The Repairman


Toby plops himself down on the couch, lying back, extending his athletic legs out, surrendering himself to the world of Fortnite.   He sits up after a moment, grabbing the half glass of orange juice in front of him and guzzles the rest in one swift gulp.  The devious pervert reenters the house this time with a large, short-haired mongrel of a dog.  Toby jumps off the couch, excited at seeing the big friendly animal.

“Wow, he’s a big dog, isn’t he,” Toby chirps.  The excited teen pets the large animal on its head, accompanied by complimentary words.  “You’re a big boy, aren’t you?”  The very friendly pooch nuzzling back at the lad’s affection and compliment.  “What’s his name?” Toby excitedly asks the repairman.

“His name is Romeo.”

The twink continues to affectionately pet and hugs the large dog.  Romeo reciprocates by licking back at the twink’s face.  Harris goes about making the quick repair to the ice maker in the kitchen as Romeo and Toby get to know each other in the living room.  The lad while petting the friendly dog simultaneously keeping an eye on the TV.  Romeo, meanwhile, sniffing the air near the teen suddenly picks up the slightly musky scent from the twink’s unbathed sex organs.

Harris, who’s working in the kitchen, gazes over with great satisfaction seeing the empty glass of orange juice.  Knowing the twink’s consumed the sex potion, it’s only a matter of time before it starts to take effect.  Romeo quickly zeroes in on the teen’s privates as the source of the pungent mating smell.  The large dog suddenly buries its long-wet snout into the boy’s shrouded crotch, eager to get at the animalistic scent.

The stunned teen tries desperately to push the insistent dog away.  The persistent pooch will not relent as the unwanted attention sends intense tingling sensations to the young twink’s balls and flaccid cock.  The balls zinging with pangs of pleasure as the dog starts wet flogging and lapping, causing the teen’s shrouded cock to lengthen and swell.  The desperate twink backing away falls onto the couch.  But Romeo’s entirely entranced by the now erotic pungent scent emitted by the teen’s stimulated sexual organ keeps up the attack.

The determined dog advances on the sitting twink’s shrouded swollen sex organ.   With its long, wet tongue, licking and lapping over and over at the thinly covered cock and plump balls.  The sex potion is beginning to adequately sensitize the teen, and tingling bolts of sexual energy shoot up the twink’s spine from the dog’s relentless wet tongue fondling of the shrouded engorged sexual organs.

Toby sprawls on the couch, not even noticing the TV anymore, he’s completely preoccupied with the intense erotic tingly feelings from Romeo’s lascivious tongue bath.  Bolts of erotic pleasure zoom through the young athletic body culminating at the twink’s eroticized groin then slowly consuming his whole lean body.

There’s a pleasant tingling sensation overtaking Toby as he savors the buzzy surges coursing through his randy body.  His long cock and fat balls tormented by the big dogs repeated wet tonguing.  The talented pooch’s tongue bath accelerating the intense erotic tingling, causing the eighteen-year-olds sex organ to quickly swell to its fully erect state.  The twink’s engorged organ protrudes obscenely out, distorting the thin fabric of the wetted tight pajama shorts.

His balls churn and roll as the now fully erect cock presses against the saliva soaked sheer fabric of the undersized garment.  The sensitive head swelling from the dog’s continued licking and lapping of the shrouded swollen cock as the canine’s tongue torture continues.  Pre-cum oozes from the wet contact stimulation, unleashing more of the dog’s animalistic mating instincts as the randy animal quickly consumes every drop of the dripping lubricant.

Harris looks on in wonderment from his position in the kitchen at the sight of the beautiful teen slithering on the couch as his canine co-conspirator ready’s the boy for the next phase of the little ‘ménage a trios.’  The innocent teen’s consumed in an erotic pool of lust.  He has no power nor desire to escape as he’s propped up on the couch, legs spread wide open, giving the massive beast free access to his aroused sex organs.

The pervert repairman creeps on his knees towards the two impassioned lovers, but the sexually intoxicated twink doesn’t even notice.  The randy twink’s consumed in flames of desire as Romeo masterfully makes wet love to the shrouded swollen cock.  The deviant man closing in reaches out and sensually touches the twink’s smooth muscular leg.  The immediate contact on the thigh shocks the twink.  Still, the surge of erotic pleasures from the intimate contact melts away any desire for resistance.

As the randy twink looks on, the fat predator grabs hold of the hem of the twink’s little cotton pajama shorts.  He slowly begins sliding the small garment down the muscular hairless thighs.  All the while, his companion Romeo keeps licking and lapping at the engorged pulsating shrouded cock.  The twink’s blonde fuzz covered pubic area coming quickly into view as the tanned, veined skin turns slightly paler.

Harris carefully lifts the thin canine saliva-soaked fabric up and over, freeing the young tormented teen cock.   The engorged cock suddenly releasing from its tight confines slapping back with a WHACK onto the twink’s taught belly.   The long pulsating organ almost reaching to the twink’s small distended navel.  Pre-cum wets the randy teen’s pubic area as it continues to ooze from the canine’s great tongue bath.

Romeo, only slightly startled by the action, goes right back to what he was doing.  But this time, the dog licks the fully exposed sensitive balls.  Licking and lapping, licking and lapping with his long, wet tongue as the beautiful orbs dance with delight from the animal’s tongue adulation.   The sexually drunk twink moans with pleasure at the dog’s repeated wet stimulation.

Ooh, ahhhhhh, good dog…” the randy lad coos as he complimented his canine sex partner.

Meanwhile, the devious dog’s partner in crime Mr. Harris is busy lifting the boy’s small tank top to expose the little pink nipples standing erect on the teen’s firm chest.  The pervert tweaks the tiny nubs, eliciting more moans of erotic pleasure from the squirming twink.

Ooh, so good,” moans of pleasure wafting through the air of the small living room.

Then the sexually mad fat pervert tongues the twink’s swollen bulbous cockhead.  Spearing the sensitive dilated oozing slit as the repairman’s mongrel companion continues to lap at the teen’s sensitive balls.  The twink’s assaulted bloated cock surging and swelling at the intense dual erotic assault.  The man then swiping his wet tongue at the little swirled extend belly button running his fat, coarse hand over the hot twink’s taught rippled stomach.  Then quickly returning his attention to the engorged teen cock, taking the pulsating veined organ into his putrid mouth.  Harris teams again with his companion Romeo to pay special tribute to the lad’s distended sex organs.

The mutt suddenly gets a good whiff of the twink’s aromatic anal scent and quickly buries its long, wet snout into the perineum crease of the teens two fleshy mounds.  Sniffing at the pungent unwashed rectal odor, the excited dog suddenly becoming fully erect.  That long wet tongue desperately tries to get at the hidden pungent quivering little anal orifice.  The dog’s red cock is now jutting from its furry belly.  The old man senses mating time is drawing near.  The fat pervert squeezes the twink’s swollen skin covered cockhead, pinching and pulling the slimy sheathed phallic.

Mmmmm, Ahhhhhh, Ohhhhhh…” the twink pants at the erotic jolts shooting from the stimulation.

Sexual lubricants surge out from the engorged cockhead flowing down and wetting the entire bulbous crown.

“Ooh, you’re such a pretty boy, you are,” the pervert coos to the quivering teen as he continues to massage the young engorged pulsating cock.

Romeo is below franticly lapping at the twink’s perineum, whining at not being able to reach the twink pussy to start the mating process.  The man advances on the randy twink, swiftly running his rough hands over the boy’s developed chest, pinching at the sensitive tiny nipples again.  Gasps of pleasure escape the boy’s lips as the overly aggressive touching sends bolts of sexual energy through his body.

Ohhhh, Ahhhhhhh, Oh God, yeah,” Toby moans as the skillful repairman torments the twink’s adolescent nipples.

The pervert laps at the little belly button centered on the twink’s washboard stomach as more sounds of erotic pleasure fill the air.  Harris turns his full attention to the long teen cock obscenely protruding from the twink’s groin.  Flicking his long, wet tongue at the engorged head.   The twink’s hissing at the intense feelings radiating from the intimate touch of the man’s wet tongue.  Puckering his mouth, he expertly sucks the twink’s sensitive cockhead.  The twink bucks his hips, seeking more thrill, eliciting loud moans of pleasure from the randy lad.  Then the fat pervert licking down the veined cock shaft, snuggling his fat face into the young twink’s small patch of blond pubic hairs.


This is an excerpt/free sample of the short story ‘The Repairman‘ by Jack Morningwood. Buy the story or join our Members Area to read every nasty detail. You won’t regret it, this one is hot.


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