A Feral Encounter

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A Feral Encounter
A Feral Encounter
Year: 2017
Kylie is camping in the swamp alone painting and enjoying nature when she’s raped by a big feral pig.
Moe lester
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The young woman freezes as the huge pig comes into the glow of the light.  Now only five yards away, Kylie can smell the rank smell of the pig.  She reaches back toward the tent yet even as she does, she knows it offers no protection.  It’ll be best if I just stand still, she thought.

The boar eyes Kylie slowly as he edges ever closer sniffing.  By now, he’s certain this sow is in-heat.  What he can’t understand in his pig brain is why this sow is standing on two legs.  As the huge boar moves within touching distance, Kylie suddenly moves away and he follows.  Kylie has heard when wild pigs are frightened or cornered they might charge yet this one shows no signs aggression.  The pig’s nose is only inches from her leg and Kylie feels the warm nasal spray as it snorts.  Maybe this pig is tame, she wonders, a recent escapee from a nearby piggery?  She edges away from it some and the pig follows.  The pig’s snout touches her leg.  Kylie jumps away, and as she does, her foot catches the corner rope of the tent and she goes sprawling to the ground.

As Kylie falls, the painting smock lifts exposing her soft pink ass.  The pig is quick to close the gap and assures himself of this sows readiness to mate.  At first, the wild pig just stands and gazes at the stunned woman, its head cocked slightly to the side.  It appears he’s thinking about something by the way his eyes shine with intention.  The pig lowers its head to the trembling woman’s rump, grunting and sniffing furiously.  Then he finds the source of the smell he seeks.

Petrified, Kylie makes a feeble attempt to stand, however, the pig nudges her ass with his snout knocking her back onto all fours.  The feral boar towers above Kylie as it quickly nudges and sniffs Kylie’s underbelly, neck, and face, grunting and squealing as he explores.  Then the boar turns so his head is behind Kylie and again sniffs her pussy.

Kylie turns her head into the pig’s midsection trying to see what’s happening.  She pushes hard against the boar in a futile try to move him away, yet he holds his ground.  Then the pig moves again and she’s confronted with the pig’s large balls as big as a cantaloupe.  As the pig wheels away from the stricken woman, she thinks she’s finally being left alone and begins to rise.  Suddenly, a huge weight lands on her hips and back, forcing her legs to buckle and spread.  The pig’s front feet scrape along her ribs as he draws himself onto the tiny body beneath.  Fortunately, for Kylie, the action moves the painting smock that had ridden up her body as she falls to protect her skin from the boar’s movements.

After a few hops, the pig stops moving and Kylie feels something wet and thin wriggling across her ass cheeks and pubic area.  Then Kylie realizes this monstrous animal is trying to rape her.  The boar lowers its head into the crook of Kylie’s neck.  This shifts the weight of the animal onto poor Kylie.

“Ooh, fuck, you weigh a ton,” she moans

For a second or two, she fights to carry the burden yet it’s too much for her to carry and she slumps forward.  The Pig’s legs are now on the ground, just behind Kylie’s arms and the weight of the boar no longer pins her to the spot.  For a moment, she considers escape is possible, so in commando style, she edges forward.  Instantly the pig hops forward to remain in contact with Kylie.  Simultaneously, his front legs clamp hard against Kylie’s ribs drawing her back toward his searching cock.  The feral pig makes angry grunts as he nips at Kylie’s neck.

Hot bursts of breath accompanied each snuffling grunt as the boar continues to probe her loins erratically.  Kylie is resigned to her fate and has stopped struggling, fearing a more serious bite from the pig’s fetid teeth.  Several times the pig’s cock slides across the now trembling girl’s pussy lips and each contact draws a shudder of dread from her.  To her dismay, she feels herself becoming wet as the erotic touch of the slippery cock moves as if a tantalizing finger of a lover fondling her cunt.

Frustrated, the pig humps at the tiny body beneath him drawing sharp grunts from Kylie as the bulky boar forces air from her lungs.  Now the slippery shaft is near its goal sliding along the groove between Kylie’s ass cheeks spilling fluid as it does.  Then as the thin cock retracts along the ass groove, the pig suddenly feels the warmth of her pussy.  This boar is an experienced stud and the wet warmth of a mates pussy has a familiar feel even if this sow differs from the other mates he’s fucked.  The pig pauses and probes her, exploring and seeking her opening.  Kylie gasps sharply as the mobile end of the curling tip of the pig’s cock enters the wet, warm folds of her cunt.


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