The Red Door

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The Red Door
The Red Door
Year: 2018
Amanda has to stay with some family friends for a few weeks and discovers that things aren’t what they appear, especially behind the red door.
Moe Lester
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Amanda closes the email but continues to stare at the picture as she slowly slides a hand up the inside of her creamy thigh and places her fingers tightly against her panty-covered pussy.  It’s wet, and tingles of delight shoot out from her groin as she rubs her pussy gently.  The teen woman tries to imagine what it’d be like to have a big cock in her mouth and one in her cunt but she can’t.  The teen had thought about sticking a banana in her pussy once but didn’t because she was afraid the pesticides might give her an infection.

“Oh, fuck,” she whispers, staring at the woman’s mouth where the white semen is trickling past her lips.

The teen’s fingers begin moving more rapidly on her pussy as she gazes again, glassy-eyed, at the other man’s cock, half-embedded in the woman from behind.  It’s too much for Amanda, her chest is heaving with desire, and her legs are twitching and quivering.  She slides her fingers under the elastic of the thin panties and gropes for her moist crevice.  Then she lies back on the bed, staring at the image on the laptop.


Amanda separates the lips of her slit with her fingers and gently massages her clit, squirming and writhing as the tickling sensation makes her legs jump.  She’s trying to pretend there’s a real cock jabbing at her as she gapes open-mouthed at the picture and groans.


Amanda seeks out her milk-filled hole and found it, then quickly jams a finger deep into her hot, clenching cunt.


Her hand is pumping furiously, making wet sucking sounds as her digits spear in and out of her aching cunt.


The teen drops her head, so she’s no longer watching the lewd picture and is hunching her hand.  The woman’s eyes close, and her face twists with pleasure.  Amanda can feel her cuntal cream running past her finger and onto her palm.  It’s heaven to have something inside her, even if it’s just her finger.  She’s on the verge of orgasm when she senses something in the room.  Though it’s sheer agony to stop, she sits up quickly, yanking her hand from her crotch.  The Lopez’s’ big Labrador, Taco, is standing there looking at her.  His huge red tongue is hanging out of his mouth, and his tail is flagging the air.

Amanda gasps, and said, “Oh, shit, Taco.  You scared the shit outta me I didn’t know you were even in the house.”

As Amanda gazes at her wet hand, she shakes her head sadly over the fact she hadn’t climaxed.  However, before she realizes it, the teen feels the dog’s furry head moving between her thighs.  Then the dog’s nuzzling and lapping at the crotch of her panties.

TACO!” she shrieks.  “STOP THAT!

She sits up again quickly and grabs the dog’s head with her hands, trying to push it away.  The Labrador wouldn’t budge.  It whined softly as the dog continues to lap away at her tasty loins.


Her efforts to push the dog away stop slowly.  The feel of its hot tongue on her pussy is exciting her again, even more than her stabbing finger did.

“OK, doggie,” she whispered urgently.  “OK—just for a minute.”

She raises her ass off the bed; hikes up her short skirt, then slips her thumbs in her panties and pulls them to her knees.  Taco dances around whimpering while she slips them off completely, drop them on the floor, then sits and opens her legs again.

“There, boy,” she crooned softly.  “There ya go.”

She looked down at the thick bush surrounding her wet, glistening slit.  The dog moves up quickly and pushes its tongue into her pussy.  The horny teen jumps at the first contact then begins stroking the dog gently as it probes her crevice, licking the milk filling the folds of her pussy.

Ooh, Taco—oh, God, that feels good—UMMM—That’s it, doggie—AAARRRGGGHHH—shit.”

Amanda knows guys do this to women sometimes, but this is a first for the teen.  She can’t believe it’s so thrilling.  The animal knows what it’s doing and sloshes its big pink tongue up and down her parted labia from her asshole to clit.  She squirms and begins hunching to the dog’s muzzle.


She thinks about lying back but wants to watch.  The big black animal is hunching its hips and pumping its dick into thin air, and Amanda knows the dog’s pretending to fuck while it lapped at her pussy.  The building thrill of climax fills her groin as she watches the dog hump while mouthing her pussy.  The teen’s nipples tingle and she can feel her tummy muscles tighten.


She pulls her quivering legs off the floor, drops onto her back, and then rests her feet on the animal’s shoulders.


She’s writhing and twisting on the big bed and rubbing her legs on the furry animal’s back.  The cumming woman pulls her hands up, covers her titties, and begins kneading the firm mounds as she squirms and hunches.


An orgasm explodes inside her, sending thundering surges to her limbs.  She twitches and quivers, and bright lights pop behind her closed eyelids.  The delicious sensation makes her dizzy for a moment, and then it subsides.

Oh, Taco.”

The dog is still licking her pussy as she sits up quickly and shoves it away.  “That’s enough.  They’ll be back any minute.  I’ve gotta get my panties on.” She grabs the white bikinis off the floor and quickly pulls them up her legs.  “OH, NO.” She sees Taco’s long red cock sticking out under his belly.  It’s shiny, pointy, and bigger than she’d ever have believed.

“You’ve gotta go outside,” she moans as fixed the laptop.  “C’mon, boy.  Let’s go.”


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