What Sarah Wants!


What Sarah Wants! Moe Lester

  • Sarah is in a rut working at the county library feeling very unhappy with her life until she finds a porn book that changes her life. Words: 25,885.
The library is silent.  It’s well after the six o’clock closing time for the county public library.  Apparently, everyone has gone home for the night.


A soft sigh erupts from somewhere within the long tall rows of books.

Mmmmmm…Feels good.”

Sarah Walker, the librarian, is sitting on a folding chair in the middle of the fiction section.  Her straight skirt is up at her hips.  A hand is fondling her pussy around the barrier of her panties.  Two fingers shove inside her hotly clasping cunt.  An open book lay on the floor next to her chair.  As the light has grown dimmer and dimmer in the deserted library, the young blonde-haired woman has given up trying to read the fantastic volume she found earlier in the day.  It was lying among a pile of books in the back room destined for the garbage.’  She noticed the book because it was the only one of the bunch not damaged beyond repair.  However, this book is out of place, in recent times, there has been someone putting porn books in the library.

The books called ‘Night of the Dobermans’ and a quick glance at its contents was shocking.  Nevertheless, fascinating too, so Sarah decided to have a better look at it after closing time when she’d be free of possible prying eyes.  Within moments of beginning the story, the shy blonde-haired woman felt her pussy tingling under her shapeless gray skirt.  Sarah tries to ignore the sensations.  However, they’re persistent, prodding delightfully against her nipples, her belly, and her vulnerable pussy.  She starts to stroke her breasts, then her pussy.  Eventually, the librarian deserts the book, letting it fall to the floor while she strokes her fingers in and out of her wet hot cunt.

In her mind is a lewd image inspired by the story she has just been reading.  It’s the tale of an innocent woman set upon by a pack of Dobermans as she walks a long driveway to a party.  Fearful for her life, she cringes on the ground, trapped and hopeless.  One by one, the dogs mount and fuck her while the party rages on ever out of reach.  The incredible part of the story, for Sarah, is how the rape transformed the woman.  The once uppity bitch mellowed into a nice person by the ferocious fucking she received.

How gross,’ Sarah thought as her mind relives the story.  However, her pussy tingles excitedly.  Her heartbeats fast.  ‘Could anyone ever really enjoy being fucked senseless by a dog?

Sarah’s usually prim bun is falling askew as her head lolls back with her mounting excitement.  She still wears her glasses, though they’ve slipped down her nose.  The woman’s generous mouth, usually so well disguised by her tight expression, hangs slack and sensual.  Her eyes stare unseeing at the ceiling as her fingers skewer maddeningly in and out of her wet cunt.  They graze her sensitive cuntal walls with intense pangs of palpitating arousal.

Ooooooh…my pussy feels so good,” she moans aloud.

The lustful sound of her voice surprises and embarrasses Sarah.  However, she’s past the point of reining herself in.  The story has Sarah to the stage where she needs release badly, and she’s going to get it.  The librarian’s going to make her pussy explode with passion if it is the last thing she ever does.  Her mood is desperate.

Impatiently, the disheveled librarian pulls her skirt higher over her hips.  She pushes her panties down over her thighs.  Now her fingers have easier access to her throbbing cunt, and she can shove them deep inside on every in-stroke.  Sarah can tickle the outer pussy lips with her fingertips on every outstroke.  She wriggles her ass down, so it rests just on the edge of the metal chair.  Her knees open wide.

Ahhhhhhhhh…” Sarah wails as the feelings inside her sensually aroused body became more and more overwhelming.

She has never experienced anything like it.  It’s seldom the prim librarian allows herself the forbidden pleasure of playing with her pussy.  Tonight she had been long overdue.  The book has appealed to the buried, perverse side of her nature.  That nature is in complete control for the moment, manipulating her body like a helpless puppet on a string.  Even as, somewhere deep inside, Sarah’s conscience cries out in protest at what she’s doing, her agile fingers fly in and out of her cunt.  Her cuntal walls cling hungrily to the obscene dual invasion.  The woman’s amazed at how insistent the impassioned caresses of her drooling cuntal walls are.

Anxious for some extra titillation, she caresses her erect clit with her thumb while her fingers continue their rhythmic impalement.  The stiff little nubbin engorges with more blood.  It throbs lustily at her touch.  Sarah can feel a sweet crisis building somewhere deep in the pit of her belly.  Like a lunatic, she thrusts her butt against the chair seat, relishing the cool feel of the metal on her bare ass.  Her intense excitement allowing her to enjoy the shameful sensation of sitting here amongst the shelves of her beloved books, legs splayed, massaging her pussy with her hand.  Her body is alive, so incredibly alive.

Mmmmmm,” she groans.

It won’t be long now.  Sarah’s entirely beside herself, abandoned, vulnerable prey to a raging torrent of desire.  In her mind’s eye, she watches the young woman, a blonde-haired woman like herself, mercilessly fucked by all those Dobermans.  The woman’s mouth wreathes with obscene delight.

Sarah’s own wide mouth curves in a lusty grin as she imagines herself the hero of the bizarre tale.  Suddenly she falls to her knees on the floor in front of her chair.  Balancing on a hand, she reaches around behind and rams her fingers in and out of her cunt from the same angle, she imagines the Doberman fucking the storybook hero.  It’s crazy.  She has never done anything this totally abandoned.


The mere thought of her perverted behavior is driving Sarah to the last heights of enthralled passion.  Her cunt is pulsating heatedly.  Her clit is swollen and aching with excitement like a tiny penis.  Eagerly she thrusts her ass back to get her fingers deep into her cunt.

Ooh, yes…Oooohhh, yes…Ooooooh, yes…” It is happening at last.  “I’M CUMMING!

With the last furious waves of her powerful release, Sarah lets herself fall forward flat onto the floor.  Her support arm is trembling with the effort of holding her up.  Her whole body is afire with the torrential fury of her orgasm.  As soon as the last throb of pleasure leaves, Sarah feels the hand of guilt lashing her into a feeling of growing shame.

How could I have done anything so perverted,’ Sarah wonders, as she struggles to her feet.

Her body collapses over itself with her shoulders curved over her chest.  Uncontrollable shuddering with a sense of vertigo gives her an instant headache.  Sarah put the chair back against the wall, after first wiping it dry of her telltale pussy juice.  She takes the book into the back room and buries it in the pile of discards.  Handbag under her arm, Sarah locks the big front door of the library and heads for her car. Her mind is numb.  The woman didn’t dare let herself think about what she had done.  It’s unspeakable, perverted, and depraved.  Everything her dear uncle and aunt have ever warned her to avoid.

Sarah Walker had made herself orgasm right inside the county library.  Will she ever be able to face her colleagues there again?


What Sarah Wants! Moe Lester

  • Sarah is in a rut working at the county library feeling very unhappy with her life until she finds a porn book that changes her life. Words: 25,885.

All night, she has tossed and turned.  In her mind bubbled obscene pictures of what she read that day, and what she did that night.  She cannot believe it.  Sarah was excited to the point of desperate need by reading about a woman raped by dogs.

Could there be anything more depraved,’ Sarah wonders.

The most disturbing thing is that even as her mind wrestles with guilt, another part of her wonders what it would be like to fuck a dog.

“Stop it.  You’ve got to stop thinking about it,” Sarah groaned in desperation sometime in the middle of the night.

The cause of her groans a telltale tingle in her pussy.  Sarah absolutely cannot let herself repeat her depravity of earlier in the day.  She won’t let herself sink that low again.


At work the following morning, Sarah tries to keep a low profile.  Her guilty self is scared somebody might find some evidence of her presence in the library the night before.  She also fears her evil thoughts and deeds might’ve made a change in her someone will notice too.  The guilt torturing Sarah is natural enough.  Her aunt and uncle, who raised Sarah, were strict Christian fundamentalists.  They instructed Sarah at an early age in the wages of sin and depravity.

Sarah has never forgotten the lessons.  However, from time to time, in her infrequent encounters with men and in her occasional solitary fantasies, she discovered the seeds of some indefinable demon in her soul.  At times, Sarah simply cannot believe she would think such sordid thoughts.  Her blonde head bent over a stack of new books that needs cataloging, Sarah doesn’t notice the approach of her boss.  At the sound of the other woman’s voice, Sarah leaps to her feet.  Her face turns a bright red.

“Good grief, Sarah,” Mrs. Lewis scolds her.  “You look like you’ve just been caught with your fingers in the cookie jar.”

“Do I?” Sarah asks wide-eyed.

“Yes, you do.”

Mrs. Lewis’s comments are always brief and to the point.  She’s a rather homely, heavy-set woman of about fifty.  She runs her library like a tight ship and needs to know everything going on before it happens.  The library is Mrs. Lewis’s baby, her chief concern since her husband left her under mysterious circumstances years before.

“Do you think you can get these books onto the shelves today?  Or do you need some help?” the older woman asks snarkily.

Sarah’s able to conquer her stammer, if not her blush.  “There are quite a number of them, Mrs. Lewis.  Maybe you can get Natalie to help me?”

Her suggestion is a meek question.

“Right, I’ll run the desk myself for a while.  Natalie, get over here and help Sarah, will you?”

Her deep voice echoed across the small back office, out to the front desk.  Several patrons turn to stare as Natalie hurries back to answer Mrs. Lewis’s summons.  Natalie is a brunette who finds difficulty taking anything seriously, especially Mrs. Lewis.  She’s obviously fighting back a broad grin as she stares into Mrs. Lewis’s owlish face.

“You want me in here, ma’am?”

Her words are polite enough, but something in the tone makes the older woman bristle.

“Yes, I do, young lady,” the matron barks.  “These books all need cataloging and put on the shelves today.  The two of you should be able to finish it in a couple of hours as long as you don’t start any foolish chattering and giggling.”

The last words are an ominous warning.

“Oh, no, ma’am,” Natalie assures her.

“We’ll get the job done, Mrs. Lewis,” Sarah said soberly.

“See that you do,” Mrs. Lewis barks and heads to the counter.

The two young women exchange smiles as their employer heads out of the office.  Sarah enjoys Natalie’s lively sense of humor, though sometimes the brunette’s boldness intimidates her.  Sarah would never dare talk back to Mrs. Lewis the way Natalie does.

Old bitch,” Natalie whispers, her words followed by a loud giggle.

Mrs. Lewis’s face immediately appears in the doorway.  “What did I tell you girls?” she demands.

There’s no more giggling.  The two younger women work steadily and quietly throughout the morning and part of the afternoon.  They spend the lunch hour in the back, chatting with Craig, the library’s accountant.  Craig’s a handsome, shallow man of about twenty-five.  He has no grand ambitions in life; all he asks is to get by in relative comfort.  The library job is perfect for him.  It isn’t too taxing, and women surround him all day.  Craig loves women.

He’s the only person on the staff who recognizes the raving beauty struggling to get out behind Sarah Walker’s tailored clothes, bun, and glasses.  He longs for the chance to get her alone in a receptive mood.  Craig’s convinced Sarah’s not sexually active.  Therefore, her cunt would be tight and greedy, and the man sure wants to try it out.  The accountant enjoys trying to draw Sarah out in conversation.  He loves her shy blush.

“That old Lewis sure is a battleax isn’t she?” he asks.  “I sure wish she was a man.  I’d love to punch her when she tries to lay down the law with me.”

Craig has never been in a fight in his life.  He hardly knows how to make a fist.  However, he enjoys the effect his words have on the two women.

Sarah gasps.  “I think Mrs. Lewis is really nice, at heart.  She’s just a bit gruff, that’s all.”

Natalie seems delighted with his suggestion.  “I think a knuckle sandwich would be just the thing to bring the beast around.  Boy, I’d love to see that, Craig.”

Her eyes glow.  Natalie has a crush on Craig.  They have seen a lot of each other lately.  To Natalie, anything Craig wants to do is OK by her, even flirting with Sarah.  The brunette knows she and Craig will laugh together about it later.

“You’re a smart woman, Sarah, and a damned good librarian,” Craig roared.  “You also know how to be nice to people.  If you ask me, the county should make you the chief around here, and put that old goat out to pasture.”

Sarah’s face turns a bright scarlet.  “Oh, Mrs. Lewis is a very competent librarian.  There’s a lot I can learn from her.  All of us can.”

The blonde-haired woman lowers her eyes to avert the man’s stare.

What Sarah Wants! Moe Lester

  • Sarah is in a rut working at the county library feeling very unhappy with her life until she finds a porn book that changes her life. Words: 25,885.

Craig keeps going, “It sure would be a lot more fun to have a pretty woman telling us what to do.”

His charm is thick enough to cut with a knife.

Sarah fumbles with the wax paper on her sandwich.  “Oh, don’t be silly.”

Craig pauses a moment for effect.  “I bet I know how we can get rid of the monster, too,” he said with over-bright eyes.  “You know that big dog she has.  That big ugly German shepherd she has.  What do you wanna bet there’s something funny going on between her and that animal?  I’ve been reading about women who prefer dogs to men.”

He has been looking for a reaction to his lewd remark, but he hadn’t expected anything like what he got.

You…you…why…that’s disgusting…How dare you,” Sarah quickly gathers her things and flees the lunchroom.

Were his comments just a coincidence,’ Sarah wonders?  ‘Does he suspect something?  Was he testing me out to see how I’d react?  Did I give myself away?  So he and Nat know now I’m intrigued—obsessed even—with the idea of women fucking dogs?

She’s fast getting a headache, so Sarah takes two aspirin and goes back to her books.  Her hope is her job will take her mind off her other worries.


In the lunchroom, Natalie and Craig chuckle like two conspirators over Sarah’s squeamishness.

“I just don’t get it, Nat,” Craig said, shaking his head.  “I’m sure she’s at least as old as I am.  However, she blushes like a virgin.  She’s got to be the straightest chick I ever met in my life.”

“That interests you, doesn’t it, Craig?” Natalie asks cattily.  “Why is it men are always intrigued by the women that don’t put out than by those who do?  I bet you’d be falling all over me if I was a virgin.”

His eyes twinkle.  “Hell, what fun would you be if you were a virgin?  I like you just the way you are, babe.”

He grabs for her ass as she rose from her chair.  She slaps his hand briskly away and giggles.

“It’s time to go back to work, you perv.  Save that shit for later.”

“Not too much later, I hope.  My cock’s throbbing already.”

“Your cock’s always throbbing…” Natalie said, rolling her eyes.  “Now why don’t you apologize to Sarah?  Tell her you’re sorry for your crude comments.  That way, you’ll keep on her good side and then maybe someday…”

Her dark eyes flash at him.  She enjoys teasing Craig, exciting him.  He’s such a little boy in some ways and such a man in others.

“You’re right, Nat,” Craig said standing.  “I don’t want Sarah mad at me.  I’m sure she must break out of her chastity belt at least once a year and I wanna be first in line when she does.”


He heads straight for the desk where the blonde-haired woman is working.

“Sarah, I hope you’ll forgive me for what I said,” he said softly.  “I didn’t mean to shock you.  I guess sometimes, my taste is all in my mouth.”

Sarah blushes shyly at him.  She seems relieved.  “That’s all right, Craig.  I guess sometimes I’m just too squeamish.” She giggles self-consciously.

“Good, are we friends again?”Craig asks, holding out his hand.

She shakes hands with him.  Her big blue eyes smile at him gratefully.  “Sure.”

She turns back to her work.

God, what a mouth she’s got,’ he thought.  ‘I’d love to see it wrapped around my cock.’

“Talk to you later, Sarah.”

“OK,” Sarah said, returning to her work.

The blonde librarian feels better now about what happened in the lunchroom.  Apparently, they don’t suspect her of anything.  Natalie is just as friendly as ever, humming happily to herself while she works beside Sarah.  The blonde-haired woman realizes her nerves are shot.  She sees things that aren’t there.  Guilt over what happened last night is eating her up.  What she needs is a good night’s sleep.

At about three-thirty, Mrs. Lewis comes in and announces she’s leaving early.  Her dog is a little under the weather, and she has to go nurse it.  Sarah watches Natalie suppress a giggle as the older woman fetches her coat and puts on her mannish hat.

“See you tomorrow, girls.  Make sure you lock up at six o’clock sharp.”

“Bye, Mrs. Lewis,” Sarah said warmly.  “See you tomorrow.”

Natalie begins to chatter freely once the boss leaves.  While she keeps one eye on the front desk, she talks candidly about clothes, boys, and makeup.  It’s some time before she notices Sarah isn’t paying much attention.

“What’s the matter, Sarah?” Natalie asks.

“Just tired, I guess.  I didn’t get much sleep last night.”

A shiver runs down Sarah’s spine as she remembers why.

“Listen, why don’t you go on home?  It’s only an hour until closing time.  Craig and I can take care of anything that comes up.  You look like you should be in bed.”

“Maybe I’ll take you up on that, Nat.  I’m not gonna be much good for the rest of the day anyway.  All I can think about is sleep.”

“Sure, go ahead.  The old battleax will never know a thing about it.”


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