The Nymphomaniac


The Nymphomaniac! Moe Lester

  • Kayla is a nymphomaniac always looking out for a new thrill. There's nothing and no one who she won't have sex with. Words: 19,684.
“That was great, Kayla,” tonight’s host David bellows.  “Nobody’s gonna top that tonight.” He turns to the others.  “How about it?  Anybody gotta show that can top what Kayla just did?”

Kayla doesn’t expect an answer, but she notices a man nudging a woman she knows, Gina, a tall, lithely built redhead.  The man Kayla doesn’t know, but she knows Gina and knows she’s a very passionate, adventurous woman.  The man seems to be encouraging Gina to do something.  Gina seems reluctant but finally nods acceptance.

“Hey, everybody,” the man shouts.  “Gina thinks she’s got something you’ll all like.  She’s not out to top Kayla, but she’d like to add to the high level of entertainment Kayla and the guys just put on for you.”

There are more cheers and clapping from the others.  Gina still seems a little reluctant, but she shrugs and turns and leaves the room.

“Hey, aren’t you gonna do it in front of us, whatever it is?” David calls after her.

“She’s just going to get the rest of the show,” Gina’s friend said.


Gina’s gone for about five minutes.  Some of the people are forgetting about her, starting to grope one another.  One couple is fucking in the kitchen, the woman lying flat on her back on the kitchen table, the man standing with her legs tucked under his arms when Gina comes back into the room.  She’s holding two huge German shepherd dogs on leashes.  One is white.  The other dog is coal black.

The dogs are so immensely big and so beautiful that everyone turns to stare—the couple fucking on the kitchen table stop mid-moan.  Kayla stares too.  She’s never seen two such cute animals in her life.

“OK, here’s the show,” Gina’s friend said.  “The dogs.”

“What do they do?  Fuck each other?” David the host said with a sneer.

Gina said in her soft, low voice, “No, they’re both males.”


“Just watch, David,” Gina said with a knowing smirk.

She hands the leash of the white dog to her man friend.  He stands to hold the dog in place, which isn’t difficult because it’s well-trained.  Gina slips the leash of the other dog off and has the animal follow her to the stained mattress.  Kayla rolls out of the way, perching on the edge of the foam rubber pad.  Tyler, Dylan, and Ryan get up and move off a few paces to watch.

Gina lies on her back and spread her legs.  Her legs are long and elegant, leading up to a high-mounded pussy softly flossed with red pubic hair.  Gina has big breasts, possibly E-cups.  When she lies on her back, they spill to the sides a little but hold their shape.  She’s a long, lithe, graceful woman, very much like Nicole Kidman.  Kayla’s only a couple of feet away.  She peers appreciatively at Gina’s lovely naked pussy.  ‘What the hell is gonna happen,’ the blonde wonders?

Gina calls to the dog.  “OK, Jet,” she said softly, laying a hand on her pussy.  “Lick!

So that’s it.  The dog’s gonna lick Gina’s pussy,’ Kayla thought.

Still, the dog hesitates a little.  Perhaps all the people watching, muttering and laughing, are making it nervous.  The German shepherd hangs back a little, a confused look on its big black handsome face.  Gina runs her fingers the length of her pink pussy slit.  Kayla can see the older woman’s wet because her fingers come away shiny with pussy juice.  Gina shoves her fragrant fingers right under Jet’s black canine nose.

The Nymphomaniac! Moe Lester

  • Kayla is a nymphomaniac always looking out for a new thrill. There's nothing and no one who she won't have sex with. Words: 19,684.

A look of intense interest immediately animates the animal’s face.  The dog quickly crowds forward between Gina’s legs as she moves the hand down toward her pussy like a lure, the dog’s nose only an inch or two behind.  Sitting so close, Kayla has a chance to see all of what happens next.  She can see the slightly pouting pink gash of Gina’s pussy slit.  A moment later, she sees the dog’s tongue slither out and stab deep into the wet open trench.

Gina stiffens as a sharp gasp explodes from her lips.  Kayla can understand why.  Jet’s tongue is the longest, thickest, and hottest-looking tongue she’s ever seen burrow into a pussy.  Her loins simmer as she tries to imagine how it’d feel, slithering over her sensitive inner tissues.  The dog licks eagerly.  Its head turns a little to one side so it can work its muzzle deeper in between Gina’s suddenly quivering thighs.  The German shepherd’s black coat contrasts starkly with the pale ivory of Gina’s soft skin.

Oh, oh,” Gina whimpers, unable to control her voice.

She writhes and twists on the mattress, her big breasts quivering and jerking, her belly muscles twitching every time the dog’s tongue dig’s into her slit.  Kayla can sense the other woman’s wild arousal.  Her own body aches to feel what Gina’s feeling.  She leans toward the moaning redhead.

“How about your other dog, Gina?” Kayla asks breathlessly.  “Can I get him to lick my pussy too?”

Gina turns her head toward Kayla.  It’s difficult for her to focus her attention anywhere but on the bliss radiating through her animal-lapped pussy, but she tries.  Her green eyes are smoky with lust as she shakily calls out to her friend, “Let ‘Ghost’ off the leash.”

Kayla’s breath quickens as she sees the man unfasten the leash.  The big white German shepherd immediately leaps forward, heading straight for Gina and the black dog called Jet.  Kayla diverts the white dog with difficulty.

“Here, boy,” she calls, taking hold of Ghost’s collar.  “Why don’t you lick my pussy?  Can’t you see your buddy’s already busy?”

Kayla tries the same trick Gina used.  She slips her fingers inside her hot slit.  It isn’t hard to get them wet.  The blonde’s so hot and excited she’s dripping goo.  The dog shows immediate interest.  Its nose follows Kayla’s fingers as Jet’s nose followed Gina.  But when the dog’s muzzle is only an inch from Kayla’s pussy, and she lies trembling with anticipation with legs spread wide, nothing happens.  The dog seems confused.  Kayla figures Ghost’s unfamiliarity with her scent and taste is the problem.  Maybe it smells different from Gina. Perhaps the smell of the men’s sperm, oozing slowly from her vagina and asshole put the big dog off.  Kayla wonders if the German shepherd is going to lick her at all.

“Come on, boy.  Come on, lick my pussy,” she urges with simmering excitement.

Kayla pats her pussy invitingly.  That seems to do the trick.  The dog’s muzzle stabs down.  Yet it doesn’t start licking.  Instead, the dog’s shiny black nose shoves hard against Kayla’s slit, snuffling, investigating.

“Yowzah,” Kayla yelps.  “That’s cold.”

Cold as ice, the shiny black button of the dog’s nose burrows deep into her pussy slit.  Kayla flinches away and then forces herself to hold firm.  A moment later, she has her reward.  The dog’s tongue flickers out, slithering past rows of sharp gleaming teeth, stabbing deep into her pussy slit.

Argh,” Kayla grunts.

The sheer intensity of what the dog’s tongue is doing to her pussy is almost more than she can bear.  The blonde beauty stiffens, her legs writhing as the dog licks again.  Kayla’s fingers claw at the soft spongy surface of the mattress.  Her breath hisses raggedly between her teeth.  Her face hot and flushed.

Oh, God.  Omigod,” she squeals.

The Nymphomaniac! Moe Lester

  • Kayla is a nymphomaniac always looking out for a new thrill. There's nothing and no one who she won't have sex with. Words: 19,684.

Kayla raises her head.  It’s so odd to look down and see a brute animal’s head wedged between her trembling thighs.  She watches the dog’s tongue, pink in the center but black-bordered, dip into her slit again.  It curls high, pushes curls of saliva-soaked pubic hair ahead of it.  It covers the whole broad reach of Kayla’s pussy lips from edge to edge.  The dog starts licking her asshole, too, as it’s discovered the man semen leaking from it.  Kayla goes wild.  Her fists beat against the mattress.  She pants and moans.

When the dog starts licking higher again, she half-sits up and grabs it by the ears.  Now the woman can guide its muzzle.  Using gentle pressure, Kayla moves the dog’s nose higher up her slit until its hot, powerful tongue is dragging steadily across the aching knob of her wildly aroused clit.

Ooh, that’s the way.  That’s the way, nice doggie.  Lick my clit.  Lap it.  Make me cum,” Kayla babbles.

The blonde’s vaguely aware of the circle of people standing and watching around her and Gina.  She’s aware of Gina writhing and moaning next to her under the lash of Jet’s tongue.  But only vaguely.  What interests her the most, what captures her attention is the ecstasy, the bliss radiating out from her dog-licked pussy.  She feels herself hanging on the edge of orgasm.  One last time Ghost’s tongue drags slowly and hotly across her clit, and then Kayla’s off.  An enormous bolt of feeling, so intense it hurt, shoots through Kayla’s loins.  She can’t hold onto the dog’s head any longer and flops back onto the mattress, her arms and legs spasming uncontrollably.  Fortunately, the dog keeps up with its pussy lapping, its huge tongue stabbing deep into her convulsing cuntal flesh.

Next to Kayla, Gina moans and shrieks, also climaxing.  Jet’s head remains glued to her pussy, the black German shepherd’s tongue moving ceaselessly, both dogs lapping the thick gushes of rich pussy juice spewing out of the two climaxing women’s vaginas.  Eventually, Kayla can’t stand it anymore.  Her clit feels like it’s going to explode.  She sits up and weakly pushes the dog’s head away from her loins, then falls back in a panting heap on the mattress.  Ghost tries to crowd forward again, fiercely intent on reaching her pussy.  Kayla sits up to push the dog away.  Then she notices something, a bright color, underneath the dog’s belly.  A flash of scarlet against the white of the German shepherd’s belly.  It’s then she remembers the dog has a cock as well as a tongue.

The sight of the dog’s cock changed Kayla’s life.  It isn’t much at first, just a flash of red against the snowy white of the German shepherd’s coat.  She looks again.  The cock is a tapered scarlet point, glistening and shiny protruding from the sheath housing.  Kayla automatically reaches out.  Her fingers graze the moist scarlet flesh.  The dog ‘Ghost’ immediately gives a little shudder and shies away.

“Hey, that’s not so bad, is it, boy?” Kayla asks.  “Come on, calm down a little.”

She begins stroking the dog, first the animal’s back and then the flank.  When the dog has calmed down a little, she turns toward Gina, who’s still lying on her back, panting in the aftermath of her tremendous orgasm.

“Is it OK if I play with your dog’s cock a little?” she asks.

A flicker of amusement shows in Gina’s eyes, and she said, “Sure, go ahead.  It’s about time somebody started paying attention to the dogs instead of vice-versa.”

“Thanks,” Kayla said.  “Now, how do I get him to go down?”

“I’ll do it.  Come on, Ghost, rollover.  That’s a good boy, lie down.”

The Nymphomaniac! Moe Lester

  • Kayla is a nymphomaniac always looking out for a new thrill. There's nothing and no one who she won't have sex with. Words: 19,684.

Gina sits up, big breasts jiggling and swaying and urges the dog down onto the mattress.  One of her nipples grazes Kayla’s arms, and she shivers at the hot rubbery feel.  Gina is some woman.  But it’s the dog she’s interested in now.  Ghost lies on his back next to her, feet in the air, a somewhat foolish expression on his big hairy face.  There’s no longer any sign of the dog’s red cock.  It’s retreated inside its furry sheath.  But Kayla’s determined to coax it out again.  She starts stroking the dog’s belly.  Slowly a look of contentment stole over its face.

When she thought the dog’s relaxed enough, Kayla begins to softly stroke the sheath covering Ghost’s cock.  The dog seems alarmed for a moment but then begins to pant happily, its tongue lolling out over its gleaming white teeth.  At first, Kayla gets no reaction from the canine cock.  The furry sheath under her hand remains soft.  But then, she detects a slight hardening inside, a growing core of rigidity.

She keeps rubbing.  The hardness keeps growing until it feels like there’s a swelling length of bone inside the dog’s belly.  Suddenly, there it is, a flash of red, and once again, Kayla is looking at the pointed scarlet tip of the dog’s cock.  She rubs harder.  Ghost’s cock proliferates, slithering silently from its furry covering, inch after inch of tapered red meat until the longest and strangest cock Kayla has ever seen lies throbbing inches from her hand, its bright color contrasting lewdly with the smooth white of the dog’s coat.  The blonde beauty takes her hand from the dog’s cock-sheath and lays her fingers lightly on its naked cock itself.

“It’s hot,” she blurts.

Hot and incredibly hard.  Kayla wraps her fingers gently around the obscene length of glistening scarlet flesh.  It throbs hotly in her hand.  The skin is thin and hot, and beneath it, she can feel the steel-like inner core of the animal’s cock.  It’s the hardest and hottest cock she’s ever felt.  She begins to move her fingers gently up and down the massive shaft.  They slide easily because Ghost’s cock has a slippery liquid lubricating it.  The dog jerks a little.  Kayla sees Ghost watching her nervously.

“That’s OK, boy,” she said in her most soothing voice.  “I won’t hurt you.  This is going to feel good.”


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