freed from the cotton confinement.  Her nipples were so stiff and vibrant that they stood out like little pink rockets ready to be launched.

Happy pushed his broad head out and nuzzled its silken snout against her tits, neighing softly.  The horse’s breath, warm and moist, billowed over her plump mounds, and Julia trembled.  She squirmed against the pony’s nose, stroking its neck.  Then she stepped back and unsnapped the waistband of her denim shorts.

The pony eyed her speculatively, its nose twitching.  Julia drew the zipper down, and her shorts fell open, exposing the golden triangle of her cunt mound.  Happy’s nostrils flared.  The stallion snorted and stamped, confused by this novel situation yet sensing with its bestial instincts that something very pleasant would happen to it.

Squirming her ass and hips, Julia slowly tugged her tight-fitting shorts down.  She stepped out of them.  As she raised her knee to do so, her juicy pussy was revealed, and the pony whimpered as the sweet fragrance wafted over it.  The girl’s pussy lips were unfurled like the petals of a fleshy pink blossom, her pussy-slit opening into an oval slot streaked with creamy slime.  Her taut clit stood out, firm and throbbing.  She stood with her legs wide spread, her hands on her hips, and her belly thrust out.

Happy stepped closer, his whole muscular body trembling.  The stallion lowered its head, and its moist nostrils blew against her pubic thicket.  Julia rose onto her tiptoes and grasped the horny horse by the mane, shoving her crotch against its snout.  Happy sniffed and snorted.  The stallion was being driven wild by the aromatic scent of the girl’s arousal.  The stallion began to bob its head up and down like a rocking horse, sliding its nose through her creamy pussy.  The horse’s long, nimble tongue pushed out, and it lapped at the succulent pussy slit, dragging its tongue across her clit.

Horse slobber bubbled into her gaping vagina, streaking her slime with frothy foam.  Pussy juice and pony saliva poured down the insides of her thighs, and Julia moaned, whipping her ass from side to side and grinding her groin against its snout.  The horse’s nostrils rippled in her slit as it rubbed its muzzle around.  Julia moaned, and her pelvis jerked as the animal’s long wet tongue stabbed inside her smoldering slime-drenched pussy.

Julia was longing to get her hands on the pony’s iron-hard cock.  She yearned to milk it off, but she couldn’t bring herself to drag her steaming pussy off the beast’s warm muzzle.  Her crotch seemed glued to it by a paste of slime and saliva.  She gripped the horse’s mane with both hands, her fists entwined in the flowing strands, and moved its head around as she jerked her pussy against it.  She lifted one knee and then the other, shifting her weight.

Happy had gone tongue-crazy by this time, slurping and lapping frantically.  The horse’s tongue shot into Julia and flicked out, dripping with creamy pussy-nectar.  Pussy juice drenched the horse’s soft muzzle and streaked its chin.

Oh, yeah, lap my pussy, Happy,” Julia rasped, hardly believing how wonderful it felt to have a pony’s long, hot tongue stabbing into her soaking pussy and lapping at her tingling clit.

She leaned backward, clinging to its mane for support as she tilted her crotch higher.  Happy’s tongue slid out, running up the crack of her ass, through her wide-spread pussy lips, across her clit, and on up, flicking her curly mound and spraying pussy juice onto her slim belly.  Her hips shot out from side to side, and she gurgled with the joy of it.

Lap it up, boy,” she whimpered.  “Lick me off…

The pony dutifully and willingly continued to slap its tongue into her slimy pussy, snorting and blowing hot, horsey breath right up her vagina.  Her clit rippled and throbbed, vibrating like a tuning fork.  The walls of her cunt were seeping, and slime poured onto the horse’s tongue in creamy ribbons, further exciting the horny brute as the delicious stuff soaked into its sensitive tastebuds.

Her pussy lips were unfolded so widely now that they were clamped around the pony’s twitching muzzle, and it seemed to be trying to shove its snout right up her fuck tunnel.  Clinging to the horse’s mane, the lithe girl was riding its head, her trim thighs rippling with muscle as if she were riding at a trot.  Then she jerked faster, cantering, ready to break into a gallop.  Another creamy crest was building up in her belly as she jolted against the pony with a fucking motion, whimpering and moaning with her depraved delight.

Happy was humping, shoving its cock in and out as if stuck up a cunt.  The horse’s cock was so long that the naked black cock-knob reached up to its chest as its haunches heaved.  The horse’s hot cock bumped against Julia’s knee.  The stallion’s pisshole had started to weep, and a slippery flow of pre-cum soaked her leg.

Feeling hot, thick horse slime trickle onto her flesh, Julia wailed, more eager than ever to pump all that precious stuff from its cock and balls, so hot that she had to climax herself first.  Working toward that end, the naughty teenager whipped her steaming pussy furiously against the pony’s slurping tongue and rippling nostrils.  Her legs began to shake violently.  Her belly heaved up, and her ass jolted in and out as her hips ground against the brute.  The horse’s tongue lashed at her pussy, spooning slime like a soft ladle stirring a bowl.

Fuck, my pussy is melting,” Julia moaned.

As if the horse understood her words, Happy slammed his tongue deeply up Julia’s vagina as her climax ripped through her.  Waves of joy higher and more intense than any the girl had ever known before coursed through her loins.  Streams of slime lathered her crotch up and down into the crack of her taut little ass as Happy’s long tongue slid after those delicious foaming rivers, slurping her juices back up.

Spasm after spasm shook the trembling girl as her clit and cunt went off like a machine gun, peak rushing upon peak.  Then the separate crests melted into one tremendous orgasm, and Julia cried out with abandon.  The prolonged thrill caused her to shake spasmodically.  The girl felt as if her whole body was melting, her blood and bones and brain all turning into pussy juice and pouring from her vagina.

As the wild thrill finally ebbed, Julia held tight to Happy’s mane to keep from collapsing.  Happy kept lapping away, finishing the succulent feast, although his neglected cock was hammering for attention.  Julia rode the stallion’s slurping tongue for a few more moments, ensuring she had worked off every spasm and milked off every juicy drop.  The horse’s big tongue lapped it all up, replacing her pussy slime with pony slobber.

Julia staggered backward.  The horse’s muzzle was clamped to her cunt so firmly that as she dragged away, her pussy lips were pulled out and then jerked free with a loud, moist, slurping sound.  Julia took two steps backward and sank to the ground, panting and gasping.  Happy stared at her, slime dripping from its muzzle, his red tongue streaked with pussy cream and lolling from one side of his jaw.  Faint with the thrill of orgasm, Julia gazed back at her pony through misty eyes, shaking her head in awe.

What a wonderful day,’ the girl thought.

It was wonderful because Julia knew damned well that she would be fooling around with her pony an awful lot in the next happy weeks and months.  Even with her pussy cooled off momentarily by her orgasm, the girl was already looking forward to her next bestial adventure.  But today wasn’t finished yet.  Happy had a massive hard-on and swollen balls, and Julia owed her pony a favor.


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