The Dog Show


“I’m feeling really fucking horny today, Shell,” Tiana ‘Tee’ Carter announces.

Michelle ‘Shell’ Boyd raises her eyebrows. The two women were neighbors and Tiana had stopped at Michelle’s for morning coffee and, seated at the kitchen table, she suddenly blurted out her feelings. Blushing slightly with a grimace, the Tiana realizes she said something aloud that should’ve been kept in her head. Michelle grins.

“Ethan usually fucks me in the morning,” Tiana said with a shrug. “But he is late waking up today, and we didn’t have time, and it’s left me frustrated as hell. A woman gets used to morning cock, right?”

“I always liked it, Tee. A man’s morning boner is the best one,” Michelle said.

“What do you do for sex now poor Justin’s passed?”

Michelle shrugs. “Oh, this and that,” she said rolling her eyes.

The two women gaze at each other across the table. They’re both very sexy women in their thirties. Tiana has long black hair, as straight as if she’s ironed it, framing a face with high cheekbones and slanted brown eyes and a full, sensual mouth (think Brooklyn Sudano). Her breasts are big and firm, waist is tiny, and her hips swept out in lush abundance. Tiana is wearing a light cotton dress that molds itself into her body. Even if she hadn’t admitted to being horny, the fact is obvious enough because of the way her big, stiff nipples stand in twin peaks.

Michelle, by contrast, is more like actor Halle Berry. She wears her hair short, and her brown eyes appear deceptively innocent. Her body is slim, with C-cup breasts and a heart-shaped ass. She is not dressed yet having just got up when Tiana stopped by and is wearing a sexy black negligee, semi-transparent. Her nipples are stiff too, and the outline of her pussy hair is faintly visible through the sheer black garment.

Tiana has recently married, and she and her husband moved into the house next door to Michelle with two kids who are now at school. Michelle’s husband Justin died in a car accident a few years ago, leaving her with one boy to raise alone. They’re good friends and have no inhibitions when they talk about personal matters.

Michelle raises her coffee cup and sips. “I suppose we can go on Tindr and pick up a couple of guys for the day,” Michelle said. “You want to?”

Tiana hesitates, considering it. Then she shakes her head. “I don’t want to cheat on Ethan,” she said. “Oh, I fucked around a lot before we married, but I haven’t been unfaithful to him since. I suppose I might, someday, but I don’t wanna put the kids through that crap if Ethan catches me.”

Michelle shrugs.

Tiana, looking somewhat hesitant, said, “The reason I stopped by … Well … I was wondering if maybe you had some batteries I can borrow.” She giggles. “I was gonna use my vibrator, but the damn batteries are flat. Do you use toys now you’re alone?”

Tiana is gazing at the table, slightly embarrassed by the question. Michelle stares at her speculatively.

“I’ve got a dildo,” Michelle said. “But, to be honest, I seldom use it.”

“Oh? I finger fucked myself a little after Ethan left and I was still in bed. But once you have regular cock and tongue, masturbation isn’t as much fun. I mean, it’s sort of a waste, huh?”

“Yeah, it’s better than nothing, but it isn’t much.”

“How come you don’t use your dildo, then?” Tiana asked.

“Well, I use something else, instead.”

Now Michelle turns away and purses her lips tightly as if wondering whether she should tell Tiana about it. Tiana gazes at Michelle with raised eyebrows and bright eyes.

“It’s sorta nasty…” Michelle said blushing. “I don’t know what you’d think about it.”

“Sounds intriguing, tell me, huh?”

“You might be shocked…”

“Ooh, it must be bad. Tell me … Tell me…” Tiana urges, wondering what can make an uninhibited woman as Michelle feel embarrassed and reluctant to talk about it.

They have always discussed their sex lives openly in the past, and Michelle admitted several naughty things. Like, how she used to cheat on her husband before his death in the accident, and how in college Michelle was the ‘gangbang bitch’ and loved it. So why is she so hesitant now, Tiana wonders?

“Lex,” Michelle murmurs.


“My dog … Lex…”

Tiana frowns; she’s puzzled thinking Michelle had changed the subject. “What about Lex?”

“He licks me off,” Michelle blurts.

“Oh, really…” Tiana said with bulging eyes.

Michelle, seeing Tiana’s more interested than shocked, grins. “Yeah, really, he’s got a great tongue, and he just loves to lick my pussy. I cream on his tongue all the time. Shit, I was getting head from a dog even before I was married.”

“Fuck, gurrl, that is nasty,” Tiana said shaking her head.

“I caught a dog licking my dirty panties one day,” Michelle said leering. “When I was at college, and that’s what gave me the idea. When I saw that big wet tongue slurping at the crotch of my dirty panties, I got so hot. Dog’s have been licking my pussy ever since. Of course, Lex gets really excited tonguing my pussy, so afterward I have to jerk the brute off. But that’s kinda fun too.”

“It sounds … interesting…” Tiana said softly.

They stare at each other significantly.

“You wanna borrow Lex’s tongue?” Michelle asks with a naughty glint in her eyes.

“Oh, shit … I don’t know. It’s kinda illegal, right?”

“Yeah, Tee, but who’s gonna know? I certainly won’t tell,” Michelle said. “You can get your rocks off without having to cheat on your husband.”

“Well, I am so damned hot…”

Michelle grins. “Yeah, let’s fool around with the dog, OK? He can tongue you while I jerk his big dick.”

“I don’t know,” Tiana said and grimaces. “It’s bestiality … It’s immoral, right?”

“Tee, you know I’ve been around the block a few times, right? I mean I’ve done it with men and women in every way imaginable.”

“Tiana nods smiling. “Yes, you’re a slut,” she said. “But there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“Right, I like sex, and I’m not ashamed of trying new things,” Michelle said. “I’ve had all manner of people eat my pussy before, but I can tell you … As God is my witness … None and I mean NONE of those people comes close to what Lex can do. He can give you orgasms with that tongue that’ll leave you stupid for the rest of the day.”

A silence hangs in the air as Tiana processes what Michelle has said.

“OK,” Tiana eventually said rapidly becoming enthusiastic about the idea.

Thinking while some would say it’s depraved or perverted to get head from an animal, it only makes it more exciting. To do something so taboo has a thrill of its own.

Michelle grins and gets up. She moves to the door, her heart-shaped ass swinging provocatively. Tiana stares at her friend’s shapely body. Tiana doesn’t have any lesbian tendencies, as far as she knows, but it’s strangely exciting to think she’d be sharing a dog with such a sexy woman.

Michelle opens the door and calls to the dog stretched out by his kennel in the yard. Lex raises his big, blunt head and cocks an ear. The dog is a giant, shaggy brute without pedigree, but with a nimble tongue and a massive cock and balls.

“C’mon, boy, it’s pussy lickin’ time,” Michelle said giggles.

Lex gets up and advances toward the house stiff-legged, the dog’s cock hanging down, not hard yet but an impressive hunk of meat even in its soft condition. The beast comes through the door and sniffs at Michelle’s ass as it passes. She closes the door and moves back to the table, with Lex at her heels. The mutt’s nostrils twitch as it sniffs. The women are hot and juicy now, and there’s a delicious aroma of pussy in the room. The dog’s cock stiffens as it smells the intoxicating fragrance. Well-trained, Lex knows just what the scent implies.

“Let’s go into the front room,” Michelle suggests.

Tiana gets up eagerly, and the two women leave the kitchen with the dog following. Its dick has risen to horizontal by this time, and the angry red cock is starting to push out from the furry sheath, Lex’s balls swollen with semen. Tiana turns to look at the brute and grins impishly when she sees how big the dog’s dick is.

Michelle slips her negligee off. “He shoots jizz by the bucketful,” she said. “It gets all over my clothes if I don’t strip.”

Tiana is gazing admiringly at Michelle’s sexy body, having vaguely disturbing-and exciting-thoughts.

“You better get naked, too,” Michelle suggests.

Tiana giggles nervously and draws her dress up, removing it. Her naked breasts bobble and the stiff nipples stand out like little rocket ships ready for launch. Tiana is wearing tiny bikini panties, and the crotch band is soaking with juice.

“Shit, Tee, you’ve gotta great body,” Michelle whispers.

“So have you, Shell,” Tiana said shyly.

Lex sniffs at Michelle’s pussy now, but she stands with her legs together. The dog’s tongue runs through her wiry black pussy hair, soaking her with doggy slobber. Tiana slips her thumbs under the elastic of her panties and tugs them down, her ass and hips squirming. She raises a knee to pull them from her foot, and Michelle stares right at her pussy not even trying to conceal her interest.

“Fucking hell, you must be horny, honey-your pussy is soaking wet and wide open,” Michelle said wide-eyed.

Tiana’s pussy lips are unfurled like the petals of a flower, and her slit has widened into a slit, that’s flooded with creamy juice. The black woman’s clit stands out from the wet slit, as stiff and as taut as her nipples. A trickle of pearly pussy juice slowly runs down the inside of Tiana’s thigh.

“You’re in for a real treat, Lex,” Michelle said eagerly. Her tongue slowly slides across her lower lip. “Shit, Tee, your pussy looks so delicious I might eat it, myself.”

“Ooh…” Tiana squeals. “I never had a woman go down on me, Shell, but I wouldn’t mind.”

“Maybe later,” Michelle said. “If you want to, let’s just let Lex have his dog-yummy first. Let him sniff your panties.”

Tiana tosses the panties to the carpet. They flutter down like a butterfly with damp wings. The dog trots over and lowers its head, sniffing. Then it gives a little yelp and licks at the soaking crotch band enthusiastically. Michelle kneels beside Lex’s shaggy brown flank and grasps it dick. Folding her fist around the sheath, Michelle pulls it back, causing the big red pointy cockhead to flare out, throbbing and pulsating. Cupping the dog’s balls, Michelle lifts them in her hand, as if weighing the amount of jism they contain. Then the woman strokes along the length of the dog’s shaft again.

“He’s ready for a snack,” Michelle said as the big cock pounds in her stroking fist.

The dog humps, fucking through her hand. It turns its head toward Michelle, but she pushes it away, toward Tiana.

“Sit on the edge of the couch, Tee.”

Tiana does, her ass perched on the edge and her long, shapely legs extend to the floor and the woman’s thighs part. Tiana’s pussy is a plump triangle of trimmed black hair, spreading out on her lower belly. Her juicy pussy is flowing like a swampy river. Ribbons of juice run down into the crack of her ass and a creamy trickle slid down her thigh.

“Pussy, boy,” Michelle said, pulling the dog closer to Tiana.

Lex appears a bit puzzled, having never lapped a pussy other than his mistress’s, but there’s no mistaking the significance of the delicious aroma drifting from the other woman’s loins. The dog whimpers and rumbles in its throat. Lex’s snout twitched. Tiana slides a hand between her legs and spread her pussy lips open even wider. Lex pushes his big head in and his cold nose taps against her hot clit, causing Tiana to shudder. The dog’s long, red tongue snakes out and slurps up her creamy slit.

“Oh … Ooh…” Tiana moans softly.

“Yeah… Lap that sweet pussy,” Michelle said, fascinated to see her dog’s tongue slapping into Tiana’s soaking slit.

Tiana squirms on the edge of the couch, moaning as Lex’s pliable tongue whips at her hot vagina. The dog is yelping with enthusiasm as delicious pussy cream pours over its taste buds. There, ribbons of creamy pussy foam streaks the pink meat of its tongue.

“Ooh … It’s good…” Tiana moans.

She’s had plenty of tongue from men before, but never felt anything as good as the dog’s lapper. Lex’s head goes up and down like a rocking horse as he slurps at her crotch, licking Tiana from the crack of her ass to her mound with long, moist strokes. The blunt muzzle soon lathers with pussy juice.

“Mmmm…it looks good, too,” Michelle purrs.

Curling a toe on the floor at the edge of the couch, Michelle wraps her hand around the root of Lex’s dick. She jacks the shaggy dog’s cock slowly, her hand skimming along his cock. Then Michelle tightens her grip, so she’s dragging the sheath up and down. Lex’s dick is hammering wildly in her fist. The meat of the mutt’s cockhead pulsing in and out like an inhaling lung and the shaft feels so taut it’s almost humming like a tuning fork. Michelle pulls back to the dog’s balls and its cockhead flares. The piss hole parts and a few drops of precum bubbled out, hot and thick and frothy.

Michelle jerks the bloated cockhead and rubs her thumb against the hot shaft. The cockhead is slippery with the precum oozing from the dog’s piss hole. Then she stops stroking Lex, holding the dick steady. It’s a real thrill to pump the jism out of the dog, but she wants Tiana to cum first. Watching Lex lap merrily away at Tiana’s pussy, Michelle loves to see his long tongue slide into her friend’s soaking, smoldering cunt. Stabbing that relentless tongue right up inside Tiana’s vagina now, licking the insides of her creamy tunnel as well as her pussy lips and clit.

“Cum, honey,” Michelle whispers. “Cream on the dog’s fucking tongue. Fuck, it’s making me so hot.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna juice the fucker,” Tiana groans.

Waves of joy run across Tiana’s pumping belly and shoot, like electric currents, up her trembling thighs. Her pelvis jerks in a fucking motion as the woman grinds her groin against the dog’s muzzle and tongue. Hips jolt and her ass churned on the edge of the couch. Lex whimpers with the pleasure of licking pussy, relishing the tasty feast. Tiana’s pussy is getting even more delicious as her orgasm approaches and the flow increases. The quick tongue flips up her hairy crotch and sprays juice and saliva onto the woman’s belly. The dog dips down and runs its tongue up the taut crack of Tiana’s ass, slurping the pussy cream seeped into the tasty tunnel. Then Lex runs it through her slit and up over her mound. His dog slobber soaking her crotch and her juice streaks it with pearly ribbons.

“Ooh … I’m cumming…” Tiana wails.

Michelle, holding the dog’s dick steady, leans closer, her face contorted by lust, eager to see her friend orgasm. The waves are rushing through Tiana’s pussy faster and faster, each wave coming higher than the one before until they’re merging into a prolonged crest.

“Ah … I’m cumming … Omigod …My cunt is melting…” Tiana shouts throwing her head back.

Juice pours out of Tiana’s soaking slit, coating the dog’s tongue and lathering its muzzle. The mutt ravenously slurps away, its big body quivering with joy as the dog swallowed her cum juice. Tiana closes her thighs around the dog’s head, clamping it to her crotch, and then she throws her legs wide open again so she and Michelle can watch her pussy foam on the animal’s tongue.

Shuddering violently, Tiana reaches the peak. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahrrrrrr…” she squeals. “Omigod … I’m cumming…”

Slumping back on the couch, Lex continues to lick hungrily away, slurping the last of Tiana’s juice and working off the final spasms of her orgasm. Tiana smiles dreamily at Michelle from the couch.

“That was fucking fantastic,” she said.


This is an excerpt from the 24,000 word bestiality novella called “The Dog Show”. By the eBook to ready every nasty detail.


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