The Maid

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The Maid
The Maid
Year: 2022
When Sofia (a maid for rich girl) is kidnapped by mistake, she sees it as an opportunity to do some things she’s never done before—fuck animals with impunity.
Moe Lester
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The black bull has a big cock hanging under its powerful loins, and its balls are as big as melons.  When it moves, tossing its horned head, that massive hanging cock swings about, too, as if looking for soft flesh to fuck.  When the bull snorts and paws at the earth, its cockhead seems to dig into the ground like a plow.  Looking at the bull from the farmhouse window, Eve Lewis starts to get horny, and her pussy begins to juice.  The sight of a cock, even a human cock, always turned Eve on, and that gigantic bull cock is a masterpiece.  She has her forearms crossed on the windowsill and her chin resting on her forearms as she gazes in admiration and speculation at the bull.  She’s wondering if her cunt is big enough to accommodate a bull’s cock.  She isn’t sure, but it’s a pretty thought.

That’s one nice thing about hiding in a farmhouse,’ Eve thought.  ‘There are so many lovely animal cocks to look at.’  She feels like doing more than looking at the moment, but she doesn’t think she can handle the bull alone.  She figures it will be better to wait until the boys return so that one of them can hold the brute by the ring in its nose and keep the beast under some control while Eve fucks and sucks under the bull.

Of course, that meant she would have to let Luke and Dylan have some pussy, too.  They’re not the sort of guys to let her fuck a bull without demanding some cunt for themselves.  And they will probably want to fuck her first, as well.  Well, she can’t blame them for that.  There won’t be much friction left for a human cock once that bull’s big cock has been up there.  Still, it might be better that way, getting her pussy lubricated by the men before she gives the bull a try, and, if they are horny again afterward, she can always suck them off.

Eve always figures things out in logical sequence.

Amazingly, Eve is a slender girl considering her inclination towards gigantic cocks.  Her hips aren’t particularly wide, and her ass, although shapely, is small and trim.  Her breasts are big enough and capped by large, stiff nipples; sometimes, she likes to have soft, furry creatures suckle on them.  Her mouth is wide and full-lipped, and she frequently enjoys a mouthful of stiff animal cock.  But Eve’s pride and joy is her cunt.  Hers is a smoking cauldron of a cunt.

Her pussy seems much too large for her narrow pelvis, wider than her hips in some magic fashion, and she often wonders if her cunt has been slapped on as a heavy-duty retreat when Mother Nature realized what sort of horny girl Eve is going to turn out to be.  She’s a gun moll, too, although that has nothing to do with her cunt, except that she can hide a small-caliber pistol up there, and only the most thorough body search will get to the bottom of that crater and find the hidden weapon.  She doesn’t have a gun up there at the moment, however.  There’s nothing up there.

Eve hates to have an empty cunt.  It makes her restless.  She shifts back and forth as she gazes out the window, her ass moving from one side to the other.  Ribbons of pussy slime pour down the insides of her thighs.  She toys with the idea of giving herself a handjob, but it holds little appeal.  Finger fucking that big slippery cunt has no effect at all and although she could orgasm if she strums her sensitive clit, climaxing with an empty cunt is not the same.

She gazes at her watch.  Luke and Dylan have been gone for several hours, and if all has gone well and they hadn’t been arrested, they should be back any time now.  But what if they aren’t in the mood?  If they have been successful, they will be filled with pride instead of lust.  If they have failed, they might be impotent with dejection.  She decides to leave the bull for later.  What she needs at the moment is a fast fuck from a normal-sized cock, and she knows just where to find one.

Eve decides to fuck the goat.

She’s fucked the goat already, the first day they had been there, and found the bearded brute a satisfying fuck.  Eve and her criminal friends have rented the farmhouse for a month on Airbnb, getting it cheap by promising to take care of the stock, although the farmer doesn’t understand the way Eve takes care of animals.  The bachelor farmer went off to the city and spent his money on women of the night.  Eve and her gang are planning a kidnapping, and the isolated farmhouse will make the perfect place to keep the hostage while they wait to collect the ransom, along with the other aspects that appeal to the animal-loving girl.

Now Luke and Dylan have gone off to snatch the rich girl they planned to abduct, rape, and ransom.  Left alone, Eve has not been fucked in several hours, longer than she likes to go without a cock.  She strides purposefully to the yard where the goat is tethered, chomping grass.  The goat gazes up when it sees Eve coming.  She’s the first human the goat has ever fucked, and it looked fondly upon her, nickering softly in welcome.  Its white beard flows as it tosses its horned head, making the goat look like a patriarch.  But there’s nothing patriarchal about its cock, which is potent with youth and full of sperm.

Eve is fond of the billygoat, too.

She’d heard it rumored that a goat would eat anything, and, sure enough, when she offered the beast her pussy, the goat ate away.  She got hold of the beast by the horns and dragged its snout into her crotch, and the brute began to graze on her bushy pussy straight off, without a qualm.  When she orgasmed, it lapped her cream up voraciously, which made her so appreciative she gave the goat a nice piece of ass as a reward.

Now she stands just out of the animal’s reach and pulls her dress off over her head, letting the goat get a good look at her sexy body.  She’s never been sure if animals get turned on by looking at a naked woman the way men do, but it certainly does no harm.

She wears nothing under the dress.  Eve never wears panties because she can never tell when she might get a chance to slip some cock into her cunt at a moment’s notice, and the delay in removing underwear might frustrate her.

She had never forgotten the day she was in the woods as a teenager, and some man threw a stick for his dog to fetch, which landed right in her crotch.  The dog bounded up, and if she hadn’t been wearing panties, she could’ve had some dog cock before its master arrived and prevented it.  Although, the man who threw the stick gave her some cock anyway while the poor dog watched.  That’s how she lost her virginity.  That’s the last time Eve has worn panties.

Now she posed before the horny goat.  Its cock is already starting to rise and harden.  She’s pleased that it pays to give animals a look first.  She moves sideways, circling just out of the goat’s reach.  The billygoat circles with her at the end of its tether, its yellow eyes glowing and its silken sheathed cock growing.  Its jaw works, chewing on its cud, perhaps thinking of Eve.

She tilts her head, staring at its cock.  Its cock is the same size as a well-endowed human male, the head colored pale pink and the shaft covered by a hairy sheath.  The goat’s a shaggy animal, and silken strands of soft hair hang from its belly like curtains through which its cock is pushing.  As the billygoat’s cock gets bigger and harder, the pale pink of the cockhead begins to flush to a rosy hue, and its grayish balls swell like balloons behind that rampant cock.  Eve thinks the goat’s cock appears quite tasty.  Like a goat, Eve will eat anything.  But usually, she’s too eager to fuck to suck, and today she doesn’t have the time for both, what with Luke and Dylan due back at any moment.  She steps inside the circle of the goat’s tether.

The billygoat pushes its bearded muzzle into her steaming pussy and begins to nibble at her loins.  Its lower jaw comes out like a lever, and its back-curved horns toss about.  Eve squirms against the beast for a moment, letting it have a good taste.  Then she slowly lowers herself to the ground.  She goes down on her ass, then arches backward and bridges her supple body into an arch.  Her shoulders are on the ground, and her feet are firmly planted, legs apart, so she’s supported with her ass off the ground, and her crotch tilts at just the right height for the goat to mount her.

Eve likes variety.

When she fucks a particular animal or animal for the first time, she usually gets on her hands and knees and lets the beast fuck her animal fashion so as not to confuse the critter too much.  Dumb brutes often have trouble figuring out that a human cunt can get fucked just like an animal cunt, and she doesn’t want to add to their uncertainty by introducing an alien position.  But if she fucked the same animal a second time, she usually does it face to face, and she has trained and exercised until she can hold a wrestler’s bridge while some beast learns the joys of fucking face to face.

Now she poised there, waiting to see if the goat would get the idea or need instructions.  The goat tilts its head, white beard flowing.  Its golden eyes regard her creamy cunt, and she can almost see that goatish mind working as it studies the situation and contemplates the complexity of fucking this way.  Eve shifts her hips from side to side, wiggling her crotch about invitingly.  Her pussy is unfurled; the lips peel back like the petals of a fleshy pink flower opening to the morning sunlight and still streaked with creamy dew.

The goat knows that cunt is the objective.  It waits impatiently for the girl to turn over onto her hands and knees, as she has done the first time it fucked her.  But goats are intelligent creatures, and it soon realizes her lovely pussy is tilted the same as if she had been on all fours.  The billygoat hesitates.

To a goat, it seems somewhat perverted to mount a female when her back isn’t turned.  It’s used to see only tossing horns and ears when it mounts a nanny goat, and the thought of looking this girl right in the eye as it fucks her cunt is disconcerting.  It makes the beast nervous and, had it not been such a horny goat, might have made the beast impotent.  But it’s not a goat to look a gift cunt in the mouth.  The billygoat shuffles closer, its cleft hooves digging in, and its shaggy haunches quiver.

Eve grasps the beast by the long, dangling beard, drawing the beast higher up her body.  Its forefeet are positioned on either side of her slender torso, and its cock looms just about her groin.  A blob of pre-cum oozes from the cleft of the goat’s cockhead, hangs there for a moment, then drops off and splashes on her pussy hair.  The goat begins to hump, although its cock is not in her cunt yet.  The fat cock moves over her belly.  Eve stares at the cockhead, thinking that if the beast shoots its wad that way, the hot fuck lava will skim over her breasts and splash in her face.  If her mouth was also open, she could see that creamy jet of goat jizz spurt and then feel it hit the back of her throat.  She’s tempted.

Well, maybe next time.  Right now, she desperately needs a cunt filled with stiff goat cock.

Still holding its silken beard in one hand, supports on her neck and shoulders, Eve folds her other hand around the shaft of the goat’s cock.  She bends its cock into her groin.  The fat cockhead slips into her drenched pussy slit.  She moves the goat’s cock along the crack, stirring her wet pussy with the big meaty phallus.  Now that the goat’s cockhead is in her pussy slit, the goat sees the situation clearly and knows it’s in for a new sexual experience, and it’s damned well going to enjoy it.

Its haunches bunch with muscle.  She releases the billygoat’s cock.  The horny goat fucks the entire length of its sheathed cock inside Eve’s hot vagina.  Its cock hisses inside like a heated crowbar into a blacksmith’s tub.  The smoking cockhead buries inside her cunt, and the shaggy sheath pulsates and throbs.  Eve gives a little cry of joy as she finds her cunt filled to the brim with goat cock, and the goat’s half stiff, trembling, as it savors the delights of having every inch of its big cock sheathed in a slippery human vagina.

Then she tugs its beard suggestively.  The goat begins to fuck her with enthusiasm.

Its cock vanishes inside her cunt, then comes sliding out, slathered with pussy slime, the sheath matted with her hot fuck juice.  Its balls swing, slapping against her ass as it fucks its cock to the root.  In counterpoint, Eve moves with the beast, pushing her crotch to meet its cock as it fucks in and then rotating her hips as it withdraws, adding a grinding, clutching twist to the friction of the animal’s steady fucking.

Her knees close, gripping the goat’s flanks.  Her belly heaves, and her ass churns.  The brute is fucking with energy and enthusiasm, its powerful thrusts tilting her crotch higher and driving her head and shoulders back into the soft earth.  Its devilish golden eyes peer directly into her dark, flashing eyes.  Her face is contorted into a mask of lust now as she thrills to this stuffing of her cunt, her lips part and trembling, her pink tongue gliding back and forth, her eyes narrow to slits.

Eve begins to orgasm.

Long waves of sensation ripple across her pumping belly, and electric currents of desire race up her thighs.  The separate spasms are crashing together in her loins.  Her pussy begins to melt like a wax candle around its hard goat cock, and her clitoris goes off like a dynamite stick.  She tries to hold back and wait for the goat to fill her cunt with hot, thick jizz before letting her climax flow.

The goat is trembling all over its silken body.  The animal fucks its cock inside her vagina savagely.  Suddenly Eve feels a river of goat semen rush into her cunt.  She wails with the joy of it and lets herself go.  Her pussy slime floods out to blend with the goat’s jizz in a whirlpool of fuck fluids.  The brute pours spurt after spurt into her cunt, and her pussy spasms repeatedly.  She’s going off like a machine gun, reaching a new peak each time she feels another load of sperm hose her cunt.

At last, the brute is drained.  He slows, then falters and stops.

Eve continues to grind against the beast for a few moments, ensuring that she has milked the goat’s cock and balls bone dry and worked every last spasm of her lovely orgasm.  Then she stops humping, too.  She smiles up at the goat.  It draws back, stiff-legged, and its cock pulls out of her cunt, semi-hard now, bobbing under its belly.  Jizz and pussy slime is dripping from the silken hair and soaking cockhead.

Eve has a dreamy look on her face.  ‘Fucking goats is lovely,’ she thought.  ‘Just imagine how wonderful fucking that bull will be.’  But she’s growing impatient.  ‘The boys should be home now with the girl we planned to kidnap.’


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