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Year: 2018
With her sexier younger sister threatening to take her husband from her, Keira has to come up with a plan to stop the little minx for good. If she wants to act like a dog, then let her get fucked by dog.
Moe Lester
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Keira met her friend Liza downtown at a café for coffee and as they sat outside in the sunshine with coffee and cake, a pretty brunette with large breasts and a friendly smile.  Liza touches Keira’s hand with a deep frown on her face.  “I need to tell you something,” she murmurs.  “Maybe this is a good time.”  Keira’s spirits rise, any distraction from the sexual tension her sister has created in the household.  “No one else knows about this, but I’m freaking out a bit,” Liza said glancing around conspiratorially.

Intrigued, Keira waits impatiently for her friend to find the words and emotional strength to say what’s on her mind.  “C’mon,” Keira urges.  “Don’t keep me in suspense.”

Liza nods.  “The other night we went out with Mike and Julia Turnbull.”

“Oh, how are they?” Keira said with a smile.  “I haven’t spoken to Julia since that dinner party at Sarah’s a few weeks ago.”

Liza shrugs.  “They’re OK, I guess.  Anyway, we were going out for dinner at ‘The Lake House,’ and they wanted to make a detour on the way.”

She stops, and Keira got the feeling the slender beauty is unsure how to continue.

“Why?” Keira asks.

“They weren’t about to tell us at the time, but they were eager for us to go.”

“So where did you go?”

“We wound up at some kennel just outside town.  The damn dogs were raising hell when we got out of the cars, and someone came out of the house to see what’s going on.” She shivers.  “It was kind of scary, and I wondered why we were out there.  The place was isolated, and there were trees and great big hedges shutting it off from everything around.  Those damn dogs sounded big, and I didn’t know if they were loose or not.  Even Mike and Julia acted nervous, especially Julia.” Liza smiles abruptly and glances at Keira.

“A Kennel?” Keira said and grimaces, wondering why the Turnbull’s would take them there.

“I don’t mind saying I was about ready to crawl back into the car,” Liza said.  “But this guy came out of the house and seemed to know Mike.  He said not to sweat the animals.  They were just nosy about who’s there.  He knows Mike, called him by name.”

“Did they have a dog boarding there or something?” Keira asks trying to remember if the Turnbull’s even owned a dog.

Apparently, Mike knows this guy, Jake, known him for years, and used to work with him before they got the kennel.  Some other guy Mike works with made a crack about the kind of sales the kennel is making—”


“Women are buying Jake’s animals for a ten grand each.”

Keira gasps.  “Ten grand?  What kind of dog’s are they?”

“After he hinted around it for a while, I realized these dogs are trained for sex,” Liza said with narrow eyes.

“Trained for sex?” Keira said and grimaces.  “Do you mean breeding?”

Liza laughs shakily.  “Kinda, but not with other dog’s—with women.”

A silence hangs in the air as Keira processes the information.  Dog’s and women having sex sounds disgusting on one level, yet she couldn’t face the implications of the powerful tingle in her belly at the idea.  Keira shivers.

“So what happened then?” Keira asks.

Liza laughs uneasily, again glancing around to see if anyone is listening.  “This man Jake is still trying to convince us the dogs weren’t going to attack when this sexy woman joins us.  She’s wearing Levi’s and a boy’s shirt, but she’s stacked something fierce.  Then we all went back to the kennels.”

Keira takes a sip of her coffee to calm her nerves, the growing fire in her loins is getting hard to deny.

“First time I ever saw kennels like that,” Liza said in a low voice.  “Regular runs all right, and a building for whatever a kennel needs, but the runs were sort of built in a square around an open center.  There were a couple of low tables, a little better than knee-high, maybe, in the middle of the open space with rings on the ground all around.” She chuckles.  “You’ve got to remember, we still didn’t know what was going on.  But it just looked weird to us.”

“Sounds weird,” Keira said with a nod.

“You’re right,” said Liza with feeling.  “There was about ten or twelve dogs, German shepherds, two of them mature brutes and the rest maybe eight months to a year and a half old.  They weren’t barking anymore, but the two older ones were pacing back and forth along the front of their runs, and the younger ones were practically climbing the wire.  The guy, Jake, said something weird.  ‘Lee does most of the training.’


“The pretty woman in the jeans was his wife, Lee,” Liza said.  “So he said, ‘Lee does the training, but she’s put the dogs through their exercises today, and I’ve got her rationed.’”

“I don’t get it,” Keira said with a frown.

Liza wrinkles her nose.  “Mike seemed to understand.  He told Jake, ‘Well, you told me you’d show us how you trained them, and here we are.’ Jake smiles and said something to the effect, ‘You have plenty of models for a demonstration, and Lee can help them.’”

“What, he means you and Julia?” Keira said putting her hand to her mouth.

Liza nods.  “Mike looked kinda worried though and acted like he wanted Julia to get him out of it.  He says, ‘Look, man, take it easy.  First thing I wanna know is are they any good, right?’”

“What did this Jake say?”

“Jake told them to try one and find out,” Liza said, “and we all stared at Julia because it was up to her.”

“Knowing Julia, she probably did it.”

“You’re right,” Liza said with a smirk.  “Lee take’s her to one of the tables and told her to get undressed and lie on the table.”

“Holy shit, Julia is a wild woman.”

“Lee tells her to sit her ass right at the edge, but Julia just sat on the edge hugging her tits and refused to lie down.  Jake opens one of the pens to an older dog, and it goes over to Julia.”

Keira is tense; she leans forward and holds her breath, visualizing the lurid scene.

Liza continues.  “Jake turned on a set of floodlights; the damn place is lit up like its noon.  Anyhow, the dog is a gentleman.  He just kind of nuzzles Julia and sniffs at her face as if it wants attention.  So Julia rubs his head and talks to it until she feels comfortable with it.”

“I can’t believe she’s doing it,” Keira said wide-eyed.

“Lee tells Julia to lie back and spread her knees, and she does it,” Liza said, “I was freaking out.  I felt like I had a thousand fuzzy caterpillars in my stomach.”

“I feel like that just listening to your story.”

“We all have a clear view of pussy as she spreads, and then the damn dog’s head is between her legs.” Liza shudders.  “Poor Julia rose into the air.  She grabbed the sides of the table and closed her eyes, hanging onto the table as if her life depended on it.  The dog stuck his nose against Julia’s pussy and starts sniffing.”

“Fuck, that must’ve looked hot,” Keira said shifting in her seat.

“You’ve got no idea,” Liza said with a shiver.  “The dog shoved its head in there as if Julia was a rag doll.  He just shoved her thighs out of the way until she’s practically doing the splits.  Then he starts to lick.  Omigod, did it know what to do.”

“What did Julia do?”

“She was squirming all over the table, hanging on for dear life with her hands and scrubbing every inch of it with her shoulders and ass.  Julia was totally into it, and the sound of the tongue slapping her pussy was something I’ll never forget.”

Keira sighs and smiles.  “That Julia is amazing,” she said feeling her clit throb, and her pussy dampen.

“Then Jake shouts, ‘Mount, Duke,’ that’s the dog’s name, and thing heaves itself up over Julia and jabs at her a few times with its dick, and suddenly he drives it home,” Liza said with a flushing face.  “Julia lets out a grunt like he’s punctured her lungs and she jerks her legs up and wraps them around the dog.”

“She was into it?”

Liza nods.  “I don’t know how much of it was Duke’s thrusting, or hers, but that cock goes all the way in, even part of its sheath.  Duke starts smacking at her, its hips almost a blur.”  Liz mops at her face and continues in a calmer voice.  “The brutal fact is; that animal just fucked the crap out of Julia.  I thought she’d never stop cumming.”

Omigod,” Keira moans.

“Jake can see from the looks on our faces we weren’t missing any of it.  I think maybe he senses two sales instead of one.  Anyhow, he suggested another demonstration if we thought it’d be worthwhile.  Dale was all for it, of course.”

“Dale wanted you to—”

Liza blushes again and nods.  “Fucking lecherous men practically threw me to the dogs, you might say.  I never felt so dirty in my life as when I started to lie on that table.   Lee brings out a younger dog, and it sniffs me and licks a couple of times. I had sense enough to give him plenty of room in there, got my heels up on the edge of the table against my ass and like to tear myself splitting so wide.”

“I can’t believe you did it,” Keira said wide-eyed.

“That German shepherd was eager,” Liza said with a smile.  “A lick or two, and all of a sudden it’s on top of me.  It took a little jabbing for the dog to find my cunt, but when he did, the beast really lets me have it.  God, he had a big cock.  It wasn’t very thick then, but I thought the cock would never stop.  Another two inches and I’d have to open my mouth to let it out.”

Keira laughs.

“The funny thing is, about the time I felt bristles of his sheath going into my cunt, the cock started to swell,” Liza said hotly.  “It got as big as a baseball in me.  Fuck, Keira, that wasn’t a cock; it was a piston.  The dog hadn’t gotten me very hot before he penetrated me, but I’ll bet I came twice before he eventually fed all his big cock into my cunt.”

Keira sighs; the dampness in her loins has grown to a swamp.  “It sounds inspirational to me,” she said.

“Those bastards only had one thing on their minds, and they made believers out us.  When we can finally get up after the fucking of our lives, Jake asked if I still wanted to know about the training.  Dale sure as hell did, and I agreed.  All of a sudden, Lee is begging him to let her demonstrate.” Liza laughs picturing the memory in her mind.  “Watching the action got her all fired up, I guess.  But Jake is a regular hard nose; cut her off in short order.  ‘If Dale wants to see how it’s done he can watch his wife,’ he told Lee, meaning me.  ‘You can tell Liza what to do,’ Jake says.”

“What happened?” Keira asks leaning forward.

“They bring out three of the youngest pups and one of the older dogs.  For damn near two hours, I was getting my cunt licked and tits nibbled and those sharp-pointy cocks stuck up my cunt.  Now that’s what I call a training routine.” Liza pauses and gazes dreamily into the distance.  “Well—” She sighs.  “That’s about it.  I can only say you should go buy one of those pups, you won’t regret it.”

“Pups?” Keira asks with raised eyebrows, “Why one of the pups?”

“The eighteen-month-olds have a five grand price tag on them—each.”

Keira cast a startled glance at Liza.  “Didn’t you say it was one of the younger dogs the Lee woman brought to you?”

Liza nods.  “One of the youngest.”

“What was wrong with him?”

Nothing,” Liza said and shivered, and then thrust her fist against her belly, “My God, nothing.”

“Then I don’t get it?” Keira said and grimaces.

Liza held up her hand.  “Wait.  The training is complicated.  I had to go to each one of them and let them lick my cunt for a few minutes, just enough to remind it of the taste and how much I liked it,” she said quietly.  “Then I went back to the table, and the older dog starts demonstrating, the subtler points of technique for the kids.  Lee brings out a unique rack that bolted to the table.  It has stirrups and stuff to make it easier for me to hang on while I was going through excitement peaks that you’d have to feel to believe.

“That goddamn brute knows more about arousing a woman than any man I ever met.  He worked on my tits for a while, and he must have done things not even Dale’s ever done.  I swear; I came at least once just from that.  The dog spent some time on my ass.  I’ll bet he got that tongue of his five inches inside my asshole.  When Lee told it to mount that time the big dog stuck his cock up my asshole.”

Keira gasps, and whispers, “Your asshole?”

“He didn’t stay there very long.  Lee called him off.  But those damn pups were taking it all in.  Well, there’s a lot more, but I’m not going into it.  The point is; the pups fuck fine.  That’s natural, and they’re always ready for it.  They even do some licking, and as they get older, they’ll do more.  But Jake said it takes maybe two years to produce an animal that does what you want him to, when you want it, and do it perfectly.  That’s the dog that costs ten grand.” She pauses for breath.  “So I figured you oughta have one of those pups; you can teach it what you want it to know, even if it isn’t all that refined.  It’d be easier to train than a dog off the street.  At least the pups have seen a master at work.”

“You think I should buy a dog—for sex?” Keira asks sitting back wide-eyed.

“That’s what I had in mind.”

“Hmmm, interesting.”


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