A Dog Walkers Story

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A Dog Walkers Story
A Dog Walkers Story
Year: 2016
Her forbidden passions abound, but the most taboo of all will take her to heights she never knew existed! The story of Cindy, a young woman whose sex life is complicated. Very complicated. Yet through all this an accidental experience with one the dogs she walks opens the door to her true self. Cindy, above all else, is a zoophile. Interspecies sex is her bag!
Moe Lester
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Cindy Winkler is a beautiful young woman.  In her bare feet, she stood five feet two inches tall, weighs barely one hundred pounds, and has a body men of all age’s lust after.  She has long, straight, naturally blonde hair, piercing green eyes and high cheekbones that would be the envy of a supermodel.

Her breasts are no bigger than peaches, with nipples that can become rock hard in seconds if she’s aroused, and her pussy is fringed with a light covering of the softest pubic hair imaginable.

Cindy lives with her mother and father, and has a brother called Wayne, who’s a year older than her.  They share a secret, one that’s naughty.  Cindy and Wayne have sex regularly and have done so for years, as Wayne took her virginity.

Although the family is well off, Cindy’s parents want their children to appreciate the proper value of money, and are pleased when Wayne gets job delivering pizza in their suburb. A few months ago, Cindy decided she also needs more money than just her allowance, so she enterprisingly prints some flyers to set herself up as a professional dog walker and paid her brother a few bucks to hand them out with his pizza deliveries.

Eventually, she manages to get some regular customers, and by charging fifteen dollars per dog, she’s happy with the way things are going.  She has a few dogs she walks between classes, but her main business occurs in the evening and weekends.  The best thing about her operation is that she can walk ten dogs at a time for a nice one-hundred and fifty dollars for an hour’s work.


One Saturday, she arrived at a client’s house after she had walked their five-year-old bulldog called Gruff, to be met by Mr. Wilson with a warm smile at the door.  He’s a fifty-something man with gray hair, and a slim body.

“Hello Cindy,” he said pleasantly as he took the lead from her.  “How did Gruff go today?”

“Oh, he’s a bundle of energy, that one, Mr. Wilson,” she said, laying a hand over heart.

“You’d better come in and get your money.”

Cindy is dressed in a white T-shirt (no bra), black shorts and a pair of old sneakers without socks.  She follows him into the living room and is conscious, he’s always leering at her body.  He’s fumbling in some drawers for ages, looking for money, while simultaneously casting repeats glances at her chest.

Eventually, he holds fifteen-dollars in his hand and Cindy happily accepts the payment and stuffs the money into her pocket. He suddenly clears his throat, his tongue wetting his lips.

“You know, Cindy,” Mr. Wilson said, a strange tone in his voice.  “I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but you have a lovely body.”

Cindy is experienced enough to know what he means, because even as he spoke the words, his eyes focus on her breasts.

“Do you think so, Mr. Wilson?”  She puffs her chest out and wiggles her chest. “Sometimes I think my titties are too small.”

As she spoke, she ran her hands over the front of her T-shirt, pulling the material tight against her skin and making her nipples stiffen so they’re almost visible through the thin material. The man’s eyes bulge noticeably, and he splutters, “No.  No.  They’re just right.”

Cindy giggles, a girlish laugh that makes Mr. Wilsons body quiver.

“Thanks, Mr. Wilson.  Well, I guess I’d better be going.  I have two more dogs to return before I start collecting my next lot.”

She made to turn, but the man squeaks in a high-pitched voice, “Cindy?”  He has to cough and swallow before he repeats in a more neutral tone, “Ah, Cindy?”

Cindy stops and looks back at him, but it looks as if he’s forgotten what he wants to say, or maybe it’s just nerves.

The girl waits patiently before he speaks again, his voice and his body are shaky, as he said, “C-Can I s-see them, Cindy?  Can I see your t-titties?”

Cindy tips her head to the side as her mouth falls open, though, she isn’t nearly as surprised as she looks.  She chews on her bottom lip for a while, considering his question.

“I don’t think I can do that, Mr. Wilson,” she said evenly.

Her simple statement brought him back to his senses, and he quickly said, “I’m s-sorry, Cindy.  I didn’t mean to sound creepy.  I hope we can keep this between us.”

She smoothly interrupts him by raising her hand, and saying, “All you gave me is fifteen bucks for walking your dog, that doesn’t cover seeing my titties too.”

Mr. Wilson’s head jerks back and his eyes bulge as the meaning of her words slap his consciousness.

He suddenly pulls a wallet out of his back pocket.  He had money in his pocket all along, so making a play of trying to find the money was so he could perv on me, she thought, smiling slightly.  The wallet opens and a crisp twenty-dollar bill appears in his hand.  His arm is shaking as he holds the money out to her, and he can hardly speak.

“Will this be enough?” Mr. Wilson asks her, his voice cracking.

Cindy grins as she takes the note and stuffs it in her pocket.  She grips the bottom of her T-shirt and is about to lift it, when Mr. Wilson stops her.

“Stop.  Oh please, stop.”

Her eyebrows squish together as she bites her lower lip.

Mr. Wilson licks his dry lips, and says, “Please, let me do it.”

She smiles politely, and drops her arms. She’s never seen anyone shake as much as Mr. Wilson’s hands did as he grabs the hem of her shirt.  His breathing is ragged as he steps closer to expose her titties.  He only has to lift the front about twelve inches, yet he’s doing it in slow motion.  The more skin he can see, the quicker his breathing becomes, and when he reaches her breasts he’s panting like an overheated dog.  He stops for a moment to look into her cute blue eyes, then lifts the T-shirt to her shoulders.

“Oh God,” he moans softly.  “Oh my God, they’re so beautiful.”

Being so close, Cindy can see his brow and top lip are beaded with perspiration, and he’s continually licking his lips.  His eyes seem incapable of moving away from her chest, and he raises his hand to her tit but stops only a few millimeters from her skin.  He knew the deal he had made is to just look, yet he has a pleading look on his face as he tilts his gaze to her face.  She gives him an almost imperceptible nod, he sighs gratefully, and cups a breast in his palm while his thumb gently caresses her rock hard nipple.

Cindy always enjoys having her brother play with her tits, and her nipples are sensitive.  So sensitive that if she’s properly aroused, sucking on her nipples can make her cum.  She isn’t horny today, however, but she enjoys letting Mr. Wilson squeezes both her breasts for a while and she even allows him to kiss and lick her nipples.  She also enjoys having twenty dollars in her pocket, and for the first time, she wonders if he’ll be satisfied with just her breasts, and more important, how much he’d be willing to pay for more.

When he eventually straightens, he had cum in his pants as a wet spot betrayed, yet his cock is as hard as an iron bar.

He asked, “Thank-you, Cindy.  Did you like that?”

“Uh-huh,” she replied brightly.  “But now you’ve made my cunt wet, and I can feel my panties are all sticky.”

Mr. Wilson had not expected her remark, and his body jerked back, making him have to take a step.  His face flushes bright red as he starts licking his lips again.  His lower lip trembles, as if trying to speak and nothing coming out.  The wet spot on his pants grows larger.

Eventually, after many tries, he manages to croak, “W-What?”

“I said, you’ve made my cunt wet and my panties all sticky.”

Cindy’s face is rosy as she looks at him with a bemused smile.

Mr. Wilson nods his head and swallows hard.

Cindy asks softly, “Do you want to see?”

He nods his head again, and she pops open the stud fastening on the waistband of her shorts and places her fingers on her zipper.

Instead of pulling it down, though, she looks at Mr.  Wilson, and says, “You can do more than see my cunt, for the right price.”

His chest tightens, and his body quivers. If he hadn’t already cum in his pants, this would’ve been enough to make him cum.  He stares at her for a few seconds, gazing at her still exposed titties, then at the crotch of her shorts.

Shaking his head as if trying to clear his senses, and whispers, “How much?”

Cindy had never intended it to go this far, and she has no idea how to answer him.

Deciding to pass it back, she said, “Make me an offer?”

He begins to rummage in his wallet, fingering bills and mentally counting what he has.

Looking back at the girl he said, “I’ve got a hundred and twenty here, but I can get more.”

Cindy can’t believe she came to this house expecting to be paid fifteen-dollars, yet she’ll leave with a hundred and fifty in her pocket.

“What you have is fine,” she said, and he quickly presses the money into her hand.  Cindy looks around the room, and asks, “You want to do it here?”

Shaking his head, he took her by the hand and leads her deeper into the house to the master bedroom.  When they’re in the room, he closes the door and turns to face her.

Swallowing hard, he says, “Take your shorts off.”

The waistband of her shorts is already open, so she kicks off her sneakers as she pulls down the zipper, and pushes the s over her hips.  When they drop to her ankles, she steps out of them and Mr. Wilson moves forward to pull her T-shirt over her head and throw it onto the floor.

He stands back and gazes at the most erotic sight he’s seen, or ever imagines seeing.  Cindy is beautiful by anyone’s standards.  She has flawless, soft, pink skin and her perfectly formed breasts are conical shapes, and puffy.  Now naked aside from the pale-blue cotton panties she’s wearing, he stares between her legs and see’s she wasn’t lying to him when she told him she’s wet.

The darker oval stains on her underwear emphasizes her little pubic mound and the slit nestling beneath.

He drops to his knees, and whispers, “Let me see.”

Cindy rolls her panties over her hips, looking down between her legs as she did.  When her cunt is exposed, she opens her legs with her panties still around her thighs.  This pulls the gussets of her panties flat and he can clearly see the sticky slime trails that covering the material.

“I told you I’m wet,” she said, as she drew one finger over her cunt and shows him the result.

The tip of her finger is glistening with her juice, and he moans loudly as the fishy smell of her arousal enters his nose.  Cindy sucks her finger clean, making him swallow hard.

“You want me on the bed?”

When he nods his head, and she shimmies off her panties, eventually rolling onto her back on the bed with her legs open.  She watches as he practically tore the shirt from his body, and she giggles at the sight of two buttons zipping through the air.  Turning his back on her, he drops his pants to the floor and climbs out of his tighty-whities.

When he turns around, Cindy is surprised his dick is smaller than her brothers, but she makes no comment as he climbs onto the bed between her legs.

It’s only then Mr. Wilson realizes he knew nothing about her sex life.  She doesn’t act like a virgin, he thought, and decided it safe to assume that she isn’t.  Still, he wonders if she can take his cock, and if he may hurt her.  However, now she’s lying beneath him with her legs open, and her cunt so wet, there’s nothing that’d stop him fucking her short of his wife getting home early and catching them.

Lurching, he groans loudly and his cock gives an alarming lurch, as if he’s about to cum the second it touches Cindy’s slit.  Thankfully for him, it’s a momentary spasm and although he’s hornier than he can ever recall being before.  He offers a silent prayer of thanks he’s already climaxed, as if not for that, he’s sure he’d be spurting his load before he even penetrated her.

Taking a deep breath, he pushes his hips forward, and Cindy’s pussy opens as if a flower and sucks him inside.  He’s astonished at how hot and wet she is, and how tight.  Her cunt seems to grip his cock, as her legs raise and circles his back.

She looks comfortable with his cock inside her, and his fears about hurting her quickly vanish.  Looking at where his prick is stretching her cunny open, he stares at the erotic sight as he begins fucking her.  Within a few moments, he’s panting loudly and pounding her so hard the bed is creaking alarmingly under the strain.

As Mr. Wilson fucks her hard, Cindy glances at her watch.  Her schedule is tight today as she has three more packs of dogs to walk.

She almost laughs when she clenches her cunt muscles around the thrusting cock, and Mr. Wilson’s eyes bulge.  Cindy’s already tight cunny now feels vice-like, and the man moans loudly because he knew that he can’t last much longer.  He has always lusted after Cindy, his idea of perfection.  Seeing her laying naked beneath him with his cock buried in her cunny is nearly enough to make him orgasm.  So when she tightens her pussy and bucks her hips from the bed, he can feel his load boil inside his balls. He grits his teeth and makes a huge effort to delay his release

When Cindy cries in the sweetest voice he’s heard, “Fuck me, Mr. Wilson.  Fuck my little cunny hard and fill me with your cum.”

Mr. Wilson admits defeat.

Ramming deep inside her he moans, “FUCK!

His cum rockets up his shaft and sprays into Cindy’s cunt.

Feeling the hot slime coat the walls of her pussy, Cindy glances at her watch and smiles.  It’ll be close, she thought, but this shouldn’t screw my schedule too much.

Cindy waits patiently as the man pumps his cum inside her and once he’s finished, he rolls to the side and lies on the bed with his chest heaving.  His eyes are open as he watches Cindy bounce off the bed and picks up her clothes.

After dragging her T-shirt back on, she grabs her panties, and Mr. Wilson says, “Wait a minute, Cindy.”

She stops, with one leg in her underwear, her eyebrows furrowing and releasing.  Mr. Wilson rolls to his side and reaches out to open the drawer of the nightstand.  He pulls out a twenty-dollar bill and offers it to her.

“My last twenty, take it for your panties.”

Shrugging indifferently, she takes off her underwear and deftly caught them with one hand.  After tossing them to Mr. Wilson, she plucks the money from his hands and dresses.  Stuffing the money into her pocket as she slips her sneakers back on.

“Got to go, Mr. Wilson.  Thanks for the fuck,” she said as she skipped out of his bedroom to continue her day dog walking.


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