The Red Door


Chapter 1

“Oh, Kayla,” the eighteen-year-old Amanda exclaimed. “You mean you really let him fuck you in his car?”

“Sure. Where else could we do it?” Kayla said, smiling widely at her friend Amanda. “I mean, we couldn’t fuck in dorm or his place, so a car’s the only place left.”

“Tell me how you did it, Kayla,” Amanda said excitedly. “What was it like?”

“Well, after I got my panties off and pulled up my skirt, I sort of just straddled his lap. You know, so he could get his cock in me.”

“Oh, wow. Well, c’mon. Let’s walk and you can tell me the rest of it.”

“Well, it wasn’t so bad when he first stuck it in. But then it kept going up, and up, and up inside me until I thought it wasn’t going to quit.” Kayla squeals and shivers. “It was fantastic, and his cock was hot.”

Amanda is breathing rapidly as she slows her walk and glances shyly at her friend. “What did it feel like?”

“Amazing,” Kayla said and sighs. “I could feel it throbbing inside me. Then he started pumping it in and out. Shit, you know I came twice before he did?”

“Cool. What did it feel like when he ejaculated?”

“Like a hose going off inside me,” the blonde said, laughing and shaking her head. “When I got off him, his stuff dripped all over his pants. I hope his mom didn’t see it.”

“Damn,” Amanda said. “I wish something like that would happen to me. Fuck, I’m a sexy babe and still can’t get laid.”

The pavement turns to gravel and passing male drivers slows to eye their lush teen bodies, but they pretend not to notice.

“Amanda, how long do you say you have to stay at the Lopez’s?”

“A few weeks. Just ‘til mom gets back from her honeymoon with Ken and the builders are finished doing the renovations.” She took a deep breath. “Kayla, I wish I could stay at home. I bet I could have gotten Brandon over to fuck me.”

“I think Brandon’s Gay,” Kayla said with an insolent grin. “Why don’t you try Paul Lopez, you’ll be staying there anyway.”

“That wouldn’t be such a great idea. Maria Lopez is mom’s best friend. Ken wants me to stay away for a while anyway. Ken says they need a couple of months to get acquainted.”

Kayla laughs. “What he means is he wants two months to fuck your mom without you being there, that’s all.”

Amanda rolls her eyes and sighs. “It hasn’t stopped them to this point, they’re like rabbits—it’s gross.”

When they reach the intersection, they stop. Amanda stares across the street at the big rambling ranch-style house the Lopez live in. She had been inside a few times, but never past the living room, and didn’t know how many rooms they actually had.

“Well, I guess I’d better go get it over with.”

“Yep,” Kayla nods. “I’m sorry you can’t stay with me, but you know how strict the dorms are. Text me this afternoon, I might come over. I want to see Paul anyway, he’s cute. I’d love to fuck him.”

“Don’t do it while I’m staying there,” Amanda said with a frown. “His parents are so straight, it’s ridiculous. If you wanna mess with him, wait ‘til I’m home.”

Kayla gives out with a twinkly laugh. “OK, I’ll see you later. Text me, now.” The blonde turns and walks away.


Amanda goes across the street and to the front door. Although the Lopez’s have been to her apartment many times to play cards with her mom and her new stepdad Ken, she didn’t know their kids very well. Since it had always been hard for her to make friends, there’s a queasy feeling in her stomach as she pushes the doorbell. She has to wait several minutes and ring again before the door finally opens. Maria Lopez stands there, wearing a flowery robe. Her face flushed as if she’d been exercising.

“Oh, hi, Amanda. You’re early. Your mom said you’d be here about noon. C’mon in.”

Walking in hesitantly, Amanda deposits her bag on the hallway floor and waits until the woman has shut the door and turns to her. “If you want me to come back later, I can,” she said.

“No, that’s all right,” Maria said quickly. “C’mon in the living room. Things are a little hectic around here this morning.”

Amanda nods, and begins following her when she sees the rest of the family emerging through a door at the far end of the hallway. Peter Lopez is also in a robe. Amanda decides to wait until later to say hello, averts her eyes quickly, and then enters the living room. Maria has seated herself in a chair and is lighting a cigarette.

“How have you been, Mrs. Lopez?” Amanda asks as she takes a seat across from the plump Hispanic woman in her forties. “Mom said to say thanks again for letting me stay here for a while.”

Maria waves her hand. “Forget it, chica. I’ll tell you what. I have to take Teresa to the doctor in a few minutes. Why don’t you make yourself comfortable in here and we’ll put your stuff away when we get back. OK?”

“Sure. That’s fine. I don’t have anything to do.” The girl’s puzzled by the strange look in Maria’s eyes, as though she’s uneasy about something. “Is Teresa sick?”

“Oh, no,” Maria said and stands. “She’s just got a touch of the flu or something. I’m sorry, dear, but I do have to run now. Turn the TV on if you want.”


When the woman is gone, Amanda sits and gets out her phone. Suddenly, the two Lopez siblings come in and wave a greeting to Amanda. Both Paul and his nineteen-year-old sister have black wavy hair and brown eyes and caramel skin. Paul is tall and slim, and Amanda knows he’s part of her college’s track team, he’s twenty-one.

“I’m glad you got to come over, Amanda,” Teresa said shyly. “Maybe when I feel better, we can chill.”

“Yeah, that’d be cool,” Amanda said. Teresa doesn’t go to college; she works at a hair salon in town. “What’s new, Paul?”

He shrugs. “Nothin’ much. Same old crap.”

“Well, is everybody ready?” Peter Lopez shouts, stopping in the hall doorway with an armload of yellow envelopes. “Hey, Amanda, we won’t be gone long. We only have a couple stops to make.”

“That’s all right, Mr. Lopez,” Amanda said. “Take your time.”

“OK. See you later.”

Maria joins them, waves, and the four of them troop out the front door, leaving Amanda alone in the large living room.

The teen grows bored of her game on her cell phone, and begins strolling around the room, inspecting the furniture and the pictures hanging on the walls. With nothing else to do, she continues through the house, deciding she might as well get familiar with the place.

As she roams the dining room area and the kitchen, she wonders idly why Peter is home on a weekday, and then remembers her mother had mentioned he’s been laid off work. When finishes her inspection in the front of the house, she starts down the long hallway, glancing into any open doors. In what she’s sure is the master bedroom, she sees a large desk against an outside wall with a laptop, printer, scanner, and it’s a mess. Since the rest of the house is so neat and clean, she wonders why they’d leave a mess in there. Curiosity gets the better of her, and she crosses the room hesitantly.

The laptop is on, but has a screensaver active. There’s some envelopes addressed to a post office box at a substation only a few blocks away. That must be Peter’s business, she thought as she taps the space bar to deactivate the screensaver. Then her eyes widen as an image is on the screen. It’s a picture of a handsome, athletic-looking white man standing naked in a bedroom. He’s looking down at a pretty redhead woman who’s kneeling on the floor in front of him. Only a small part of his thick, hard, hairy cock is visible. The rest of it’s in the woman’s mouth.

“Omigod,” Amanda moans. She wants the screensaver to come back, but she doesn’t know how long it’s set for. Her gaze fixes on the man’s thick cock shaft poking between the woman’s lips. Then she eyes the redhead’s trim figure, rounded ass, and full pointed titties. “Fuck me,” the teen moans.

Amanda’s trembling all over as she gapes at the image before her eyes. She minimizes the image to see it’s from an email and leans closer to read: Dear Her&Hispanic,

This is us, which we think you might find interesting. As you can see, we’re exactly as we described ourselves in our emails.

My wife is a magnificent cocksucker and she’s very anxious to demonstrate her talents to you. She also loves to eat cunt, and many other women have told me she’s delightful. I have been told I’m also a great cunnilinguist. However, I’m very adept at anal and conventional fucking, too. I have an exceptional cock, and I hope you will believe me when I say that, in the picture, most of it is in my wife’s mouth.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon and being able to enjoy each other’s individual talents. Sincerely,

The couple from Springfield.

P.S. My wife thinks your cock is terrific, and can’t wait to get it in her cunt. Just let us know when.

Amanda’s hands are shaking almost uncontrollably as she maximizes the image again. then rubs her sweaty palms on her skirt.

“Oh, fuck,” she moans. “Fuck, I don’t believe it.”

As she stares at the image, she feels her pussy twitching. The nipples on her full tits harden against her bra, and her pussy grows moist. It’s almost the same feeling she has when Brandon stuck his fingers in her cunt that one and only time and she knows she’s excited. Cautiously, she minimizes the image and starts snooping through the email account. Amanda soon finds another image.

This picture is entirely different. An older black, graying man is stretched out on a carpeted floor, nude. A much younger blonde white woman is kneeling between his outstretched legs with her mouth on his huge cock. A thin, white stream is running out past her lips and down the black man’s shaft. Another white man is on his knees behind her with his dick partially embedded inside her cunt. What’s visible of his shaft is gleaming wetly. The men are grinning at the camera.

“Motherfucker,” Amanda groans. “How can they do that?”

She quickly reads the email the image is attached too.

Hi, Her&Hispanic,

Great talking to you on the swinger’s forum. Here’s a picture of us (as I promised).

I’m the guy on my knees. The blonde woman is my wife, and the older man is our widowed neighbor. We’re like this all the time. I swear my wife gives the best blowjob I’ve ever had. Plus, our neighbor and I are hung like horses.

Send me the pics you told me about in the forum. I bet they’ll really get us off while we’re fucking.


Amanda closes the email, but continues to stare at the picture as she slowly slides a hand up the inside of her creamy thigh and places her fingers tightly against her panty-covered pussy. It’s wet, and tingles of delight shoot out from her groin as she rubs her pussy gently. She tries to imagine what it’d be like to have a big cock in her mouth and one in her cunt but she can’t. The teen had thought about sticking a banana in her pussy once, but didn’t because she was afraid the pesticides might give her an infection.

“Oh, fuck,” she whimpers, staring at the woman’s mouth where the white semen is trickling past her lips.

The teen’s fingers begin moving more rapidly on her pussy as she gazes again, glassy-eyed, at the other man’s cock, half-embedded in the woman from behind. It’s too much for Amanda, her chest is heaving with desire, and her legs are twitching and quivering. She slides her fingers under the elastic of the thin panties and gropes for her moist crevice. Then she lies back on the bed, staring at the image on the laptop.


Amanda separates the lips of her slit with her fingers and gently massages her clit, squirming and writhing as the tickling sensation makes her legs jump. She’s trying to pretend there’s a real cock jabbing at her as she gapes open-mouthed at the picture and groans.


Amanda seeks out her milk-filled hole and found it, then quickly jams a finger deep into her hot, clenching cunt.


Her hand is pumping furiously, making wet sucking sounds as her digits spear in and out of her aching cunt.


The teen drops her head so she’s no longer watching the lewd picture and is hunching her hand. The woman’s eyes close and her face twists with pleasure. Amanda can feel her cuntal cream running past her finger and onto her palm. It’s heaven to have something inside her, even if it’s just her finger. She’s on the verge of orgasm when she senses something in the room. Though it’s sheer agony to stop, she sits up quickly, yanking her hand from her crotch. The Lopez’s’ big Labrador, Taco, is standing there looking at her. His huge red tongue is hanging out of his mouth and his tail is flagging the air.

Amanda gasps, and said, “Oh, shit, Taco. You scared the shit outta me I didn’t know you were even in the house.”

As Amanda gazes at her wet hand, she shakes her head sadly over the fact she hadn’t climaxed. However, before she realizes it, the teen feels the dog’s furry head moving between her thighs. Then the dog’s nuzzling and lapping at the crotch of her panties.

“TACO!” she shrieks. “STOP THAT!”

She sits up again quickly and grabs at the dog’s head with her hands, trying to push it away. The Labrador wouldn’t budge. It whined softly as the dog continues to lap away at her tasty loins.


Her efforts to push the dog away stop slowly. The feel of its hot tongue on her pussy is exciting her again, even more than her stabbing finger did.

“OK, doggie,” she whispered urgently. “OK—just for a minute.”

She raises her ass off the bed; hikes up her short skirt, then slips her thumbs in her panties and pulls them to her knees. Taco dances around whimpering while she slips them off completely, drops them on the floor, then sits and opens her legs again.

“There, boy,” she crooned softly. “There ya go.”

She looked down at the thick bush surrounding her wet, glistening slit. The dog moves up quickly and pushes its tongue against her pussy. The horny teen jumps at the first contact then begins stroking the dog gently as it probes her crevice, licking the milk filling the folds of her pussy.

“Ooh, Taco—oh, God, that feels good—UMMM—That’s it, doggie—AAARRRGGGHHH—shit.”

Amanda knows guys do this to women sometimes, but this is a first for the teen. She can’t believe it’s so thrilling. The animal knows what its doing and sloshes its big pink tongue up and down her parted labia from her asshole to clit. She squirms and begins hunching to the dog’s muzzle.


She thinks about lying back, but wants to watch. The big black animal is hunching its hips and pumping its dick into thin air, and Amanda knows the dog’s pretending to fuck while it lapped at her pussy. The building thrill of climax fills her groin as she watches the dog hump while mouthing her pussy. The teen’s nipples tingle, and she can feel her tummy muscles tighten.


She pulls her quivering legs off the floor, drops onto her back, and then rests her feet on the huge animal’s shoulders.


She’s writhing and twisting on the big bed and rubbing her legs on the furry animal’s back. The cumming woman pulls her hands up, covers her titties, and begins kneading the firm mounds as she squirms and hunches.


An orgasm explodes inside her, sending thundering surges to her limbs. She twitches and quivers and bright lights pop behind her closed eyelids. The delicious sensation makes her dizzy for a moment, and then it subsides.

“Oh, Taco.”

The dog is still licking at her pussy as she sits up quickly and shoves it away. “That’s enough. They’ll be back any minute. I’ve gotta get my panties on.” She grabs the white bikinis off the floor and quickly pulls them up her legs. “OH, NO.” She sees Taco’s long red cock sticking out under his belly. It’s shiny, pointy, and bigger than she’d ever have believed.

“You’ve gotta go outside,” she moans as fixed the laptop. “C’mon, boy. Let’s go.”


Grabbing Taco by the collar, she tugs and wrestles him toward the door. Amanda quickly finds the back entrance goes out from the downstairs recreation room. She pushes the animal outside, slams the door, and heaves a sigh of relief. If the Lopez’s came home and saw their dog with a raging boner, they’d surely know what must’ve happened, or at least suspect it. Amanda rubs her forehead briefly with worry, and then starts for the stairs. She wants to get to her suitcase and get a dry pair of panties on before they return.

When she reached the bottom of the steps, she stops and turns. The recreation room is large, but not nearly the size of the house above. There’s a pool table and a bar and the walls are paneled with wood around the entire room except for one door. It is painted a bright red. She goes over to try it, finds the big brass knob is locked, then shrugs her shoulders and goes upstairs.

With an eye peeled, Amanda opens her suitcase in the hallway and changes panties. Then she goes to the bathroom, pees, and straightens her varsity sweater and skirt. It isn’t until she returns to the living room and sits that her concern over the dog leaves her and she remembers the emails and pictures on Peter Lopez’s laptop.

“What in the hell are they doing?” she wonders aloud… “Are they just swapping pictures? No, they can’t be, because—because—”

She recalls the last email, the one about pictures of stuff. Young who, Amanda wonders? Teresa? Paul? What were they talking about? She shudders and sighs, unable to conceive the Lopez’s would have anything to do with things like that. The teen’s still pondering it when they come home.

“Well, now, that didn’t take long, did, it?” Peter said cheerfully from the hallway. He has another pile of mail in his hands. “Let me stick this stuff away and get organized. It’s about lunch time, isn’t it, Maria?”

“Yeah, I’ll get to it in a minute.” The woman come into the living room, drops her purse on the floor, and then slumped into a chair. “God, I hate mornings like this.” She looked at her children who has just come in. “You two go wash for lunch. Change into some old clothes.”

“OK, we’re all set,” Peter said coming back into the room. He lights a cigarette, then stretches out on the couch. “Well, Amanda, did your folks get off OK?”

The teen nods. “Yes, Mr. Lopez. They left early this morning as the builders moved in and started tearing the place apart. That’s why I didn’t wait ‘til noon to come over. They didn’t want me hanging around the apartment.”

“Well, that’s no problem, and please, it’s Peter. You’re not a kid anymore,” Peter said cheerfully. “Tell us. What do you think of your new father?”

“Well, Ken’s OK, I guess—” As Amanda goes on to hesitantly explain her feelings about Lyle, she can’t help but wonder about the Lopez’s. Peter is a tall, good-looking Hispanic man with broad shoulders. He always seemed to have a smile on his face. Maria Lopez is only a little taller than Amanda at five feet six, but she has a fantastic figure and long shapely legs. The teen still finds it difficult to believe they can be involved with those pictures in the bedroom. “So that’s about it, I guess,” Amanda finishes. “We get along pretty well most of the time, but I’m sure they can’t wait for me to move out. Three’s a crowd and all.”

“Well, I know you’re mom won’t let you move out until she’s sure you’re OK,” Maria said. She stands up and pulls her dress down to get the wrinkles out. “I’ll go get some lunch ready. I hope you like leftovers.”

“Oh, they’re fine,” Amanda said. “Anything is fine.”

Amanda watches intently as Peter gets up, turns on the TV for the early news and sits again. She can’t help but glance cautiously at the fly of his pants and wonder whether his cock is as big as those in the pictures. The teen would give anything to be able to see it. However, she’s sure she’ll never have the chance. They have always treated her like a daughter and he’d never expose himself to her.

They all sit at the dining room table for lunch, and when Amanda takes a close look at Teresa, she thought the older teen looked awfully pale. While they eat, everyone makes the standard honeymoon jokes that aren’t too dirty, and with the exception of Teresa, they seem to be in good spirits. When they’re through, Maria tells her daughter to go to bed and rest.

“Why don’t you go keep her company, Amanda?” Maria said as she gathered the dirty plates. “I’ll take care of the dishes. We have a few things to do this afternoon anyway, so we won’t be able to chat for a while. I’m sure you ladies have a lot of gossip to catch up on.”

“Oh, sure,” Amanda said and gets up and slides her chair under the table. “C’mon, Teresa, I’ll take care of you.”

“OK. Do I have to stay in bed, Mom?” Teresa asks with a sneer.

“Just a couple of hours, dear, you heard what the doctor said,” Maria said. “We’ll be through by then.”

Teresa leads the way down the hall to her room and Amanda follows. There are twin beds inside, and everything’s done in blue and white, including the rug. Teresa stretches out on one bed, but listens with interest to Amanda’s chatter about the latest music for only a few moments. The Hispanic teen’s eyelids droop slowly, and before Amanda stops speaking, Teresa is obviously asleep. Well, what do I do now, Amanda thought. She lies back on the bed and crosses her legs. I wonder what’s so important they have to do this afternoon. I wonder if it’s gets anything to do with those sex pictures?

Amanda’s lying there for less than ten minutes when she hears footsteps in the hallway. It sounds as if the three of them are heading for the basement. The teen is sure when she hears them clumping down stairs.

“Omigod,” she whispers. “I hope the dog isn’t hard anymore.”

The eighteen-year-old jumps from the bed and crosses the room to press her ear against the door. When Amanda can hear no shouts or loud voices, she feels all is safe, and relaxes.

“Might as well go down and join them,” she mumbles, turning the doorknob, “Nothing to do up here, anyway.”

She closes the door silently behind her, then goes down the hall to the stairway leading to the recreation room. Amanda makes no effort to conceal her presence until she reaches the bottom steps and sees the red door is partly open. The teen hears Peter speaking. She seems to know instinctively something is going on, and presses against the wall, out of sight, to listen.


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