Taming the Termagant


—An Excerpt—

Hours later, Roberta wakes to find Woody licking her cunt on her neighbor’s couch in the dark room. Her head jerks up and a female silhouette is in the doorway, watching. It’s Kelly, Woody’s mistress and owner.

“Kelly, please, get him away from me. Please.”

No longer is her tone sarcastic, uppity, or condescending when she speaks to the college student. Now it’s more of a plea. Roberta turns this way and that, trying to avoid the dog’s probing nose and tongue, yet Woody is there at every opportunity, effectively limiting her area to a few square feet on the couch. Kelly, fascinated by the display, sits herself on the couch opposite and crosses her legs, getting comfortable. This is perfect, she thought.

“Please, Kelly,” Roberta whined, her voice sounding feeble and weak.

Kelly does nothing. Woody moves in front of the older woman and extends his nose between her legs. Roberta reaches out with her hands to push his head away, yet Wood, anticipating the move, shifts his position. Off balance, Roberta leans forward and falls off the couch onto to her knees on the floor. Instantly sensing this new advantage, Woody moves in and quickly has his nose between Roberta’s legs. His long tongue snakes out through her hairy patch. Roberta tries to push him away, yet he couldn’t be budged. Instead, he pushes himself even closer, burying his snout between her legs.

“Kelly, please,” Roberta’s hands fluttered weakly against the dog’s neck.

She tries to fight the initial wave of excitement building within her as Woody’s rapidly moving tongue inadvertently begins stroking across the more sensitive areas of her pussy. This can’t be happening again, Roberta thought. The tongue hit her clit and a spasm shudders through her body. Suddenly, Woody is gone, and Roberta can feel the tremors running through her body at the sudden ceasing of the intense sensation of the dog’s tongue. Then, something cold and wet touched her rump, and she jerks on her knees, raising her butt high as she does. Immediately, the tongue is back between her legs, stroking and prodding. Woody has moved around behind her and is back between her legs, his tongue moving between the cheeks of her ass and down between her legs to lick her pussy again. Roberta tries to scissor her legs shut, yet the dog’s snout is between them, and her efforts only serve to confine his tongue to a smaller area, giving him greater success at stimulating her now swollen clitoris.

“Ooh,” she moans, unaware she’s doing so.

Waves of sexual excitement are building within her, and without her realizing it. She slowly leans forward, placing her palms on the floor, now on her hands and knees. Involuntarily, her legs part slightly, giving Woody a little more access, which he eagerly accepts. His tongue continues its rapid assault between Roberta’s legs, slurping and sliding from the woman’s now dripping pussy, to the crack of her ass and then back again. Kelly watches in amazement at Roberta’s gradual change.

Am I going to let this go all the way, Kelly wonders as she watches the lewd display? She looks at Roberta on her hands and knees, and at Woody. She notices his glistening, red cock protruding from its sheath, growing longer each passing second as he goes about his task of readying the older woman for breeding. Eight inches long and as thick as Kelly’s wrist, it symbolizes his constant need and desire. Am I, Kelly wonders again? Kelly watches the dogs intense tonguing of the woman. Yes, I am, she decides. All the way. He deserves it after all Ms. Pritchard has done to him since we’ve lived here.

“And she needs this more than anyone,” Kelly said to herself with a smile.

So college woman settles back on the couch comfortably, a fascinated expression on her face. Roberta is wilting under the constant tonguing of her ass and pussy. Thoughts of stopping the dog are dim in her mind as the sexual stimulation to her clit by Woody’s ceaseless licking continues. Roberta’s head is bowed hiding her flushed face, and her body shudders uncontrollably. The position she finds herself in bad enough, however, knowing Kelly is seeing it all makes her whimper and cry. Low moans escape her mouth as the initial wave of an impending orgasm begins building within her. Her wrists collapse and her upper body lowers itself to the floor, resting on her forearms. Her face pressed on the carpet and her hips begin a slight swing, rhythmic to the dog’s incessant tongue.

Kelly watches with a bemused smile as Woody, now unhampered, begins a focused tonguing of Roberta’s pussy. She can see his long, pink tongue flick out repeatedly, occasionally penetrating and probing. Kelly watches as Roberta’s ass begins swaying, noticing the woman’s legs moving further apart as her body moves. This fascinates her more than anything, knowing Roberta has no control over what’s happening. Knowing Woody is working toward getting the woman spread and ready to his satisfaction, and when he does he’ll take her. Kelly continues watching as Roberta’s legs begin to be spread forcibly. The widening of her thighs brings her ass and pussy lower to the floor. Within moments, under Woody’s tireless licking, Roberta’s legs are spread to their limits.

Woody steadily laps the dripping juices from between the woman’s legs. Roberta no longer cares about the position she is in. The humiliation of it is behind her for the time being. She knows she’ll never be able to look Kelly in the eye again, yet for the moment, she’s on the edge of one of the most incredible orgasms she’s known. That tongue. Roberta wants to be fucked in the worst way and she doesn’t care by whom, or what. Suddenly, Woody stops his licking and backs up a few steps from the quivering woman. His penis is stiff and extended, ready for mating. He moves slowly around Roberta, stopping to sniff here and there. She’s ready now, Kelly thought. She stared at Roberta’s humble position before her. Her upper body is lowered to the floor. Her face is against the carpet, and low moans escape her lips. Roberta’s ass jutted into the air, and her legs are spread so wide she’s exposed. Kelly can see the tight, brown hole of Roberta’s ass and the dark fur that surrounded her pink, dripping pussy. Spread and ready.

Woody returns to his position behind Roberta, sniffs at the exposed parts, then places his forelegs up on her back and begins moving his hindquarters in close to the naked woman’s ass. Roberta feels the paws upon her back, scratching and scrambling for purchase. It hurt a bit yet she doesn’t care. She needs a good fucking in the worst way now. The fur of Woody’s underbelly caressed and tickled her ass and upper thighs as he moves in close for his prize. Kelly, totally entranced now by what is about to take place, leaves her position on the couch and moves closer to the action, kneeling a few feet away from Roberta and Woody. My god, she thinks. He’s gonna do it. And I’m gonna let him.

Kelly stares as Woody makes a few tentative thrusts with his cock, seeking his target. Roberta gasps as she feels the dog’s penis brush against her and begins moving her hips, trying to find the hot shaft that’ll satisfy her need. Kelly’s unwavering gaze is fixed upon Woody’s penis as it seeks Roberta’s cunt, and she watches in amazement as its thick tip finally finds entrance. Woody moves his rump in closer and the entire length of his cock slides deeply into Roberta’s sopping, red cunt. He begins pumping furiously, in and out of the hot pussy. A low, keening sound comes from Roberta, and her hips move against the dog’s thrusts, trying to achieve deeper penetration.
“Oh god,” Roberta moans, as her orgasm approaches rapidly.

Her hips moving quickly, in time to the dog’s rapid thrusting. Sweat drips from her face. Kelly has never seen a woman who looks so utterly slutty as Roberta now does in her union with the dog. She watches as spasms wrack the woman’s body, the orgasm beginning its ascent, running through the naked slut like a berserk locomotive. Sexual waves of pure pleasure slam hard into Roberta’s body and her mouth opens, a scream of pure pleasure erupting.


Kelly reaches out and grabs the once prudish neighbor by her hair lifting her head from the floor. With her free hand, she covers Roberta’s mouth, trying to stifle the loud screams and moans. No sense letting everybody in the house in on what’s happening, Kelly thinks. Woody’s pumping becomes more frenzied as he approaches his own orgasm. Silently, he pleasures himself with the older woman, and moments later, long, ropey strands of dog cum spurt into Roberta’s pussy. Woody’s continued pumping forces some of it back out, and the cum drips from between Roberta’s legs and onto the carpet below. Gradually, the dog’s pumping and thrusting slows. His needs met for the time being, he eventually comes to a stop, yet remains perched on top of Roberta, his cock firmly entrenched within her cunt. Kelly gets up and goes to the bathroom, then makes herself a cup of hot chocolate before returning to the living room. Woody is now lying on the floor behind Roberta, his cock still knotted inside her cunt. The young woman sits and sips her drink as she watches the scene.


This is an excerpt from Taming the Termagant. You can buy the whole story here or read it in our Members Area.


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