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Dog Balling Donna Moe Lester

  • Donna’s pussy is getting juicy, wetting the crotch of her panties beneath her frilly white dress. She couldn’t help it. Pastor Watkins keeps mentioning fornicators and sodomites and talking about people lying down with beasts. Words: 24,682

Insatiable Dana Sheela B.

  • Eighteen-year-old Dana is eager to lose her virginity, and in a fit of horniness, she gets it on with her horse. Pretty soon, the whole family is horse fucking. Words: 25,528

What Sarah Wants! Moe Lester

  • Sarah is in a rut working at the county library feeling very unhappy with her life until she finds a porn book that changes her life. Words: 25,885.

What a Night! Jack Morningwood

  • A horny young man decides to go for a walk in the middle of the night to burn off some energy, but he spies a couple making love in the park. Words: 6,012

Must Be Good with Animals Jack Morningwood

  • Carl is a down-on-his-luck ex-con and prison bitch struggling to build a new life when he finds a job ad that appeals to him. Words: 12,426

Primal Love! Jack Morningwood

  • Harris is a horny gay man looking for places to jerk off in his backwater town because his home is too crowded, and he finds the perfect place at the local scrapyard inside an old car.

A Night Out with Tonia! Jack Morningwood

  • Tony/Tonia is a crossdressing sissy who gets more than he bargained for one night out cruising for anonymous sex with men. Words: 12,258

Descent to the Dark Side Jack Morningwood

  • After his divorce, Nate moves across the country to the west coast and buys a dog for companionship. Words: 18,982

The Trouble with Kahn Jack Morningwood

  • After his neighbor rapes him, Jake is forced to watch the evil man's dog while he takes his family away for a holiday. Words: 19,137

The Cum Demon Jack Morningwood

  • Andy finds a strange necklace while running away from bullies and it possesses a demon that controls him until it's got what it wants—CUM! Words: 16,690

Jack Morningwood: Shorts! Jack Morningwood

  • Sam's Backyard: Sam goes out to see why all these dogs are in his backyard. Craigslist Fun: A bondage adventure he'll never forget. Seduced by a Doberman: He's minding the neighbor's dogs and the Doberman is a real alpha. The Repairman: He repairs more than just a broken fridge. The Drunk: Chet is walking home drunk and is searching for a secluded place to urinate. Words: 15,289

The Prison Bitch Society 3: Bitch In Training! Jack Morningwood

  • Ben just can't fill the emptiness in his heart after he's released from prison. When one day, a stranger makes a proposition that'll change Ben's life forever. Words: 12,612

Why Tara Ran Away (Hetro) Jack Morningwood

  • Tara lives with her Uncle and Aunt and their son Kenny. One day Kenny seduces her, which sets off a chain of events that forever changes Tara's life. Words: 11,117

The Prison Bitch Society 2 Jack Morningwood

  • Danny is on parole, but his history as a voracious prison bitch catches up with him when his next-door neighbor catches him doing something really perverted. Words: 12,754

The Repairman Jack Morningwood

  • Toby is home alone when the perverted repairman comes to fix his hose. Words: 8,006

The Junkyard Dog Jack Morningwood

  • Jacob is a car nut but also very gay and id into crossdressing, and one day he decides to play a prank at the junkyard that changes his summer irrevocably. Words: 8,031

In The Name Of Science Jack Morningwood

  • Toby's home trying to write a paper for his psychology degree when the neighbors annoying dog wanders into the backyard. Words: 14,175

The Neighbor Jack Morningwood

  • When Josh Benson comes home from college he finds the once hated neighbor Sam Davidson has turned into a total hunk and he develops a gay crush on the man. Words: 12,013

The Prison Bitch Society 1 Jack Morningwood

  • When an ex-con is suddenly harrassed by an old neighbor, his life takes some kinky twists that lead him back to a life he thought he'd left behind. Words: 12,247

The Workout Jack Morningwood

  • When a mutt dog intrudes on Ross's workout in his home gym, a new life is born as the neighborhood canine whore. Words: 15,336

Stranded! Jack Morningwood

  • Carter is on his way home for the semester break when his car breaks down. Luckily for him, a beefy bear offers him a ride to the next town, and a ride into extreme pleasure. Words: 9,990

Pet Friendly Services (Straight Edition) Jack Morningwood

  • Jack Morningwood has reworked his original hot story to make it about a woman who becomes a dog whore in this compelling new work. Words: 18,567

The Stray! Jack Morningwood

  • One night, while coming home from his job in a burger restaurant, Sam runs into a large dog who seems lost. So he decides to take the animal in as an act of charity. Words: 11,429

The Gay Dog Jack Morningwood

  • Ryan, an eighteen-year-old semi-homeless guy is forced to look after his friend's pit bull terrier while their away camping, and one thing leads to another. Words: 10,906

Snake In The Grass Jack Morningwood

  • When a bored small town gay teen (18), on the cusp of going to college, meets the love of his life—a German shepherd—he begins to doubt if leaving for college is the best thing to do. Words: 10,302

Driving with Desirae Jack Morningwood

  • A drag queen named Desirae gets a flat tire on the trip home from a show in the middle of nowhere and is molested by two stray dogs. Words: 7,230

Pet Friendly Services (Gay Edition) Jack Morningwood

  • Gay man Paul gets propositioned in a park by a stranger looking for someone to have sex with his gay dog, Oscar. Words: 15,773

Junkyard Jim Jack Morningwood

  • Tonight, Jim is going to finally give himself fully to his lovers, four junkyard dogs. Words: 8,680

Dogs at Work! Jack Morningwood

  • When Jake, a zoophile, gets a temp job in an office, he finds the ‘Dogs at Work’ program offers temptations too great to resist. Words: 11,244

Doggy Dreams! Moe Lester

  • Doggy Dreams isn't just your regular dog kennels. It's a special place for women to come and fuck dogs. Words: 26,867

The Dog Pimp! Moe Lester

  • Tina's uncle's dog kennel business is going bankrupt. But she comes up with a way to save it. Pimp out the dogs to horny women for sex. Words: 26,995

College Capers! Moe Lester

  • Belinda's boyfriend has gone to another campus for the semester on placement, and she promised she'd be faithful. A promise she regretted very quickly. Especially since her best friend next door is fucking everything that moves. Maybe a dog can help her keep her word? After all, it's not cheating if it's not human. Right? Words: 27,458

BFF's Moe Lester

  • Two close female friends spice up their sexy lives when a dog appears. They fuck this dog and each other stupid. Words: 19,080

Blake's New Life Moe Lester

  • An 18yo is kicked out of home and heads to LA looking for a job. Words: 17,193

Akari's Awakening! Moe Lester

  • Akari is rocked by the sudden death of her dog lover, but her husband comes up with a plan that excites her. Get her a kennel of dogs to fuck instead. Words: 17,167

Keeping Secrets! Moe Lester

  • Missy has cheated on her husband twice today, once with her neighbor's son and then with her neighbor's dog. Now she has some secrets she needs to keep. Big secrets at that. (Get The Dirty Dog free when you buy this eBook.) Words: 8,091

Caught! Moe Lester

  • 35yo Haley decides to have a quickie with her dogs before her border 19yo Ella gets home from her day at College. Words: 21,414

The Watchdog! Moe Lester

  • Rachel gets her husband to buy a watchdog, and the dog won't stop sniffing her butt. Before long, the dog's fucking her cunt every day! Words: 16,057

Close Encounter of the Worst Kind! Moe Lester

  • An alien female finds herself in the clutches of some gross human hillbillies and their dogs. Words: 15,880

The Maid Moe Lester

  • When Sofia is kidnapped by mistake, she sees it as an opportunity to do some things she's never done before like have sex with a bunch of farm aninamls. Words: 21,439

Girls Weekend Moe Lester

  • Kay invites her long-time friend Yvonne for a weekend away to seduce her into her perverted bestial ways. Words: 18,791

The Dirty Dog! Moe Lester

  • Eva is lonely and hasn't been with a man for years, so her dog Loki decides to change that. Words: 25,288

A First Time for Everything! Moe Lester

  • 18yo Sally and her mom are staying at her aunt's house for the weekend and she discovers her mom doing something completely shocking. Her mom and aunt are fucking each other the the dog! Words: 20,995

Big Momma's House Moe Lester

  • When Big Momma's white college-aged neighbor girls come to visit it's pussy eating and dog fucking time. Words: 16,986

Amazing Grace Moe Lester

  • Grace has woken and is feeling very aroused and decides to play with her tight teenage pussy and throbbing little clit. Her pet Doberman decides he wants to play too. Words: 23,781

Moe Lester: Best Sellers! Moe Lester

  • Six best-selling Moe Lester stories in one book. This is a great collectors edition of some fantastic eBooks. Includes: The Zoo. The Storm, The Perverted Housewife, Night of the Dobermans, Cousins, & The Dog Sitter. Words: 123,212

A Dog & Pony Show! Moe Lester

  • Sally has just arrived at her Aunt Freda's house to stay and discovers her naughty aunt is busy getting it on with her young lover and a dog! Words: 19,378

A Summer of Cin! Moe Lester

  • Cindy is a naughty girl, and she can't wait for her cousin Kay to come to stay for the summer. Her mom also has a secret. Will they discover their common ground? Words: 29,269

The Farmhand Moe Lester

  • Ava is an eager 18yo who has just got a job on a sheep farm for the summer. However, the owner Olivia has some unusual duties for her to fulfill as part of the job like masturbating the farm dogs. Words: 22,233

The Boarding House Moe Lester

  • Staying at a boarding house on a ranch while doing an internship, Ava finds a love for a horse called Bowie. Words: 24,167

Blind Lust! Moe Lester

  • When Mia discovers a nasty secret about her blind friend Jada and her dog, her life turns upside down. Words: 28,674

Awakenings! Moe Lester

  • Something is happening to Kaylee and Zoe. Some strange lust awakening inside them. Can they resist it or will they give in to it? Words: 31,291

Protection! Moe Lester

  • Sometimes there's a price to pay for the right protection. Sometimes that price tests to the very depths of your soul. Words: 8,601

Abduction! Moe Lester

  • Roxy is abducted by two men and put through hell. When the courts fail her, she goes into hiding with her friend Katie. Words: 15,794

Harvey's Revenge! Moe Lester

  • When shy and frigid Kelly says some nasty things about Harvey after a failed date, he gets even in a very nasty way. Words: 19,526

The Cove Moe Lester

  • MILF Aisha spies a couple of young lovers on the beach and watches them. They catch her and that's when things go bad for Aisha. Words: 23,960

Sisterly Love

  • Jane is worried her younger stepsister Tasha coming to stay is going to seriously cramp her wild sex life. Words: 21,282.

Rylee's Love Moe Lester

  • Rylee's sent to the city to work for a rich couple as a housekeeper. The young woman struggles with a yearning emptiness in her soul by filling it with her taboo perversions. Little does she know, her new boss Amy has a similar problem. Words: 25,157

Hungry Holly Moe Lester

  • Holly leads a double life as an escort with a special kink. Yet something is missing from her life. Maybe the unexpected arrival of her sexy younger cousin Lisa will change that. Words: 22,484

Camp Canine Moe Lester

  • Mia has made a promise to her boyfriend to remain faithful over the summer, but her desires are growing too strong to control for much longer. Words: 23,809.

Outback Girls Moe Lester

  • Jenna is on holiday at her cousins' farm in outback Australia and has her first sexual encounter. Words: 20,394.

The Nymphomaniac! Moe Lester

  • Kayla is a nymphomaniac always looking out for a new thrill. There's nothing and no one who she won't have sex with. Words: 19,684.

Caught In The Park Moe Lester

  • After Suzy gets caught fucking a dog in the park, she runs away from home and falls in with a farmboy on the road out to sow his wild oats. Words: 24,599,

Cousins Moe Lester

  • Tonia's mom has been admitted to the loony bin so she goes to her Aunt's farm to stay, only the farm dogs seem to have a great interest in her. Words: 30,161.

Sikici Part 2 Moe Lester

  • Beck Bennett is a nasty man who breeds nastier dogs. Three women are now trapped in his clutches and escape seems impossible. Something has to give if these women are to be saved. Words: 19,871

Sikici Part 1 Moe Lester

  • When lust flare these women are all animal and a descent into the taboo is inevitable. Words: 17,929.

Her Mom's Secret Life Moe Lester

  • Erin wonders why her parents always want her out of the house a few nights a month and decides to spy on them to find out. What she discovers changes her life forever. Words:33,017.

Some Women Moe Lester

  • When Sierra's boyfriend goes away for work her horniness gets to much to bear. Luckily, her friend Molly has an unexpected solution. Words: 27,066

The Storm! Moe Lester

  • When a chemical weapon is released into a storm, Tina Thompson's discovers every animal in the city wants to have her. This is a crossover story of The Zoo. Words: 20,631.

The Wild Dog of Diamond Lake! Moe Lester

  • A wild dog at a picturesque lake becomes a popular attraction for lonely women who love having it fuck them. Words: 14,371.

Groupies Moe Lester

  • When a touring country band picks up sexy young groupie named Marie, the old adage of what happens on tour, stays on tour has never been truer. Words: 50,418.

The Mind of the Moe Lester 8 Moe Lester

  • Two great bestiality stories in one volume to really make your day exciting.

There's Something about Ryan: Part 3 Moe Lester

  • The weekend away at the Entsch farm isn't off to greatest of starts; but at least Ryan can't get to Amber & Kelly, or so they think. Words: 15,406

There's Something about Ryan: Part 2 Moe Lester

  • Now Ryan has discovered Amber & Kelly's bestial secret, what will this twisted man do to them? Words: 15,521.

There's Something about Ryan: Part 1 Moe Lester

  • Amber is a receptionist at a vet clinic with nasty kink, but when she starts a raunchy affair with Dr. Mason things start getting out of control... Words: 18,017.

Dog Trainer Wanted: Part 2 Moe Lester

  • Pick up the story during the rather depraved job interview for the Dog Trainer position and enjoy the amazing conclusion to this lurid tale. Words: 22,089.

Dog Trainer Wanted: Part 1 Moe Lester

  • Sadie needs a trainer for her breeding kennels, and Simone and Julian need dogs to train. It could be a match made in bestial heaven... Words: 17,285.

Cain's Canine Corner: Part 2 Moe Lester

  • Sara has arrived at Alexis's new business in the country to escape another bad relationship and discovers what's really going on at Cain's Canine Corner... Words: 21,949.

Cain's Canine Corner: Part 1 Moe Lester

  • Alexis Cain, an active swinger, is finding the swingers scene suddenly boring. Sara, her best friend, is struggling with men in general. There has to be an answer? Words: 16,355.

Lisa Fights Back Moe Lester

  • After a lifetime of suffering at the hands of men, Lisa finally finds the strength to fight back when her boss puts the moves on her. Words: 24,230.

The Mind of the Moe Lester 7 Moe Lester

  • Three taboo erotica novellas from the master of filth, Moe Lester, with a bonus story that'll blow your (sexually relevant organ). Includes: Free At Last, Winston, Our Secret Life, & Peggy's Canine Confession. Words: 86,315.

The Seduction of Laura: Part 2 Moe Lester

  • Laura & Luis inflamed by their new beastly desires realize the vet has been pulling the strings all along and confront him. Words: 14,276.

The Seduction of Laura: Part 1 Moe Lester

  • Laura is a lonely after her husband left her for another woman, when suddenly her big Cane Corso seems to be ready to fill a need. Words: 18,779.

Free At Last Moe Lester

  • Kelly's life is in turmoil. When she found out Todd cheated on her with her sister Diane, she ended it. Now, she's stuck with a failing dog kennel business with her awful sister and dumb brother. Something has to give. Words: 28,317.

Winston Moe Lester

  • Can a horny old goat called Winston keep up with a group of kinky swingers on a country farm? Words: 24,466.

Our Secret Life! Moe Lester

  • Jess is a woman with a taboo passion, and as she works at her family boarding kennels, she discovers she's not alone. It seems everyone has a secret life. Words: 27,925.

The Mind of the Moe Lester 6 Moe Lester

  • Four great bestiality stories in one big eBooK from the master of the genre. Incudes: Jenna's Wild Night, Murkwood Manner, The Dog Show, & The Southside Stalker. Words: 98,297.

The Southside Stalker Moe Lester

  • When the Southside Stalker strikes, this victim will get her revenge This story conatins Gay Bestiality. Words: 25,951.

Murkwood Manor Moe Lester

  • A woman inherits her uncle's estate Murkwood Manor, an isolated coastal place and goes to stay there with several friends. The Manor's only resident a big ole shaggy dog is there to greet them. Words: 30,000.

The Dog Show Moe Lester

  • A black woman bemoans her sexual frustrations to her female neighbor one day and gets introduced to a sex machine, Lex the dog. Words: 23,776.

Jenna's Wild Night Moe Lester

  • A virgin college student dog sits for the neighbor's and has a night that'll change her and her neighbor's lives forever. Words: 19,134.

The Mind of the Moe Lester 5 Moe Lester

  • Four great bestiality stories from the master of depravity, Moe Lester. One never before published story included. The Audit, Retribution, The Answer, and Her Roommate's Dog. Words: 67,062.

The Answer! Moe Lester

  • Katie is a young lesbian who lusts after her sexy friend Paige, but one day an unspeakable act of treachery throws Katie's sexuality into turmoil. What is the answer? Words: 28,739.

The Audit Moe Lester

  • Jessica is doing another tax audit for the IRS when a horny German shepherd keeps distracting her. Words: 18,533.

The Mind of the Moe Lester 4 Moe Lester

  • Four great bestiality stories from the dirtiest mind online, including one never before published. Including: Ming's Dynasty, The Gilded Cage, The Doghouse (New), & The Red Door. Words: 68,905.

Retribution! Moe Lester

  • With her sexier younger sister threatening to take her husband from her, Keira has to come up with a plan to stop the little minx for good. Words: 14,708.

Ming's Dynasty Moe Lester

  • An Asian college student discovers the joy of fucking the family pet, and decides to use the situation to get some revenge on her pervert neighbor. Words: 19,142.

The Red Door! Moe Lester

  • Amanda has to stay with some family friends for a few weeks and discovers that things aren't what they appear, especially behind the red door. Words: 23,395.

The Gilded Cage! Moe Lester

  • Four women find themselves trapped in a luxurious apartment by an unknown abductor and pass the time having sex. Words: 16,718.

The Mind of the Moe Lester 3 Moe Lester

  • Four hot bestiality stories from the master of the genre Moe Lester taking you on wicked journey into the lewd world of the taboo. Includes: Doggy Juan, Drifter, Carly's Nightmare, & Nadia's New Love. Words: 93,410.

Nadia's New Love Moe Lester

  • A plain woman, alone in life, is given a German shepherd as a birthday gift and it changes everything. Words: 15,278.

Doggy Juan Moe Lester

  • An anxious virgin in college discovers the lewd attraction to the campus security guards Rottweiler and ends having the greatest sex of her life. Words: 26,180.

Carly's Nightmare Moe Lester

  • Carly is a prude, sexually repressed with a frustrated husband. However, the nasty neighbor knows how to get those legs open. Words: 31,970.

Drifter Moe Lester

  • After a nasty lover dumps Julia, a sexy Hawaiian socialite, and she finds solace in a stray dog she calls "Drifter." Words: 20,550.

Hot Dog & Pussy Moe Lester

  • Lori is hired to mind a neighbors Dog Kennel while she's away on holidays and it causes great upheaval in her life. Words: 26,774.

Teacher's Pet Moe Lester

  • After the death of her husband in an accident, Jessie follows her dream of opening a school and finds the perfect place beside a dog kennel. Words: 23,683.

Snatched!! Moe Lester

  • A couple of nasty men with two Dobermans decide it's time to teach a haughty, cock teasing blonde a big lesson. Words: 19,551.

The Boiler Room! Moe Lester

  • When Simone needs some money to score drugs, she heads down to the boiler room. The middle-aged black custodian is more than happy to help her out, and so his his horny Doberman, Rocky. Words: 29,860.

The Hill Moe Lester

  • In Washington, the power of the political elite has created a place where every perversion you can think of happens. Power corrupts absolutely. Words: 17,307.

Violated! Moe Lester

  • Jade is a pretty 18yo who's just graduated High School and her mom gets her a job at the local PetMart. There she upsets an Latino man by refusing him a date and he decides to make her pay in the most depraved way possible. Words: 25,146.

The Perverted Housewife Moe Lester

  • Lucy has a deep, dark fantasy, a perverted dream—to watch another woman get raped by a dog. Words: 35,484.

The Mating Game Moe Lester

  • Emily finds sex with men boring and too much hard work. That's why she does it with dogs. Dogs are so much better and there are so many types to choose from. Emily also develops a liking for lesbian sex with a few of her horny, sexy neighbors. The only problem is she needs to find one canine lover she can settle down with and there are so many breeds to try. How will she solve this problem? Words: 28,962.

Nora Unleashed Moe Lester

  • In a boring, sexless marriage, Nora falls in lust for the neighborhood gigolo, a big dog called Rudy. Words: 22,614.

The Mind of the Moe Lester 2 Moe Lester

  • Four hot, twisted, bestiality stories from the master of kink to fill you with sensual pleasure and eroticism. Words: 46,190.

Games of the Rich & Dirty! Moe Lester

  • Alex embarrasses his uber rich boss with a X (Twitter) scandal and doesn't know that payback involves his pretty blonde wife Lily fucking a dog. Words: 12,210.

The Companion's Club Moe Lester

  • Kylie's divorce has finally come through and she rushes over to her best friend's house to share her news and learns her female BFF has some taboo fantasies. Words: 12,743.

Mexican Virgins Moe Lester

  • Two Chinese oil executive's find the bestial sex in rural Mexico is playing havoc with their self-control and badly need to get laid. Words: 9,664.

The Stalker Moe Lester

  • Emma is an attractive 40yo who has caught the eye of a very bad young man and he decides to do something to her that'll changer her life forever. Words: 12,105.

The Mind of The Moe Lester 1 Moe Lester

  • Five Twisted Taboo Tales in One Kinky eBook. Is there an author today as nasty as Moe Lester? You decide. Includes: Julie & Romeo, Taming the Termagant, A Feral Encounter, Bad Teacher, & Mia Culpa. Words: 60,118.

No Man's Land Resort Moe Lester

  • Two female lovers start a resort where no man is required after they discover the carnal joys of bestiality. Words: 24,825.

A Feral Encounter! Moe Lester

  • Kylie is camping in the swamp alone painting and enjoying nature when she's attacked by a big feral animal—a wild boar. Words:5,396.

Lina's Lesson Moe Lester

  • What happens when a pretty German woman finds out the terrorists she's joined in Syria turn out to be nothing more than murderous, depraved monsters. Based on a true story. Words: 10,599.

The Neighbor's Dog! Moe Lester

  • A lewd encounter with the neighbor's dog changes Debbie's life forever on a deep space station. Words: Words: 30,997.

Big City Blue Moe Lester

  • Hazel has moved to New York with her big dog "Blue" hoping she can make it big in the city that never sleeps. Words: 37,746.

What More Can A Woman Want? Moe Lester

  • Chloe is going to be home alone for a couple of weeks, and she discovers a great way to pass the time. Her two Doberman guard dogs. Words: 17,363.

Hope Park Moe Lester

  • Miley has just finished her shift and heads to Hope Park to change at the public toilets, so she can meet her boyfriend at the fete. Only problem is a pervert steals her clothes and leaves her naked. Words: 13,977.

The Babysitters Secret! Moe Lester

  • Kyra has a secret, a deep depraved secret that involves her clients pet dogs. When all is quiet, Kyra knows some sexy games to play with her canine companions. Words: 28,142.

The Zoo! Moe Lester

  • Leah is excited to finally going to see the panda's at her cities zoo, only problem is a big storm has been forecast that might ruin her time. Words: 24,173.

Mother Knows Best! Moe Lester

  • Sorority sister Louise Collins finds Mother (the sorority house supervisor) has a special punishment for breaking curfew involving her dogs. Words: 17,842.

Living The Dream! Moe Lester

  • Fred has been seeing Sharon for a while now, however, her 18yo daughter hates him. Until one night he catches her watching bestiality porn and masturbating. Words: 10,105.

Blackmail Moe Lester

  • Officer Kay Jones of the K9 squad will do anything to get ahead, even if it means blackmailing the Mayor's daughter. Words: 15,684.

Going Postal Moe Lester

  • When post woman Alice has a nasty run in with a big dog, she plots revenge against the beast. Words: 13,385.

Taming the Termagant Moe Lester

  • The neighbourhood busy-body is giving everyone a hard time, especially the three college girls and their dog Woody living next door. However, another neighbour comes up with a daring plan to thwart the nasty, termagant woman. Termagant - a violent, turbulent, shrewish, or brawling woman. Words: 8,490.

Pluto's Wild Night! Moe Lester

  • A separated Latino discovers her ex-husband is a zoophile after he's caught in the act. If he only knew she's into dog's too. Words: 11,138.

Do Your Duty: Save Mankind! Moe Lester

  • On the edge of extinction, breeding is mandatory. But Lily is exempt due to religious reasons, and visiting her sister on the frontier pushes her faith to the limit. Words: 13,475.

Love Thy Neighbor's Dog! Moe Lester

  • The Thompson's just don't understand why their great Dane, Bruno, is acting so strangely lately. Words: 12,203.

Animalia Moe Lester

  • You're invited to the event of the year: Animalia. Amy Benson, a college student, is the main attraction. Only she doesn't know it yet. Words: 6,405. Get "Small Town Girl" free when you purchase this eBook.

Dog Sex Stories 2 Moe Lester

  • A Compilation of six great dog bestiality stories by Moe Lester. All in one book. Raw and intense hardcore erotica, just the way you like it. In this book you'll find: The Dog Sitter Night of the Doberman's A night in with Spike Small Town Girl The Lonely Divorcee Mandy's Downtime Words: 36,340

Newfound Urges Moe Lester

  • A woman agrees to house sit and look after a couple of horses, when these horny beasts start looking after her. Words: 6,203. Get "Hookers Do Horses" free with this eBook.

Training Lizzy Moe Lester

  • Can Kathy turn this boring housewife into a nymphomaniac, ready to have sex with any man, woman, or dog. Words: 28,206

Mandy's Downtime! Moe Lester

  • Mandy's got three glorious hours to herself, and she might just have a good time if the stupid family pet dogs don't stop bothering her. Words: 7,918. Get "Smalltown Girl" free when you purchase this eBook.

Julie & Romeo Moe Lester

  • Romeo, a dog of unusual skill and seductive power, overwhelms a married lesbian couple, just as he overpowers most women he meets. He drives them to greater heights of orgasmic bliss. Eventually, after seducing nearly all the housewives in the neighborhood, Romeo pays the price. Words: 17,944

Bad Teacher! Moe Lester

  • Lisa Morrison can feel her shirt cling to the perspiration on her breasts and when she glances down, she can see it’s already becoming see-through. She hopes she looks irresistible. Her long black hair is hanging in a single ponytail, and her large, firm tits are practically bursting out of a shirt much too small for her. She's a teacher, and she's BAD! Words: 16,251.

Mia Culpa! Moe Lester

  • Trying to take a nap on a hot day proves difficult for Mia as she keeps getting interrupted by everyone and everything wanting to have sex with her! Words: 12,961.

Small Town Girl Moe Lester

  • Caught in the purgatory of life between high school and college, Kelly is frustrated and bored. yet, an act of depravity inflicted upon her will change her life in more ways than she ever thought possible. Words: 7,004.

The Lonely Divorcee! Moe Lester

  • Joan is a hot MILF who's living by herself after her divorce. With a sex drive that's still strong, her true wish is to meet a real man rather than keeping use her toys. One day she discovered the hard way that the best sex she's ever had is from her German shepherd, Gus. Words: 5,185

A Night in with Spike! Moe Lester

  • Emma is home alone, well not entirely alone - her Labrador Spike is with her. As she prepares to go to bed, Spike makes his move, and before long he's rocking the pretty brunettes world. Words: 4,876 Get "The Dog Sitter" free when you purchase this eBook.

The Dog Sitter! Moe Lester

  • Zoey needs to make some money to spend at the Summer Fair in two weeks and gets a short-term job house/dog sitting for an elderly couple going on a cruise. The dog is a giant Great Dane, and Zoey soon finds the friendly dog has more on his mind than playing fetch. Words: 7,760.

Night of the Dobermans! Moe Lester

  • Julie is invited to a big celebrity party and as she walks the long driveway she's suddenly attacked by a Doberman, then another, then another... Words: 5,394

Hookers Do Horses! Moe Lester

  • Two long time friends and co-hookers, go to a rich man's country estate to participate in one of his sordid "projects." Words: 11,388.

A Dog Walkers Story Moe Lester

  • Her forbidden passions abound, but the most taboo of all will take her to heights she never knew existed! The story of Cindy, a young woman whose sex life is complicated. Very complicated. Yet through all this an accidental experience with one the dogs she walks opens the door to her true self. Cindy, above all else, is a zoophile. Interspecies sex is her bag! Words: 18,577.

We're All Nothing But Animals Moe Lester

  • A woman is taken to a live sex show in Tijuana featuring animals and it awakens her animal lusts. Luckily her man friend and her son are ready to help her explore the farmyard and experience so many new things, so many new inter-species sex encounters. Words:26,606.

Animal Rescue Omnibus Sheela B.

  • Buy all three Animal Rescue novella's in one great and mighty eBook. Take the amazing journey of survival and triumph with Debbie Benton. Includes: Grooming: a prequel to Animal Rescue, Animal Rescue, & Animal Rescue 2. Words: 140,993. ISBN-13: 9780463754962

Animal Rescue 2 Sheela B.

  • The story of Debbie Benton using her peculiar skill set of fucking very large animal cocks goes undercover for the FBI to bring down a drug cartel in Mexico. Words: 62,384. ISBN-13: 9781370533497

The Facility Sheela B.

  • A brilliant biologist specializing in animal reproduction and sex is sent to ‘The Facility’ to help bring back an important species from the brink of extinction. Words: 30,770. ISBN-13: 9781370764778

Peeping Pete Sheela B.

  • The towns peeping Tom (Pete) doesn't know what's hit him when a hot mother/daughter combo move in next door and sunbathe nude by their pool. Words: 11,327. ISBN-13: 9781370857401.

The Desperate Housewife Sheela B.

  • Her husband is always away for work leaving her to raise the kids alone. Her loneliness boils over, and who should come to the rescue but the families pet Boxer. It's lust, it's nasty bestiality, but most of all it's love that will drive Helen to make the toughest choice in her life. Words: 10,867. ISBN-13: 9781310132506.

Lucy Sheela B.

  • Steve is home for the first time in years and notices his younger sister has grown into a total babe. When he catches her playing with the family pet dogs cock he discovers his hot sister has deep dark secret. She's a Zoophile. Words: 4,552. ISBN-13: 9781310348723

Seducing Daddy Sheela B.

  • Cindy is nineteen and madly in lover with her father, Tom. With the help of her friend she starts to up the heat at home trying desperately to get him into bed. Tom is conflicted. His mind says no, but his lust says yes! Can Cindy get her dream man? Words: 10,070. ISBN-13: 9781311936431. Get "My Brazen Bother" free when you purchase this eBook.

My Brazen Brother Sheela B.

  • A brother and sister forced to share a room in the family holiday home all their lives find now they're young adults in college the sexual tension between them grows and grows until one day Luke decides to up the ante in a shockingly perverted incestuous way. Words: 7,435. ISBN-13: 9781311757494

The Mission Sheela B.

  • Sergeant Niri Chung is sent into North Korea to spy on a military base that may have mobile nuclear missile launchers that could easily target Seoul. From the vantage point of Kumgang Mountains she hides, safely observing the base. However, the local wildlife take a liking to her and pretty soon she finds herself the lust interest of several animals. Her pussy has never got such a work out. Words: 6,174. ISBN-13: 9781311652928. Get "The Devil Did It" with this purchase.

Sheela's Taboo Tales Two Sheela B.

  • Two Sheela classics with a new story, Horse Crazy. So much action in one eBook. Abby Does Dogs. The Enemy Within. & Horse Crazy (A new story). Words: 75,809. ISBN-13: 9798223481461.

Sheela's Taboo Tales One Sheela B.

  • Three great tales from Sheela B. in one eBook. Get The Cabin, The Obscene Caller, and Willow Grove Park. Words: 71,835. ISBN-13: 9781005315344.

What Gina Saw! Sheela B.

  • Gina sees something sexy and shocking while looking out her window at work, and it flames her passions to new heights. A young woman playing with a dog's cock in her car while waiting for the lights to change. Words: 24,983. ISBN-13: 9798215642733.

Red, Black, Pink, & White Sheela B.

  • A lonely housewife is tormented by her lusts while her husband is away. Words: 29,533. ISBN-13: 9798215540077.

Sisters Sheela B.

  • Two sisters, Julia & Sally share a secret taboo passion unbeknownst to each other until Sally comes home for a visit. Words: 18,681. ISBN-13: 9798215653647

Licorice All Sorts Sheela B.

  • After a very disappointing night with a pickup, Lexie is left high and dry. Luckily, her dog Licorice is there to help out. Words: 22,822. ISBN: 9798215038482.

Faith's Birthday Sheela B.

  • Faith is 18 today and has a day she'll never forget at her neighbor's house. Words: 13,293. ISBN: 9798215729113.

Licking Her Lust Away! Sheela B.

  • Sara is a nymphomaniac, and her desperation for sexual pleasure leads to her trying bestiality with the neighbor's Beagle. Words: 9,360. ISBN: 9798215527665.

Bored in the Barn Sheela B.

  • Zoe's stuck on a boring family holiday and decides to have some sexy fun when she's alone in the barn. However, one of the barn's residents (a big black stallion called Noir) soon wants to join in the fun. Words: 8,342. ISBN: 9798215938157.

Scenes: Canine Version Sheela B.

  • A collection of five hot hardcore sex scenes involving women doing nasty things with dogs. Words: 21,786. ISBN: 9798215377369.

Animal Passions Sheela B.

  • Jackie's lust for her much younger neighbor Andy is driven by the passions of his big dog, Hawk.

Abby Does Dogs 2: The Fall of Leah! Sheela B.

  • Leah decides to confront Merv the Perv about what he's doing to Abby, and things don't go well. Words: 18,313. ISBN: 9798215350898.

Abby Does Dogs! Sheela B.

  • One night, Abby decides to shock her friend Leah in a lurid moment with a dog. Unable to stop herself after that with her own dog, her neighbor catches her in the act. He then blackmails Abby to become something she never thought possible. Words: 21,232. ISBN: 9781005562366.

The CEO! Sheela B.

  • Kerryn is a sexually frustrated CEO of a large corporation who is seduced by her horny dog one night. Words: 15,419. ISBN: 9781005425012.

There'll Always Be Blackie! Sheela B.

  • When a border introduces the family dog to forbidden pleasures, soon all the women of the house are getting some attention. Words: 16,996. ISBN: 9780463733394.

Sierrra's Nightmare Sheela B.

  • Sierra's getting obscene phone calls and it's sparking her desires which the family pet can sense. But is this stranger on the phone a threat? Words: 20,320. ISBN: 9781005326289.

Going Out with a BANG! Sheela B.

  • Rachel catches her wayward friend Kaylee doing unspeakable things to a horse and decides to join in to distract the blonde from a looming disaster. Words: 16,410. ISBN: 9781005599461.

The Collective Sheela B.

  • When Annie Jenkins sees her mom getting it on with a dog her life changes forever. Words: 25,954. ISBN: 9781005864057

The Birth of Candy! Sheela B.

  • A mature, sexy neighbor seduces Kelsey into a new life of hedonistic pleasure and it has dire consequences for her marriage. Words: 22,941.

The Enemy Within Sheela B.

  • A widowed mother and daughter struggle with life with both falling into wayward ways. This leads to a very nasty man taking advantage of them. Words: 23,916.

The Hobbler 9: The Final Race! Sheela B.

  • Kelly's hobbling operation has been working beautifully for 5 years now in Montana, but an old friend shows up throwing everything into an uproar. Words: 22,842.

The Blackout! Sheela B.

  • During the infamous 2004 blackout in California, something bad happened at a rehabilitation house aimed at juvenile offenders who just turned 18. This is that story untold until now. Words: 20,220.

A Weekend in Paradise Sheela B.

  • Gretel is unhappy with her life after she left her husband, but her new man Miles just might awaken something inside her. Words: 25,339.

Exclusive Kennels Sheela B.

  • Nari is a refugee trying to start a new life in the USA. She gets a job at a renowned dog breeders' kennel and hopes this will be her big break. Yet there's more to this job than she was ever told, and her life descends into a nightmare. Words: 31,397.

Animal Rescue: The Pony! Sheela B.

  • When Jenny buys a pony, she gets an idea of how she might be able to use it in her new live sex act. Words: 31,456.

The Hobbler 8: Fresh Meat! Sheela B.

  • On the run, Sarah has a new identity and look, but she's still deep in the horse hobbling game. Words: 22,947.

The Obscene Caller Sheela B.

  • When Amber starts getting nasty phone calls from a man who knows all her nasty secrets, her life spins into turmoil.

The Meter Reader 2: The One! Sheela B.

  • A year after Anita helped catch a serial killer, her world turns again as her inner depravity and dark soul is exposed by another maniac. Get the first book free when you purchase this one.

The Meter Reader 1 Sheela B.

  • When Anita lands a job with the waterboard as a meter reader, she finds a sexual encounter with a dog leads her into a dangerous situation.

Willow Grove Park Sheela B.

  • Brandi is a sexually frustrated wife who takes it out on anyone she can!

The Cabin Sheela B.

  • Two sisters wake to find themselves in a cabin on a mountainside and they have no idea how they got there.

The Hobbler 7: Infiltration! Sheela B.

  • The FBI know something is going on and they send infamous animal porn star and undercover operative Debbie Love to try to infiltrate the hobbling posse.

The Burr Valley Incident 3 Sheela B.

  • A showdown is looming between man and wolf, so can Lyn & Jony's marriage survive her infidelities with the mutant dog Knox.

The Burr Valley Incident 2 Sheela B.

  • The presence of Knox and the mutant wolves is proving to be troubling beyond the livestock losses, and a bizarre mystery is unfolding in Burr Valley.

The Burr Valley Incident 1 Sheela B.

  • On Klaxus Prime, the biggest threat to humanoid life is a pack of mutated canines that kill their cattle and take their women.

The Hobbler 6: Belmont Park! Sheela B.

  • Sarah recruits a team to take hobbling to the next level, and their first venture is the riskiest job they've ever done.

Bitch Hollow: The Story of Ellie May! Sheela B.

  • Ellie May Williams is a conservative school teacher who has an encounter at Bitch Hollow that changes her life forever. With the help of her sister, Deanna, they try to beat the terrible curse that makes her do bad things.

Witness Protection

  • A sequel to Animal Rescue centering on what happens to Roberta (Nikki Zoo) after she turns down the offer to work in Mexico with Debbie and the DEA.

The House Cleaner Sheela B.

  • A sexy woman who cleans houses for a rich neighborhood is taken aback when she finds some shocking old porn mags one day.

The Devil Did It Sheela B.

  • A young woman discovers she has an exhibitionist streak and it leads to an encounter with a big white wolf.

The Hobbler 5: The Preakness Stakes Sheela B.

  • After a torrid night at the Pimlico race track stables, an offer is made that will turn this hobbling from a sometime thing into a high stakes game. Does Sarah have the courage to lay it all on the line for the best sex of her life?

Survivors Sheela B.

  • When their plane mysteriously crashes in the Canadian Rockies the survivors discover the wildlife is acting beyond strange.

The Hobbler 4: Maryland Riding Academy Sheela B.

  • After hobbling Flash Jester in the Kentucky Derby, Sarah has a holiday at the Maryland Riding Academy hoping to find the self-control she needs to stop.

The Hobbler 3: The Kentucky Derby Sheela B.

  • Sarah is at the most famous horse race in the world and it's going to take everything she's got to hobble the favorite Flash Jester.

The Hobbler 2: The Ponderosa Sheela B.

  • Sarah has escaped from the nasty clutches of Carl Norris, but can she escape from her raging lust for horse flesh? (Bestiality)

Something About Mary Sheela B.

  • ary is very angry at Bob, come to think of it, she's always angry with him but this time he's really done it. After finding his stash of porn on his laptop, Mary had read the riot act, and their marriage is officially on the rocks. In one last ditch effort to save his marriage, Bob reserves a beautiful cabin in the mountains for a weekend away without the kids.

Grooming Sheela B.

  • Tracy has landed a dream job at a Hollywood pet grooming salon when the owner offers her a sideline of milking the pedigree dogs for the black-market sale of their semen. Tracy's sudden popularity gets under the skin of a nasty BBW co-worker who just happens to be the owners daughter. Can Tracy stop this BBW sexually harassing her with her vile kinky games?

The Hobbler 1 Sheela B.

  • A young horsewoman is forced to use her special skills on a rival racehorse trainers farm to hobble his horses before race day. (Bestiality).

The Resistance Fighter Sheela B.

  • A Boxer mix named Woofie takes Amelie's virginity and initiates her into the world of bestial love while hiding with the French Resistance during WW2.

Webcam Wendy Sheela B.

  • A recently widowed MILF needs to earn some extra money and decides to become a webcam performer. All goes well until her dog, Butch, decides to get in on the act.

Animal Rescue

  • Debbie Benton is at the top of her game as an animal welfare officer in Dallas, when one day an encounter with a large Great Dane cross changes her world forever.

Bitch Hollow 2: The Dog Witch Sheela B.

  • The FBI have two female agents investigate the disappearance of Monica after her mother becomes ill, and uncover something unexpected. (Bestiality).

The Curse of Bitch Hollow

  • Jenny is raped in Ikeman's Park by three dogs, unbeknownst to her this is just the beginning of her misfortunes.

Hope Park Moe Lester

  • Miley has just finished her shift and heads to Hope Park to change at the toilets, so she can meet her boyfriend at the fete. (Bestiality inside)
  • Hope Park

The Switch Sheela B.

  • Nick unwittingly discovers his sisters secret sin — bestiality — in a most unusual way. He switches bodies with her.
  • GW Enterprises Publishing Company

The Abandonded Warehouse Moe Lester

  • A desperate MILF goes to a squat to try to talk her junkie daughter into going into rehab when she stumbles onto a crime that will change her life forever. Two black thugs rape her and so does their dog.
  • GW Enterprises Publishing Company

Reprogramming Jessica Sheela B.

  • Jessica is sick of Samantha's constant wild sex in the room next to hers. The girl's trying to prepare for finals. So, after another loud orgy next door she confronts her housemate once for all.

The Zoociety Sheela B.

  • Two weeks after ‘the incident,’ Michelle physically recovered from her night in the city pound, but all she can think about is animal cocks.  The black MILF dreams about dogs fucking her relentlessly, and it’s so intense she orgasms while asleep.  Kevin is worried about his wife, as he knows what’s distracting her lately.

The Incident Sheela B.

  • A black MILF falls into the city pounds dog's yard naked while trying to hide from some criminals and becomes the center of a doggy gangbang.