The Trouble with Kahn

Things had gone so wrong yesterday and so weird that it still makes Jake horny beyond belief.  Overnight, he decided that Kahn licking his cock wasn’t such a bad thing.  The teen suddenly slides off his shorts and his underwear and lets them drop to the floor.  He then sits on the bed.

“Well?  What are you waiting for?”  Kahn climbs on the bed, sniffs Jake’s hard cock, and then licks it.  “God,” Jake moans.  “This is nuts.”

The dog tongues with some restraint, as if remembering how things went badly yesterday, gradually working into a rhythm. Then the dog licks Jake’s balls.  The redhead teen grows stiffer with each lick.

“Please, Kahn.  If you have any regard for me, please be careful.”

The dog licks a bit harder, making Jake jump, but he forces himself to relax.  The Rottweiler’s tongue slowly makes the dull pain disappear, and the teen begins to enjoy it.

You should charge for this, Kahn.  You really should.”

Fully erect and leaking pre-cum with the thought of Kahn swallowing it arouses the lad even more.  He moves his cock back against his belly to make the dog concentrate on his balls.  The dog’s immeasurably stimulated too.  Every breath goes a little deeper and becomes a little more ragged, and though not yet at industrial strength action, the intensity increases.  So does the pain, though Jake refuses to make Kahn stop.\

Even when a deep ache settles in and the teen can only groan, he does not let the dog stop.  Suddenly, he no longer has much interest in Mrs. Harrison’s panties or her lewd pictures.  Whatever is happening now is between Jake and Kahn.  The lad removes his shirt and drops it on the floor, toes off his socks, and is soon completely naked.

What, oh, what am I doing?

Kahn moves between his legs, and Jake raises them, intending to bare his asshole.  He’d read on the internet last night that nothing beats a rim job from a dog.  He’s sorry to say, it’s true.  But Kahn wants more than a rimjob, and suddenly the dog’s thighs press flat against Jake’s stomach.  Kahn’s ready to fuck.  The skinny redhead teen jumps, taken by surprise.

“Wait a minute,” Jake wails.  “I’m not fucking you, Kahn.  Get that shit outta your head right now.”

The dog tongues the lad with vigor, and at once, Jake’s thrilled and repulsed.  The Rottweiler’s massive erection slaps Jake’s thighs, his bottom, and his testicles, and following a couple of good whacks, the dull ache turns into throbbing pain.

Quit it,” Jake yells, pushing Kahn away only to have the dog go right back to it.

He’s so close to climaxing, but the pain of Kahn licking him brought back memories of yesterday.  Jake pushes Kahn away again, quickly rolling over onto his belly.

The teen immediately understands what a bad idea that was from the sudden pain of a hard cock having nowhere to go and from not being bendable.  He rises onto his knees, gives his cock some room, and holds it there.  Undeterred by the lad’s actions and moans, Kahn finds his asshole and licks the boy there.  Jake’s cock is hurting too much to move or even care what the dog is doing now.  The Rottweiler licks more and more, and despite everything, it feels wonderful.  Jake soon goes from holding his hurting cock to slowly stroking it and is close to climaxing.

Between the cock licking and ass licking, Jake’s so horny he’s becoming desperate.  Jake opens his knees, giving the dog full access, and so the dog licks longer and deeper.  The teen strokes his cock more, getting closer and closer to climaxing.  Mr. Harrison has fucked his asshole a few times now.  But this sends a wave of warmth up his spine.  The teen feels himself tightening and getting close to orgasm.  He strokes harder.

Suddenly the dog stops, and it’s a huge letdown.  But Jake’s about to climax, and so he keeps stroking harder and harder.  He feels Kahn hop on his back and grab his waist tightly with those sharp paws.

Jake will lose an orgasm to stop Kahn, so he ignores the dog’s playing and pulling.  Suddenly he feels something hot and wet rub his ass crack.  It’s so hot and feels so good, like the dog’s tongue but much better.  Jake’s so close to ejaculating, and just as the first wave of orgasm really hits and he stiffens, spurting hard, something hard goes inside his asshole.

The dog thrust forward very quickly.  Jake’s body locks into position from his orgasm.  This strange deep sliding heat makes Jake orgasm even harder.  Passion takes complete control of Jake as he strokes more.  He can feel the hot thing going deeper and deeper.  Somewhere some part of his brain understands Kahn is now fucking him.

Jake’s brain is undecided about what to do, but his body isn’t.  With no thought, plan, or conscious effort, he pushes back against this beautiful feeling as he keeps orgasming.  The lad feels something hot swelling and pulsating just inside his asshole.  This feeling is bizarre, but it’s also restarting his orgasm.  The teen’s never had a climax so long or hard, and it’s happening again before his first one finished.  Jake strokes hard, lost in complete bliss.

Eventually, the lad emerges from these blissful mind-blowing orgasms.  He can still feel the dog’s cock swelling inside him as it rams it in deeper and deeper with all its strength.  He realizes he’s still shoving himself back and trying to meet the Rottweiler’s thrusts.

The Rottweiler pulls Jake’s hips hard and slams its belly against his ass in quick hard strokes, the dog’s cock going ever deeper and swelling more and more.  It feels too good.  Regardless of what his mind wanted, his body concentrates on this beautiful feeling, getting more intense and wonderful with each passing second.  Some logical part of Jake knows the dog is rubbing his prostate, but all he knows is despite the orgasm he just had, the teen’s about to blow again.

Fuck, YES,” Jake half moans, then yells as the dog fucks the orgasm from Jake.

As the teen starts spurting again, he pushes back against Kahn and orgasms with all he has.  He climaxed long and hard, more intensely than he would’ve believed possible.  Jake’s sure the cock rubbing his prostate keeps him going because he climaxed far beyond the usual amount of time.  Eventually, he feels himself finish, and the jizz dribbling from his cockhead slows.  Completely used and exhausted, the lad collapses.  Jake’s hips balance on his knees with the dog’s powerful paws holding his waist up and its cock deep inside the lad’s belly throbbing.  Jake’s upper body, though, collapses onto the bed.

When Jake suddenly understands the swelling inside his asshole is Kahn’s knot, he shouts, “Oh fuck, no.  How did I let this happen?

Jake knows the anatomy and the process of canine mating.  He also knows he needs to get the dog’s knot out quickly, or it’ll get stuck inside him.  The fact the dog had already slowed, and Jake feels like there’s a softball inside his asshole should’ve told the teen it’s far too late.  But in his panic, he still tries.

Of course, the massive knot isn’t going anywhere unless Jake wants surgery.  He knows the Rottweiler’s tied, and he’ll be here until the dog’s done.  The lad’s disgusted with himself.  ‘What kind of sick pervert lets a dog fuck their ass,’ he wonders.  ‘What kind of a nut gets so into his orgasm that the dog doesn’t stop it from happening.  I’ve never cum that hard, though.’

The Rottweiler swells more inside Jake, filling him so entirely that he has no words for it.  Kahn’s cock also seems to get longer and longer until he can feel it shooting loads of hot liquid deep in his bowels.  Suddenly, a wave of fear goes through Jake of the dog turning and hopping off the bed’  ‘He’ll pop me open like a ripe watermelon,’ he thought.  Immediately, the teen glances around and eventually grabbing Kahn by the collar to hold the dog there above him.

As the dog stops humping and rests itself on Jake’s back, he can feel the canine shaft continue to grow longer and longer, still spurting semen.  It grows with each of the dog’s heartbeats until finally, after another fifteen seconds, it’s grown to its full proportions, forcing itself into places in Jake the lad didn’t know existed.  They just held their position there for a short time, Kahn pulsating and spurting, and Jake felt quite stupid and almost uncomfortably full.  But then the teen redhead feels the dog’s spurts grow longer and more intense as the dog pulls a bit harder, and he knows the beast is at the peak of its orgasm and ejaculation.

Kahn’s jizz feels so good as it fills Jake’s bowels.  It’s hot, it comes in hard spurts, and it just makes his whole body feel tingly.  The lad didn’t want to feel good.  He didn’t want to enjoy this defilement.  Jake was stupid enough to get in this position to let the dog rape him, but damn he can’t help that it feels good.  Each spurt is like a warm tingle that starts in his sensitive and stretched bowels, spreads across his whole body, then finally settles in his cock and balls, making them hard and horny.


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