What More Can A Woman Want?


What More Can A Woman Want? Moe Lester

  • Chloe is going to be home alone for a couple of weeks, and she discovers a great way to pass the time. Her two Doberman guard dogs. Words: 17,363.
She knows she can’t handle both dogs at once as she glances over where they lay. Max and Gus have their heads on the floor, yet are still watching their mistress. They can smell her arousal, and hope she wants to pleasure them again. Chloe decides since Max has already been mated early yesterday, it’ll be Gus who gets some pussy tonight. Getting out of bed, she leads Max into the hall and closes the door on him. Poor Max doesn’t like this at all, he knows his mistress is aroused and he wants more of the juices between her legs. As the door closes, he lies on the floor with a disappointed whimper. Chloe sits on the bed with her legs spread, patting her thigh.

“Come, Gus” she calls.

Gus doesn’t need to be told twice, he moves between her beautiful legs, sniffing before taking a lick at her hot bitch hole. The feel of this big wet tongue on her clit, causing Chloe to moan immediately. Gus digs in, running his tongue as far in as he can along her slit, from clit to asshole. She helps by lying back on the bed, and bringing her cunt up so he can get at it easier. His agile tongue cleaning out the juice now beginning to pour out.

“Ooooooh,” she moans, humping her cunt faster for him. “Ah—Oh yeah—YES—Ooooo—WOW!”

Chloe thinks about how they’re going to do this, and she guesses the best way is to turn over with her knees on the floor, with her body lying across the bed. Gus is bringing her closer to an orgasm and she doesn’t want to orgasm this way again (for now), so she pushes him away. The Doberman whines with frustration, licking his chops eagerly. She can see his cock is already extended, so she gets on her knees beside him and starts jerking him off, as she strokes his head and neck.

“That’s right, boy, get it nice and big for me,” she moans, and it doesn’t take much before Gus’s cock is fully erect.

The dogs cock is nine inches long, and already squirting drops of precum. Chloe gets on her knees and lays her chest on the bed, sticking her beautiful firm ass out for Gus to mount. Now Gus is reeling internally after her masturbating him, his cock is hard and he badly wants to fuck. His mistress is there before him, her firm, smooth ass, and her pretty pussy lips shining between her spread thighs. She looks almost as a bitch in-heat, he thought in his doggy brain. As quick as this thought hit, he acted, and mounting his mistress. His front paws wrap around her waist, and he pulls himself forward, stumbling to her groin with his hind legs. Gus is careful not to scratch her with his claws, so he uses his forelegs to pull on her instead, as she isn’t just another bitch to breed.

When Chloe feels his weight hit her back, and his short bristly stomach fur, scratching her smooth skin, it sends a shiver of anticipation through her. Gus is humping her, jabbing his thick cock into her groin, trying to find her hot bitch hole. Several times his cock slides between her tight pussy lips, yet doesn’t catch the entrance. Each time, though, it rubs across her clit, causing her to moan.

“Oooo, that’s soooooo good,” she whispers.

Eventually, she figures she better help him, so she reaches back to grab this moving missile of meat. She never does get it in hand, yet manages to get her fingers beneath it, and guides the tip into her aching cunt. Both are surprised, Chloe by the big wide tip opening her entrance, and Gus, because he suddenly feels the velvety heat surrounding the tip of his cock. Gus suddenly drives forward with both hind legs, sending his big meat into Chloe on one stroke until his balls slap her clit.

“Oomph,” Chloe moans and sighs “Omigod, it’s in!”

The first dog cock of her life to enter her pussy, thrusts into her pussy-hole with a power that at once dazed and delighted her. She squeals as the full length of the doggie-cock buries itself into her love-canal, and when Gus starts fucking her cunt, she goes crazy. She squeals loudly, as the big Doberman cock stretches her cunt beyond anything it’s ever known. The pumping cock hurts her pussy, even though she’s had two kids.

“Oh GOD,” she shrieks as he fucks her. “Oh god, you’re gonna tear me in two.”

The big dog cock feels even bigger inside her cunt, as it dominates and pushes her, forces her body to have to adjust to its massive girth. The muscles don’t give way easily, even when being forced, and a curious mix of pleasure and pain makes her body quiver. Getting fucked by a dog is far more exciting than she ever imagined. Once the doggie-cock invades her tight pussy, there’s no stopping the animal. His hind legs stomp the floor. He drools all over her back. His massive cock fucks relentlessly into her stretched-open, wet pussy.

What More Can A Woman Want? Moe Lester

  • Chloe is going to be home alone for a couple of weeks, and she discovers a great way to pass the time. Her two Doberman guard dogs. Words: 17,363.

“Ahhhrrrr, God, I’m getting fucked,” she moans, quivering with mounting excitement. “He’s really fucking me. Mmm, my pussy’s so hot. Fuck me, Gus, fuck me.”

Crazy with new found lust and pleasure, she starts fucking in return. Horny for more, she screws her juicy cunt around for the fucking dog. She pants and whimpers, even shedding a few tears as Gus pounds her with a force she never knew possible. The pain has faded from the initial stretching, and the pleasure is now dominating. Once her pussy catches the animal rhythm of the doggie-cock, she starts humping for him. She giggles lewdly and screws for him. She fucks her tight pussy against his stabbing, drilling cock with increasing force. She soon discovers where to position her cunt, how to hold the dog on her writhing body, and how to get the most out of his pumping cock. Then it is seventh heaven for her as he fucks the wits out of her.

“I’m gonna cum,” she moans, fucking faster on the plunging cock. “Whoa, baby, this is wonderful. Ooooo—Gus, fuck me—Give it to me! Shoot your puppy batter into my cunt.”

She’s so horny now, she orgasms first, wildly, wetly, and wantonly. Her body quakes and squirms on the bed, as her pussy cums gloriously on the dog’s cock. Her senses reel and she pants hotly. She moans and laughs sensuously as she cums.

“Aaahhhhrrrr—Yeah—fuuuuuuuuuck,” she shouts, and the stiff cock fucks her harder still.

She grunts each time his powerful loins thudded against her flexing ass-cheeks, his huge fleshy pole penetrating through her body until it felt as if it were going to pierce her stomach. Bracing herself as best she could, Chloe opens her thighs wider, stretching her whole pubic area until she thought she would split open. Spreading herself to the degree she has never before, or thought possible so she could gain the full benefit of the canine’s penis. Reveling in the feelings of his heated hardness smashing past her tender pussy lips on its relentless journey into her most secret depths. The housewife and author slowly turning into a raving sex-starved maniac, moaning and cursing, and pleading with the slaving canine to fuck her as she’d never been fucked before. Her orgasm is almost upon her, but still she fought it off wanting to make every moment last, and to build, to a peak so high it would take her forever to descend back to the coldness of reality.

“Fuck me, fuck me, Gus! Fuck your big cock into me! Cum in me, fill me with your canine cum.”

The twitching, writhing, panting woman is unrecognizable now, her face distorted into a twisted yet somehow oddly beautiful mask of pure unadulterated lust. All her sexual fantasies are being fulfilled. Never before has the sex act seemed more lust-filled, more carnal to her, as she made her body a willing receptacle for the thrusting red penis of a brutish canine that fucked into her as if she were a dog herself. Yeah, Gus, make me yours, she thought dizzily as she humps her furry lover as any bitch in-heat would.

Driven by the pummeling of her clitoris by Gus’ balls, Chloe reaches back desperately with one hand in an attempt to soothe the wonderful agony between her legs. The tip of her middle finger pressing hard on the swollen nerve-button. The final trigger had been pressed, and the inflamed woman suddenly feels as if a heavy fist has thudded into her stomach as her muscles contract in a wild delightful spasm. Her buttocks begin flexing and hollowing as her clenching pussy sucks and pulls on Gus’s throbbing cock.

“Oooooo—yeah—Ahhhrrr,” she moans, half-blinded by the power of her long-awaited orgasm.

The shaking woman is only dimly aware of her canine-lover’s blood-engorged cock swelling to greater dimensions beneath the obscene stimulation of her powerful milking cunt. Suddenly, Gus’s searing canine cum ejaculates into her innermost depths, flooding her with an obscene warmth. The gasping woman has a split second to compare it to Ethan. With one long powerful squirt that seems to tunnel a molten-path through her quivering insides, her mind explodes in a great flare of colored lights as she started to cum again. Gus holds tight to the bucking woman as she gurgles out a long moan of sensual pleasure. All the time emptying his sperm-bloated canine testicles into her wildly gyrating body as she kneels before him in unashamed depravity. Chloe wails and thrashes as she presses her hungrily milking pussy back against the spurting canine cock as if afraid to let one precious drop of the fluid escape. The slimy white liquid gushes from around where her madly working cunt clasps tightly around Gus’s jerking
member, running in sticky trails down her convulsing thighs to drip onto the floor below.

Finally, as one last powerful shudder passed through the moaning woman’s exhausted body, she sags onto the bed, still impaled on the cock now knotted inside her cunt. The sheer force of her orgasm causes her to black out, and when she wakes, the ever present pressure of the canine cock is still in her cunt. The knot feels so large now her arousal level has dropped, and her groin aches around the unforgiving hardness of the knot. She reaches back and feels her cunt, the wetness oozing between her stretched labia and dog’s shaft is slimy and sticky.

What really makes her cheeks burn is how Gus is now standing with his ass to hers, waiting for his cock to stop shooting cum, and eventually deflate so he can pull out. Chloe feels a thickness in her throat, feeling suddenly embarrassed because she honestly didn’t think the Doberman could knot her. She groans loudly feels how her stomach is bulging beneath her from the sticky cum inside her pussy, and she becomes aware of another sensation difficult to describe. Although Gus’s cock is still spraying inside her, the pressure isn’t increasing anymore, yet there’s a funny feeling deep inside her. Although she didn’t know it, the pressure is now enough to force its way past her cervix and the puppy batter is flooding into her womb.

What More Can A Woman Want? Moe Lester

  • Chloe is going to be home alone for a couple of weeks, and she discovers a great way to pass the time. Her two Doberman guard dogs. Words: 17,363.

Chloe now feels as if she has a bowling-ball stuck in her pussy, with a squishy wetness too low to be her stomach, making her feel as if she’d drunk a gallon of milk. She had no idea how her body can contain all the hot cum being pumped into her from Gus’s balls. She lay on the bed feeling drained, with an uncomfortable bloated sensation in her stomach. Her legs feel weak and shaky. Chloe can’t understand why Gus’ shaft won’t come out of her pussy, and it’s beginning to worry her. The only thing she knows for sure is if Gus can do this to her, Max’s could too. She tries jerk and twist to see if that’ll help, yet all that produces is pain, and she quickly stops. Gus, on the other hand, seems happy to remain still and pant loudly as he enjoys the feeling of cumming in his bitch.

“Fuck,” she mutters. “How much cum do you have in those balls, Gus?”

At the sound of his name, the dog’s ears prick, and he tries to pull back, making her shriek as pain lances through her groin.

“Stay, Gus,” she says, wincing. “Stay still.”

Gus doesn’t understand what she’s saying, and in her present situation, she’s not able to make him obey her. Her voice just made the dog jerk back again, however, this time the power of his hindquarters is behind the jerk. Chloe screams, however, the shaft moves slightly and a gush of cum leaks from her pussy and runs down her inner-thighs. Deep inside her body, Gus’s cock starts to shrink and he knows it, and feels it. That triggers his brain into action and he moves again, as if testing the bond that has them tied together. Chloe groans when she feels the movement, however, instead of a sudden jerk the dog is gradually pulling back. As his shaft begins to move, Chloe feels as if her pussy is turned inside out as the knot begins to emerge. Searing pain shoots through her abused flesh until the knot slowly pulls free and stretches her opening. Their combined cum sprays out soaking her thighs and splattering onto the floor. She cries with relief the cock is finally out of her and the bloated sensation fades. Now her gaping cunt feels empty, and on some level, this feels wrong too.


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