Justin Madden gets out of his dusty pickup truck, crosses the gravel to his back porch, opens the door, and then steps inside. It’s at least ten degrees cooler in the enclosed porch them the outside, but he stands there and strips off his clothes and shoes, then he goes into the kitchen, leaving his dusty, chaff-covered garments in a heap by the washing machine.

Sarah, his wife, gazes up from the sink where she’s rinsing salad vegetables. The brunette stares at the gray patches, smears on her husband’s hairy body, and then shakes her head.

“One of these days, Justin, you’re gonna walk in here naked and find yourself face-to-face with the Avon lady. Did you finish?”

“We finished Blake’s place, but we have that corner piece of our own to do tomorrow,” he said. “That should just about finish it for the year. What’s the matter with my walking in here naked? Would you rather I’d dump my dirty clothing on the bathroom floor?”

Sarah is staring so hard at Justin’s big cock she almost cut her finger with the paring knife. The woman is thinking about how long it’s been since she played with her favorite toy; this is the fourth day in a row the co-op has threshed all day, and Justin had gone to bed right after dinner each night and fallen asleep immediately.

“When you come in that back road, you never know whose car may be parked in front of the house,” Sarah said curtly, licking her lips as Justin shifts his stance, making his cock slap against his thighs. “We’d be the scandal of the county if you came prancing in here like that and ran into Hannah Weiss, for example.”

Her voice is reprimanding, but mischief dances in her brown eyes.

“Fuck that gossiping bitch,” Justin growls, walking across the kitchen on his way to the bathroom. “I’m one man she wouldn’t dare gossip about.”

Sarah turns from the sink to cross-examine her husband on his cryptic comment, but Justin had disappeared. The brunette finishes her trimming and rinsing, chopped the vegetables into the bowl, then leans against the counter, thinking about how good it’d feel to have Justin’s cock slide into her cunt and give her a good plowing.

Her thighs squeeze together, forcing the lips of her pussy outward with the pressure. Sarah could feel the dampness gather as she imagines the fullness of Justin’s cock inside her, expanding her hot cunt and tugging at the cloak of her clit with each stroke. The daydream carries her away, and when she hears the sound of the shower cease in the bathroom, she realizes she’s panting, and her thighs are wet with the oozing juices of her excited pussy. Sarah takes off her apron and tosses it onto a chair, then starts for the bathroom, unfastening her smock-like housedress as she goes.

Justin’s ass is toward her as she approached him. He’s bending over, toweling his ankles and feet, his hairy thighs forming parentheses around the wrinkled bag of his scrotum and his balls swinging with the movement of his drying efforts.

Sarah quietly kneels behind him on the rug. Her hand reaches into his crotch, and nails scratch gently at the damp skin of Justin’s testicles. The burly man straightens swiftly, emitting a grunt as he moves. He turns to face her. Sarah grabs the swinging pendulum of his cock and begins to lick the length of the shaft, giving special attention to the purplish sheen of the knobby cockhead.

“Good God, Sarah,” Justin groans. “I still have chores to do…”

However, his hands slip down to cradle her head, his fingers running through the sleek darkness of her black hair and caressing her behind the ears. Sarah fastens onto the swollen head of his cock with her lips and gives it a few fast sucks. The stiffening shaft pulsates, and the cockhead swells even larger. Sarah tastes a prematurely released drop of precum as she lets the meaty cockhead slip from her lips.

“No, you don’t…” Sarah said. “I did the milking when you hadn’t shown by five, and then I fed the stock. All you’re gonna do is eat dinner and go to bed like usual.” Sarah smiles naughtily. “After you take care of your marital duties, of course.”

Sarah stands and takes him by the hand, leading him into the bedroom. The sexy brunette bends over the edge of the big bed, shedding her frock as she moves. Justin saw she wore nothing under it. Her lovely ass forms a pair of sleek, rounded buns, golden brown from the sun and exciting to behold. Sarah raises the quivering buns upward, and he sees the glossy hair of her pussy cursing wetly in her crotch. The swollen lips of her pussy pout thickly in the midst of the black forest, and jewels of moisture twinkle at the man, telling him of her heated readiness.

Justin gives a hoarse cry and grabs the rigid shaft of his cock as he moves behind her. The feel of her steamy flesh makes the man groan as he slides the head of his cock through the lacy curls and wedges it into the sucking mouth of her cunt.

“Yes … Oh, yes…” Sarah cried. “Fuck it, Daddy. It’s all hot and squiggly inside.”

The man curls his hands around her hips and pulls Sarah to him as he drives into her cunt. The hot slickness of her cunt gulps at his cock; Justin can feel the velvety wrinkles of her channel swallowing him as he plunges firmly into her depths.

“Oh, fuck…” he groans.

The walls of her cunt are literally grasping at his cock, and he knows she’s worked-up to a heat she seldom reaches without foreplay. Justin realizes he has neglected her for several days, and Sarah must’ve grown horny with the waiting.

“I’ve been … so hungry for … your cock,” Sarah moans. “Oh, Justin … Fuck me hard.”

He leans over her and grabs a breast with his right hand. His left-hand creeps into her crotch and plays in the soup of her oozing lubricant. Justin smears it around, teasing the outer lips of her pussy with his fingertips, then toying with the hard bud of her clit until Sarah begins to moan loudly and buck beneath him.

The length of his strokes and the lateral movement of his ass combine to make her wild, and his teasing of her clit is adding to Sarah’s excitement until she moans and whimpers pitifully.

“Short fucks, Justin,” she pleads. “Stay deep, Daddy … I’m almost … almost … OHHH…”

Her cunt tightens around him, and Justin drives into his wife all the way, sinking the fathead of his cock to the end of her cunt. The man groans as his cum gushes hotly hitting her in spasmodic spurts that seem to drive Sarah even wilder. He grabs his wife’s hips again, and now he holds her tightly as he spends his load inside her. Sarah jerks and twists with the violence of climax.

Sarah retains his cock as long as she can reach back to hold his withering cock whimpering out her finale. Justin’s balls bathed in his wife’s juices; his knees felt as if they’ll start trembling at any second. Her hands slip away from him, and Justin pulls out of her cunt slowly. He cups his hands under his cock and then goes back to the bathroom to wash. When he comes back, Sarah is still lying in the same awkward position.

“I needed that,” she said, her voice is almost a purr.

Justin sits on the edge of the bed and strokes her smooth ass. “I guess I did, too,” he admits. “After twelve hours in the field, I wasn’t exactly overflowing with energy, but … say, you must be pretty tired, too. Doing all the chores and then getting supper?”

“Not much work for supper tonight,” Sarah confesses. “I know how Molly feeds the threshing crews, and I don’t want you eating two heavy meals in one day. You get cold meat, potato salad, garden salad with dressing, and chocolate ice-cream for dessert; then it’s off to bed.”

“I see. Is there time before this ‘light’ meal for a bit of liquid relaxation?”

“Sure,” Sarah said, getting to her feet slowly. “You make the drinks while I clean up, and we’ll have them in the living room.”

Sarah hurries into the bathroom, and Justin goes to the kitchen. He gets out a bottle of bourbon, splashed it generously over ice cubes in two of their largest glasses, and then waters it down a little. Justin grabs up a pair of large coasters and takes them into the living room with the drinks. He settles in his favorite chair, sipping appreciatively at the mellow drink when Sarah sees him. Sarah sees he has slipped into a cool seersucker robe.

“Now, sly one…” she said, curling up in the corner of the sofa where she can get a close look at his face. “You can tell me why you’re exempt from Hannah Weiss’s gossip list.”

Justin chuckles devilishly, takes another sip of his drink and then stares at his wife with a grin, enjoying the situation. Usually, Sarah fills him in on the local news; she’s not prone to gossip, but the brunette seems to hear a lot from those who are. Justin stares at her lovely legs; the short cotton frock she has reclaimed from the bedroom floor hiked up to her crotch.

“We had a breakdown Monday morning,” Justin said evenly. “Thought we’d have to wait for someone to go for parts. However, Bob Thompson remembered he saw quite a few spare parts in the Weiss machine shed. Whoever bought old man Weiss’s equipment after he died must’ve missed it when they took the threshing machine. I was the only one around who’d ever spoken more than good morning to Hannah, so l got elected to go check out the parts she had lying around.”

“Bob’s driving license is still suspended?” Sarah asks.

“Yeah,” Justin said. “But that’s not the only reason he didn’t go instead of me, even if he does know her better … or did. Seems Hannah caught him pissing behind the barn and told him a man who’s too lazy to go to the outhouse is too lazy to work for her. Sarah paid him and told him to fuck off.”

Sarah howls with laughter. “That’s funny,” she said. “Telling a farmer not to piss in the open is like telling the sun not to shine.”

“It’s even funnier when you hear what I know about her,” Justin said with a raised eyebrow.


“Well, I cut off the ignition and coasted down Weiss Hill into her lane, so I guess my arrival was pretty silent,” he said. “When I didn’t see or hear that Great Dane of hers, I was afraid it might sneak up from somewhere before I got to the door, so I eased the pickup door shut quietly and tiptoed to the back porch. When I looked in through the screen door, I saw why the dog hadn’t come out to bark at me. The dog is fucking Hannah for all it is worth … Right on the dining room floor.”

“I don’t believe it,” Sarah squeals. “Not her, surely…” However, it’s obvious she did believe. “You kept quiet about it until now? For three days you kept this to yourself?”

“I’ve been too tired to talk,” he said with a shrug. “But anyhow, I watched until Hannah cums, moaning and crying like a proper porno actress. Then I snuck back to the pickup and eased the door open and slammed it loud like.”

“Oh, I bet that scared the shit out of her.”

Justin chuckles. “I’ve never heard such a commotion as went on in that house when I walked up to the porch again. I don’t know if those two had tied or what. Nevertheless, Hannah finally comes to the door, hanging onto the dog’s collar while it growled at me, maybe because I’d spoiled its fucking.”

“What about Hannah?” Sarah asks excitedly.

“She was as white as a sheet. Her hair was messed up, and covered in sweat,” Justin said making Sarah smile as she pictures the woman. “I told her what I wanted, and she said, ‘Take ‘em; take ‘em.’ I thanked her and went to the machine shed. I got what we needed and started across the barnyard.”

“Was she still there?”

“Yes, standing on the porch and peering in through the screen door, trying to figure out just how much I might’ve been able to see,” he said. “Hannah must’ve seen the way the sun came in that bay window and lights the dining room. She’s even whiter than before, and when she turns to see me standing there. I asked her how much she wants for the parts.”

I bet she gave you a discount,” Sarah said with a smile.

“She gave then, to me for free,” he said with a smile. Yet she was really straining to see if she could read anything in my face. I guess she must’ve seen something I couldn’t hide. ‘You Madden’s,’ she said. You’re not much for talking about people, are you? I know the reputation I have … it’s my one weakness … gossip … but I’ve never talked about your people any. I’m not malicious in my talking…’

“‘Live and let live,’ I told her. ‘It’s a good way to keep it; you don’t talk about us, and we don’t talk about you. But I do think, Hannah, that you should close your door when you’re in need of privacy.’

“‘Oh, I will. I will!’ Hannah said. ‘I didn’t realize…’ I told her that dog could bust out through this screen if it were distraught. It’d be a shame if someone had to kill him in self-defense. He’d be hard to replace,” Justin continued. “I can tell by the way she looked at me that she’d gotten the message. As much as that dog means to her, for obvious reasons, Hannah very definitely isn’t going to do or say anything to make me unhappy, even if she thought she could deny anything I might say.”

“Hannah must be terrified…” Sarah said smiling. “You know, I think she mustn’t have left her house since then. Now I think of it, she wasn’t at the market Tuesday, and she didn’t drive past here this morning on her way to the post office, either.”

“It’ll do her soul good for a change,” Justin said. “Let her think about what gossip can do. Maybe it’ll tone her down a little bit.”

Sarah thought about it all through the meal. Before they left the table, she made up her mind to call on Hannah in the morning. Sarah tells herself she wants to assure the poor unmarried woman her secret is safe; the frightened woman might even commit suicide, not knowing whether she really dare show her face in town.

However, subconsciously, Sarah knows her strongest motivation for a visit will be another thing entirely. Ever since she had read about the existence of sex-trained dogs, she’s been highly intrigued by the idea. Sarah has even eyed ‘Quinton,’ their collie, on several occasions when Justin’s been too busy to take care of her needs. Yet she lacked the nerve to try anything, and she had no idea what might happen since she has little knowledge about how the training is accomplished. With the hold Sarah will have on Hannah, there’s a good chance she might be able to wangle a free trial with a dog already trained.

Sarah grows more excited, anticipating what the unique experience might be like. By the time they go to bed, Sarah’s so tingly she knows she’ll not be able to sleep. Her clit is pulsating with excitement, and cunt ooze is dampening her thighs; she cannot lie still in bed, and she keeps twisting and turning.

Justin is not yet asleep; his meal not completely digested, and she might be able to stir him up if she hurries. They are uncovered, due to the hot, humid air, so she merely gets up and reverses her position in bed. Sarah begins kissing his cock as she lowers her crotch over his face. A grateful thrill ripples through Sarah, as Justin’s cock grew hard and rises to her lips. Sarah sucks the head into her mouth and begins bobbing over his groin, feeling the cockhead slide over her tongue smoothly as the woman strokes.

Justin just lies there, enjoying the rising sensations. He inhales the stimulating fragrance of her cunt juices; the swollen lips are only an inch above his nose. The man knows how badly his wife wants cunnilingus, but Justin teases her by pretending to be unaware of it. He knows that his previous ejaculation will give him greater staying power now so he can afford to wait for a while. However, the exciting woman-smell fills his nostrils, and Justin grows more eager every second. The man licks his lips, and the saliva flows as he anticipates the taste of her musky pussy juices.

“Hmmm … what have we here?” he asks, his voice filled with wonder. “Dessert?”

Sarah’s whimpering nasally as she mouths his cock. Now she moans and lowers her crotch until the flared lips of her pussy squish over Justin’s mouth. He gives up all pretense of disinterest as he probes her hole with his tongue, then licks around in the wetness of the fleshy petals and gathers in her dew. Sarah moans more loudly as he licks and nibbles at the inside edges of her swollen lips, then flicks the tip of his tongue at the hard little stub of her clit.

Justin breathes in her fragrance as he revels in the exciting flavor of the honey he’s gathering. Sarah is burying his cock in her throat at every stroke, now. It’s like the proverbial pair of snakes, each swallowing the other’s tail until they both disappear utterly. His cock is vibrantly alive a pulsing extension of his mind and soul, as well as his body and it, is deep inside her head, his balls press to her moist lips. He has his tongue again thrust inside her cunt, probing as far as it can reach.

The man has a momentary fantasy in which he imagines he’s so far within her at both ends he can touch the tip of his tongue to the head of his cock. Sarah is moving her ass in circles now. The woman’s steaming with passion, and for every little fuck he gives her with his tongue, Sarah gives him a good suck that makes him groan into her cunt with a sound of ecstatic pleasure. Sarah is nearing her climax and the woman glories in the joyful connection that melts them together. Sarah wants him to eat her cunt until she explodes, and she’s fiercely greedy for the hot cum she knows he’ll give soon.

Her ass is moving up and down, now, as well as in lateral and spiral jerks. Justin is growing more excited, too. He fucks up into her delicious mouth, meeting her nods with gentle but demanding thrusts that pressed his cock along her tongue and into her throat. Sarah is giving it powerful little sucks each time it withdrew, leaving only the large head behind her lips. From how Justin is groaning into her cunt, she knows he’s about to unload.

Justin seizes her clit in his lips, and he begins to give her suck for suck. Sarah moans around the hard flesh that fills her mouth, and she feels her heated body swell as though it might explode at any moment. Then she begins to cum, and Justin has to grab her by the cheeks of her ass and hold her cunt to his mouth as she shakes and jerks in the hard spasm of her orgasm.

He feels his guts tighten and then his sperm boiled up and shot into her mouth. Sarah swallows as each jet splashes against her throat, and they keep cumming together until they break apart as if controlled by the same puppet master. Groans fill the room, and then there’s only the sound of heavy breathing as they lay there on the sweat-soaked sheet and pants. Justin feel as if a giant hand has grabbed him around the middle and wrings him like a sponge; he has never felt so drained.

“I’ve had it, baby,” he said hoarsely. “If you need more, I’m afraid you’ll have to get it from Quinton; this threshing seems to take a lot out of me.”

From the kitchen comes a soft whine of recognition as the collie hears his name. However, the dog knows it can’t enter in any other room of the house, so it heaves a heavy canine sigh and then grows quiet. Sarah knows Justin was joking, but she refuses to pass up the opportunity to sound the dog out. Sarah changes her position, so she’s not lying in such a damp spot on the sheet; she swallows and takes a deep breath.

“You’re all talk,” Sarah said, hoping she has just the right amount of teasing mixed with sincerity in her voice. “Even if I got so hot I was about to lose my mind, you’d be mad if I let Quinton do me.”

“I don’t know…” Justin’s voice is speculative as well as sleepy. “Most animals are cleaner than humans, and he sure as hell can’t knock you up. Fuck, I’m tired…”

Sarah listens quietly for a while. Soon she hears Justin’s soft snoring sounds. The woman moves very carefully to adjust herself in bed and then lies with her head off the pillow as Sarah thought about visiting Hannah. Just before she falls asleep, she wonders if she should take one of Quinton’s bones from the freezer for the collie, there’s nothing like starting on the right foot.


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