The Cove

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The Cove
The Cove
Year: 2020
MILF Aisha spies a couple of young lovers on the beach and watches them. They catch her and that’s when things go bad for Aisha as they make a dog fuck her in revenge.
Moe Lester
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Aisha stares wide-eyed as the German shepherd dog takes up a guard stance, neck fur bristling as the dog makes a rumbling noise low in its throat, its fangs bared.  She swallows, tries to back away but freezes again when the dog moves into a lunge.

“What the fuck is this?” Lenny shouts with a deep frown.  “Who the fuck are you?”

“Shit, Lenny.” Hannah scrambles to a kneeling position, her hands over her pussy, her arms covering her breasts.  ‘The bitch was watching us.  Look, she was playing with herself while we did it.”

“Yeah.” The boy grins, a malicious expression as he comes to his feet, rubbing his still-hard cock.  “You like what you saw, lady?  You want some of this?”

Aisha moves only her eyes, to see Lenny’s throbbing cock pointing straight toward her, the red shaft slick with their fucking juices.  She swallows, tries to form words, but her first attempt is only a croak.  She wet her lips and tries again.

Aisha said, “Please, I’m sorry.”

“I’ll bet you are,” the boy said with a sneer.  “Shit, Hannah, look at her breasts.  She’s so fucking horny she couldn’t even wait to get naked.”

“Yeah,” Hannah giggled, nervously.  “What are we gonna do, Lenny?”

“I don’t know.  Dusty, guard her.”

The dog growls again, snapping at Aisha’s arm as she tries to sidle along the bluff, away from the leering teens.  ‘Oh, God.  What am I gonna do,’ she wonders?  Yet, in her embarrassment, she knows the most crucial question is what they intend to do.

“Please,” Aisha tries again.  “I-I won’t say anything, I promise.”

“You’re damn right, you won’t,” Lenny said, in control and growing bolder.  “Goddamn bitch, you want some of my cock?  Here, you wanna suck it, come get it.”

“No.  Oh, please,” Aisha cries.

“Come here, damn you.  Dusty, bring her.”

The dog lunges, snapping at Aisha’s ass, and she moves quickly and stumbles, the bikini tangling about her thighs.  Aisha gasps, her hands flying out as she lands in the sand on all fours, and Dusty lunges again, snapping at her ass cheeks.


Aisha tries to roll away, the teens laughing as the dog circles around her, growling its constant warning.  Aisha draws herself tight, turning away as Dusty lunges again, his paws hitting her ass cheeks.  She gasps as the dog comes down on her, its furry belly hot and scratching against her naked back.

“Shit,” Lenny pumps his hand against his chest, trying to catch his breath.  “Look, Hannah.  Dusty wants to fuck her.”

Hannah’s laughing with him.  “Let him do it, Lenny.”

“Yeah.” He grins again, evilly.  “Why not?  Shit, lady, you’re so hot for fucking, let’s see what you can do with my dog’s cock.”

Aisha gasps.  “Oh, God, no.  NO.”

Dusty gets off her and retreats a pace or two, listening to his master’s conversation.  Now the teen comes over to the woman, his cock bobbing as he moves, and prods her with his foot.

He shouts, “Get that fucking swimsuit off, slut.  Move it…”

Gasping, Aisha hurries to obey, digging her thumbs into the wisp of bikini band and rolling the tiny thing down her legs.  She’s coated with sand as she pulls it off her feet, tosses it away, her eyes intent on the dog and not watching where it lands.

“You like that, Dusty?” the teen asks.  The dog barks once, and Lenny laughs again.  “Shit, he does.  Go get her, Dusty.”

Dusty lunges, Aisha rolling away again, onto all fours as he comes down on her back.  The dog catches the woman’s hips with its paws, trying to hold her still, trembling, she feels its furry legs and belly touch her skin.  The animal arched its back, bringing its cock into the cleft of her buttocks, the slippery point coming out of the protective sheath, and prodding her asshole.

No.  No.  Not there,” Aisha groans.

“Her cunt, stupid,” Lenny shouts.  “Shit, dog, don’t you know the difference between a cunt and an asshole?”

Tongue lolling, Dusty tries again, twisting the woman’s hips around until his position is slightly better.  The dog stabs up, its cock entirely out of the sheath now, six inches of slippery raw meat, wet with pre-coital juices.  The cock stabs across Aisha’s slit, catches for a moment just within the outer lips.

“Shit,” said the teen.  “Help him, damn you.  Get your ass up so Dusty can fuck you.”

Beyond embarrassment, afraid for her sanity, Aisha put her head down on her arms and brings her belly down, thrusting her ass up against the dog.  Dusty tries again, and this time stabs into her sopping cunt at the very first thrust.

Ohhhhhhh, God,” Aisha moans.

“He’s in,” Lenny said, delighted.  “Shit, Hannah, look at him go.”

The dog thrusts deep into the woman until its sheath catches against the edge of her slit.  Its cockhead is swollen just larger than the shaft to make her feel the penetration.  Dusty’s deep within her body, the angle of entrance sending his cock against her cervix.  Immediately Dusty begins to pump, thrusting his cock as deep as it will go, holding onto Aisha’s hips.

Oh, God.  God.  Stop him.  Please.”

“Fuck, no,” the teen cries.  “Let him go.  C’mon, Dusty.  Fuck her guts out.  Tear her apart, boy.  Rip her cunt in half.”

Aisha’s breasts flop back and forth against the dangling circle of her halter around her waist, as she buries her sobbing face in her arms.  Her hair tumbles wildly across the sand as the dog continues to fuck her, its red cock throbbing as it pumps with all of its strength with paws scrabbling against her lower legs.  Aisha feels the dog’s nails tearing at her sides and at her legs as the bone in its cock stabs deep and hard into her cunt.

“Oh, fuck,” Lenny cries.  “Shit.  Shit, Hannah.  Come here.  God, I’m so fucking hot I’m gonna boil over.  Come here and suck my cock.”

“Fuck you, asshole,” the girl said, rubbing her pussy as she stares with fascination at the dog’s cock flying in and out of the woman’s cunt.

Lenny pumps his cock shaft with his fingers, his feet moving apart, and his ass sagging slightly.  Aisha sees him and sucks in a breath.  She reaches toward the teen, not knowing what she’s doing.  One hand thrust plaintively for his cock while Aisha’s insides turn to liquid fire, burning bright under the stimulus of the dog.

Oh, please.  Please,” Aisha moans.

“She wants your cock, Lenny,” Hannah said with a sneer.  “Shit, the dog isn’t enough, she wants you, too.”

“Yeah,” Lenny said with a nod.  The teen licks his lips, suddenly afraid, wondering what he’s started.  “Shit.”

Oh, God,” Aisha wails, over and over, eighteen years without a cock.  She’s been faithful to Kyle even knowing he’s fucking elsewhere, devoted to the wedding vows even in such an empty hoax of a marriage.  But Aisha can’t take any more.  She needs sex and has to have cock.  Having sex with a dog is disgusting, but degraded this far, Aisha’s going to beg for the teen.  She has to have him.  “Please,” she cries again.  “Give…  Give it to me.”

Aisha tries to lunge forward, reaching for Lenny’s leg, and Dusty growls a warning as he feels her coming away from his cock.  The dog moves with her, stabbing against her again, thrusting its cock deep into the woman’s gut.  Aisha sobs, gasps with the sensation, her cunt walls clutching tight about the animal.  Her fists double, slamming against the sand of the beach, and her head hangs low again as she pushes back against the fucking animal.


Lenny wipes his mouth, swallowing again, glancing around at Hannah.  The girl’s hand comes away from her pussy as she stares in disbelief at the scene before her.  Dusty fucks as hard as he can.  Aisha’s at just the right angle for Hannah to see the dog’s cock flashing red when it pulls out and stabs in again.

FUCK,” Aisha squeals.  “FUCK … FUH … UHHHHH … UHHHHK.  FUCK … MEEEEEEE.”

Dusty’s doing his best to oblige.  The dog’s grunting and growling as the woman’s cunt clutched at its cock when it retreated, trying to pull it even further when the beast slams forward.  The dog’s too thin for Aisha to get a proper hold on it, and too slippery for her to slow its flashing passage.  She wants to time the sensation to her gut churnings, but the dog is conscious only of its needs and sexual burning.


Each time Aisha cries out, she tries to slam back against the upstroke of the penetrating cock, willing the dog to come deeper into her body.  It’s been years since a cock has been in her body, and she needs it so.  A vibrator is a cold satisfaction.  Its hardness a pain, not a pleasure.  She wants a steel cock-shaft, a man’s cock-shaft.


Dusty lunges again and again, and suddenly leans himself against her body, pumping out his jizz.  The woman feels the stuff wash through her cunt, mixing with her juices to ooze out again and trickle down her thighs.  Aisha feels the animal’s hot breath against her back as Dusty holds on for dear life.  Then suddenly, the dog pulls out, making her scream as the large knot pulls free.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”  The dog just turns away, losing all interest.  However, Aisha’s cock hunger is as strong as ever.  “Ohhhhhhh, no.  NO.  Don’t stop.  Don’t let him stop.”

Her chest is heaving, her breasts bobbing as she thrust her ass back against a cock no longer there.  Tears stream from her eyes as she stares at the teen, maddened by her lust and lunges forward, catching Lenny’s ankles.

“Hey,” Lenny shouts.  “What the fuck?”

Lenny cries out as Aisha tackles him, and falls backward, bouncing off Hannah.  The girl protests, but the woman doesn’t hear, scrabbling after the teen and his cock.  Lenny’s hard cock slams against his belly, and he grunts as the air whooshes out of his lungs.

“Shit.  Stop it, you crazy bitch.”

“Watch it.  Damn you,” Hannah wails.

The girl rolls away as Aisha scrabbles over the fallen teen’s body, groaning and mumbling as she catches his cock and slams it between her teeth.  Lenny gasps, arching his ass into the air as she goes down on him, gobbling greedily, the cockhead slamming against the back of her throat and popping through the barricade.  Her eyes fill with tears and sweat.  Aisha can’t see the thing she’s sucking, but it’s hard between her teeth, throbbing against the roof of her mouth and her tongue.

“Motherfucker.  Hannah…”

“Shit, Lenny, watch out.  She’ll tear it off.”

“Oh, no.  Don’t, please, lady.  Don’t bite it off,” Lenny groans.

Aisha makes noises in her throat, ignoring their protests and pleading.  They forced her to take the dog, now she’s going to have what she wants.  Aisha sucks the teen’s cock with all of her strength, impaling herself on it, taking it all the way into her throat and twisting around and around.  She can feel the shape of the cockhead against her windpipe, cutting off her breath.  Her eyes are hazy, clouded with red as her mind goes blank.

Ohhhhhhh, God,” Lenny moans.

Aisha comes off Lenny’s cock with a long, throaty sob of relief.  She kneels over the prostrate teen, staring down at his male sex, his cock holds tight in her fingers and sprouting from a wet patch of pubic hair.  It’s nine inches, perhaps a little more, straight as an arrow, the cockhead swelling more than a quarter-inch around the shaft on all sides.  The glans shaped like a plum, the triangle of flesh almost white with tension where blood forces out.

“Shit,” the teen said.  “Please, lady…”

“Shut up.” Aisha stares at him, wild-eyed.  “Shut up, damn you.  Damn you.”


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