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The Answer! Moe Lester

  • Katie is a young lesbian who lusts after her sexy friend Paige, but one day an unspeakable act of treachery throws Katie's sexuality into turmoil. What is the answer? Words: 28,739.
Sensations and images bubble through Katie’s mind. She feels the furry belly and chest against her ass and back. It’s warm, soft and pleasant. The blonde feels the forepaws grip the small of her waist and tug. They’re amazingly hand-like, astonishingly human in their ability to grab and hold onto her. Sensing the way the dog’s hind feet dance between her legs, Loki creeps higher and higher over her body pumping his hips to find her cunt. The tapered, bone-like tip of the American Bulldog’s hot, slick cock touches the skin in the deep cleft of her ass and startles her. The canine cock is burning hot. Katie knows its Loki’s cock. Paige is holding her down and urging the big dog on to fuck her.

Raped by a dog, Katie thought blankly, raped by my best friend’s dog.

“Ahhhhrg … Paige,” the blonde teen cries again. “No … NO … NOOOOOOOO.”

“Hurry, Loki. Stick it in, baby-stick it in and fuck her!”

“Crazy cunt,” Devin shouts, his eyes wide.

Devin’s just realized what Paige is trying to do. The jock lunges for Paige and the dog. However, he’s too late.

Katie’s eyes open wide, and she feels the hot, tapered tip of Loki’s cock at the mouth of her cunt. “Noooooo … OWWWW … Omigod …Omigod.”

The dog’s jerking hips makes it prod into the softness of her puffy pussy lips. The canine cock slides through the slippery juice coating her labia, and the funneling shape of her soft, slick pussy guides the spearing lance of his dog cock right into her opening. Another jerk of its hips and Katie feels the thick, hard length of dog cock shoot right up her trembling cunt. It widens her pussy more and more as the shaft fucks into her tight cunt. It stretches Katie’s cunt painfully, for although she had already broken her hymen playing sports as a younger girl, the teen has never had anything thicker or longer than her middle finger in there before. This really is her first cock; Katie is losing her virginity to an American Bulldog.

Pain blazes through her cunt and explodes into the rest of her body, sending a shockwave into her mind that set off stars. Katie’s breasts seem to bulge from her chest, and her nipples are rock-hard piercing the nap of the rug. The blonde lesbian’s cuntal walls stretch wide for the foreign object sliding deeply into her body. Katie feels charge after charge of slippery juice pour from her silky tissues and bathes the hard canine cock tapered like an arrow toward her heart. The blonde wants to scream, but no sound comes out. Instead, she feels Paige’s hand on the top of her thighs and covering her mound pressing backward. Katie knows Paige’s other hand is placed firmly on Loki’s ass and is pressing forward, helping to push the hard, canine cock into her teen cunt.

Paige is raping me, Katie thought, abusing me with her dog. However, Loki is only the instrument of the assault. Paige is the one making it happen. The thought doesn’t fit right. Men rape, not women. It doesn’t make sense to Katie that her best friend would do such a thing, even if she’s upset about her keeping her sexuality a secret all this time.

“Oh, he’s fucking you … Katie, he’s fucking you…” Paige cries and puts her face close to Katie’s hip, staring into the crack between her friend’s legs.

Paige can see the scarlet root of Loki’s cock jerking and thrusting into the puffy-lipped cunt. She can see the flood of syrupy juice spurting and drooling from Katie’s pussy. The juice turns a pinkish color, and Paige knows its blood. The pinkness dribbling from Katie’s blonde-furred pussy beneath the thrust and pump of Loki’s cock adds to the thrill Paige is feeling. The redhead thinks the dog took her cherry, which he did, but unbeknown to Paige the blood is just from the trauma of the sexual act, not her hymen.

Nevertheless, virgin or not, it didn’t really matter to Paige at this moment. All she wants to do is stuff Katie’s sweet pussy with something, so Devin won’t fuck her. Paige doesn’t think she could stand to watch Devin fuck her best friend.

“Holy shit, he’s doing it…” Devin moans.

The jocks mouth hangs open. He stares in disbelief watching the pelt of white fur cover Katie’s tight, round ass and pump back and forth. Devin can see the base of Loki’s thick cock sliding in and out of Katie’s cunt, and he too can see the blood-red juice dripping out.

“Devin … Devin, fuck me,” Paige moans, shoving her ass back toward him as she bends and glances at Katie’s plugged pussy. “Omigod … Fuck me, Devin … Hurry … I’m ready to cum … Fuck me, please…”

Devin licks his lips; his cock is back to a rigid erection. He glances down at the drooling pink crack between Paige’s ass cheeks, and it doesn’t matter just then her pussy is old stuff. The man grabs his cock and nearly runs on his knees toward her coming up behind Paige and holding her hips. Then he rams his hot cock forward, spearing the redhead’s wet, trembling cunt, sinking into her balls deep.

“Ah, fuck … fuck…” Paige moans hotly.

The Answer! Moe Lester

  • Katie is a young lesbian who lusts after her sexy friend Paige, but one day an unspeakable act of treachery throws Katie's sexuality into turmoil. What is the answer? Words: 28,739.

Katie’s head lifts and drops. Words tumble from her slack-lipped mouth. “God, he won’t stop, Paige … Make him stop … Ooh, his cock’s so big … It’s stretching my pussy … It won’t come out … He’s stuck, Paige … He’s stuck in my cunt … Ooh, I’m gonna cum…”

Katie screams repeatedly, and her breasts wobble and shake. She thought her cunt is going to catch on fire. It smolders, pulsates, and shudders around the stiff dog cock in it, and the feel of a big knot forming along the dog’s shaft frightens the blonde. The cock had been sliding in her slippery cunt. Now it isn’t sliding at all, the dog cock feels stuck. It swells and swells in her body, stretching her tight, cuntal walls until they shudder around the massive girth of the dog’s knot. Katie’s pussy lips suck and slobber around the base of Loki’s thick shaft. She can feel the bristly fuzz of the American Bulldog’s sheath poking the sensitive flesh of her pussy lips. It’s like a pad of little needles stinging her flesh. Irritating at first, yet the sensation is changing, becoming stimulating and exciting.

All the sensations shooting through her are changing. The pain that had been sharp and piercing is now a dull throb, and even the pulse is becoming a grand tingling that ripples all through her body.

“Ooh, Katie, you should see it … It’s beautiful…” Paige said, her breath rasping in and out of her lungs.

Paige is on her elbows and knees, the same as Katie. Devin’s big cock fucks in and out of her wet cunt. His hands grip her hips and run over the round, tight swells of her ass cheeks. His balls swing beneath the redhead’s crotch and bumps against her inner thighs. Devin’s cock reams in and out of her moist cunt. In a moment, the jock groans and leans over her back and cups her dangling breasts in his hands. He’s on the verge of cumming. The muscular jocks cheek lay along the back of her neck staring at the same thing Paige is looking at. This sight makes Devin’s cock throb and swells inside Page’s quivering cunt.

“Fucked by a dog,” he groans. “Cherry popped by a fucking dog. Is that how you lost yours, Babe? Huh? Did Loki fuck it out of you too?”

“NOOOOOO,” Paige yells shaking her head.

“All that shit about the guy on the football team was just bullshit, right?” Devin asks, his eyes glistening. “I saw you grab the mutt’s dick and squeeze it. You taught him how to fuck, right? This is not Loki’s first rodeo.”

Devin groans and shoves his cock all the way to the back of Paige’s quivering pussy shuddering and moaning and then grunts harshly as his cock explodes in her cunt. Sperm hoses and blows from the swollen cockhead and floods Paige’s cunt. His upper thighs mash flat against her ass, and fingers squeezes tightly around the redhead’s breasts.

“Ahhhhrg,” he groans.

“Oh, Devin … I’m cumming too,” Paige moans loudly. “Babe, I love your big cock … Ooh, it fills my cunt … Ahhhh, I’m cumming … Squeeze my breasts … Cumming.”

Paige shakes her head, and she tries not to close her eyes. The redhead wants to keep watching Katie’s cunt taking Loki’s big red cock. However, the way she’s held herself on the verge of orgasm for so long made her explode with a savage scream.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Paige yells harshly.

The redhead’s body tosses and bucks. She nearly doubles up with the force of the spasms rippling through her. Paige reaches out wildly with a hand, wanting to hold the furry sheath beneath Loki’s belly as if it’ll keep her from losing sight of the cock. She catches it and squeezes. The shaft inside is hard. The teen hears Loki’s low growl and then feels the solid shaft of cock inside the sheath begin pumping, jerking, and spasming.

“Whaaaaaa…” Katie yells with bulging eyes. “Ahhhh, it’s too big … it’s stretching me too much … Omigod, he’s at the bottom of my cunt … Spraying semen … Ooh, I can’t stop myself, Paige … I’m cumming … I’m cumming…”

Katie’s body trembles violently. This is entirely different from the orgasms she has at night when she’s dreaming. Different from the ones she’s when she plays with her pussy rolls her throbbing clit and masturbates to climax. Having a cock stuffed into her pussy is just an entirely new thing to the blonde teen. Katie can feel the swelling of the dog’s cock, the rush of hot sperm, the way her cunt pulses wildly and gets slippery and juicy. Even the weight against her ass is thrilling; as is the how the animal grips the blonde’s hips tightly and pulls her body back around its thrusting, spurting cock. The blonde simply can’t stop herself from cumming again. She yells loudly, right after Paige does, and feels her body spasm and shudder violently.

“Oooooo … yeah … Ahhhrrr,” Katie moans, half-blinded by the power of her next orgasm.

The Answer! Moe Lester

  • Katie is a young lesbian who lusts after her sexy friend Paige, but one day an unspeakable act of treachery throws Katie's sexuality into turmoil. What is the answer? Words: 28,739.

Katie’s ass shakes beneath Loki’s belly, and her pussy sucks and pulses around the dog cock, drawing more sperm through it into her hot cunt. Loki presses his stomach tightly against Katie’s ass and shudders, making his cock spit sperm. The American Bulldog laps and licks at its chops as the dog orgasms and saliva drools onto Katie’s back. When the dog is finished, it begins backing out of her pussy, trying to put its front paws on the floor at the same time. Yet Loki’s cock is stuck. The Bulldog pulls and jerks. Then growls, whimpers, and twitches again. Katie thought the beast was going to pull her insides out through her cunt.

“Ah … Ah, he’s stuck … Oh, God … He can’t get it out of me,” Katie squeals wide-eyed.

Her cheek rubs against the rug and nipples too as she scoots back and tries to keep Loki from tearing her tender teen pussy. Loki’s cock suddenly pops free.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRG,” Katie screams as pain rips through her loins.

The blonde’s puffy, bruised cunt lips flutter and flaps around the sudden gaping emptiness. Katie groans and rolls onto her side, facing Devin and Paige. Paige collapses onto her belly, stretches full length, with Devin still on her back. They move and groan together and are staring at Katie’s draining, ruined cunt.

“Oh, Katie, were you a virgin?” Paige asks.

Her face is only inches from Katie’s breasts. The redhead cups her friend’s body fondly. Katie gazes at her with glazed, blank eyes. She thrashes her legs, alternately opening and closing them, trying to do something to ease the burning sensation throbbing from her cunt now Loki’s cock is gone.

“I told you I was, Paige,” Katie groans. “But not anymore now you’ve raped me with your dog.”

“Devin was gonna fuck you, Katie. It was the only way I could stop him,” Paige said.

The redhead stretches her neck forward and purses her lips surrounding Katie’s nipple, giving it a soft, warm kiss.

“Oh, Paige,” Katie whispers, sucking in her breath, feeling her nipple swell immediately.

Katie watches her friend’s face and the redhead’s soft lips pucker about her nipple and feel the tip of Paige’s sweet tongue against it. The anger Katie feels starts melting away. Katie’s heart swells; she feels no hatred for Paige now. It’s strange; she should’ve been outraged. The blonde teen had just had sex with a dog. What Katie had thought as rape, has become a favor, Paige did to save the blonde from a man, and she feels gratitude swell in her chest instead. Katie reaches for Paige and cups her head, arching her spine, so her tapered breasts shove deeply into Paige’s mouth. It’s what the blonde lesbian teen’s wanted or years, Paige sucking her nipples, and the warmth and fondness becomes joy.

“Oh, Paige, let me suck your pussy again. I wanna make love to your sweet pussy one more time,” Katie begs.

Devin lifts on his arms, licking his lips, still staring at the blonde cunt between Katie’s thighs. His cock throbs and is still erect and stiff. He slips it out of Paige’s pussy, drawing a string of sperm with it. The jock then sits back, holds his cock, and watches the girls, determination still seizing him. I’ll fuck Katie yet, by God, he thought with a smirk, you haven’t won this fight yet, Paige.

Loki lies on his side with a leg in the air. The dog’s large tongue licks at the stiff spike of its cock and ignores the humans for the moment.

Paige moans and scoots along the floor, now Devin is off her back. The redhead sucks and draws at the soft flesh of Katie’s breast between her lips, her tongue flipping over the rubbery nipple repeatedly. Paige’s pussy sucks and quivers at the memory of Katie’s sucking lips and darting tongue.

“Mmmmm,” she moans, talking around the swollen cone between her lips. “Yes, Katie, yes … I want you to eat my pussy … Oh, I don’t care anymore you never told me … Shit, if you can stand to be fucked by a dog and not be mad at me, then I can let you eat my pussy.”

Paige draws her knees beneath her body, doubles over until the last moment so she won’t have to give up the firm sweetness of Katie’s breast. Then she stands on her knees, moans, and cups her breasts in her hands, squeezing them, staring down at Katie’s body.

“Oh, it’s shaking and quivering all up inside, Katie,” Paige groans unable to keep from clamping a hand over her sensitive clit and shaking it.

The redhead moans again and lifts a leg over Katie’s body. Katie rolls fully onto her back, and her hips squirm as she stares into the red-furred slit above her face. The blonde can see the pink pussy slit through the red pubes. She can see the puffy pussy lips swell and move apart, exposing the pinkness of the moist meat between them. Katie slides her palms up the trim lengths of Paige’s thighs, curving them over the swells of her hips and firm ass cheeks. The blonde teen roves and fondles, and her body lifts with a great sigh of happiness.

How long she’s wanted to run her hands over Paige’s sweet, sultry, sexy body. How much she’s wanted Paige to come to her arms, press that lovely presence against her, and beg for love.

“Oh, Paige…” Katie cries passionately.

She pulls gently at the swells of Paige’s firm ass. Katie stares straight up and licks her lips. The blonde sees the sweet, juicy petals of Paige’s cunt right above her face and watches it come lower and spread wider as Paige settles down. Then Paige’s soft ass is on Katie’s neck and chest, her thighs around the blonde teen’s cheeks, the wet fur of the redheads’ pussy brushing at the girls’ lips, nose, and chin. Katie gives a final moan, closes her eyes, and stabs far out with her tongue.

“Ahhh,” Paige cries softly.


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