Animal Rescue 2: Part II—Being Made!


“Fuck me, doggie. Fuck me,” Debbie shouts, ignoring the men’s chatter.

She watches the Great Dane’s cock slide out of its protective, furry sheath. Debbie guesses its glistening prick is at least ten inches long. It’s probably the biggest dick in the room, she thought wickedly. Debbie quickly turns over and gets on her hands and knees, feeling her sensitive nipples brush against the floor.

“Now—mount me like a bitch,” Debbie moans as she grinds her thighs together again.

The big dog prances up then stops suddenly. The dog sniffs at Debbie sucking quivering pussy slit carefully and then moves its snout to her puckered anus. Suddenly the dog gets ready to mount her. Debbie’s filled the expectation of a thorough fucking ahead. The one thing she likes about sex with dogs is the force and speed with which they pound a cunt. No other animal can really match it, and the knot is always to die for.

“Come on, boy,” Debbie moans impatiently, quickly putting her hand back between her quivering legs. She reaches around until she feels the animals hot, jerking cock bounce against the back of her wrist. “Mmmm,” Debbie moans as she wraps her fingers around the Great Dane’s knobby, pointed cock.

It feels strangely smooth and hot as she pulls it toward her waiting, upturned pussy. The dog seems to know what to do from now on. Quickly the Great Dane lunges forward and shoves its pointed cock deep into Debbie’s moist cunt.

“Oh GOD,” she shrieks as the dog fucks her cunt. “Oh god, you’re gonna tear me in two.”

There’s no pain really, her cunt is so stretched by huge animal cocks it takes the ten-inch pole easily. Yet, she has to put on a good performance for Capo; this is her chance to really impress him. Still, Debbie felt marvelously filled and stuffed with a big dog cock as the Great Dane wraps its forepaws around her torso. That’s always a good thing, so it’s not hard to act because she enjoys it too.

“Ahhhrrrr, God, I’m getting fucked,” Debbie moans as the animal hunches and humps with increasing frenzy. “He’s really fucking me. Mmm, my pussy’s so hot. Fuck me, fuck me.”

Debbie is fascinated by her own reaction to animal fucking these days. What started back in the day as rape, has now turned into this, she thought. The pounding Great Dane cock reminds her of that first time back in Dallas, so long ago it seems like another lifetime.


Debbie decided her first approach to the stray black Great Dane cross dog should be without the dog-pole, to see if the dog responds to her voice and presence alone. Most dogs run for it on the first contact with animal rescue officers, and that’s when she ups the ante in catching it. However, the first contact with a frightened beast is always a gentle approach as many dogs respond to a friendly voice, as long as they haven’t reverted to a wild state already. The dog is lying under a bush deep into the wooded area, so slowly she approaches it straight on so it can see her.

“Here, boy,” she calls for it. “Come on, boy. It’s OK. Good, boy.”

She pats her leg and speaks softly to the animal. The dog remains still; its ears prick and head stiffly. Its eyes bore into her, dark and brooding. She knows the dog’s evaluating her threat status at the moment. Its tense body and stiff posture shout a dog on high alert. Once she’s five feet from the dog, she decides to squat and take a submissive posture. Sometimes this disarms aggressive dogs by reducing the threat of her presence.

The dog suddenly stands.

Her eyes bulge at the size of it, possibly the biggest dog she’s ever seen in her life. Its coat has a lovely sheen to it glistening in the light.

“You’re well taken care of, aren’t you, boy,” she said to the animal. “Don’t be afraid, I just wanna take you home.”

The dog suddenly walks to her and sniffs her. Debbie thinks she has it and is about to grab the leash from her pocket to snare the dog when it suddenly attacks. It takes the animal rescue officer by surprise as the dog wraps its jaws around her shoulder and bites, shaking its head to cause maximum damage. Debbie falls to the ground and instinctively kicks at the dog. Her foot connects and the animal lets go. Blood pours from her shoulder as she grasps it.

The dog jumps her from behind, sinking its teeth into the buttocks. She screams in pain as the dog pushes her forward. Her pants and underwear catch in the beasts sharp teeth ripping badly. As she tries to get away, the back of her pants stay in the dog’s mouth. She glances back with bulging eyes and rasping breaths to see her panties hanging from the corner of the animal’s frothing mouth.

“NO,” she shouts at the beast, getting to her feet.

Intense pain wracks her shoulder and buttocks, and her body shivers uncontrollably. The dog tilts its head as if trying to decide whether her command is one it has to obey. Obviously, the Great Dane decides her authority has no place in its life and lunges at her again. Debbie turns to present her back to the attacking predator in a standing fetal position. When the big dog collides with her, it knocks her to the ground severely winding the woman. For a moment, she thought she saw stars as unconsciousness threatens to leave her at the mercy of this beast.

God, this dog is going to kill me, she thought wildly. The large, brutish dog comes upon her again. Debbie is now lying on her knees with her face in the dusty ground with tears streaming from her eyes fearing her life is about to end. The dog jumps on her back, his front legs wrap around her chest with the grip of a vice. The animal wraps its huge mouth around her neck and holds her. Debbie waits for the dog to bite her neck, killing her once and for all.

She suddenly feels something touch her exposed behind, something warm and wet. The object rams into her repeatedly. Oh my God, she thought, horrified. He’s trying to fuck me. The dog squeezes tighter on her neck and twists her head, making her spread her legs more.

“STOP IT—NO—BAD DOG,” she screams.

Too late, the dog’s big cock finds the sweet spot, and as it feels her pussy lips open slightly to his probing, the animal thrusts its hips hard while squeezing her even tighter with its forelegs. The big red cock drives home, spreading her pussy apart with such force that Debbie squeals in pain. Once the dog feels her soft, velvety warmth wrap around its thick cock, the Great Dane begins to fuck her with brutish force. Her pussy isn’t prepared for this, and at first, the friction causes her pain in her dry pussy. The dog’s cock is pumping precum inside her as it fucks, lubricating her, and eventually, the pain eases some.

Debbie can’t believe how big and thick the dog’s cock feels inside her. Stretching her pussy beyond anything she has known, all the while pounding her with a bestial fury only a powerful predator can have. Her face now pallid, a cold sweat drips from her forehead, making her blonde hair limp and flat. The woman’s chin and lips tremble uncontrollably as she sobs. Her body now moves in sync with the dog’s ferocious poundings. The dog has pushed her forward a foot on the ground by the force of its thrusts alone.

Debbie wants to scream. However, her voice seems to have disappeared. She hurt all over, yet the pain seems overridden by the huge cock owning her right now. Things were moving so quickly she can’t process what’s happening to her. Still, her body responds to the sexual energy of the beast, and amongst the pain screaming at the woman from her shoulder and buttocks, a spark of pleasure grows too.

“No, stop that,” she whispers to her body.

Her brain seems disconnected from her body suddenly. She can feel her stomach tighten, and her clit grow hot. The dog has unnatural stamina. I’ve seen dogs mate before and they don’t usually fuck for this long, she thought. Wondering why it hasn’t reached orgasm yet and a word flashed through her mind, causing her to claw at her cheeks, dragging her fingers down in terror.

The word she thought: THE KNOT.

Sure enough, something started banging against her pussy lips, hitting her clit and sending shocks of pleasure through her like small orgasms, making her gasp. Debbie tries to move, however, the strength with which the large dog holds her overwhelms any feeble attempt she makes. Her body sweating profusely now; and the sound of her rapid heartbeat thrash in her ears. Yet, the woman’s pussy betrays her. The friction of the dog’s warm cock sliding into her with such force has grown to such pleasure it dulls the pain she feels elsewhere in her body.

To her surprise, she lets out a moan. The mammoth cock is slicing her in two with the knot banging against her clit trying to further impale her. Her mind so focused on the sensation of this giant cock and knot trying to own her, she can’t even hear the dog’s deep panting above her. She clasps her pussy down on the dog’s cock, not for pleasure’s sake, but to stop the knot from entering. The dog, feeling her pussy clamp tightly around its cock, lost rhythm for a moment and its thrusting becomes jerky and awkward.

Debbie doesn’t realize it, but this change of motion causes her to suddenly orgasm. A strong, powerful orgasm that sent a paroxysm of pleasure pulsating through her body rocks the woman to the core. She moans loudly as her little body shakes under the beast. The most intense orgasm she’s had in her short life so far. As she finally releases his cock from her gripping, clasping cunt, the stray dog finds its rhythm again and starts to thrust with force. Her pussy lips loosen slightly in the afterglow of her intense orgasm, and the knot starts to work its way inside her cunt. The dog feels Debbie finally open to it, pushes brutally, and the knot slips inside making her scream in pain.

This is what childbirth must feel like, she thought hazily feeling the huge knot stretch her even more than she thought she could bear. Debbie tries to relax her pussy to allow it to stretch as she worries it might tear her. She can’t even guess how big the knot might be, it feels like a basketball inside her belly. The dog keeps fucking Debbie, but as its knot becomes lodged he beast loses its rhythm and eventually stops. Feeling exhausted, Debbie collapses under the dog, only held aloft by the cock and knot inside her cunt.

At first, she doesn’t understand what’s happening, but something begins to feel strange in her stomach, a warmth, growing in intensity. She even has the sensation of needing to pee, for some reason. Looking under her, she can see a whitish-fluid dripping from her. CUM, she screams in her mind. The dog is cumming inside her, filling her with its seed and trying to breed the animal rescue officer.

The steady drip of dog cum oozing from around its knot and out of her pussy mesmerizes Debbie. It runs over her clit, titillating her. As the dog pumps its conceit into her body, she suddenly orgasms again as the tension in her body steadily grows. Not as powerful as before, but enough to make her close her eyes tight and clench her hands into fists in response. The sudden convulsion of her pussy tightening around the dog’s cock sparked it to life, and it begins to fuck her again. This pushes her orgasm into another realm of earth-shattering proportions. Now her body shakes as waves of pleasure bend her like a blade of grass in a strong wind. Her guttural moans echo through the grove of trees, and as it subsided the dog settles again and continues the deed of pumping endless streams of canine semen into her belly.

Eventually, the dog grows tired and steps over her until its asshole is level with hers. They remain connected by his purple-red veiny cock. The stray beast walks back to the spot it had been sitting when Debbie first approached it, dragging her behind like a rag doll.

She feels relieved the dog is off her now, as it weighed a ton. When it lies on the ground, she lies with it, resting and waiting for it to end. The dog’s huge cock filling her still, so even her soul seems overwhelmed by the size. Everything in her world suddenly seems all about this cock, and its dominance of her. Debbie falls asleep, as the pain returns from her bitten shoulder and ass cheeks.


How things have changed, she thought. I’ve changed. She loves the feeling of the Great Dane’s muscular belly slamming against her back, threatening to push her down to the floor. Its balls jounce and jangle against the top junction of her fat, slippery cunt lips.

“Oh, yes, baby—fuck me—jam it hard into me—FUCK—FUCK—FUCK,” Debbie moans.

She groans and howls as the animal’s cock slides easily in and out of her cunt with an audible squishing sound. Debbie closes her eyes and tries to picture what the two of them look like. The vision flashes through her mind, and it excites her even more.

“Look at her cunt swallow that thing,” Camilo said wide-eyed.

“Even the knot is sliding in easily,” Silos added.

“Her cunt is ruined for men, eh?” Capo said and laughs.

“Not her mouth,” Silos said with a wink.

“What about her ass?” one of the beefy bodyguards asks. “I’d fuck it.”

Silos shrugs. “Maybe, but she takes animal dicks up there too.”

Capo’s smile broadens and he sighs wishing her could whip out his cock and jerk off. “This puta is ‘A grade,’ Jose,” he said. “You’ve struck gold with this one. Hombres will come from far and wide to see her in action. El Munch will make a fortune.”

“That’s the plan,” Silos said nodding.

Debbie feels herself growing hotter and hotter as she gazes between her tits. She watches the Great Dane’s long, red shaft each time it pulls out. The red cock glistens with her thick cunt cream. The dog’s furry balls bob and swing wildly each time it thrusts its powerful thighs against her ass cheeks.

“Aaahhhhrrrr—Yeah—fuuuuuuuuuck,” Debbie screams as she squeezes her cunt muscles, trapping the Great Dane’s cock and growing knot inside her pussy for a few seconds. She hears the dog whine in puzzlement, and then try to pull out its cock. Debbie releases the pressure for a few seconds, then squeezes again, sucking and tugging at the Great Dane’s hot cock with her pussy.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahrrrrrr”” she squeals. “Omigod—I’m gonna cum.”

Debbie feels her pussy contract and spasm though trying to hold herself back. She doesn’t want to reach orgasm this quickly, but she feels her clit banging, exploding, sparking and twitching crazily. The woman knows she can’t control it anymore. Debbie wriggles her ass desperately now, hoping that the dog will take the hint. The dog does. The Great Dane’s fucking thrusts quicken. The dog hammers at her cunt crazily, jamming its cock in and out of her pussy as the dog growls.

“OH—OOOOOOOOOO—GOD—FAAAAAAARK—CUUUUUUUMMING,” Debbie screeches as she feels the first of a long, wild series of searing contractions rip through her aching cunt.

“Mamaputa,” Capo groans feeling his cock ejaculate in his pants without even touch his dick.

No woman has done that to him since he was a teen.

Debbie backs up against the Great Dane harder, tightening her cunt muscles as best she can. Then she loses control of everything, her cunt is in total control now. It milks and pulls at the animal’s cock and knot making it swell ever larger.

The dog cock feels even bigger inside her cunt now, as it dominates and pushes her, forces her body to have to adjust to its massive girth. The muscles don’t give way easily, even when being forced, and a curious mix of pleasure and pain makes Debbie’s body quiver. Getting fucked by a dog is so exciting. There’s no stopping the animal. Its hind legs stomp the floor. The Great Dane drools all over her back. The massive cock fucks relentlessly into her stretched-open, wet pussy.

“Ahhhrrrr, God, I’m getting fucked,” she moans, quivering with mounting excitement. “He’s really fucking me—mmmm, my cunt’s so hot—Fuck me—fuck me.”

The twitching, writhing, panting woman is unrecognizable now, her face distorted into a twisted yet somehow oddly beautiful mask of pure unadulterated lust. All the men’s sexual fantasies are being fulfilled. Never before has the sex act seemed more lust-filled, more carnal to the watchers, as Debbie makes her body a willing receptacle for the thrusting red penis of a brutish canine fucking into her as if she were a dog too. These guys are eating this up, Debbie thought as she humps her furry lover as any bitch-in-heat would.

Driven by the pummeling of her clitoris by the dogs’ balls, Debbie reaches back desperately with one hand in an attempt to soothe the wonderful agony between her legs. The tip of her middle finger presses hard on the swollen clitoris. The final trigger had been pressed, and the inflamed woman suddenly feels as if a heavy fist has thudded into her stomach as her muscles contract in a delightful wild spasm. Her buttocks begin flexing and hollowing as her clenching pussy sucks and pulls on the Great Dane’s throbbing cock.

“Oooooo—yeah—Ahhhrrr,” she moans, half-blinded by the power of her second orgasm.

The dog’s knot is still growing, pushing the blonde’s cunt open yet she’s able to accommodate it. The dog is getting close to its climax and lets out a loud whine as the first shot of hot cum sprays into Debbie’s cunt.

“AIYEEEE,” Debbie squeals as she tosses her head from side to side. She beat the floor wildly with her fists, almost crashing forward from the lust sweeping over every square inch of her panting body. The woman squeals and grunts with delight as she feels a hot sticky stream of canine semen leak out from between her pussy lips and oozes down her trembling legs to the floor. The dog slows with jerky movements as its ejaculation begins and before long stops, holding Debbie tightly as its balls unload in her cunt.

Miguel Capo gestures to the man who brought the Great Dane inside, and the servant goes to the rutting couple and grabs the dog by the collar. Pulling forcefully, the dog jumps off Debbie with a loud whine, turning, so it’s ass-to-ass with her. Then Capo stands and goes to Debbie, takes out his dick and shoves it in her mouth. Here we go, Debbie thought. She sucks his average-sized brown dick for barely a minute when her mouth fills with Capo’s cum.

“Ugh—puta—Argh,” Capo groans through his orgasm.

The semen doesn’t taste bad, and Debbie swallows the tangy offering sucking the man’s cock until he had enough. He pulls his dick out and leaves the room. Silos then stands with his dick sticking out of his fly. Soon Debbie is sucking this one too and enjoying another mouthful of cum. The men, in turn, get a blowjob from her, in order of seniority with one of the bodyguards last to pump her mouth full of cum. None of them take long to cum as they’re all turned on by her performance. After the last one is done, the servant makes her suck him off too, and Debbie just does it. Then the dog is pulled from her with a loud, wet plop, and Debbie is left alone in the sitting room.

The servant returns as Debbie sits on the floor with some towels and a robe. She wipes her leaking pussy and then with the robe on, goes back to her room and has a shower. In the shower, she thought: That went well. They definitely accept me now, and hopefully soon will start dropping their guard around me when it comes to their business. I have a feeling I’ll be back in Tijuana tomorrow, though. The mistress of the house won’t want me here long—the fucking old bitch.


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