Sikici Part 1


Sikici Part 1 Moe Lester

  • When lust flare these women are all animal and a descent into the taboo is inevitable. Words: 17,929.
Grace guns her Ford Mustang into a drift and punches the gas with her barefoot, the sign indicating Oak Street blurrs by.  The car is wallowing some, and the girl knows she’s on the line where it can go all the way around, but she squeezes the wheel and keeps her foot in it.  The rear tires squeal rubber, and the car straightens up.  She can see Sara waiting on the steps of the Harris Building, a big grin on her face.  She screeches up in front and revs the engine.

“Wow, you almost did it that time…” Sara said excitedly, scooting into the front seat.

She’s shorter than Grace and blonde.  Grace likes her blondeness and her cheerful and fun-loving nature.  Sara’s folks weren’t as well to do as Grace.  The blonde-haired woman even had to work in the summer break as a clerk in a wholesale jewelry house.  Grace never worked.  However, Sara is her best friend, work or not.  They had many mutual interests, the most exciting of which is sex.

“Did you get it?” Sara asks, leaning across, eyes twinkling like big blue lakes.

Grace feels like teasing her a little.  “Get what?”

“Oh, you know!” Sara pulls at her panty crotch.  Her dress hits her just above the knees.  Her knees are freckled and just a little plump.  Grace thinks a boy likes that on a girl.  Her legs are willowy and lean, but very nice too.  After all, she’s five-seven, and Sara is five-five.  Grace has small, high breasts whereas Sara’s are full, deep, and soft with squiggly pink nipples.  It takes a lot of rubbing to get Sara’s nipples to stick out.  Grace remembers how her own nipples are erect most of the time—hard, dark brown, and hot to the touch.  She can feel the turgid fingers growing now under her expensive silk shirt.  She takes the corner at Main and stomps the Ford out.

“Oh, come on, Grace, you did get it, didn’t you?”

Grace giggles and jerks her head toward the back seat.  By this time, Sara has a hand clear under her dress.  The hem is up across her belly.  Grace can smell the warm musky smell of her pussy.  She comes up to a light and glances over as Sara stretches over the back of the seat and grabs the package.  Her friend’s bikini panties slip down enough to expose a rich tangle of blonde pussy hair.  Sara is breathing fast by the time she has the package on her lap and is tearing at the strings.

“Ooh God, I’ve been burning up all day.  I tried to go to the restroom and take care of myself, but people are in and out all the time,” the girl said.

Sara shakes the open end of the box, and the ivory-colored bullet slips into her palm.  She gives a squeal of delight.  The light changed, and Grace punches the Ford through the intersection.  A guy in a hot Trans Am watches her scream away from him with wide eyes.  Grace slips the big car into the next lane and snaps on the turn signal.  It gives her a tingly rush to blow away young men in their muscle cars.  It makes her panties wet.  It makes her sweat a little under the arms too, and as she makes the corner and heads up the hill toward the big houses of the town, she wiggles her buttocks against the seat.

“It’s beautiful,” Sara whispers, rubbing a finger up and down the plastic smoothness of the dildo.  “Does it have batteries already?”

“Try it.” Grace licks her lips.  “Just try it and see.”

A soft buzz fills the car.  Grace can see from the corner of her eye that Sara is breathing hard.  Her friend lets the tingling, buzzing tip tickle her neck.  Then she slides it up her cheek and into her mouth an inch.  They laugh together.  Then Sara’s face is serious.  She pushes the thing down over the outside of her panty crotch.  The vibrating noise softens more as the vibrator comes against her plush, plump pussy.  Grace is watching, catching quick glances when she can.  The girl swallows.  Her mouth is dry.  It’s taken her a month of nerve to finally go and buy that thing at the department store downtown.  The woman at the cosmetic counter never said anything, but Grace has to grit her teeth when she handed across her card.


Sara lets her head fall back on the car seat.  She’s gently guiding the dome of the thing up and down her silken crotch piece.  Grace can see that the end of the vibrator is poking the silk deeper between the blonde’s flooding pussy lips.  The silk is already dark with slick moisture.  Sara’s breathing is stark, ragged.


“We’re almost there,” Grace said.

She wheels into the long drive and flicks off the ignition.  Sara pulls the smooth bullet away from her crotch and turns it off.  Her small hands are trembling.  Grace can see hot juices glistening at the plastic tip of the device.

“Come on, you little pervert,” Grace said, then giggles, “Let’s get up to my room.”

They’re almost to the front door when Grace sees Eric coming around the side of the house, a rake over his shoulder.  Eric’s tall, broad-shouldered, and black as the ace of spades.  He’s the ace and lets everybody know it.  He’s her father’s gardener.

“Well, have you been out stirring up trouble again?” Eric said with a slight grin.

His eyes are quick and sharp.  Grace has always liked his insolence, and when she’s been uptight with her parents over a missed appointment or some such, he covered for her.

“Hey, Eric,” Grace said.

Sara waves and grins.  “Hi.”

Grace sees her friend blush.  She knows it is because only yesterday they’d been considering the size of Eric’s cock, making guesses.  Eric comes up, swiveling his narrow hips.  He pulls off a work glove and digs something out of a shirt pocket.

“Here’s that stuff I was telling you about,” the black man said.

He smiles big teeth, one edged with gold.  The man’s eyes never blink and remain fixed to hers.  Grace takes the small lump rolled in a piece of cloth, a dark little ball no bigger than the end of her pinky.  It’s hash.

“Wow, you weren’t joking.”

“I told you I’d have a surprise.  You let me know how it hits ya.”

Sikici Part 1 Moe Lester

  • When lust flare these women are all animal and a descent into the taboo is inevitable. Words: 17,929.

He’s already drifting off.  Grace can smell the sweet sweat on his body.  The backs of his arms snaked with muscle.  Grace and Sara go inside.  There’s a postcard for Sara on the hall table.  Grace watches her read, with impatience.  She’s eager to get upstairs and get her clothes off.

“From the folks,” Sara said, squinting at the scrawled writing.  “They’re thanking your folks for keeping me while they’re away, telling me not to be too much trouble.”

Grace giggles.  “Come on, you little troublemaker.”

They climb the stairs together, Sara squeezing the boxed vibrator until her knuckles are white.

“It really is cool how I can stay here, and I don’t have to see the Grand Canyon for the sixth time either.”

Sara hugs Grace’s shoulders as they make the landing and turn down the hall toward her room.  Once inside, Grace kicked off her shoes and peels down her pantyhose.  Her hot little pussy has leaked through even to them.  Next, her panties and then her cowboy shirt and she draped the expensive silk thing across the back of a chair and flops onto her back on the bed.

“Me first,” Grace said, holding out her hand.

Sara laughs and digs the vibrator out of the box.  “Possession is nine-tenths…”

Suddenly, there’s a light scratching on the door.  Grace makes a face.  “It’s just Rover.  Let him in, or he’ll start whining.”

Sara opens the door, and the dog comes wagging his body into the room.  It’s a silvery German shepherd puppy almost full-grown but still flaky with playfulness and mischief.

“Sit, Rover, or lay down or something,” Grace snaps.

The dog curls obediently into a corner, tongue lolling out.  The two girls stretch on the bed next to each other.  There’s a brief, laughing scuffle for the mechanical cock, Sara winning.  Grace pushes her long, dark hair back from her eyes and leans up on an elbow to watch.

Ooooo…Wow,” Sara moans with her blue eyes pinched tight.

Her bottom lip sucked under her teeth.  She brushes the vibrating tip of the thing over her closed pussy lips.  The shine comes off on the plastic.  Grace can see the dew of hot moisture clinging to the blonde curls.  Sara moves the tip back and forth.  Her small fingers holding it firmly, shaking again as she dares to gouge her plump, flushed pussy lips apart with the smooth buzzing tip.

“How does it feel?” Grace asks, licking her lips.

The brunette worms her pelvis to make her pussy lips rub together, and slick juices squeeze out and dampen her dark pubic hair.

Mmmm…Oh, it feels so good,” Sarah moans.

Grace has to stop herself from grabbing at the vibrating dildo.  It looks delicious, pushing, into the soft, satiny redness of her best friend’s cunt.  The glossy inner lining of Sara’s slit contrasts with the plump whiteness of her outer pussy lips.  The flood of juice oozing down the plastic shaft as Sara worked the tip around in small circles is tantalizing.  The blonde-haired woman is soon touching it against her clit.

Ohhhh, I wish I can touch it there and have something inside me, too,” she moans.

“You’re such a slut,” Grace said with a smile and tries to tickle her friend in the side.

“Stop it, you’re messing it up.”

Oh, why couldn’t Sara just hurry with the damned vibrator?  Grace cannot stand to watch anymore.  “Let me know when you cum, OK?” Grace said, swinging her long legs off the bed.

The dark-haired girl goes over to a chair and plops down, thinking she should have bought two vibrators.  She didn’t notice Rover had risen from the corner of the room and come over.  The first sensation is the dog’s hot tongue against her toes. Warm shivers course up her legs.  She stiffens from the shock, gazes down at the dog.  The animal licks and licks the bottoms of her feet now.

“Mmmmm…Get away, Rover!”

Grace kicks weakly at the shepherd, but the dog stays.  Its tongue curves around her heel driving between her big toe and the next.  It’s weird.  Grace has to admit the sensation is utterly new to her and good.  Nevertheless, it’s a dog.  Maybe a guy doing it would really turn her on, but a dog.

“Rover, go sit down, would ya…Ohhhhh.”

The dog wets her ankle and lets her feel the sharp edges of its front teeth.  It’s a soaring, falling feeling.  The brunette moves her bottom against the chair.  Her pussy lips part slightly, and she knows her juice is making a dark stain on the chair-cover.  Grace really doesn’t give a fuck.  She closes her eyes and thinks of the last guy she fucked on his hands and knees begging her to let him do her.  He was licking her feet, too, and he wanted it so bad.

Sara suddenly tosses on the bed.  The vibrator fills the room with its soft, steady hum.  Grace can see her friend’s legs wiggling because Sara’s pumping her soft, curvy bottom up and down.  The bed bounces as she moves.  The blonde-haired woman bends her knees slightly and holds them further apart than ever.  From her seat, Grace can see her friend’s cunt is entirely open.

Sikici Part 1 Moe Lester

  • When lust flare these women are all animal and a descent into the taboo is inevitable. Words: 17,929.

She can see the tiny squiggle of her inner lips and the nubbin of dark pink where the vibrator plays.  Grace can see the glossy shine of her juice-drenched lining and the reddish flesh of her cunt.  Rover is trying to get under the back of her knee now.  That extraordinary, soft place tingles with the rough heat of the dog’s tongue.

Mmmmm…Ooh, Rover, you nasty dog,” she said in a whisper, and yet she hasn’t really tried very hard to stop the German shepherd pup.

He’ll grow tired of it in a second anyway,’ Grace thought, ‘he’ll figure out I’m not gonna scratch his ears or anything.’

Rover suddenly pushes his sharp, wet nose between her knees and wets the insides of her thighs.  It’s an unexpected excitement.  Never in her life has Grace been licked by an animal at that spot.

Omigod…What the fuck?

Grace blushes.  Sara’s lost in her own world on the bed, taking no notice of what the brunette’s doing with Rover in the chair.  However, Grace feels terribly self-conscious, wrong even.  For an instant, the girl’s torn.  She knows she should push the dog’s head back, force it back from between her thighs, and make the animal behave.  Because the dog’s licking has taken on a new eagerness, a new hunger.  The smell has Rover, the one coming from her pussy.

Ahhhh,” Sara babbles, working the vibrator back and forth through her flooding cleft.

The blonde-haired woman’s pussy is making a sucking, sloppy sound as it folds and curves around the buzzing, plastic dildo.

Noooo…” Grace groans, trying to hold the dog’s neck fur, but Rover jerks loose quickly.

The dog’s nose pushes open the outer lips of her pussy.  Grace jerks her bottom back on the chair, but the dog licks hard, and the pulsing, throbbing lips parted slightly.  Aromas more potent than before waft to Grace’s nose, and she pants from the sexy odor as her hands go limp on the dog’s collar.  The perky ears bob back and forth, as the German shepherd drives its pink tongue deeper along her slit.  The velvety lining brushed and rubbed, and Grace can feel the blood rushing down to engorge the tender, plump membranes.

Yessss…Noooo…Oh, Rover…Rover…Get away from there, fuck it.”

However, Grace is too weak to fight the determined dog.  It’s full of puppy eagerness.  He is strong.  The dog’s fur bristles against her arms.  Even that feels good, and the girl feels the dog’s furry sides rubbing the insides of her knees.  It’s so far beyond anything in her wildest imaginings.  It’s so unexpected and so shockingly exciting.  Grace feels wicked and at the same time, drawn to the dog’s mouth.  She’s had men sometimes go down on her and eat her pussy, not very well either.  However, this dog is something else.

Uhhhnnnn…Omigod…Oh, wow…I’m…I’m…

The chair has no arms, so when Grace falls to the side, she rolls onto the rug.  Rover gives a small yelp and burrows his head hungrily at her hidden pussy.  Grace is on her back on the rug, head swimming.  She clamps her hands over her pussy and feels the dog’s ears rubbing her inner thigh, and biting at her knuckles.


It’s wrong.  No matter how good it feels, Grace cannot let an animal just lick her pussy like that.  Rover whines with the fever that he’d caught from her.  The German shepherd’s tail wags brusquely.  The brunette tries to roll away, and when she’s getting onto her hands and knees, the dog quits touching her.  However, in that instant, rough paws rake her back.  The weight of the shepherd falls suddenly on her shoulders as its paws drape over them, and the dog drives upward with its haunches.  Something hot, slick, and barbed slips between her thighs.  Grace is trying to squeeze them together defensively.  However, the thing is so slick with juice that it pushes through anyway.

Rover is trying to fuck her.  Grace almost faints when the realization first hits home.  Then she’s rolling onto her back again.  The licking is bad enough, but that other is just plain sinful.

“Rover, for fuck’s sake…”

Grace wishes she wasn’t so breathless.  However, when the dog forces its nose deep again and begins to lick her pussy, she quivers and cannot get her breath.  The girl is shaking yet claws with her long fingers at the dog’s ears, but she’s weak, and its tongue seems so strong.  The probing tongue forces the soft folds down into the juicy mess of her cunt.  Her rigid little clit is pulsating like a bomb.  When the dog’s licking accidentally passes over the tip, she can’t breathe at all.  Grace can only lie there twitching, jerking her ass from side-to-side.

Then she hears a moan from the bed but can only see one of Sara’s feet.  It’s small and slender, and the white toes fan out.  It jerks a little as Sara moves on the bed.  Grace guesses her friend is rubbing the vibrator against her clit with a steady rhythm.  The blonde-haired woman’s going to make herself orgasm.  Just as they do with water squirting from a hose and a dozen other ways.  However, never like what’s happening to Grace at this very moment.

Sikici Part 1 Moe Lester

  • When lust flare these women are all animal and a descent into the taboo is inevitable. Words: 17,929.

The brunette can no longer hold Rover off.  Her knees fall apart slightly, giving Rover full access to her pussy.  The juice is rushing out so hotly now Grace can feel it dribbling down the cheeks of her buttocks, and she knows sex juices and dog saliva smears her inner thighs.  The shepherd’s mouth is so hot.  The itchy goodness rising through her belly and loins is lust personified.  A guy’s finger feels good there, but not so soft, and not so wet.  She cannot keep her slim, firm butt still.  It rakes the rug and sends burning jolts of pleasure through her rectum.  Her ears glow red while her breath comes in short, hot puffs.  Her breasts seem to bulge with blood too.  They have never felt quite so hot, so tingly.

Sara, on the bed, suddenly squeals, “Ooooooo…Ahhhhhhh…

The vibrator is buzzing and humming, changing its tone so fast Grace knows her friend is sinking it as deep as she can in her cunt and then jerking it across her clit again.  Grace cannot see this but knows it must be so.  One of Sara’s feet is dangling clear off the bed now.  Her toes pointed prettily, the painted nails picking up the light from the window.  The blonde’s calf bulges out from the tension as she works the buzzing dildo on her pussy.

Grace knows she’s about to climax.  She doesn’t want to, and yet the wanting or not wanting seems unimportant, really.  The girl feels sucked into a whirlpool; she has no will any longer.  The dog gives little growls of carnal hunger.  Its tongue wets her asshole, buttocks, and pussy.  She claws at her n stomach as if she can maybe turn it all off.

Nevertheless, the itch is climbing up and down her sides spreading quickly.  Her skin feels on fire making her nostrils flare.  Grace tosses her head on the rug, splashing black hair everywhere.  Rover suddenly stops licking her.  Grace opens her eyes, peering d down over her heaving belly.  The dog’s looking toward the bed, ears perked at the gasping sounds of Sara’s passion.

The brunette can’t stop her butt from moving.  She pumps it gently up and down, aware of how the juice squeezes out when she tenses the big muscles at the insides of her thighs and her buttocks.  She can hear her slick parts sliding over one another as they gently rub her standing clit.  Rover puts a paw on her thigh and steps over.  The dog turns its profile to her now, and she catches her first glimpse of the long, red cock emerging from the furry sheath under its body.  The sight of the dog’s cock makes Grace gasp.  She swallows, trying to get air.  It’s slightly curved, tapered at the tip yet graceful; it’s a barb of dripping red meat.

How it must feel to a bitch in heat,’ she thought, how it must feel…


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