There’s Something About Ryan: Part 3


There's Something about Ryan: Part 3 Moe Lester

  • The weekend away at the Entsch farm isn't off to greatest of starts; but at least Ryan can't get to Amber & Kelly, or so they think. Words: 15,406
The next day Rob gets up early to start his tour of the outlying farms.  He tiptoes into the bedroom that Amber and Kelly are sharing and bends down to kiss the older woman.

“Going so soon?” Amber said quietly, wrapping her arms around his thick neck.

“Un-huh, there’s a lot of work to get done today.  By the way, thanks for that fantastic fuck last night.”

“Shhhh, you’ll wake Kelly,” Amber said warningly, flattered by the remark nonetheless.

She and Rob spent almost the entire evening in the hay, sucking and fucking well into the night.

“Oh baby, even after what we did a couple of hours ago, I could go again right now and…”

“Shhhh, your daughter’s right there.  Besides, you have work to do.  We’ve got all tonight for that.”

“Well, you just lie here for a while and think about last night.  Before you know it, I’ll be back, and we can start where we left off.”

“Is anybody going to be here?” Amber asks with a grimace.

“Luke is coming to help me.  Ryan and Tommy will be around in case you need anything.”

Amber sighs in relief.  At least the old man will prevent Ryan from trying anything, and Luke and his huge cock will be gone too.  Rob kisses her gently on the forehead then leaves.  Amber hears Kelly turn next to her and realizes that the redhead heard everything.

“So you two have been fooling around behind my back, eh?” Kelly said, smiling at Amber.  “God, I hope something serious springs up between you two.  Daddy has been so alone since mom died.  I think you’d make a great…”

Kelly stops.  The same thought struck them simultaneously.  There’s still Ryan and Paul, and those videos and pictures hanging over the women like a dark cloud.

“We’ll talk about it later,” Amber eventually said, trying to force cheerfulness.  “Right now we’d better get up.  I’ll show you around the farm.”

“I didn’t think you saw too much of it last night,” Kelly said, laughing lightly as she disappears to the bathroom.

Amber hunches her legs and rests her chin on her knees.  She thought of last night in the barn and remembers how Rob’s fingers traced along her quivering pussy then slid back and found her asshole.  The blonde remembers how she moaned when he forced one of them inside and then opened her asshole to the rest of Rob’s probing fingers.  Rob has a way of making this kind of asshole probing enjoyable. There’s the smell of her pussy juice again.  Copious juice dribbling from her cunt, and the smell of it mingling with the pungent odor of sweat that oozed freely from Rob’s groin.

“Daydreaming?” Kelly asks as she enters the room again.

She has a towel wrapped tightly around her younger body.  Amber gazes at the redhead and wonders if she’ll still be able to stick her tongue into her body if she marries Rob. That is if the vet will have anything to do with Amber after she has told him everything.

“I guess,” Amber said with a shrug.  “It’s time to take my shower.”

Amber stands in the shower for a long time.  It feels so good to have the warm water trailing along with her breasts and into her aching cunt.  She slides her forefinger back and forth over the tiny clit, running the rest of her hand along her sensitive labia.  Her asshole clenches instinctively, just as if Rob had his entire fist jammed into her asshole and plunging into her gut.

“Amber, you’ve been in there all day,” Kelly calls from the bedroom.  “I’m going to walk around outside for a while. Coffee’s on.”

“OK, I’ll be out soon.  Just keep an eye out for Ryan, he’s around here, someplace.”

“At least the old man’s here for protection,” Kelly said as she skipped out of the room and down the stairs.

After Amber gets out of the shower, she stares at the bed wistfully feeling so very tired.  Maybe a nap will do me good, she thought, especially since Rob wants round two tonight.  All this fucking is wearing me out.  Amber climbs under the sheets and snuggles into the pillow.  Kelly will be OK, she thought, dozing off.  Ryan won’t try anything with Tommy around.

There's Something about Ryan: Part 3 Moe Lester

  • The weekend away at the Entsch farm isn't off to greatest of starts; but at least Ryan can't get to Amber & Kelly, or so they think. Words: 15,406


There are some bottles of water in the fridge, and Kelly takes one with her for her walk.  Near the barn, there are some kennels, and the farm dogs inside seem happy to see her with wagging tails and whines of excitement.  Kelly drinks water before she gets to the last cage to find a huge Great Dane.    The dog seems friendly, and she decides to enter the kennel and pat the giant canine, taking another swig of water.

“Oh, who’s a good boy,” Kelly said, noticing his collar had a metal plate with ‘King’ engraved on it.   “King, eh?   You’re certainly built like one.”

After about ten minutes, Kelly starts to feel light-headed, and leans against his cage door and then slowly feels herself sliding to the ground.  Then suddenly, things go blank.


The redhead’s not sure how long she passed out for but when she wakes she’s lying on her stomach with her t-shirt up under her arms.  Then Kelly realizes she doesn’t have on her shorts or panties on anymore, and glancing back, sees King the Great Dane with her shorts in its mouth and standing on what’s left of her panties.

Turning to glance behind, Kelly can see the dog staring at her butt.  It drops her shorts and bends to lick the sweat off her.  Then the dog slowly moves its tongue between her legs.  When King runs that rough surface over her pussy Kelly jumps involuntarily, at which point, the Great Dane starts growling.  When King’s satisfied, the redhead isn’t going to move anymore, the dog resumed its inspection of her pussy.

Kelly cannot stop crying, she never hated anything more.  This continues for several minutes, and she eventually pulls herself together.   After all, this is not her first rodeo with a dog licking her pussy; the girl just hoped she could avoid it on this trip.  The massive dog continues licking her, its long rough tongue exploring Kelly front to back.  The woman doesn’t know how long it goes on, but when the dog eventually finishes, and stands, her crotch and butt were soaked with dog saliva.  King is on all fours barking at her.  Kelly feels her stomach churn and body shake, and she screams as loud as she can while hoping Amber will hear and come running. The redhead tries to pull her legs under her body in to get them away from the Great Dane.  Unfortunately, that’s just what the massive tan dog wants.

Kelly’s sitting with her head on the ground, her legs pulled under her body, in the perfect position for the Great Dane to get precisely what it’s after.  The dog jumps and rests its legs over her shoulders. She can feel the fur of its belly rubbing on her back.  The dog’s erect red cock rubs against her asshole for a few seconds before the beast hunches its body and drives it straight inside of her anus with such power Kelly’s face slams into the wire of the cage.

She’s had anal sex before, even taking Paul’s incredibly thick cock up there a few times now.  Yet thickness of King’s cock surprises her enough she stops struggling and just opens her mouth to scream.  However, nothing comes out.  Kelly cannot catch her breath for a few seconds, and this gives the dog time to anchor itself with its front paws and thrust its enormous cock even further into her bowels.  The dog pauses briefly, pulls most of its length out and then shoves it in again hard.  The dog’s massive cock brutally stretching Kelly’s anus sending waves of pain through her body.  It feels as if someone shoved a knife inside her it hurt so badly and the redhead expected to bleed to death right there when the Great Dane has finished fucking her asshole.

Kelly tries to move out from under the animal, but it growls and hangs on tighter to her body.  When the girl stops moving, the dog relaxed again, giving a short bark and then resumes its violation of her asshole.  Little does Kelly know it had barked due to the fact someone’s watching from nearby.  The redhead doesn’t know how long the rape goes on for, other than she remembers feeling something inside her belly getting bigger and bigger and then the dog just kind of stops thrusting.

The woman can feel the mammoth cock squirting semen inside her bowels; its sperm is so hot it scalds.  Kelly pisses herself as the colossal knot presses heavily on her bladder from the inside.  She can feel her stomach bulging with how much sperm ejaculated inside her bowels.  The whole thing overwhelms her young mind, and she passes out again beneath this beast raping her asshole.


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