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Year: 2023
Two close female friends spice up their sexy lives when a dog appears.
Moe Lester
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Eventually, Robin left by the front door.  Nancy paused on the stoop and looked around.  She saw the German shepherd near the bushes and hissed, “Hey.  Hey, boy.  Come here.  Come here, boy.”

The dog looked over his shoulder at her.  He looked uncertain.

Nancy smiled and cooed, “Don’t be afraid.  Come here.  I won’t hurt you.”

Trusting her, the dog padded over to her.  Nancy squatted and tousled the dog’s head.  The German shepherd’s tail started to wag.  She befriended the dog quickly.

“Come with me,” she said, getting up.  “Come on.  I’ll give you something nice to eat.”

The dog obediently followed her into the house.  Nancy was thrilled to see the dog with her so quickly, so willingly.  It gave her the shivers-shivers of erotic expectation.  The minute she saw the animal outside the window, she knew she would like to have fun with the dog.

Giggling, she squatted again and said, “You are a boy, aren’t you?  I’ve been taking that for granted.”  She leaned down and peered under the dog’s body.  “Mmmm, you’re a male, all right,” she purred.

Wickedly, she reached under there and caressed the sheath.  She looked at the dog’s face to test its reaction.  Was it playful?  It was.  Without a growl or any threatening sounds, the dog peered at the girl caressing its sheath as if it liked what she was doing.  Nancy liked that.  Smiling impishly, she got to her feet and coaxed the dog into her bedroom, where she stripped naked.

She climbed onto the bed and sprawled out luxuriously, then called the dog to join her there.  Starved for human affection, the animal jumped onto the bed and stood over her, its tongue hanging out.  Nancy eyed the dog’s tongue with erotic interest, and her pussy squirmed a little as she thought her wicked thoughts.

“Nice, boy,” she murmured warmly with glassy eyes.  “Be nice to Nancy.”

She drew up her knees and stretched them wide open to make her crotch available and vulnerable.  Her pink tongue moved wetly across her lips as she gently cupped her pussy.

“Lick it, boy,” she whispered.  “Lick my pussy nice.  I know you can.  Put that nifty tongue of yours right here.”

She offered her pussy wantonly, laughing at her wickedness, and spread the lips of her labia with her naughty fingers.  The dog looked at her momentarily, its tongue hanging loosely from its mouth.  The dog prodded the bed with its forepaws in a gesture that said it was excited.  Then the aroma of Nancy’s pussy reached the dog’s nostrils, and the canine understood what she wanted.  Animal instinct took over.  The dog lowered its big head, and its tongue took a big lick of her juicy pussy.  Nancy jerked, and her ass quivered.

Mmmm, yes, like that,” she rasped hotly.

Her senses spun, and she ran her hands sensuously up and down her belly and tits.  The dog lapped at her pussy then, making slurpy sounds as if it were drinking from its water bowl.  Nancy’s fully exposed pussy immediately moistened for the dog.  Chills and thrills shot through her vibrating body as the animal licked and lapped her pussy for her.  The doggie-tongue became a whip as it lashed her pussy lips.  The German shepherd slapped noisily against her crotch in a delicious manner, making Nancy whimper and squeeze her tits tightly.  Her eyes fluttered, and she tweaked her spiking pink nipples anxiously as her pussy fired under the vicious tongue attack.

Ahhhhh…  Oooooooo,” Nancy moaned when she felt a new sensation.

Hotly curious, she propped herself on her elbows to see what had caused such a wonderful sensation in her pussy.  The dog had wiggled and dropped on its belly, and now it was licking the tip of its tongue between Nancy’s pussy lips.  The wet tongue licked her vaginal entrance and sent sparks through her clit.

Oh, wow.”  Nancy moaned and hunched her pussy up for more of that.  “You’re gonna make me cum.  Mmmm, lick it more, dog, lick it more.”

She encouraged the dog and coaxed it on by squirming and twisting her pussy continuously in gestures of pleasure.  The dog aimed to please because the more Nancy humped, the more it licked her pussy.

Observing this response in the animal, Nancy cooed, “Whose dog are you?  You must belong to a woman.”  She sat up then and used her fingers to spread her pussy wide open.  “Get in there, boy,” she panted, wanting greater pleasure.  “Come on, lick it in there.  Mmmm, yesss, like that.  Ewww, slurp it up, boy.”

The dog did as it was told and slurped loudly at her wet pussy.  She felt its tongue slither into her cunt, and she humped her ass faster.  Her pretty head rocked back and forth hazily as she squirmed her wet pussy hornily.  She moaned again and again as the canine tongue snaked into her vagina.  She made a gurgling sound deep in her constricted throat.  Her ass thrashed on the bed.  Her pussy churned and jerked hotly.  The dog’s wet snout nudged and jolted her clit.  That drove Nancy mad with desire and lust.  Between that titillating feeling and the thrill of the canine tongue licking into her cunt, she was in seventh heaven.

Ohhh, boy,” she whimpered hornily.  “Do it…  Get me off…  Ahhh, I’ll cum like crazy.”

She dug her heels into the bed and hiked her ass up hotly.  This brought her juicy pussy to the air for her canine lover.  The animal happily licked and lapped, free to do so and more than eager.  She twisted her clit, which was all wet and quivery now, against the fantastic nose of the dog as it tongue-fucked her.  The tickle in her belly grew to a fantastic pitch.  She caught her breath.  Her hands gripped her tits tightly and mauled them feverishly.  Her pretty face was livid with passion as her whole body prepared to orgasm.

Suddenly her ass quivered, and her cunt twitched spastically.  “Ooooooooooooo,” she cried out.  “Oh.  Ohhh.  Ohhhhh.”

She thrashed like a bitch in heat and humped her pussy crazily as she orgasmed in the dog’s mouth.  Great ripples of orgasmic slime seeped out of her twisting cunt to drench the animal’s snout.  The dog snuffled in the wetness but never stopped licking its sandpapery tongue into her churning young body.

Nancy’s moans became lusty, hot groans.  Her head tossed.  Her tits rose like live things.  She caressed and mauled them frantically as her pussy climaxed wetly.  She surrendered completely to the marvelous things between her spread, quivering thighs.  Her whole pussy humped and twisted and screwed about furiously as she got her cookies off.

As if a real pussycat was attacking it, the dog retaliated by attacking back.  The dog rammed its snout into Nancy’s crotch and took small nips at her pussy-flesh.  Nancy yelped to feel its sharp little teeth nibble at her clit and pussy lips.

Oh, my God,” she moaned, climaxing hornily.  “You do eat a girl.”

Just as an angry pussy-cat would do, her lovely pussy fought back with twists and humps and jerks, ramming the dog’s snout hard.  The cat-and-dog fight heightened her erotic pleasure to untold peaks, and she came wetly repeatedly.  The violent orgasms became one long, excruciating climax that practically rendered Nancy unconscious.

She flew over the peaks of pleasure, her senses reeling and body whipping wildly on the bed.  The dog burrowed into her vagina, undaunted by her violent reactions, and the animal slicked its big tongue into her soaked cunt.  Nancy squealed, then arched her back in a lovely bow as she panted for breath and squeezed her aching tits.  The animal was relentless.  Even when Nancy moaned breathlessly and collapsed on the bed, the horny dog kept on licking and lapping her pussy, drinking in all her leaking juices.

Oh, wow,” Nancy murmured, peering over her thrusting tits to watch the dog go at it.

The dog licked away every last trace of pussy slime as if it had been trained to at canine cunnilingus.  Nancy started laughing sensuously as it drove her pussy wild.  It was a marvelous aftermath to a juicy orgasm to have that thick pink canine tongue still laving her pussy.  It was delicious after play.

She was so pleased with the animal that she rewarded the dog highly.  Laughing erotically, she pranced into the kitchen with the friendly dog hot on her heels.  She had been defrosting minced meat on the sideboard.  She took it, unwrapped the cellophane, and gave the dog a pound of meat.  The dog gobbled that up the way it had gobbled her pussy, and Nancy laughed to see the comparison.  She knelt at the German shepherd’s side as it ate and petted its big head.

“You and I are gonna be good friends from now on,” she purred.


Nancy was pleased with her new canine lover.  When the dog showed up the next afternoon, she was delighted.  She giggled when she saw the dog at the door, and she let the dog in quickly.  The dog snuffled around the kitchen, probably searching for more minced meat, but Nancy thought it had come for her pussy.  To find out if the German shepherd wanted some pussy, Nancy lifted her dress and exposed her young shaved pussy.  The German shepherd sniffed around her crotch for a moment, then, getting no minced meat, settled for pussy instead.  The dog’s thick wet tongue lapped at Nancy’s pussy, and she moaned with instant pleasure.

Mmmm, come on inside,” she murmured hotly and led the dog into the living room, where she sat down and exposed her pussy again.

She hiked her dress onto her flat belly and spread her creamy thighs wide.  The animal’s wet snout nudged her clit several times, giving her excruciating pleasure.  Nancy started grinding her ass around on the sofa.  Then she drew her legs up and set her heels on the cushion.  Pushing a little, she jerked her pussy up and got some canine tongue lashing at her asshole, too.

Ahhhhh…  God, I love it,” she cooed hornily, thrusting her pussy at the animal’s tongue.

The dog was more than happy now to accommodate the lustful damsel in distress.  The dog was horny, too, turned on by the sweet aroma of Nancy’s luscious pussy.  The dog’s young cock shafted out of its protective sheath between its quivery legs and throbbed there as it licked and nudged Nancy’s wet pussy.  Her eyelids fluttered, then closed in rapture as the canine tongue turned her on.  To increase her pleasure, she mauled her saucy pussy and writhed her asshole at the dog.

Mmmm, do that,” she panted, humping her ass.  “Yes, yesss…  Lick my asshole…  Ooooo, you do that nice…  Mmmm, mmmm, more, more.”

As she coaxed the dog on, she rubbed and tweaked her stiff little clit.  Waves of sexy sensation rushed through her, pleasing her constantly.  She laughed a few times, tickled pink by the dog’s licking, lashing tongue.  Its scrappy surface against her asshole created intense pleasure, enough to boggle her mind sometimes.  At one point, she clutched at her horny pussy.  She wiggled furiously as the canine tongue helped her to a juicy orgasm.  It seemed to begin right in the middle of her straining stomach.  Then it rippled downward through her cuntal-channel to drench the outer lips of her pretty pussy.

The dog sensed the juice coming and started licking its tongue into Nancy’s twisting cunt.  That made her screech with pleasure.  However, her horny outcry was heard.


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