The Seduction of Laura: Part 1


The Seduction of Laura: Part 1 Moe Lester

  • Laura is a lonely after her husband left her for another woman, when suddenly her big Cane Corso seems to be ready to fill a need. Words: 18,779.
Sprawled on her back, exhausted, her nipples slowly softening, Laura Simpson drifts off to sleep. Laura stirs once; her hips squirm slightly, searching for something that’s no longer there. Then the redhead is still lying unabashedly exposed with her legs spread wide and her hands at her sides. The light from the forgotten lamp spills over her pale, smooth body.

The large black Cane Corso raises its head, stares at its redheaded mistress. Hercules long pink tongue licks out combing its whiskers into a grin. The Mastiff yawns, exposing its gleaming white teeth. Its nostrils flare as the dog sniffs the air that reeks of cunt. Hercules tongue licks up and bathes its nose.

Oblivious to everything, Laura sleeps on. Her breasts rise and fall evenly; head rolls slightly to the side making her face a shadow with lips parted slightly. Laura’s nipples are partially erect, not engorged as at the height of passion but not wholly relaxed either.

Hercules tests the air with its sensitive canine nose. Something in it intrigues the beast, stirring primitive appetites. After another nervous yawn, the dog struggles to get to its feet. Hercules rigid spine makes it hard, as does the slipperiness of the satin bedspread. Eventually, the dog gets its back feet under it, straddled defensively against the slipperiness of the spread. As if exploring a trap, the dog stretches its neck forward. Hercules’ nose is seeking and testing, searching for the source of the tantalizing aroma.

A hesitant step and the dog moves between Laura’s widespread legs. Hercules nose and whiskers brush the inside of one smooth thigh. The leg moves, spreading her even wider. The knee bends more. Another cautious step brings Hercules nose within inches of Laura’s moist, humid pussy. The Mastiff licks to one side, on her sensitive inner thigh. Laura squirms in her sleep, and her legs spread still wider. The slit of her pussy gapes open. It’s a pink-petal gash bordered by damp red curls.

Hercules licks again, at the edge of her pussy hair. The dog’s hot, velvety tongue strokes her flesh where her hand has smeared sex juices. Laura’s flat stomach shudders in response to the warm, sensuous stroking. Carefully, Hercules washes her. The Mastiff sweeps its long pink tongue over her pale skin. The strands of red hair at the edge of her pussy tug straight as the dog licks the sides of her hairy crotch.

Standing between her widespread thighs, the big black Cane Corso licks the fragrant, appetizing secretions of her naked skin. The Mastiff licks the insides of both thighs. Laura’s hips squirm as she tries, in her sleep, to spread her legs still wider. Having exhausted that source, Hercules moves closer to the heart of her pussy. Hercules tongue combs through the tangled mat of her loins, tugs at her pussy lips, stretched the kinks out of her curls. The dog’s tongue slithers into her cunt, and in a mad reaction that makes him flinch back, Laura’s hips heave.

For a moment the dog pauses, eyes the slender red-haired woman carefully. Her face turned toward the ceiling. The Mastiff can see her delicate features. Her lips part with lust, not relaxation now. Laura’s breathing is heavier, quicker. The points of her nipples cast long shadows over her breasts because of their increased arousal. A fine film of sweat glistens on her forehead; and fingers curl, clutching the bed, and her stomach sucks inward. Her toes curl in a primitive reflex gripping motion.

Hercules yields to the siren call from her crotch and lowers its canine head. The dog’s tongue flicks out, strokes the length of her slit, spreading the soft bulge of her pussy lips, plowing between the delicate, aroused petals of her inner folds. Laura moans and squirms, her head rolls and her eyelids flutter as she hangs on the borderline of sleep. The big Cane Corso ignores her stirrings this time and slithers its tongue along her slit again. It strokes over the nerve-packed head of her clitoris, and Laura wakes. The redhead stares blindly at the ceiling, remembering the times Brett had driven her mad with his tongue.

The tongue rips her pussy open again; it’s hot, rough, and burning. Laura heaves as lust explodes through her like lightning. However, Brett is gone, she’s alone now, and there’s no way she can be feeling what she’s feeling. Laura’s chain of thought blasts to shining fragments by the searing stimulation of another tongue-stroke along her swollen pussy lips. With a jerk, Laura heaves her head up and stares down, and sees the huge black dog standing between her gaping thighs. Hercules’ legs brace; the dog’s muzzle is at her crotch. Laura let out a howl as the tongue rips through her aroused pussy lips again.

“Noooo, Hercules…” she groans, her voice a crazy wail as the dog ravages her dripping slit yet again.

The Seduction of Laura: Part 1 Moe Lester

  • Laura is a lonely after her husband left her for another woman, when suddenly her big Cane Corso seems to be ready to fill a need. Words: 18,779.

Since there’s no tone of command in her order, the dog ignores her and wedges its cold nose into her hot crotch. The tongue feels as if burning coals have touched her pussy. Laura’s lust burns away the shreds of resistance she had succeeded in mustering. Seeking the source of her sweet fluid, Hercules bores its tongue into her cunt. Laura’s hips heave and squirm madly as the dog penetrates deeply.

The woman feels the canine tongue drill deep into her belly, deeper than any human tongue possibly could. It’s insane, she thought, staring wide-eyed at the sight. A velvety rasp is scraping the sensitive, rippled cuntal walls, and a chill black nose is pressing her outraged clitoris, while Hercules’s hot breath burns her flesh. After scooping up a wave of her juice with its tongue, Hercules probes for more, driving its tongue still deeper into the tangy vagina it has found.

“Awww, noooo…” Laura moans, futilely protesting her incredible arousal.

Laura touches Hercules’s head, stroking the hard bones of its skull. Her fingers combed through the warm fur. The dog’s jaw works its tongue into her cunt yet again. Her hips heave, thrusting her pussy against the probing muzzle. The Mastiff drills its tongue deep into her juicy cunt, scrubbing the rippling walls clean of her flood of secretions.

Something makes the dog shift its attack. Hercules flat tongue strokes her clitoris. It feels like red-hot sandpaper. Laura wails and clutches Hercules’s fur until the dog tugs free. Hercules’ head plunges downward, its tongue strokes, blistering her asshole with its hot roughness. Laura heaves her hips up, inviting a repeat of that intimate lapping. It comes again, and she goes half-mad with pleasure. She grabs her ass cheeks and yanks them apart until the skin stretches and stings. Hercules’s tongue strikes like a lash, probing, actually penetrating her anus a fraction of an inch. Laura begins to orgasm.

The tongue strips the juices from her asshole, continuing up toward her cunt and then drills into that streaming hole as her glands overflow from the incredible stimulation. Laura climaxes as she feels the dog’s tongue drill deep into her cunt like a hot poker. Writhing, half-mad with lust, she invites the dog to tongue-fuck her more. Laura knows what she’s doing is crazy, but doesn’t care. The pleasure roars through her.

Hercules plunges its tongue into her sweet cunt repeatedly, scooping out a torrent of her juice. The source of her delicious juices seems endless. The more the dog licks, the more there is. The Mastiff presses its muzzle hard into the wet gash as it twists its tongue into her cunt, searching for the ultimate source of her delicious taste.

Laura heaves, howls, as her orgasm goes on forever. Even Brett at his most devoted and persistent had never been able to get this reaction from the woman. Eventually, his arousal had always gotten the best of him, and he stopped licking her cunt and plunged his cock deep into her spasming vagina. However, Hercules apparently has no urge to do that, the dog wants only to drink her cunt dry. The Mastiff keeps right on trying as her never-ending climax rages.

An exquisite ache in her muscles eventually brings Laura down from her peak, stilling the streaming of her cunt, and collapses her hips back onto the bed. When the source of supply drops, Hercules follows her pussy, probes with its nose until Laura has to heave up on a shaking arm and forcefully push the beast away.

“NO…” she shouts.

The Seduction of Laura: Part 1 Moe Lester

  • Laura is a lonely after her husband left her for another woman, when suddenly her big Cane Corso seems to be ready to fill a need. Words: 18,779.

Hercules backs up, and, hurt by her sudden rejection, gazing at her reproachfully.

“That’s enough, Hercules,” she said as if the dog can understand. “That’s enough…”

The woman knows it’s not the dog’s fault, and her shoulders sag as she sighs.

“Oh, Hercules,” Laura said eventually. “You lecherous mutt, you really did it, didn’t you?”

Hercules tilts its head. The Mastiff is panting slightly, and its insidious pink tongue is dancing over its lower teeth. The dog sits.

“God only knows what horrible diseases I’ll get now,” Laura moans, struggling to her feet. “Probably come down with distemper.”

Laura tries to keep her mind off how good it had been as she douches thoroughly. The woman knows that eventually she’ll want to do it again.

“Doc Martin may faint when I ask him,” she said to Hercules as she comes back into the bedroom. “But I’m gonna have to ask him about this. You’re due for a check-up this week anyway. I’ll have to gather my strength and find a way to phrase the question.”

Hercules’s tail wags hopefully, but the dog doesn’t lift its head.

“Probably…” Laura said. “Probably, I will let you lick my pussy again. Now go to sleep, pervert.”

Laura turns out the light and feels the dog’s comforting warmth and weight against her legs as she falls asleep.


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