The Collective

The Collective Sheela B.

  • When Annie Jenkins sees her mom getting it on with a dog her life changes forever. Words: 25,954. ISBN: 9781005864057
Annie stands in front of her mirror, admiring her lithe naked body.  Small plump breasts, capped with swollen pink nipples, jut out proudly.  She cups them and shivers as tiny spasms ripples through her pussy.  The blonde eighteen-year-old squeezes her thighs together, her eyes closing as the milky cream from her pussy warms her silky flesh.  She purrs, bringing her hand from her taut stomach to the soft blonde hair of her pussy.

The teen strokes her fingers through her vagina.  She sighs, bringing her hand to her face and staring at the white filmy cream coating her fingers.  Annie licks them, closing her eyes and pretending they’re a cock that had just fucked her.  The girl does it repeatedly as her knees turn to rubber, and she melts to the floor, her ass grinding into the carpet.  The teen girl spreads her legs, straddling the door, her ass wiggling until her pussy is flush with the edge.  Annie gasps as she humps her hips rhythmically, her hot sizzling pussy drenching the wood.

She gasps, her ears hearing sounds coming from her mother’s room.  They sound like moans.  Curiosity overcomes her passion, and she staggers to her feet and slips out of her bedroom.  In the hall, the cries are louder, and Annie tiptoes down the hall to her mother’s bedroom, forgetting she’s naked.

The door is ajar, and Annie peeks in, her heart leaping into her throat.  Her mother is naked on the bed.  Otto, a German shepherd, is between her legs.  Annie almost collapses, her hand gripping the door.  Disgust, then excitement floods her as she hears her mother Lisa whimper.

Lick my pussy, Otto,” Lisa moaned as she writhed frantically on her back.  “Lick me.”

Otto whimpers.  The dog’s black nostrils flare from the heady scent of Lisa’s hot frothy pussy.  The animal drops its head, its long rubbery tongue flashing out and slapping up through its mistress’s sopping cunt.

Ooooo, Otto,” Lisa gasps as she squirms on her back.  Her big melon-shaped breasts flop as she humps her pussy at her dog’s snout.  “More, Otto.  Lick me.”

Annie’s head is spinning.  Her young pussy is on fire, and buttery juices flow as her mouth dries when she stares at her mother through the partially open door.  The woman’s breathing is shallow, and her blue eyes glaze with lust.  Lisa writhed on her back, her pet’s tongue sloshing through her juice-drenched pussy lips.

Mmmmm, Otto,” the woman moans, rolling her hips as the dog’s tongue swipes across her clit.  “Ahhhhhh, so nice.”

Otto’s tongue enters Lisa’s scalding cunt, plunging deep.  The greedy muscles of her vagina are tugging the invading tongue.  The dog snorts as warm cream flows into its nostrils and shakes its head.  The dog jams its pointed snout into her pussy slit, its tongue probing deeper as its thick meaty cock peeks from its sheath and rubs into the sheet.

Bite,” Lisa moans.  “Oooo, Otto.  Bite my clit.”

She wriggles her hips, her trembling hands scooting down her flesh to her hot loins.  Lisa gouged her fingers into her pussy, exposing her vagina.  The German shepherd’s wet tongue slaps over her fingers and pussy.

Mmmmmm, Otto.  You’re so fucking good.”

Annie’s clutching the door to keep from falling.  She’s never heard her mother talk like this, and it blows her young mind.  One hand comes away from the door, and she slips her fingers down to her pussy.  The teen girl stifles a sigh, the fiery heat of her pussy greeting her fingers as she teases them through the entrance of her vagina.

Lisa rocks her hips, Otto’s tongue making her pussy contract.  “Bite, fucker,” she moans.  She exposes her pulsing clit.  “Bite it.”

She jams her pussy into the dog’s snout and gasps.  Otto growls, and the dogs’ head shakes.  The dog jams its pointed snout into Lisa’s pussy, stretching her vagina.  The German shepherd’s tongue snakes deep, the cream of her pussy soaking the beast.  Her muscles are trying to rip the dog’s tongue from its throat.  The dog growls, its head jerking up, banging her pulsing clit.

Ahhhh,” Lisa moans, her hips thrashing.  “Mmmmm, you’re such a pussy eater.” She swivels her hips, her fingers keeping her vagina open as the animal reams her.  “Mmmmm, Otto.  Do my clit.”

She slams her pussy into the dog’s face and shudders.  Otto growls and starts nipping at her pussy and her fingers.  The dog squirms on its stomach, its cock fully exposed now.  The pointed tip of the dog’s cock rubs into the sheet, seeping and throbbing as it nips lightly on her sensitive pussy.

Yessss,” Lisa hisses as her face flushed with desire.

She pulls her fingers away from her pussy and claws her nails up her writhing body.  She grabs her breasts, pawing them, her hips jerking, her legs set wide apart and stiff.

Mmmmm, Otto.  Chew me up.”

Otto’s hard pointed snout has milky pussy-cream coating it.  The dog snarls and starts nipping harder on the puffy flesh of her sizzling pussy.  The German shepherd’s balls ache, the dog bangs its teeth into her clit.  The action is driving Lisa wild.

Oooo, yes,” she squealed with delight.  “Bite it.  Chew my pussy.”

Lisa slams her pussy into her dog’s snout and shivers with bliss as her clit mashes into the dog’s teeth.

Annie is finding it difficult to stand.  Her legs are weak.  She leans against the wall, watching, her small breasts heaving as she sucks air into her lungs.  She pinches her clit and almost falls to the floor, her gaze never leaving her mother’s naked body and Otto between her long outstretched legs.

Chew it,” Lisa moans, her hips writhing, her large creamy breasts flopping.  “Chew my pussy.”

The Collective Sheela B.

  • When Annie Jenkins sees her mom getting it on with a dog her life changes forever. Words: 25,954. ISBN: 9781005864057

She smashes her pussy into Otto’s snout and shudders as her clit twists against the German shepherd’s nipping teeth.  Otto nipped at her pussy, growling each time Lisa jabs her loins into the dog’s face.  The German shepherd’s tongue lashes out, whipping over her clit and through her oozing pussy slit.  The dog nips at the velvety folds of her pussy lips as she bangs her groin into the animal.

Mmmm, Otto,” she moans, twisting her hips.  “Motherfucker.  Bite my fucking clit.”  She arches her back and bucks her hips, her pussy jamming against the dog’s pointed snout.  “Bite me, you fucking asshole.  Bite me.”

Otto latches onto her hard pulsating clit and snarls.  Hot pussy-cream flows, and the dog’s mistress’s body goes into spasms.  Growling, the dog shakes its head, its teeth scraping and tugging on her pulsating clit.

Yessss,” Lisa wails as she thrashes violently on her back.  “Ooooo, yes.”

While Otto growls and nibbles on her mother’s clit, Annie watches.  She gulps back her heart, knowing her mother is getting ready to orgasm.  It blows her mind.  The teen girl moans, bites her bottom lip, her pussy spasms.  Her mind starts to spin as she hears her mother scream.

I’m getting ready,” Lisa wails.  “Harder, fucker.  Bite me.”  The woman lashes at her dog’s snout, angering the German shepherd.  “Bite.  Get me off, fucker.”

Otto snips at Lisa’s clit.  Her thrashing body is mashing into the dog’s snout, making the dog twists its head.  Her clit is between Otto’s front teeth.  The dog chews hard, the animal’s pointed ears flat against its skull as it brings its horny mistress to the point of climax.

Oooo, Otto,” Lisa moans, deep in her throat.  “I’m there.” She humps, twists her hips as her pussy is ready to burst.  “Ooooo, I’m there, fucker.”

Otto growls, pussy juice flowing over the dog’s jowls.  The dog shakes its head, its teeth biting hard into Lisa’s clit.  The dog shoves its head forward, chewing on her clit still.

Lisa shuddered with joy.  “I’m cumming,” Lisa wails.  An explosion rips through her pussy.  “I’M CUMMING.”  The walls of her vagina close, then stretch as the muscles pulse and her cunt creams.  “OOOO, I’M CUMMING, GENERAL.”

Hot bubbling pussy juice gushes from the depths of her sizzling cunt.  The juices drench Otto as it flows into the dog’s snarling mouth, clogging its nostrils, and making the animal snort.  Lisa pounds the bed with her fists.  Her ass thuds into the mattress as she jams her climaxing vagina into her dog’s face.

Annie’s hypnotized, unable to tear its eyes away from her mother’s naked body as she thrashes on the bed.  Annie swoons, her small breasts swelling, the nipples feeling as if they’ll burst.  Her young body starts to twitch, her vagina contracting and her knees trembling.  The teen girl sucks in her breath, her mother’s screams of pleasure echoing in her head.

Lisa bucks and humps on Otto’s pointed snout, creaming the dog in a deluge of hot pussy juice.  Her neck strains, and her head snaps from side to side.  Her face twists, and drool oozes from her panting lips as her dark-blonde hair lashes across her face.

I’m cumming,” Lisa moans as more orgasms tore through her pussy.  “Oooo, God, I’m cumming.”

Otto destroys her clit between its teeth.  The dog growls.  The pussy juice gushes over its tongue and into the animal’s mouth.  The dog sinks its teeth into the pulsating erect clit, its ass squirming, its canine cock jabbing into the bed.  Lisa’s back arched, and her legs stiffened.

Ooooo, Otto,” she wails.  “Oooo, keep biting me.”

The woman mashes her pussy into the dog, orgasms whipping through her, each one more intense than the last.  Her hips wrench, her clit stretching, almost tearing as Otto’s teeth holds it captive.

Annie sees the pleasure on her mother’s face.  The sight made her climax.  “Oooo, Mommy,” she whispers under her breath.  “Oooo.”

Lisa’s body goes into spasms.  She shudders, thrusts her pussy against her dog’s snout, and starts to shake.  Her hips twist, and her mangled clit feels raw.  The inside of Lisa’s vagina is pulsating erratically.  Her breasts flop, and her er entire body is shaking out of control.

Ahhhh,” Lisa eventually wails, collapsing back on the bed.  “No more, Otto.  Stop.”

Otto snarls, backing away, instantly obeying Lisa’s command.  Pussy juice flows from the dog’s jowls and covers its snout.  The German shepherd’s eyes glow, and it starts to whimper.

Lisa moans, her body still twitching.  “Mmmmm, good boy, Otto.  Good boy.”

She snaps her fingers.  Otto comes beside her as she lovingly strokes its coat.

Annie tears herself away from the door and staggers back to her bedroom, her head reeling, her body on fire.


The Collective Sheela B.

  • When Annie Jenkins sees her mom getting it on with a dog her life changes forever. Words: 25,954. ISBN: 9781005864057

Annie throws herself on the bed, her small breasts crushing beneath her.  In her passion, she forgot to close the door.

Ooooo,” Annie moans, her face mashing into the pillow.  “Mmmmm.”

She humps her ass, her hands scooting under her body, seeking the sizzling heat of her pussy.  The blonde teen moans.  Her fingers are clawing through her wet seeping pussy and over her pulsating clit.  Then the girl pinches her clit hard and shudders as a spasm ripple through her vagina.  Ass humping and breasts jerking, Annie smashes her clit into her fingers.  Her ass bounces, and her legs spread.  Warm frothy fuck cream flows down her crack and stains the sheet.  The girl moans, her young body frantically writhing as she races toward an orgasm, her mind visualizing her mother creaming Otto’s face.

Then, the German shepherd pokes its nose in the door.  Annie’s whimpering sighs bring the dog to the bed.  The sweet scent of her overheated pussy brings the dog on the bed.  The animal sniffs, bringing its cold nose to the cheeks of Annie’s jiggling ass.  Otto’s cold nose against her hot ass startles Annie.  She jerks up and rolls over, her mouth opening in a gasp as she stares hotly at the giant German shepherd above her.

Oooo, Otto.”

Otto straddles Annie’s writhing body, the dog’s long red glistening cock sticking out from its sheath.  The animal lowers its head, its tongue lashing out over the creamy meat of her swollen breasts.

Oooo,” Annie moans as she squirms on her back.  “Lick ‘em, Otto.  Lick my titties.” She pushes her breasts together, offering them to the horny dog.

The Otto drools, the dog’s tongue is slapping over her breasts and pink nipples.  The animal burrows its snout between her breast mounds and shakes its head, its teeth nipping at her flesh.

Yessss,” Annie hisses as her hips roll.  “Bite ‘em, Otto.  Bite my titties.”

She grabs the dog’s pointed ears, then strokes its head and legs as it dines noisily on her sensitive breasts.

Do my pussy,” Annie moans, needing the fire inside her loins put out.  “Lick my pussy.”

She shoves at her dog’s head, her ass humping.  The dog jerks its head up, its tongue hanging from its mouth.  The animal whimpers, its tail wagging, as the dog brings its head back to Annie’s flesh, licking at her belly and wiggling hips.  Its nostrils flare.  The scent of her pussy is making the dog’s balls rumble.

Mmmmm, yes, Otto.  My pussy.”  Annie spreads her legs wide and brings her fingers to her pussy.  “Lick me like you licked mom.” The second before Otto drops between her legs, she spots its giant cock.  “Ooooo, God.”

Otto drops to its belly and squiggles close to Annie’s hot succulent teen pussy.  Its tongue slaps out from its mouth, slithering through her slit.

Ahhhh,” Annie moans.  The contact makes her tremble.  She squirms her ass into the bed, her pussy jamming against Otto’s snout.  “Lick it, Otto.  Make me cum.  Oooo, make me cum like mom.”

Lisa suddenly peeks in and smiles.  “Make her happy, Otto,” she whispers.  “Make her happy.” She tiptoes away and goes downstairs to fix lunch.

Annie thrashes on the bed, Otto’s slippery tongue driving her wild.  She humps and twists her hips, her breasts jiggling.  She lifts her head, stares at the dog between her legs.  “Lick.  Lick.  Oooo, God, lick me.”

Otto sloshes through her pussy, the dog’s tongue whacking across her clit. The animal jams its tongue into her vagina as warm pussy-cream flows over its pointed snout.  Then it jerks its head, and the dog whimpers as fuck cream and saliva drool from its mouth.

Oooo, Otto,” Annie moans.  “Don’t stop.  Don’t stop.” She lifts her ass high and jerks her hips.  “Eat me.  Please.”

The German shepherd drops its head back between her legs and starts to slowly lick its tongue through her pussy.  Warm girl cream flows over the dog’s rubbery tongue and into its mouth.  The animal lashes its tongue over her clit, and Annie bucks against its teeth.

Yessss,” Annie moans, writhing frantically on her back.  “Oooo, Otto.  You’re so much better than my fingers.”

She squirms, her nails clawing at the sheets as the German shepherd’s tongue gives her pleasure she’s never known before.  The dog jabs its tongue into her vagina again and hits her hymen.  This time, instead of barking, it finds her clit and starts nipping.  The animal snarls, its head shaking.  Annie’s clit is between the dog’s teeth.  Annie goes into spasms, and she humps madly.  She’s ready to orgasm, and the feelings make her head spin.

Oooo, Otto, I’m gonna cum.  Ooooo, bite.  BITE.”

Annie’s high-pitched squeals turn Otto on.  The animal chews on her clit, bringing her quickly to the peak.  The dog lashes her pussy and chews, its slurping mouth driving Annie right into an explosive orgasm.

I’m cumming,” Annie wails, her back bowing, her neck straining.  “Oooo, I’m cumming, Otto.  CUMMING.  Nnnnn.”

Annie climaxes like she never has before in her young life.  The dog’s lashing tongue and nipping teeth make her crazy.  A flurry of intense orgasms rips through her pussy, one after the other, as she bucks against the dog’s snout.

Oooo, God.  Eat me.  Lick me.”

The dog’s tongue lashes violently over Annie’s pussy.  Warm frothy juices stream from her pink pussy lips, and Otto snatches it away greedily.  Sweeping strokes and hard nips have Annie wailing and moaning in bliss.  Ass humping, breasts jiggling, Annie rams her wet creaming vagina into Otto’s hard snout.  With its black nose squeezing between the folds of her climaxing pussy lips, the teen girl goes wild.  Blindly, Annie humps, her churning hips.

Oooo, Otto,” she moans.  “Oooo, I’m cumming so good.”

The hungry German shepherd keeps up the frantic pace.  Its snake-like tongue, long and slippery, squirms into her cunt and over her pulsating clit.  The animal nips her puffy pussy lips and slaps her clit with its tongue, the flow of juice constantly washing over the dog’s face.

Eat me,” she wails, her hips bucking wildly.  “Eat me, Otto.  Ooh, I’m cumming all over you.” She thrashes on her back.  “Oooo, I’m cumming.”

The Collective Sheela B.

  • When Annie Jenkins sees her mom getting it on with a dog her life changes forever. Words: 25,954. ISBN: 9781005864057

With Otto chomping and licking her clit, Annie drums her ass against the mattress.  Her breasts are flopping, the nipples swollen and sore.  Her long slender legs jerk, stiffen, then slap at the bed.  She feels the dog’s tongue and each nip of its teeth, and she climaxes again.

Lick.  Lick.  Oooo, bite it.”

Otto nuzzles into her pussy, hitting her cherry.  The animal chews its way out and snaps at her clit, the dog’s slashing tongue like a whip that constantly keeps Annie swirling in a state of lust.  Her cream clogs the dog’s nose, and it snorts, the beast’s head jerking, its teeth scraping her clit.  The action turns Annie into a wildcat.  She lunges her hips, ramming her pussy into Otto’s tongue and nipping teeth.  More pussy cream gushes from her pulsating cunt.

Don’t stop, Otto,” she squeals, her hips wiggling, her ass grinding into the bed.  “Don’t stop.”

Otto laps at her overflowing pussy.  The animal snaps at her clit, her screams agitating the dog, making it more frantic.  Annie’s body flops.  Her hips lunge up, her pussy mashing into the German shepherd’s hard snout and nipping teeth.  She jerks wildly, orgasms tearing through her pussy as she crams her pussy into its mouth.

I can’t stop cumming,” she hysterically groans as she thrashes on the bed.  “Oooo, God, it’s wonderful.”

Her cunt contracts, the walls pulsating and creaming.  Her entire body twists, and she grabs the sheets with her fingers, turning them as another orgasm rages through her vagina.  Otto grips her clit.  Snarling, it weaves its head, stretching the pulsating meat.  The animal whips her clit with its tongue.  The sweet taste of her pussy arouses the dog to a fever pitch.  The last of her orgasms shoot through her pussy as Annie humps, shudders, and then collapses back on the bed.  Whimpering, her hips roll, the dog’s tongue still lapping up the last of her cream.

Stop,” Annie moans.  “STOP.”

Otto stops.  White milky pussy juice drools from the dog’s mouth make it appear rabid.  Its thick tongue rolls out and cleans its snout.  The animal stands, looking down at the girl, its cock throbbing and jutting out.  Pre-cum seeps from its pisser, and the dog’s balls ached.

Annie blinks rapidly.  She sees the dog’s big red cock, and swoons.  “Oooo, Otto.  Your cock.”


The German shepherd jumps off the bed to the floor, and suddenly it’s like it becomes blurry, and you can no longer see a dog.  Instead, the once canine shape shrinks and then rises until a naked human-looking man stands about six feet tall.  The man is muscular, and his still hard cock juts out a good nine inches from his body.  His hair is brown with gray streaks, but his eyes don’t match his physique.  There’s something odd about them that Annie can never quite figure out.

“Maybe this is a good place to stop,” Otto Otto said with a grin.  “I promised your mother I’d never take your virginity.”

Annie sighs deeply.  There’s always something so sexy about Otto.  “How long have you and mom been doing the canine thing?” she asks innocently.

“It’s new,” he admits.  “Your mother is very keen on exploring sexual possibilities.”

“It’s not like you have a Shifter in your life every day.”

He laughs.  “No, I guess for you, it’s novel.  Do you mind if I jerk off?  I need to get rid of this erection before I return to the base.”

“Can you turn it into a German shepherd cock again?”

He smiles.  Before Annie can even blink, there stands a human-looking man with a big dog cock.  It’s bizarre and sexy at the same time.  The Otto starts stroking his canine cock before the teen girl, whimpering, not unlike a puppy.  His lips draw back, baring fangs, and his tongue pokes out some.  Annie stares in awe.

Oooo, I love it.”

She shivers, seeing the Shifter’s hot greasy cock gliding along his hand.  The Otto jerks, jabbing his cock into both hands.  He moans, the Shifter’s eyes glowing.  Suddenly, the Shifter’s big hairy balls explode.  Hot jizz gushes from his cock and splashes into Annie’s face and chest.

Cum,” she moans.  The alien’s hot jizz is searing her flesh.  “Cum, Otto.  Cum all over me.”

The Otto’s balls explode again, and a torrent of jizz spurts from his canine cock.  The Shifter’s ass jerks wildly.  The alien yelps, jabs hard, the jizz still squirting from his cock.

Ooooo, shit,” Annie moans.  “You should be fucking a pussy.” She giggles.  “A nice hot pussy.”

The Otto drains his balls and stands, his legs wobbly.  He stares at her jizz-soaked face and breasts and smiles.  “I’ve wanted to do that to you ever since I moved in with your mom,” he said.

“What stopped you?” Annie asks, feeling his jizz dripping off her.

“Your age,” he said.  “We Paladanians always respect the laws of other species.  Once you turned eighteen, your mom said it was OK.”

Annie giggles.  “You Paladin’s sure cum a lot,” she said, wiping alien jizz from her face.  “God, you could drown somebody with this shit.  No human male can cum like that.”

“I better go put some clothes on,” Otto said and smiled.  “I suggest you do the same.  The fun is over for today.”

“Yeah, I gotta go to classes this afternoon anyway,” Annie said, standing.  “But I’m gonna think about your cock all day if that makes you happy.”

“It does.”

He kisses her on her scalp and leaves the room.  Annie follows not long after heading for the bathroom to shower.


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