The CEO!

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The CEO!
The CEO!
Year: 2022
Kerryn is a sexually frustrated CEO of a large corporation who is seduced by her horny dog one night.
Sheela B.
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Kerryn Philips curls her fingers into the soft back of the couch, her knees rubbing against one another while her pussy tightens like a small wet fist.  The attractive thirty-five-year-old blonde let her head fall back a little, feeling the soft, sexy rub of the strands against her bare back.  It sets her teeth on edge.  She is warm, no, hot, so very, very hot.  Rolling her thighs, feeling the silky, subtle rub of her pussy lips against one another, Kerryn sighs and wishes her ex-husband Jimmy was still around.  Since the divorce, she has been terribly alone and constantly aroused.


That itchy tingle is sparking away in her pussy, making her knees knock against one another while her pulse races as if it would set fire to her veins.  The blonde let out another tiny gasping sigh.  She’s a woman, a mature woman living alone, and she can control her emotions.  She had done that for the past three years while being CEO of a large corporation.  One of the youngest CEO’s in the country.  ‘Thank God for vodka,’ she thought.  The nectar manages to settle her nerves time and again.


Kerryn closes her eyes, digging her nails more deeply into the cream brocade material covering the couch.  She won’t turn into an alcoholic.  Oh no, she hadn’t gone past that border, thank goodness.  But she’s feeling the need for the liquor, for something to deaden that awful hot itch taking her breath away.

Damn it.”

Her thighs are even tingling now.  It’s the result of those dreams.  Those bizarre, vulgar dreams make her nervous even to lay her head on the pillow and close her eyes.  Gazing down, Kerryn can see her hands shaking.  She closes her eyes once more, remembering the carnal dreams, remembering what she had seen the night before.  Faceless men with long, thick cocks chasing her, holding her down, fucking her until her cunt is slick with that superb hot jizz.

God, I need to get laid,” she said and sighed.

Kerryn can say the word now.  She’s alone and out of the constricting pressure of the boardroom.  Fucking.  Sucking.  All the things she had done with her ex-husband are all things of the past.  This burning itch is getting worse, radiating to her belly.  Kerryn put her hand down there, pressing her fingers gently against the firm, flat skin.  It was the worst the feeling had ever been.  Her vagina is puckering, actually gathering under the growing tension, while she thinks she will surely fall to the floor.

Kerryn finds herself smiling now, almost laughing at her present situation.  ‘Desperate.  That’s what many would call it,’ she thought.  She’s a relatively young woman in her prime, a woman who wanted and needed men but who is afraid to go that extra step and find them.  It’d be too complicated with her high-profile job.  ‘How could I keep the respect of shareholders and the board with men rushing back and forth to my bedroom?  The media would be lining up to slut shame me.  Life is so unfair.  A male CEO, in my situation, would be called a lady’s man.  I would be seen as unfit because I have the same natural urges.  The media would call me a whore.

That was an alluring thought.  To be the whore of Los Angeles, fucking men until their cocks finally satisfy her.  Kerryn pushes back from the sofa, going to the gaping fireplace.

“Why is this happening to me?”

She whispers the question aloud, leaning against the fireplace and putting her icy fingertips to her forehead.  ‘I have been good.  I’ve been careful not to complicate things with boyfriends.  Yet now I’m alone and wanting that very thing I can’t have.’

In the middle of her thoughts, Kerryn fails to notice the entrance of her German shepherd, Raj.  Straightening her back, she blinks away her earlier emotions, smiling at the four-year-old animal.  The dog is her only consolation in life lately.  Kerryn’s only faithful companion through these difficult moments (apart from the vodka).

“Come here, boy.  Come to mommy.  That’s it.”

Raj cocks his head to one side, the fur around the dog’s neck bristling while its bushy tail wagged from left to right.  The German shepherd is a handsome animal.  Stretching its forepaws before it and yawning, the big animal straightens and trots over to her.  Kerryn bends, rubbing her fingertips through the thick fur and feeling the dog’s nose nuzzling her breasts.

“Good, boy.  I don’t know what I’d do without you, Raj.”

The German shepherd gazes at her, whining through its nose while shaking its body from side to side.  Reaching up, the friendly animal put one paw over her left arm, its claws barely scratching her flesh.

“That’s it, boy,” she said while pressing one cheek against the dog’s warm fur and smiling dreamily at the wall.

The German shepherd is one friend she will always have.  Raj will be around, if for nothing else, for the food.

“That’s enough, boy.”

Kerryn stops, screwing up her eyes and wondering what she has to do on earth.  Nothing.  Nothing.  Her life had turned into a large zero, and now she’s home alone with this animal with nothing to do.  The vodka, of course.  She had the vodka to drink.  Standing, she began moving toward the bureau where she stored her drinks, feeling the sexy rub of her pussy lips.  Strangely, the tingling that had gone away earlier is now more intense than ever.  She will have to have several more drinks to quench the fire that, for some reason, flared again around her twitching clitoris.

“Ah, what on earth’s the matter with you, Raj?”

The big animal had followed her to the bureau, rubbing its body against her sides.  Kerryn likes that feeling and smiles.  But the woman feels uneasy when the dog presses its cold snout against her ankles, calves, and on her thighs.

“No, Raj, that’s not nice.”

She slaps the dog as she makes herself a vodka tonic.  Turning around, she’s about to move into the TV room when Kerryn feels the dog’s nose slide between her thighs and bump the underside of her mound.  It is too much.  Kerryn moves back, her legs banging against the tall chairs in front of the bar.

“Stop it, Raj.  No, bad dog.”

She points a warning finger at the dog and pushes a few stray strands of hair from her face.  But the animal discovered something about her she hadn’t even guessed.  The German shepherd is after her now, and she can feel the dog’s hot breath on her inner thighs.  That puffing breath made Kerryn feel oddly giddy.  ‘Is it because the animal is exciting me sexually?’ she wonders.  The thought flashes in her mind, making her gasp at the idea.  Kerryn steadies herself against the bureau, knowing she isn’t that kind of woman in her heart.  She isn’t the sort of slut who bends down and offers her bare ass to a dog, an animal.  Kerryn moves back toward the living room, overturning a pot plant in her haste.

“Raj, get back.”

Grabbing her drink, Kerryn rushes from the living room, feeling the icy liquid spill onto her wrist and arm.  She has to get away from this dog.  Something very wrong is happening, something vaguely attractive to the woman.

“No, Raj, no, get away from me.  Oh, you filthy animal,” Kerryn cries.

She feels her throat tightening as the big German shepherd bumps its snout against her thighs.  The dog’s pressing closely behind her now, drawing its tongue along her left calf.  Kerryn feels herself grow weak again, her shoulders shaking while her fingers loosen around her glass.

This is awful, simply terrible.  I have to get away from this dog, or God knows what will happen.  I will have to get another drink too.’

Kerryn has already spilled most of this drink on the floor because the dog surprised her.  She gazes behind her.  Raj is there, his tongue hanging from the right corner of his mouth.  The dog’s gray eyes sparkled with mischief.  Kerryn would have sworn it was laughing at her if she hadn’t known better.  ‘No,’ she shook her head.  The woman wonders if she’s losing her mind.  ‘Maybe a walk in the garden behind the house will help.’

“Get away, Raj.”

The German shepherd cornered her, blocking her way from the living room.

“This is silly,” she said.

Nothing has cornered her.  She can simply walk from the room as she’d done many times before.  The German shepherd doesn’t have a gun.  Stiffening her spine, Kerryn moves with purpose, her dress brushing past the dog’s nose.  When she feels the dog swarming around her legs, pushing its snout against the sheer nylon of her panties, Kerryn realizes she has made a mistake.  The sensation of the material shoved between the puffy lips of her pussy makes her shiver even more.

Raj.  Ohhhhh….”

The glass slips from her fingers.  It hits the floor, the tiny ice cubes spilling from the glass and skittering across the beige carpeting.  ‘Why am I so weak?’ Kerryn wonders.  The more the animal touches her, the more she feels like falling to the floor.  Kerryn steadies herself against the wall.  She will have to leave this room if she doesn’t want to do something unnatural.  The dog, yes, the dog was making her sexually high.  She feels her pussy muscles aching, tensing, getting ready for a fucking.

It was the same feeling she experienced when her ex-husband stroked her pussy just before mounting her.  There is that hard, swelling ball of heat in her belly.  She’s panting now as heavily as the animal’s still swarming around her feet.  Her nipples are like two tiny rocks, itchy and scraping against the soft white material of her blouse.

Kerryn gasps, frantically grabbing at the light fixture mounted on the wall.  Raj is there, butting her thighs further apart with a proud head.  The German shepherd is under her skirt, drawing its tongue over her thighs, then moving around and licking its maw over her ass cheeks.  Kerryn feels the silken material of her panties soak quickly through.  ‘Spit.  Doggie spit.’  Raj’s saliva is slicking her down.  Closing her eyes, the woman tries to drive the facts from her mind.  ‘It’s only a tongue, just a maw touching me down there,’ she thought.  But can she ignore it, accept it, as she stands there gasping against the wall?


Kerryn barely manages to get that word out.  She thinks of her job.  The responsibility of running a multi-billion dollar company is getting to her, but she can’t admit it.

What on earth am I thinking?’ she wonders.

Again, Kerryn twists about, slapping downward at the beast.  But everywhere she strikes, the dog manages to duck, moving around her legs, its tail tickling her thighs while its tongue slurps around her pussy.  She can feel the dog brushing regularly against her panties, wetting the material, making it stick to her hot, swollen pussy lips.  Kerryn moves back, and both hands press palm down against the wall, her fingernails scrape hard over the smooth plaster.  She can’t get the dog out from under her legs.  The German shepherd seems to be everywhere at once, its tongue touching all the right places and making it difficult for her to think.

Oh, oh, no, God, no….”

It has to stop.  It just has to.  Kerryn can’t let the animal continue licking her this way, drawing its tongue up her thighs and wetting her pussy.  Kerryn stumbles away from the doorway.  Both hands stretch toward the back of the sofa.  She keeps kicking at the pursuing beast, catching her sandals around the coffee table, up-ending it.  The dog skitters away, barking nervously at the spilling magazines and candy dish.  Kerryn nearly steps on the glass, glancing around for something, anything she can use to protect herself from the animal.  Nothing.  She has nothing other than her commanding voice.  But that’s something the attractive blonde woman can’t find.

No, no.”

Kerryn’s on the couch, her legs spread wide.  Her sandals have slipped off, and her skirt hikes above her knees.  The dog stands between her legs, pushing her skirt even further.  Kerryn tries to raise one hand and bring it down hard against Raj’s snout.  But the German shepherd is growling at her, its ears pinning back while its eyes slit nastily.  Never before has it looked so much like a wolf about to pounce for the kill.  Kerryn brings her hand down slowly, her heart pounding so hard in her chest that she thinks it’ll surely tear through her ribcage.  The terrified woman can almost feel those long straight fangs tearing her flesh, ripping into her throat.

“Raj, please, just go away.  Please, just leave me alone,” Kerryn whispers.

She’s pressing her sweaty-damp palms against her thighs, feeling the pussy juice oozing from that moist hole between her legs.  She can feel every inch of her body pressing against the couch, against the dog’s maw.  It is awful, unreal.  Never, never before has she even thought about doing something like this.  But there she was, her legs spread even further apart, her ass cheeks pillowing against the bottom cushion of the sofa as the dog began licking her thighs again.

Ugh, no, no, don’t, don’t do this to me, Raj.  Don’t, oh, I can’t stop it.”

Her head falls back, and her skirt pushes up a little higher.  Raj sees her defenses are down and goes to the object of desire.  The sudden, scalding wet pressure of the dog’s tongue as it peels her pussy lips apart nearly sends Kerryn unconscious.  She hadn’t felt anything this lovely, this all-encompassing, for years.  The dog growls low in its throat, bracing its paws against the sofa, and pushes in.  Her knees are trembling, drawing together, rubbing against the dog’s proud head.

Oh, oh, no, this is awful, horrible.”

But Kerryn no longer believed what she was whispering to the big animal.  It’s good.  It’s lovely to have the dog’s tongue doing these things to her.  She shifts her taut ass from left to right, feeling sweat on her forehead.  Her clothes cling uncomfortably to her flesh while her panties become soaked with dog spit.  How her nipples itch and tingle, nearly hurting with desire.  If only someone human were there to lick them, touch them, suck them.  Her feet rub against the carpeting, her ankles banging against the feet of the big sofa.  One wet lick rubs over her clit, that tender, moist, loving touch sending sparks showering into her cunt.  Kerryn bites down on her lower lip until she can taste blood.  Yes, she will punish herself and make herself pay for the delicious feelings coursing her body right now.

Oh, oh, do it, do it.  Oh yes, lick me, Raj, right there….”

Kerryn kicks down the last of her inhibitions.  There’s no one around.  No zoom meetings or phone calls.  It’s her turn now, Kerryn’s turn to have some pleasure.  She’d heard vulgar jokes about women doing strange things with dogs.  They are usually stories designed to put down women, she had thought.  But now Kerryn understands there’s something to those stories.  Something wonderful and liberating.

Oh, yes, Raj, do it, do it.”

Raj presses in harder.  Kerryn can feel the cheeks of her ass rubbing against the back of the couch.  She can’t pull away from the dog now, doesn’t even try to.

Fuck.  Fuck.”

Kerryn stops, opening her eyes and staring at the wall in front of her.  ‘God, did I just say the F word?” she wonders, taken aback by this wildness coming out in herself.  “Would I really go that far with a dog?

Blinking away her tears of joy, Kerryn gazes at the gray and white German shepherd.  The dog is smacking its black rubbery lips with its tongue, then diving back under her skirt to taste more of her pussy juices.  Yes, it’s smelling and tasting her, licking around her panties and trying to worm its tongue around the tight-fitting elastic leg bands.  Kerryn finds herself undulating her thighs more and more, rolling them to the dog’s maw, feeding her pussy to the dog while she keeps clawing her fingertips against the soft material of the couch.

Oh, Raj, do it, do it to me.”

The woman can smell herself.  Her hot pussy is simmering under the dog’s steady, licking attack.  ‘What must it be like for Raj, whose sense of smell is much greater than mine?’ she wonders.  She shudders, her flesh puckering into goose pimples as she thinks about it.  Oh, how the dog licked her juices.  How it lapped and licked at her pussy while its paws braced against her inner thighs.


Fucking a dog.  Could I do something like that?’ Kerryn ponders.  ‘Would this lead to something like that?’  Kerryn suddenly has a picture of herself on all fours, crouched like a gutter bitch while Raj mounts her and fucks his canine cock deep into her cunt.

No….”  That was too much.  ‘No.  I can do many things, but the thought of letting this animal fuck me is out of the question.

Dropping her hands and bracing her fingers against the big dog, Kerryn caught the dog by surprise.  She shoves the dog back and rises shakily to her feet, turning around and staggering toward her bedroom.  If only she could make it to her room, she would be all right.  The dog can’t kick the door down.

“Back, back, Raj, get away from me.”

Her voice is shaking, low and throaty, as she pushes herself around the back of the sofa.  The German shepherd is back around her ankles now, nipping at them, grazing her flesh with its front fangs.  Kerryn gasps, fearing the dog will tear the flesh from her legs.  She had only seen the dog angry once when her sleazy neighbor Tom Tucker was poking around in the driveway a few weeks ago.  Tom is a man in his fifties who lives alone and is always staring at her bust or butt when she has the misfortune of running into him.  Which lately, seems to be often.

It had been all she could do to keep Raj from bursting through the screen door and attacking Tom.  She shudders even now to think what might have happened.  Now the animal is threatening her, nipping at her feet.  Kerryn has to get away.


The German shepherd closes its mouth around her left ankle, bringing her down with a thud.  Kerryn is on the floor, her fear out of control.  She cried as she braced both hands flat in front of her.  The dog can fuck her now in this position.  She has to get up and get to her room before it’s too late.


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