Animal Rescue 2: Part II—Being Made!

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Animal Rescue 2: Part II—Being Made!
Animal Rescue 2: Part II—Being Made!
Year: 2018
Debbie is forced to identify her former friends to prove her loyalty to the cartel, but not all goes to plan. Will this ruin the undercover operation she’s involved in?
Sheela B.
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After the meal, they all go to a large living room with a big screen TV, a fireplace, and soft, comfortable chairs.  One of the waiters at dinner suddenly leads in a big tan Great Dane holding it by the collar.  Solis and Capo, both smoking big cigars and sipping brandy as if they were aristocracy, not drug barons, nod to Debbie to start the show.  She takes a deep breath and stands.

“Come on, boy. You want some hot pussy for dinner? Well, Debbie’s going to serve it up to you,” she said as she slipped off her black dress and shrugs it off. She nervously unsnaps the clasp of her bra as the dog whines and growls, watching her closely.

“Mmmmm,” Debbie groans teasingly, letting her bra fall to the floor.

The Great Dane barks loudly.

“No, don’t, boy,” Debbie warns the dog as she strokes its big head.

Almost automatically the beast drives its nose against her hot crotch, sticking out its tongue and lapping at the big wet spot on the crotch of her panties.

Yes,” Debbie groans as she drives her fingers between her panties and belly and slides them down to her ankles. “Hot pussy served up to doggie,” Debbie said as she steps out of her panties and drops to the floor.

“Omigod,” Capo moans, his boner already tenting his pants.

The other men nod, agreeing that Debbie’s beautiful body and this huge dog appear so hot together, each shifting uncomfortably to allow space for growing cocks.

“C’mon, boy, right over here,” Debbie said as she waves her bare ass across the floor. “Lick me,” Debbie moans as the dog prances between her widely spread legs and starts lapping at her juicing pussy.  “Show these nice men just how good my pussy tastes—LICK ME, DOGGIE—OHHH—YESSSS.

Debbie realizes she sounds like a bad porn actress, which she was really, but she notes the men love her overacting. However, there was something deliciously wild about the dog’s tonguing. Nothing seems more natural to Debbie now.

Ahhhhhh,” she moans as she clenches her fingers tightly into a fist and pounds the floor wildly

Debbie thrust her crotch into the air, slamming her swollen pussy lips hard against the Great Dane’s cold nose. She whips her hair across her tits as waves of warm, wet pleasure tear through her body. She’s giving herself completely to the Great Dane’s insistent tonguing, and the men stare wide-eyed. Debbie feels her nipples swell as the muscles in her belly tighten and quiver.

Right there, doggie—YES,” Debbie groans as the Great Dane jabs its tongue at her pounding, sensitive clit.

The Great Dane obviously wasn’t too startled by Debbie’s shrieks. The beast licks down her moist slit, dipping the tip of its long tongue in and raking her throbbing clit.

Oooooo—fuck, yeah,” Debbie moans as she feels her clit tingle.

She feels too weak to sit up and let herself crash to the floor. Debbie hunches her legs and presses her knees against her tits. The Great Dane’s tongue zeroes in on her puckered asshole suddenly, making Debbie shudder in agonizing pleasure.

Oh, anywhere—Stick that fuckin’ tongue anywhere you want,” she groans.

“Fucking lucky dog,” Camilo mumbles as he stares at the action on the floor.

It isn’t the first time a beast has rimmed her asshole or fucked it for that matter.  Her neighbor’s dog back in Dallas liked to eat out her asshole, sometimes driving its cock and blowing its load in her colon.  Debbie also found the knotting was more intense with anal sex.

Ooooooo—you’re gonna make me cum,” Debbie groans, looking between her shaking legs at the panting animal.

Its long, thick cock is fully unsheathed now, and glowing a hot red in the brightly lit room.

“Mamaputa, would you look at that dog’s pene,” one of the bodyguards said with a scowl.

“That’s nothing,” Silos said with pride, “I’ve seen Debbie take a huge horse dick up that cunt in one of her videos.  She’s fucking one of a kind.”

“She sure is,” Miguel Capo said nodding.

Fuck me, doggie. Fuck me,” Debbie shouts, ignoring the men’s chatter.

She watches the Great Dane’s cock slide out of its protective, furry sheath. Debbie guesses its glistening prick is at least ten inches long.  It’s probably the biggest dick in the room, she thought wickedly. Debbie quickly turns over and gets on her hands and knees, feeling her sensitive nipples brush against the floor.

Now—mount me like a bitch,” Debbie moans as she grinds her thighs together again.

The big dog prances up then stops suddenly. The dog sniffs at Debbie sucking quivering pussy slit carefully and then moves its snout to her puckered anus.  Suddenly the dog gets ready to mount her.  Debbie’s filled the expectation of a thorough fucking ahead.  The one thing she likes about sex with dogs is the force and speed with which they pound a cunt.  No other animal can really match it, and the knot is always to die for.

Come on, boy,” Debbie moans impatiently, quickly putting her hand back between her quivering legs. She reaches around until she feels the animals hot, jerking cock bounce against the back of her wrist.  “Mmmm,” Debbie moans as she wraps her fingers around the Great Dane’s knobby, pointed cock.

It feels strangely smooth and hot as she pulls it toward her waiting, upturned pussy. The dog seems to know what to do from now on. Quickly the Great Dane lunges forward and shoves its pointed cock deep into Debbie’s moist cunt.

Oh GOD,” she shrieks as the dog fucks her cunt. “Oh god, you’re gonna tear me in two.

There’s no pain really, her cunt is so stretched by huge animal cocks it takes the ten-inch pole easily. Yet, she has to put on a good performance for Capo; this is her chance to really impress him.  Still, Debbie felt marvelously filled and stuffed with a big dog cock as the Great Dane wraps its forepaws around her torso.  That’s always a good thing, so it’s not hard to act because she enjoys it too.

Ahhhrrrr, God, I’m getting fucked,” Debbie moans as the animal hunches and humps with increasing frenzy. “He’s really fucking me. Mmm, my pussy’s so hotFuck me, fuck me.”

Debbie is fascinated by her own reaction to animal fucking these days.  What started back in the day as rape, has now turned into this, she thought.  The pounding Great Dane cock reminds her of that first time back in Dallas, so long ago it seems like another lifetime.


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