The Stray

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The Stray
The Stray
Year: 2017
One night, while coming home from his job in a burger restaurant, Sam runs into a large dog who seems lost. So he decides to take the animal in as an act of charity. The dog repays him by pounding his asshole.
Jack Morningwood
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The studio apartment has a bathroom with an actual bath/shower arrangement and he’s glad to have the tub as Sam likes taking baths more than having showers. To top it all off, there’s a galley style kitchenette with a small refrigerator, stove, oven, sink and just enough counter space for a toaster and a microwave.  Yet despite all this crammed into a single room, he doesn’t feel the studio apartment is cramped or small, which is why he decided he wanted to rent it.  That and the fact his parents are paying the rent.

He scans the dog now it’s in a better light. “No collar, huh?” he said and frowns at the dog as he kicks off his shoes. “OK, let’s see what we’ve got to eat.  Are you hungry?”

A silly question, he thought with a chuckle, dog’s are always hungry, right?  Sam’s a little hungry too, as he doesn’t eat the burgers at his work.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much food in his refrigerator, yet he has some pot pies in the freezer and he figures, one of those will be good for both of them.  The pies aren’t really very tasty, yet they’re cheap and so he turns on the oven to preheat it for the food now sitting on the counter.  Suddenly he feels something touch the back of his leg.

“Hey.  What?” he said over his shoulder.

The dog gives Sam’s leg a lick through the cotton material he’s wearing, then surprises him with a soft growl.  The teen frowns and turns to face the dog.  He really is large and his presence makes the kitchen suddenly seem small.  He feels his heart beating a little faster and he hitches a sharp breath as the dog’s nose pushes its way between his thighs to press into his groin.

Stop that,” Sam says to the dog harshly, scolding the animal and reluctantly pushing his hands against the canine’s thick neck.  “I’m a boy like you, dumb mutt.”

Sam really hopes the dog won’t bite him and he doesn’t try to grab him, yet only pushes the dog back.  The dog surprises him by not resisting, he let the teen push him away, giving him his amber eyes and a curious tilt of the head.  He licks his lips and stands there while Sam tries to figure out what he’s going to do with a dog nearly as big as him.  Actually, the dog is probably bigger than him, if you thought about it in practical terms.

The animal must have weighed somewhere around one hundred and twenty-five pounds, maybe even more than that, while the teen is all of one hundred and ten soaking wet.  If the beast stood on his hind legs, he’d probably look Sam in the eyes.  Sam’s only five feet seven tall and just because he stands on two feet instead of four, he doesn’t feel superior to the animal.  Not at all.

Sam’s rather intimidated by the dog actually, simply because he’s large and plainly muscular and healthy.  He can see his muscles ripple beneath his short, black fur when he moves and he imagines this is the sort of dog has been bred for hunting or fighting.  He doesn’t seem to be the sort of pet who’d be content to lay around all day at his owner’s feet, and not because he’s strong but by the steady gaze of his amber eyes.  He has some strange confidence, it seems to Sam.  The dog isn’t afraid of Sam, he isn’t intimidated, and the teen gets the sense he’s being observed.

It doesn’t make any sense to him and he dismisses these thoughts immediately, moving around the dog and out of the kitchenette area.  He wants to change clothes as he’s been wearing his burger uniform for ten hours already.  His feet hurt and he really wants to take a hot bath to get the smell of burger off him.  I bet that’s what is making the dog excited, he thought.  I smell like a big hamburger.  Sam gets the pot pies in the oven and so he has forty minutes to relax in the tub.  Then they can eat and watch some television or just go to sleep.  That seems like a good idea to him anyway.

“What’s your name, boy?” he asks the dog as it sits on the thin carpet, content to watch the teen as he removes his shirt. “I have to call you something, huh?”

The big dog just stares at the teen, his heavy tail thumping on the floor as the man speaks. He seems to like attention, Sam thought.

“How about ‘Bandit’?” he said with a smile. “Since you stole my heart.”

Sam laughs at his corny joke, yet the dog doesn’t seem to care as teen drapes his shirt over the sofa and starts pulling off his white singlet.

“I guess it doesn’t matter, does it?” Sam said. “I’ll get you home eventually.”

Tomorrow is a day off for him.  He doesn’t have to work again until Sunday, and he has several assignments he’s working on for college to keep him occupied.  Weekends, generally speaking, are rather boring at the moment as he doesn’t know anyone yet, and truth be told he’s enjoying not attending church where he knows he’d meet people much quicker than college.  Spending Friday night cooking chicken pot pies and talking to a dog is the highlight of his social life currently.  Maybe I should start going to church, he thought.  The other students seem very standoffish for some reasonNot like this damn dog.

“Don’t look, Bandit,” he said and laughs lightly, getting another wag as he removes his pants.

The big dog does look, though, and strange as it may seem, Sam feels somewhat self-conscious standing there in his boxers.  The dog is staring at him with his curious amber eyes.  Intelligent eyes, he thought for no particular reason except he reminds him somehow of some creepy men who stares at him back home.  Sam has never been comfortable with that sort of attention, the looks and the hungry gaze of the girls in school, and sometimes older men in the small town where he grew up.  Some of them, elders in his church.


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