The Prison Bitch Society 3: Bitch In Training!


The Prison Bitch Society 3: Bitch In Training! Jack Morningwood

  • Ben just can't fill the emptiness in his heart after he's released from prison. When one day, a stranger makes a proposition that'll change Ben's life forever. Words: 12,612
Ever since Ben De Koning got out of prison for felony drug charges, his life has been a chore.  Having a record made it impossible for him to get any meaningful employment.  The last thing he wanted was to go back to selling drugs.  So, out of desperation, Ben started webcamming for money.  After all, he spent the majority of his time in prison fucking the other inmates.  Ben was a prison bitch in stir.  It was a good life, he thought.  His suitors protected him from the violence and gave him treats.

Most of all, they gave him so much cock to suck and fuck Ben’s surprised he came out of jail disease-free.  Even some of the guards used his services to look the other way when the gang smuggled in drugs and contraband.  Ben couldn’t risk becoming a street whore as if the cops busted him, his parole would be over.  So, webcamming was a solution to his problem, and he made some decent coin doing it.

His shows became really popular when he started using animal dildos to fuck his asshole with.  He’d pretend he was a real-life dog fucker to his clients, although he wasn’t really.  That’s the benefit of the internet.  You can pretend to be anything you like.  While he wasn’t active in real bestiality, he loved the feel of the dog dildo and often wondered what it’d be like.  But again, the risk of the cops busting him for it was enough to discourage the young man to just stick to his dog dildo.


One weekend when Ben’s webcamming with one of his large dog-dildo ramming in and out of his asshole.  A stranger messaged him with just a straightforward question, ‘Do you want to be a real dog bitch?’  The private message intrigues Ben, and so he starts a conversation with the nameless, faceless stranger.

What do you mean a real dog bitch,’ he typed, expecting some hot cyber play to help get him off.

Take that dog dildo out of your asshole,’ the stranger said.  ‘Let’s talk.’

OK,’ Ben replied reluctantly and pulled the massive dildo out of his gaping asshole.  ‘But only if you help me cum later on.’

I’ve been watching you for a few weeks now, and you seem to be a very eager and willing bitch.’

Ben smiles.  ‘Thanks.  I hope you enjoyed the shows,’ he types.

Have you ever done it with a real dog, not just a dog cock dildo?” the stranger asks.

Not really.  But I’d love to try it.’

You seem to be a very willing and eager bitch.  So do you want to be a dog bitch?” he asked like Ben knew what he meant right away.

What do you mean, a dog bitch?  I do want to be fucking knotted for real if that’s what you mean.’

Do you want to be a bitch for dogs?  Work at my kennel, and have daily breeding sessions with multiple dogs?  How does that idea sound to you?

Ben can almost hear the smile in the strangers typing at teasing him, or at least that’s what he thought.  Offers too good to be true usually are.

He types, ‘Sure that sounds great, but nothing like that exists for real.  But it’s a nice fantasy.  I’d enjoy all that fucking, I’m sure.  What bitch wouldn’t?

The idea was enough to support his eight-inch hard-on, which he’s idly stroking while still on the camera.

The stranger types, ‘Given that fact your cock just got about twice as hard, I would say you love the idea bitch, as I knew you would.’

Do you like watching me touch my hard cock?’ Ben asks, feeling highly aroused.

No, take your hands off it.  I need your full concentration.’

This shocked the twenty-year-old twink, but he obeys.  “OK, you have it.’

The man types, ‘I run a boarding kennel and offer full-service options for most if not all of the people that have their dogs stay with us.  This includes their dogs breeding one of my bitches, and by bitches, I mean boys like you.’

For real?’ Ben types feeling woozy.

For real.  The pay is good throughout your contract, which can be for as long or short as you want.  No harm will come to you, of course, but you’ll be well trained and well used.  So again, I ask, do you want to be a dog bitch?

Ben blinks a few times, processing what the stranger is saying as his cock twitches and leaks at the idea.  He closes any other chats or distractions he had running and focuses on what he’ll say to this weird offer.  Ben still has no idea if the stranger’s offer is genuine or not, but the thought of what he’s offering is too tempting to ignore.

OK…  So, let’s say I believe you.  How is any of this legal or allowed to happen?’ Ben types.  ‘It’s illegal across this country to have sex with dogs.’

I have people in high places who let me keep his operation running as I see fit.  None of the people who visit the kennels frown when they see a human bitch servicing a canine stud with his mouth or asshole. 

The idea is intriguing, but how does he know this isn’t just some online bullshit.

Why don’t you use women for it?’ he types, going along with it.  ‘They have more holes than guys.’

True, but my customers and I prefer seeing young guys like you doing it,’ the stranger types.  ‘You’re doing good at not touching your cock.  You must be a little turned on by the whole thing, though.’

Ben glances down, and his cock has a small stream of pre-cum running down his shaft, twitching and pumping every couple of seconds.

I’ll admit I’m enjoying the fantasy, dude.  Still hard to believe you’re asking me if I want to be a breeding bitch for a kennel, right?

The stranger replies, “Correct, bitch, and call me Mr. Peabody.  We both know you’re a bitch.  The way your asshole loves your dog dildo and how you moan when you shove that knot in is sign enough.’

Maybe,’ Ben replies.

I’m offering you a chance to be a breeding bitch for several dogs a day, depending on various factors.   It won’t be easy at first, but I’m usually right about the bitches I bring to the kennel.  You’ll be a natural.  You’ll have a safe place to be as much or as little of a dog bitch you want.   The more studs you service and services you do, the more you’ll make.  So, what do you say?  Do you want your asshole to be home to dog cocks?

The Prison Bitch Society 3: Bitch In Training! Jack Morningwood

  • Ben just can't fill the emptiness in his heart after he's released from prison. When one day, a stranger makes a proposition that'll change Ben's life forever. Words: 12,612

Ben hasn’t thought about being that much of a slut for dogs before, but damn, Mr. Peabody has him harder than he’s ever been and even whimpering a bit at the idea.

Damn, dude…” Ben starts to type but changes it, ‘Damn Mr. Peabody, that’s some fucking hot idea you have.  I’m gasping here.

Good, bitch, have your cam on only for me and turn on your mic,’ Mr. Peabody orders.

The young man follows his request, eager to see how far this goes.  Even if it’s just a bit of fun, Ben’s enjoying it.

“Hello, Mr. Peabody,” Ben barely said but loud enough for him to hear, his voice cracking and strained against the thoughts the stranger’s giving him.

Then this very UK accented voice said, “Evening, bitch.  I know you’re questioning if I’m real or not, and I understand.  Not much I can do but show you proof if you want.”

“Yes, Mr. Peabody, please, I’d like that.”

“Click there, bitch,” Peabody said and posts a link in their private chat.

He clicks the link and up pops a site with a webcam running.  Ben sees a handsome man in his fifties dressed in an expensive suit with short black/gray hair and robust features smiling at him.  The man has an air of upper-class money and bearing.

“Hello, bitch, this is Mr. Peabody.  Let me introduce you to one of my current bitches.”

The man moves the camera to show Ben a young guy with two rather large Labradors, one at each end.  Both dogs fucking their red cocks down the holes provided.  The liquid sounds of flesh fucking flesh fill the speakers.  The grunts, moans, and whines of all involved too.  Ben has never seen anything like it.  The way the guy is taking those two dog cocks amazes him.  He goes to grab his cock at the lurid sight.

“No, hands-off, bitch.  You’ll get to cum soon enough.  Just watch for now,” Peabody orders.  Peabody picks up the camera, moving around the young man, lightly petting the head of the black Labrador fucking the guy’s mouth.  “Good dog, but I need you down now.  Down.”

The dog jumps off, sliding its thick red cock out of the mouth of the young guy, a good eight or so inches of it.  A few stray shots of dog pre-cum spray on the guy’s face as the dog moves away.  Getting a good look at the guy now.  He appears a similar age to Ben, early twenties.  Ben finds him a hot guy with a smooth face and short blond hair, his eyes appear glazed, and his mouth is still agape, moaning, and gasping for air.

“This is Dennis.  He’s been here for about a year, isn’t that right, bitch?” Peabody asks the man, pounded from behind by a massive canine cock still.  “You’ll be replacing Dennis.  He’s found a new home and is going to retire from my kennel.   Tell the nice bitch watching just what you are, Dennis.”

In a strained voice, Ben hears, “I’m a dog bitch, Mr. Peabody.”

The older man leans and strokes the forehead of the boy.  “And you’ve been an exceptionally good one too.  I’m sorry to see you go.”  He pauses briefly as Dennis starts to moan a bit louder, and the Lab fucking him dismounts, turning ass-to-ass.   “I’m sure the dogs will miss your willing bitch pussy.  How many have dropped their loads in you today?”

Ten, Mr. Peabody,” Dennis groans.

“Do you need more?”

“Yes, please, Mr. Peabody.  I wanna finish sucking Rover off.  He tastes so good.”

“OK, bitch, if that’s what you need.”  Peabody snaps his fingers and says, “Up.

Rover,” to the other dog, and it quickly takes its place back in front of the blond, eager to get its cock sucked.

Peabody goes back to his computer and turns the cam to face him again, a slight smile still on his face.

“So, as you can see, I’m a real breeder and have at least two Labradors for you that are my dogs, but I promise you much more if you need it,” he said confidently.  “I’m not sure if you saw, but Dennis has a collar on.  All my bitches get a collar and trained to be a breeding bitch.  You’ll be bred daily by canine studs and owned as a full-time bitch.”  The man pauses, leans into the camera some, and said, “What do you need, bitch?

Ben’s mouth is dry, his cock is hard, and his head is spinning.  “I want it, Mr. Peabody.  I want what Dennis is doing right now.”

Peabody smirks.  “I didn’t ask you what you wanted, bitch.”  H leans back and smiles.  “I asked you what you need.  I need a volunteer to replace Dennis, to be a full-time dog bitch.  I think you need it badly.”

“Fuck, Mr. Peabody,” Ben pauses, staring at the camera.  Peabody’s face and torso the only thing he sees, slightly smiling, waiting for an answer.  “How do you know what I need?” Ben asks.

“Go get your toy and bring it here.  Start fucking yourself with it, but don’t touch your cock.”

Finally, Ben quickly rushes to grab his dog dildo, lubes it, and slides it home, slowly stretching and fucking himself with it.

“Did you need that?” Peabody asks, still smiling.

“God, yes, Mr. Peabody.  I needed to be filled after watching Dennis.”

“Fuck yourself faster then, bitch.  You need that knot in you.  It’ll be much better with an actual dog knot in you, don’t you agree?

Ben moans loudly as he quickens the thrusting into his asshole, pushing down to get the knot in him.

Yes, Mr. Peabody, I do,’ Ben moans.  “I need a real dog cock fucking me.”

“Do you need it just now and again, or are you like Dennis over here being bred as much as he can take?” Peabody asks.  “Shove that knot in your pussy, bitch.”

Ben does moan loudly, fighting the urge to jerk off.

“You need me to make you a real dog bitch.  Say it, bitch, and I’ll do it,” Peabody shouts excitedly.

The younger man groans and clenches his asshole around the thick fake cock in him.  “Fuck yes, Mr. Peabody.  I need to be a dog bitch.”

When the words left his mouth, Ben’s cock explodes, and several thick pent-up shots of jizz cover his chest and stomach.  The man’s asshole is writhing on the toy, pushing his pleasure and orgasm on and on.

“Good bitch, see I told you.  Click this link (one appears on the screen) and fill out the forms.  Then I can get you what you need.  I’ll see you soon.”

Peabody closes the camera chat and leaves Ben feeling dizzy and confused.  He opens the link, and it’s some forms for him to fill out and various other information.  Seeing Ben doesn’t really see his current situation going anywhere, the young man goes for it.  ‘What the fuck,’ he thought.


The Prison Bitch Society 3: Bitch In Training! Jack Morningwood

  • Ben just can't fill the emptiness in his heart after he's released from prison. When one day, a stranger makes a proposition that'll change Ben's life forever. Words: 12,612

A week later, Ben receives a text: ‘Please be ready in an hour for an extended visit to the kennel.  Pack light.’

He gives a small nervous chuckle that this is really happening and grabs a few things to take with him in a backpack.  The young man waits, feeling his stomach roil for what the future may bring him.   There’s a knock in an hour, Ben opens it, and the guy from the webcam is standing there—Dennis.

“Hi, new bitch,” Dennis said with a smile.  “Mr. Peabody thought you might be more comfortable with me taking you in than anyone else.   If you’re ready, we have a flight to catch.  You won’t regret this, I promise.”

Ben nods his head and follows him out to a waiting car.  “So where are we going?  Who booked the flights?” Ben starts asking, but Dennis cuts him off with a wave of his hand.

“Don’t worry, it’s all taken care of.  Just relax, bitch.  Save your energy for the dogs.”

Ben shuts up, and they quietly drive to a small airport where they board a Learjet.

“Mr. Peabody must be loaded,” Ben said, staring at the impressively sleek jet,

“He is,” Dennis said and smiles.

Ben feels dizzy, and his chest hurts because he has no idea where he’s going, but Dennis takes his hand in his, which calms him down.

“It’s a lot to take in, I know,” he said, leading Ben to a plush leather seat.  “But what you saw was real, and if it’s what you truly need, everything will work out fine.”  Once Ben sits, Dennis grabs a bottle nearby and hands it to him.  “Here.  Have some water.  It’ll help you relax.”  Ben takes it and quickly drinks it all because his mouth feels like cotton.  “See better already,” Dennis said.  “Let the drugs do their thing and just relax.”

Ben gasps, his eyebrows rising high at the last statement.

“It’s just so you don’t know the full details of where you’re going until much later,” Dennis said.  “This way, it’s safer for you and Mr. Peabody.”

“But drugging me?” Ben said, suddenly feeling groggy.

“I know, it’s fucked up.  But dude, you’re gonna get so much cock.  It’s worth it.”

Dennis holds Ben’s hand as he drifts off to drug-induced sleep.


Ben’s not sure how much time passed.  When he wakes, he’s resting on a couch in a strange room.  He sits up and peers around for someone else, but all he can see are the two Labradors from the webcam lying on the other side of the room.  The dogs notice his movement and let out a friendly bark and wag their tails.   Having heard them, the man Ben only knows, Mr. Peabody enters the room.

“Hello, bitch.  I hope you slept well,” Peabody said in his smooth British accent.  “Sorry for the subterfuge, but I have to protect the kennel.”

Ben stands to shake his hand, but Peabody gives the young brunette man a big comforting hug.  Peabody rubs Ben’s butt as he breaks away from the hug.

“I’m a little freaked out right now.  I don’t know where the fuck I am and why you chose me for this,” Ben said, blushing.  “There are heaps of guys that use dog dildos in webcam shows.  Why me?”

“You came recommended,” Peabody said smugly.  “An old acquaintance of yours told me of your exploits in jail.  I had a private detective find you, and he did on that webcam sex site.”

Ben gasps.  “In jail?”

“Yes, you were a prison bitch, and so was Dennis.  This kennel is run by The Prison Bitch Society.”

“The Prison Bitch what?” Ben said with bulging eyes.

“Now stop this fussing, bitch,” Peabody said, rolling his eyes.  “Are you ready to get started?”

“Get started with what?” Ben said, shrugging.

The older, well-dressed man frowns, his furrow creasing.  “Did you even bother to read the contract?” he asks coldly.  When Ben doesn’t answer, he said, “You’re here for training for a week.  At the end of the week, if either of us is unhappy with the way things are working, I’ll send you home with a bit of pocket money for your troubles.”

“OK, but what if it works out?” Ben asks.

“Then we can proceed to the next step,” Peabody said, regaining his light tone.  “But first thing first, let’s see how you handle my dogs.  They haven’t had any sex today.  Might as well let them try out your pussy, bitch.”

Ben gazes at the older man and blushes and feels his cock getting hard at the thought of what’s going to happen, a whole week of fucking and sucking.

“So, should I take my clothes off?” Ben asks and grimaces.

“Don’t be shy.  I’ve seen you naked with a huge dildo shoved up your pussy, remember.  Yes, get naked unless you’re ready to head home already.”

Ben shakes his head and starts to quickly undress.  Mr. Peabody smiles and goes over to the side of the couch and moves out some sort of padded bench.

“Just step in here, hands there, legs here, and chest there,” Peabody said, showing Ben.  “It’s very comfortable, and the dogs will make you feel welcome, for sure.”

The young man finishes getting undressed, looking at the bench, and understanding its use.  He shrugs slightly before putting himself on it.  ‘Mr. Peabody was right,’ he thought.  ‘It’s comfortable enough.’  Peabody makes some adjustments to help get Ben in a supported doggy-sex position.

“That looks like it will do, now I’ll just strap you in,” Peabody said.

The older man pulls some straps and secures Ben’s arms and legs.  The young man moves against them slightly and realizes he’s unable to get out.  Ben whimpers softly at the situation, but his cock is still rock hard.

“It’s going to be OK, trust me, bitch,” Peabody coos.  “I’ve watched you long enough to know that you’ll take to this with flying colors.  I’ll lube you up a bit and let the dogs take you on a ride I know you’re eager for.”

The Prison Bitch Society 3: Bitch In Training! Jack Morningwood

  • Ben just can't fill the emptiness in his heart after he's released from prison. When one day, a stranger makes a proposition that'll change Ben's life forever. Words: 12,612

There’s a container of lube on the bench, and he carefully lubricates Ben’s asshole, going three fingers deep.  Ben’s natural urge to push back makes Peabody feel confident he has the right candidate to take Dennis’s place.

“You’re going to be a dog bitch by the end of the night,” Peabody whispers and moves away and speaks to one of the Labradors.  “Mount him, Rover.”

Suddenly, there’s a feeling of the dog sniffing at his backside before jumping and that short little pump until the Labrador finds its mark.  The dog’s cock is slick and small but growing quickly as it humps into Ben.  The young man arches his back as best he can to give the dog better access and control on his hips.  Ben pushes back, trying to open his legs a bit more so the dog can drive deeper into him.  The brunette’s eyes close as he focused totally on the fucking given by this excellent dog.

“Damn bitch,” Peabody said hotly.  “Your reputation from prison was true.  Rover knows a true bitch when he breeds one.  You’re meant to be my next breeding bitch.  Open your eyes.  Look at me.”  Peabody’s leaning close with a collar and a cock cage in his hand, his face level with Ben’s.  “Do you know what these objects mean, bitch?”

Ben shakes his head, saying, “No, Mr. Peabody,” between moans and grunts.

Rover starts to get thicker, and the dog’s knot growing more prominent as the animal fucks him nearly to the point of knotting.

“The collar means your job here is a breeding bitch,” Peabody said with a smile.  “It’s like your work ID.”  The older man laughs at his own joke.  “Keep up with the workload, and we’ll treat you well.  The cock cage is to keep you focused.  It’s a requirement for your first week, but you might just leave it on.”

Ben groans deeply as Rover shoves that knot into his asshole, thoroughly tying him for the first time on a real animal cock.  The young man shivers as the dog’s knot grinds on his prostate and forces a deep orgasm to rush over him.  Ben’s cock starts firing on its own again.  He peers up at Peabody, blushing slightly but moaning as the dog turns on him after forcing him to ejaculate.

“You did well bitch,” Peabody said kindly.  “Now, do you need this collar on you?  Do you need to be my new dog bitch?”

“Yes, Mr. Peabody,” the words are out of his mouth before he knows it.  “I need to be a dog bitch.  Help me become one.  Please, Mr. Peabody.”

The older man starts to put the collar around Ben’s neck, a large black leather one that feels great as he secures it.

“I’ve missed being filled like this so much.  Not since my gang bang days in stir have I felt this full of cock.  I love it.”  Ben grunts as another more minor orgasm rushed over him, Rover slowly filling him with sizzling dog jizz in his belly.  “Please, Mr. Peabody, can I suck off your other Lab.  Please, Mr. Peabody.  I need to drink his cum.”

Ben’s new employer pats his head, saying, “Of course, bitch.”

The kennel owner leads his other dog to Ben.  The dog, knowing all too well what to do, starts to hump Ben’s face, its cock right at the mouth.  Mr. Peabody crouches and helps steady Ben’s new lover as the bitch inhales the tasty treat before him.  The dog’s cock quickly filling his mouth, Ben does his best to swallow every inch.  It seems all so unreal now he’s finally here.  However, Ben knows he’ll enjoy his new job as a kennel dog bitch.


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