The Gilded Cage


The Gilded Cage! Moe Lester

  • Four women find themselves trapped in a luxurious apartment by an unknown abductor and pass the time having sex. Words: 16,718.
Two weeks pass, and Kylie begins to fit in with the group. They know they cannot change their situation, and they have a lot in common with each other. Kylie has witnessed the other women becoming intimate with one another, day and night. It doesn’t matter to them since nothing changed. The previous afternoon, she’d been reading in the sitting room while Lana and Tania make out. Kissing turns into heavy petting, and then Lana licks and kisses her way down Tania’s chest, and suckles on her nipple. Kylie is turned on as she watches Lana licks and sucks. Tania’s nipple responds by enlarging and protruding as Lana’s sucking becomes more urgent.

Lana practically pulls Tania’s nipple off her chest with her mouth and swears she can taste sweet nectar leaking from the redhead’s breasts. Her hand strokes Tania’s flat stomach, working its way down to her pussy, which is already wet with excitement. Kylie notices the lips of Tania’s pussy are loose as if waiting for the hardness of a man to enter them. However, there are no men available, only Lana’s gently stroking fingers that finally find the slit and gently rubs, teasing Tania and causing her pussy to gush her fluids.

Lana brings her fingers to her mouth, tasting Tania’s sweetness and causing the redhead to become even more excited. She can’t wait anymore, and dives down on Tania, pushing her thighs apart and lapping at the redhead’s pussy with her tongue. Tania raises her legs and scoots down closer to the probing tongue. Lana gently separates Tania’s pussy lips and put her lips in full contact with the erect clit. Now she chews and sucks on Tania’s clit, which caused the redhead to cum hard in the woman’s mouth.

“Mmmmmm—unnnnh,” Tania moans as Lana’s lips and tongue do their work.

Kylie hadn’t realized how excited this is making her and she shakes her head to regain her senses. There’s no reason the women can’t please each other all day long, what else is there to do in this prison. No one is there to stop them, and they have no responsibilities. She realizes she’s masturbating and has not even been aware. The sofa underneath her has a big wet stain where she leaked her excitement. The slurping sounds coming from Lana announce she’s drinking her fill of Tania’s pussy juices.

On occasion, Kylie can see Tania’s tenderized pussy and notes the lips are loose from relaxation from almost two months of living in this gilded cage. A life of pure pleasure, Kylie thought, through the goodness of an unknown benefactor. Tania’s pussy produces all the juices Lana can handle. Her tits heave with each breath, jiggling gently while displaying her prominent nipples.

Eventually, Tania cums, her head falling back, and eyes rolling into her head. She practically screams in pleasure. In Tania’s mind, that pleasure mixes with frustration. No matter how often Lana or Mei gives her pleasure, she needs to feel a man. She needs a man deep inside, squirting semen, and filling her to dripping. The redhead humps forward on Lana’s face making believe it is a man. For her part, Kylie cums for the first time in weeks, a pleasurable orgasm, but one that would’ve felt better with a man’s touch. All three of them lie where they are, panting heavily. Mei comes into the room, holding an envelope in her hand.

“Hey, what’s happening ladies?” she asks. They all just stare at her and smile, still breathing heavily through their mouths. “Save some for me,” Mei groans.

“God, what I would do for a real cock,” Tania said rolling her eyes.

The others all have the same sentiment. They’ve been deprived of cock for a long time now, not even a dildo or a vibrator in this gilded cage. They could almost cream just from the fantasy.

“Hey, Mei, what’s in the envelope?” Kylie asks.

Mei remembers the envelope and opens it, pulling out a note. “Well, this is a little strange,” she said. “Everyone has to bend over the center bench in the playroom, and then I’m supposed to bind your hands and feet.”

“I wonder what this is about,” Kylie asks glancing at the other women.

“Fucked if I know,” Lana said, “but at least it’s something new.”

“Alright, everyone bend over the bench,” Tania said getting up.

The Gilded Cage! Moe Lester

  • Four women find themselves trapped in a luxurious apartment by an unknown abductor and pass the time having sex. Words: 16,718.

The bench is padded and comfortable. After Mei binds them to the bench, they’re all spread-eagle with their butts in the air and their heads close to the floor. Their tits wobble slightly, and they know they’re in the prime position to allow access to their pussies and asses. Next, Mei covers them all with blindfolds. Instead of taking advantage of the others, Mei ties herself in place at the end of the bench, leaving one hand free so she can get out of the shackles.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Lana asks. “I thought that you would start us up again?”

“Well, I just want to see what it’s like for you first,” Mei said. “I’ll get up in a minute.” However, before she can move, a Corgi enters the room behind her. “What the—ahhhhhh,” she squeals.

Mei never finishes her words as she feels a sharp needle in her ass fired from the wall behind the Asian woman and passes out.

“Mei, what’s going on?” Tania asks. “I hear something, but I don’t know what.”

The Corgi, whose name is Scruff, smells the mixed bitch smells that it likes a great deal. The dog becomes instantly excited and runs from one to another of the bitches and licks their pussies to get a taste. Scruff excitedly goes to Tania, licks her pussy, and exposed ass crack.

“Ooh,” Tania moans.

Her pussy, now conditioned to respond immediately to any stimulation, opens its moistened crack to the stimulus. Scruff isn’t about to wait since it doesn’t know how long it’ll have to fuck, but the dog is full of cum and needs a release. Now although it’s a small dog, it still has six inches of hard, red cock in front of its knot, and then another two behind it. When fully erect, the Corgi’s cock is thick. In Scruff’s mind, Tania is offering herself to it, so the dog did what comes naturally.

He mounts Tania’s back and begins poking its already red cock toward the bitch. It takes almost no effort for it to slide into the already well-lubricated Tania. She responds with surprise – “Oohhhhhhhh. Unnggh” she said as Scruff completely pushed its rod inside of her, its knot beginning to expand to full size.

“Tania, what is it?” Kylie asks.

“I—uungh—I don’t—ungh—know, but—unnngh—something is fucking me,” she moans.

The girls don’t know what to make of it. Then Lana asks, “Is it good?”

“Omigod, yeeahs,” Tania responds hotly.

“Hey I want some too,” Lana shouts.

They think some guy is pounding Tania.

“Hey Tania, it sounds great,” Kylie said. “Save some for me.”

However, Tania cannot answer. She’s concentrating on the first real cock inside of her in months. Although she can’t figure out what is fucking her, she’s enjoying it. The redhead begins to orgasm hard. “Aaaaaahhhhh—uuuuuuuuuuuunnnh—ooh,” she moans.

Her new lover is shooting cum into her now, and Tania can feel the hot jets coursing through the cock and shooting into her womb. Scruff hasn’t had a bitch in weeks, and it has a vast reservoir of cum to fill her. The knot has expanded and filled Tania quickly, as the tip of the Corgi’s cock settles against her cervix. Scruff keeps pumping away into its bitch, and Tania responds to each of the thrusts. Her cunt firmly milks Scruff’s cock in rhythm to the cum coursing through the shaft of the dog’s hard cock.

The Gilded Cage! Moe Lester

  • Four women find themselves trapped in a luxurious apartment by an unknown abductor and pass the time having sex. Words: 16,718.

Each volley of the dog’s hot cum it shoots into Tania is rewarded by her cunt messaging the next. Scruff ejaculates more and more, its cum puddling beneath the fucking couple. The Corgi has fucked many bitches before but has never done one quite as needy as this one. Tania is semi-conscious as she realizes her lover is exceptionally hairy. Over the months, she has been here, her sexual inhibitions have entirely disappeared, and her body is able to enjoy the first real fuck in ages without reservation. The redhead orgasms multiple times as Scruff’s knot stimulates her g-spot.

Eventually, Scruff’s spent cock slides from Tania’s stretched and well-lubricated cunt, and the dog hops off her back. The dog is still erect, and its cock continues convulsing and dripping sperm onto the floor. Now it has had a good fuck, the Corgi is more in control of itself and sniffs the air. The dog detects more bitch smells, more needy cunts for its pleasure. Scruff goes to Lana and begins licking her pussy and ass, its canine tongue has no trouble entering either one.

“Ooh,” Lana said in surprise. “I think there’s some kind of animal in here. I was just licked by a something.”

Tania mutters, “Just lie there and enjoy whatever it is.”

Scruff goes to Mei, who is now awakening. The dog samples her ass and pussy and finds them pleasing. It hops up on Mei’s back and begins to probe away searching for her cunt that is emitting the best of smells. Although Mei isn’t fully conscious, her body knows how to respond, and her cunt begins lubricating in anticipation of receiving a cock finally. Scruff grabs the bitch around her narrow waist and slightly lifts Mei off the bench. The dog’s cock approaches her from the right side, and it feels the heat of her slit on the tip.

The Corgi pushes slightly, and the tip of its sheathed cock slides into her hole. When the dog feels its cock enter her cunt, it pulls back on her hips and pushes its pelvis forward, shoving the entire length of its cock inside the Asian woman.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” Mei shouts in surprise as she feels her back end lift and a hard cock shoved inside.

Once Scruff is inside, the dog rapidly fucks her back and forth, its cock and knot growing to full-size gain. Mei feels the hot cock and knows what it is, her body responding involuntarily to the expanding member. She feels a bump at the base that keeps stimulating her g-spot as it recedes and enters her with each thrust. The bump quickly grows to full size, stretching her and locking them together.

When Scruff feels locked into Mei, it fucks her harder than before. Since it has just released a tremendous load inside of Tania, the dog has more time to fuck this bitch before it cums again. Mei can only hold on for the ride, which has become extremely pleasurable. Scruff knows how to satisfy a bitch, and it definitely is in control of the situation. Mei’s tits wobble and bang into the bench, the months of working out preparing her for a long ride, her tight body using all of its muscles.

Eventually, after five minutes of an intense pounding, Scruff explodes, sending fluids it didn’t know it possessed deep within its bitch. The dog’s mating instinct is strong, and its body pumps a second load, equal in volume to the first. The animal’s semen runs out of Mei’s cunt although they’re tied tightly together with the knot.

“Oooh—ahhhhhh—ooooooo,” Mei moans. “Ungh—ahhhhhhhhh.”

One orgasm after another wash over her, she doesn’t want this pounding to ever end, it can’t stop because in her mind Mei would never be happy again. The hot semen that flows into her inner recesses fills the woman, makes her happy, and want more.

“Omigod—ooh, YES,” she cums one last time, and then Scruff is still.

The dog lies on Mei’s back, its cock continuing to pump whatever cum remains in its canine balls into its new bitch. The dog has never felt so exhausted before after mating.

Suddenly, a German shepherd whose name is Killer enters the room. Killer enters the room and just as Scruff did before, sniffs around at the smells of pussy in the room. The dog makes a whining sound as it realizes it’s about to mate. Killer sees Scruff motionless on top of Mei, and goes to Tania, still dripping from her fucking with Scruff. The dog sniffs her and then begins to lick between her legs at the canine semen running out of her pussy. Its licking gets more intense, and Tania starts moaning; now she’s always ready for sex. Killer jumps up on her, being a bigger dog than Scruff is, it’s heavier.

“Ooh,” Tania groans as Killers weight settles on her back.

The Gilded Cage! Moe Lester

  • Four women find themselves trapped in a luxurious apartment by an unknown abductor and pass the time having sex. Words: 16,718.

The glistening end of the German shepherd’s cock emerges from its sheath, and it moves its hind legs in closer and begins to probe at Tania. The redhead feels its cock assault her asshole and tries to push beneath the member to allow it to enter her pussy. After some attempts, Killer jumps down and licks her again. Once reenergized with the taste, the German shepherd jumps back up and dances around, trying to enter her accurately. A couple of more jabs at her asshole, and then the tip of Killer’s red cock slides between her pussy lips.

“Ahhhhhh,” is all Tania can say since it happens so quickly.

As the German shepherd prepares to enter her fully, it fell out and hit her asshole again. Frustrated, Tania moves back slightly, and as Killer thrusts again, it entered her at least two inches. This time it didn’t pull back as far and remains inside her warm cunt. Now the German shepherd’s body takes over, and its cock starts to grow within her. As it thrust forward, it’s able to push six inches of its eight-inch cock into Tania’s spasming cunt. She gasps at the sudden intrusion but knowing what’s to come, grasps what she can with her cunt. Killer likes the feeling and on the next thrust, pushes all eight inches into Tania’s belly.

The dog quickly begins releasing precum for lubrication and expands inside of Tania. Its knot starts as a little bump, and it grows. With each thrust, the knot gets larger and larger, soon surpassing the size of Scruffs. Tania takes quick breaths in and out, trying to steady herself for her lover. The dog’s knot now grows to the size of a fist, and it locks the German shepherd inside of Tania’s body.

Now Tania has Killer’s eight inches of dog cock plus a big knot inside her, she knows there’s nothing she can do, and begins to orgasm. Her pussy closes tightly around the cock and knot, already knowing what to do. When Killer feels her cunt grab his cock, it hunches over and lifts Tania to the extent her bonds will allow, forcing her into the perfect receptive position. Her tits are now banging on the padded bench with each of Killer’s thrusts. Her moans of ecstasy thrill the other girls, who are longing to get a piece of what Tania and Mei have going on.

Scruff finishes cumming, and its underutilized cock and knot begins to soften and shrink. The Corgi jumps off Mei, making her issue a final groan, as its shrinking knot opens her slightly. A flood of canine cum runs out of her gaping, ravaged cunt. The dog goes over to the wall and lies, licking the remains of its and her cum off its shrinking cock.

Meanwhile, Killer is continuing its assault on Tania who is moaning and groaning uncontrollably in pleasure.

Lana turns her head in Kylie’s direction. “I need some of that,” she said. “I never heard anyone moan in such pleasure.”

Then a Dalmatian enters the room.

This dog’s named Spotty, and it’s attracted to the bitch smell that fills the room. Spotty stops behind Kylie, and immediately goes to work sampling her pussy and ass. The Dalmatian’s long tongue slips into Kylie’s pussy, tasting its sweet nectar. The dog laps up whatever it can get at.

Meanwhile, Killer (the German shepherd) is still pulverizing Tania with its lightning thrusts. The dog used her like a ragdoll, grasping her with its strong front paws and pulling her hips toward its pistoning pelvis. Tania’s pussy has given up on controlling anything. She has Killer’s large knot, blown up like a balloon, stretching the inside of her cunt, behind its ten inches, three-finger wide shaft. The tip of Killer’s cock pushes through Tania’s cervix and is filling her uterus with its cum.

The redhead lies limp in total ecstasy, as Killer continues to drive its cock in and out of her cunt. Each time it pulls out, she sees flashes of white light that causes the redhead to want to pull it deeper into her body. However, the German shepherd’s cock has invaded as deeply as it can, and the prodigious amounts of cum shooting from its member is so hot, she can feel it filling her womb. Each of its thrusts fills her more and more, and its knot prevents any from escaping. Tania feels pressure building from the German shepherd’s thrusts and the amount of canine semen inside, but she doesn’t care and can’t do anything about it.

Killer barks, indicating the dog has orgasmed, and it has successfully mated with its bitch. Its whole body shakes as the German shepherd’s cock now uncontrollably releases as much semen as it’s able. Killer has exceptionally strong jets of sperm, which come from a muscular prostate and its overall youth. Now it collapses on top of Tania, its cock surging as it completes its purpose.

The Gilded Cage! Moe Lester

  • Four women find themselves trapped in a luxurious apartment by an unknown abductor and pass the time having sex. Words: 16,718.

Kylie is now the one moaning in pleasure, as Spotty triggers small orgasms within her. Her juices drip, and Spotty laps them up. When the Dalmatian finally thought the time was right, it jumps on Kylie’s back. Kylie feels the lean muscular dog; she feels its warmth as their bodies come together. Spotty prods Kylie, but only succeeds as Killer had initially in poking at her asshole.

The Dalmatian’s hind legs dance in closer to its bitch, and suddenly, the tip of its cock enters Kylie’s tight asshole. Kylie gasps a little and tries to pull back to allow Spotty to reposition itself to enter the right hole. However, the bench prevents her, and Spotty moves its hindquarters against her in anticipation of a successful coupling. The Dalmatian pushes forward, and now its bone hard cock enters five inches into Kylie’s asshole.

“NOOOOOO—OMIGOD—NOOOOOO,” Kylie squeals in pain.

“What is it?” Lana asks worriedly. What’s wrong?”

“It’s in my ass,” Kylie groans. “OMIGOD, it’s fucking my asshole.”

She gasps with pain and surprise, along with anger, as her aching pussy is begging for this cock. Spotty’s cock hasn’t yet swollen, and the dog pushes forward again against its captive whom has no room to move. Now the entire length of the Dalmatians’ eight-inch cock enters this tight asshole, and it continues to cause Kylie pain as she tries to straighten out. When its cock feels success, the warmth of Kylie’s bowels wrapping around it, the canine member begins to swell, and Spotty starts a ramrod assault on Kylie’s tight asshole.

“Oooowwwwwwww,” she screams. “Oh God, it’s gonna tear me in two.”

“Kylie,” Lana shouts. “Are you hurt?”

However, Kylie doesn’t respond as Spotty’s cock continues to grow. Spotty oozes its precum, which allows it to lubricate Kylie’s burning anus. This seems to help, as its now engorged dick slides smoothly back and forth into the woman’s ass. Kylie knows she’s trapped and has to make the best of it. Then a strange thing happens. The more Spotty thrusts, the more the burning pain turns to pleasure.

Kylie now feels something banging into her anus with each thrust. She doesn’t know it’s Spotty’s knot but is lucky it hasn’t entered her yet. Spotty’s continued thrusts are releasing more and more precum, which now slowly drips out of Kylie’s asshole as a clear fluid. The Dalmatian now prepares to get a better grip on its bitch, to get her ready for its copious semen. As the dog grabs her, its large cock slips out of Kylie’s asshole, in one fluid motion. The dog now realizes its knot hasn’t entered her and so it has to remedy the situation.

Spotty pokes its now extended cock back at Kylie, while simultaneously lifting her body. Its precum is spraying all over Kylie’s ass and legs, filling the room with its smell. Then, the tip of its cock finds a soft, pliable, wet and warm slit, Kylie’s cunt. The dog immediately shoves the entire length of its cock inside of her vagina, determined to get back to where it was before. However, this time it feels different, and with the various position, Kylie is able to push herself back at her lover.

“Ooh, YES—that’s it—fuck me—FUCK ME,” Kylie now moans feeling the throbbing cock in her cunt.

Her desperate pussy lovingly engulfs the Dalmatian’s entire cock and opens for its fully engorged knot. The knot, however, is as big as a man’s fist, and it won’t enter Kylie’s tight cunt. Now Spotty moves its legs directly beneath the woman and pushes as she does against it. All at once, her pussy opens wide enough to accept the well-lubricated knot. Kylie gasps as her pussy closes down around the invader.

“It’s so big—Omigod, it’s so, so big,” Kylie moans.

Now they’re tied, and after Spotty tentatively tests the connection between them, it knows the knot won’t come out. Then, just like Killer, Spotty grabs hard around its bitch’s waist, lifts her, and begins to pound away as if there’s no tomorrow. Kylie orgasms explosively, as a ten-inch cock and large knot stimulate every part of her being. The woman can’t stop cumming as waves of pleasure make her body convulse with orgasmic fury. Her previously despairing pussy is finally filled as much as she can imagine, and more.

In fact, she’s sure that she would be split in half if anymore cock was stuffed inside her belly. After two quick minutes of intense speed fucking, Spotty ejaculates volley after volley of canine semen deep inside Kylie, filling her as Killer did Tania. Streams of hot white dog sperm is running down her leg, as Spotty’s cum fills her beyond capacity. Her pussy lips open and close in an involuntary rhythm to Spotty’s release.

The Gilded Cage! Moe Lester

  • Four women find themselves trapped in a luxurious apartment by an unknown abductor and pass the time having sex. Words: 16,718.

Spotty stops thrusting, as its bitch shakes from top to bottom, fulfilling her part in this diversion. Although a dog and a woman mating didn’t usually take place in the world, Kylie realizes this is something missing from the natural order of things. Her body tells her this is a superb coupling choice. Maybe it’s too good, she thought. Maybe that’s why dogs and women fucking is frowned upon. Men just can’t compete with a well-trained dog. However, Kylie realizes this is something she would now repeat and live on a daily basis for this experience. When the time comes that she’s released from this place, she will make sure she lives with several dogs. Even though she’s blindfolded, Kylie knows her partner is a dog. There’s no doubt anymore in her mind, or the thought’s of Mei and Tania.

Meanwhile, Lana hasn’t been privileged to experience her first dog fuck yet. She has patiently waited while moans and cries of pleasure have sounded around her. Killer has filled its bitch with a good amount of its German shepherd semen, and now it instinctively knows it’s time to dismount the redhead. The dog jumps down from Tania’s back and turns around while its knot held them together. With the last set of pulsations, its cock releases the last of the semen in its shaft, and it pulls to separate from Tania.

Because she’s bound to the bench, Tania can’t move to influence events one way or another. As Killer pulls, its knot turns to line up with the direction of Tania’s slit, and it starts coming out. Her pussy lips open wider and wider, and Killer’s knot emerges from her. She lets out several grunts and then collapses into a stunned fugue. Because Tania is now a sexual beast like the other girls and the dogs, her cunt opens enough for Killer to escape. Its knot quickly emerges, followed by its impressive ten-inch cock, which is rapidly shrinking, yet still remarkable. Her pussy lips remain slightly open since they’ll need time to shrink back to normal, and a flood of cum pours from her gaping hole to the floor. Killer lies behind her and licks itself clean.

Killer and Scruff are now unoccupied, while Tania is out of it and Mei is lying still, still enjoying Scruff’s knotting. Spotty is busy cumming into Kylie, who is enjoying every minute of her tie to Spotty. However, Lana is still a dog virgin, and she’s ready to change that. Lana is probably the most voluptuous member of the group. Killer admires her round ass and narrow waist, her beautiful flower of a cunt and puckered asshole right in front of it.

Killer has only fucked once and will quickly be interested in remounting another bitch. The German shepherd sniffs Lana once and gives her pussy two quick licks. The dog turns its head toward Tania as if wanting to go back to her now that it smelled pussy again. However, Killer takes a couple of more licks of Lana, then decides it likes her pussy and begins licking in earnest.

“Ooohhhh,” Lana moans, as had the other girls when the dogs had licked them.

Killer decides to try it and jumps up on top of Lana. She feels the considerable weight of the German shepherd and likes the feeling of fur-on-skin. The dog slowly probes at her with its red cock, which is just peeking out of its sheath. The German shepherd is still wet from Tania, and from its licking, and Lana’s body responds to the slippery cock. Her pussy lips part slightly as nature tells them to do when a male wants to enter. Killer’s cock senses the heat emanating from Lana’s moist pussy and grows a little larger. Now the tapered tip touches her slit each time it thrusts. When Killer feels her cuntal entrance, its cock comes out of the sheath and slides inside of Lana. Lana stiffened for a moment as she feels Killer’s stiffness quickly enter her.

“Oh, yes, yes—I love it—so good,” Lana moans.

Her pussy responds as the others had, oozing her precum for lubrication. Now Killer becomes more interested, as this new bitch’s pussy opens before it. The dog grabs her up high on her body, its paws rubbing against Lana’s slowly swaying tits. She raises her ass as high as she can, and Killer slides all the way inside, making a sound of moisture, sucking, and allowing Killer unobstructed access. Killer’s paws slide down her body until they grab around her waist, her hips providing a natural hold. As she raises herself and Killer moves forward, the bump from its growing knot slides in and out of her, stimulating her first orgasms.

“Oooooo—ahhhhhhhhh—I love it,” Lana moans as she cums.

Now Killer feels its canine body responding instinctively, and its cock surges to full width, enjoying the caresses of Lana’s smooth spasming cunt. The German shepherd’s knot grows, and after a few more thrusts become large enough to lock them together. Lana creams on Killer’s red canine cock, her previously deprived body responding in such a way to entice her lover to stay inside of her and never stray far from her loving loins. Now it’s Lana’s turn to moan uncontrollably, as her mate lifts her body and hunches, forcing its cock as deep as it’ll go.

“Yes—yes—fill me—fuck me,” Lana moans.

Lana’s cunt is deeper than Tania’s is, in fact, her vagina is the deepest there, and Killer barks several times in appreciation.

The Gilded Cage! Moe Lester

  • Four women find themselves trapped in a luxurious apartment by an unknown abductor and pass the time having sex. Words: 16,718.

While Lana enjoys Killer’s youthful energy and experience, Spotty the Dalmatian finishes with Kylie but cannot pull its cock out of her cunt. The woman’s cunt closes tightly around the Dalmatian’s knot, and each time Spotty tries to pull out and jump off, her clenching hold on the knot causes the dog to shoot more semen into her already bloated body. The dog whines as it tries to get down.

“You just fucked the shit out of me,” Kylie said. “You’re not going anywhere as long as I can keep you inside.”

Kylie is genuinely in love with the cock and knot stuffed inside her body.

About this time, Scruff begins to get interested again in the waiting bitches. The dog stands and goes to Mei, who waits to see if it’ll fuck her again.

Each time Killer the German shepherd pulls back, Lana’s pussy lips part just enough to see the back of Killer’s impressive knot. Lana’s juices thoroughly bathe Killer’s cock and knot. A little rivulet of their combined juices runs out from their union. Her cunt lips hold on tightly to the canine dick. Each time Killer thrusts forward, Lana’s pussy lips close around its cock, her pinkness temporarily hidden. Then it repeats. A load of Killer’s stringy precum pours out, giving it an indication of how much cum is now inside of Lana. Just then, Killer’s balls constrict, and it ejaculates, as its body is able to produce a second load for the second bitch of the day.

Scruff has been licking Mei who is now moaning and squirming on the bench. The dog jumps up on her back and quickly enters her cum-soaked cunt. For the second time today, Scruff fucks Mei. Now she has some experience, Mei knows what to expect from Scruff.

After a while, Killer finishes fucking Lana, Spotty is able to pull out of Kylie, and Scruff finishes off Mei for the second time. The dogs are the masters of this harem, and the women are exhausted. Mei releases the women from the bench, and they fell asleep in the room holding each other. They’re delighted once they’re able to remove their blindfolds and see their new masters and lovers for the first time.


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