The Hobbler 1

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The Hobbler 1
The Hobbler 1
Year: 2017
A young woman is forced to use her body on a rival racehorse trainers farm to hobble his horses before race day.
Sheela B.
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Sarah watches as Josh, a muscular six feet two brunette with deep blue eyes and a handsome face, and his latest conquest ride off together toward the woods.  Sarah feels the tears rushing to her eyes, and there’s nothing she can do to stop them.  She runs back into the stable and cries her eyes out.  It’s just no use, she thought bitterly.  No matter how hard I try not to love him, the more I do.  He’s the only man I’ll ever be able to love as long as I live. There’s just no one else.  She rubs the tears out of her eyes and glanced slowly around the stable.

She had been practically born in this stable eighteen years ago.  Her father has worked for the Norris family all his life as their horse trainer, and so had his father before him.  As long as the Norris’s had been keeping and training horses to race, a Chambers has worked for them as their trainer.  Three generations of Norris’s and Chambers have groomed the finest horseflesh in the country, and now the association is gonna be tested because Sarah had been born a girl.  Her father wanted a boy in the worst way, however, Sarah’s mom had complications during her birth and could have no more children afterward.

The older Sarah got, the more she wanted to be the first female trainer the Norris’s had employed. She knows as much about horses as any man, and she can ride just as well.  Actually, her great ambition since she was five was to be a jockey, yet she grew too big to be able to do that.

Now Josh Norris had again shown her he doesn’t know she’s alive.  This is the fourth girl this week he has taken horseback riding with him.  Josh never sees the same female twice, and at the age of twenty, he shows no signs of ever wanting a wife and family.  It’s summer and Josh is home from college.  Last summer he went to Europe, and that had been more unbearable.  At least she gets to see him, even if all it ever amounted to was her giving her orders as he would any employee of the ranch.

Usually, it’s something like, “Hey, girl, saddle my horse, Red, for me, I’m going riding, and saddle one of the tamer ones for my guest.”

The guest is always a beautiful female who looks as if she has just stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine.  They’re always beautiful, and whenever she’s near enough to one, Sarah would feel like a boy.

Sarah kicks at the dirt and almost yells, “Why the hell can’t I be a boy?  I’d be better off.  I wish there’s some operation I can go through to become a boy.  I’m no good as a girl, yet as a boy, I’d be the best horse trainer there ever was.”

Sarah glances out of the stable entrance in the direction  Josh and Pixie, that’s what he calls the girl and she doesn’t seem to mind, had just ridden off in.

“Why doesn’t he ever look at me the way he does those bimbo’s?” she asks herself. “Am I really that ugly?”

She saddles her horse and walks him out of the stable and mounts him.  Whenever she gets depressed she’ll take Old Bella out and give her a good workout.  Actually, the workout is more for herself than Old Bella.  Sarah is the one who has to get Josh out of her system, not Old Bella.

Sarah mounts Old Bella and off they go.  She thinks about one boy she had met in school this past year who had actually asked her out.  It’s the first time any boy had ever asked her out, and Sarah had been scared to go out with him at first, yet it was her mother who made her.  Her mother is a housemaid for the Norris’s as has been Sarah’s grandmother and Sarah’s great grandmother.  Sarah can just see herself ending as a maid for the Norris’s, and so can her mother.

It’s her mother who surprised her by saying, “Find a nice young man and marry him and get away from this place.  You’ll rot here like the rest of us if you don’t.”

Sarah knows her mother is right, yet she wants to rot here.  She can never move away from the place and all it means to her.  It’s in her blood just as it had been in the blood of every male Chambers.  The fact she’s a female doesn’t change anything.

She had gone out with a boy called Austin, and he took her virginity roughly in the back seat of his car.  The sex only made her feel cheap and nasty, and she regretted it ever since.  She still dreams of the day when Josh will ride to her window on Red and carry her away with him.  She knows it just has to happen—one day.

Old Bella is slower today than usual and she just takes all the time in the world.  Sarah thinks of Josh and what a night in bed with him might be like.  She can easily imagine his huge cock nuzzling against her and feel it even more as she takes it in her hands and lowers her mouth on it to suck it with all her might.  She never really sucked Austin the way she’d suck Josh.  That’s the one thing she has saved for Josh when right day comes along.

Sarah squirms in the saddle as she thinks about what their first night together is gonna be like.  They’ll do everything there’s to do.  They’ll eat each other out, they’ll fuck in all the positions, and Josh will stay hard the whole time, his fucking will erase everything Austin ever does to her.  It’ll be as if those horrible things never happened.

Then Sarah thinks she hears noises.  It’s a woman’s voice.  It’s a whisper, yet she hears it just the same.  She hears it loud and clear.  She jumps off Old Bella and ties her to a tree and goes toward where the sound is coming from.  It’s a woman’s voice and it sounds as if it’s saying something like, “harder, do it harder.”

Sarah freezes in her tracks when she knows what she’s has heard.  It’s louder and clearer now. “Harder, baby, fuck me just as hard as you can.”

She knows right then it’s Josh and the girl, and the two of them are fucking.  She has to look, though.  She has gone this far and now she has to go the rest of the way.  Maybe if she sees him fucking another girl, she can hate him, and all this torture will end.

She moves closer.  Inching her body through a thick clump of trees and bushes.  She sees this clearing, then she sees the very thing she expects.  There’s the girl flat on her back, her legs wide open and around Josh’s waist. He’s on top of her, and his ass is bobbing furiously.  Sarah gets near to the ground and she can see the sides of the girl’s cunt as it opens wider.  All she can really see of Josh is his bobbing ass.  She wants to scream, yet she doesn’t.  Instead, she lies there frozen as if a rock.  She can tell they’re about to reach their orgasms.

The fucking couple suddenly shake all over as they have their orgasm.  Sarah wants to close her eyes, yet she can’t.  She has to watch now, however, the funny thing is she knows that’ll just make her love Josh all the more because now she sees how good he is at sex.

She had always known in her mind he has to be a good fuck, yet now she’s actually seeing for herself will only confirm it.  That young woman is going insane, and it’s all because of what Josh is doing to her, and what he has been doing to her, and what he’ll probably still do her after they recover from this orgasm.

Even Austin had been able to have three orgasms in a row without stopping and stay hard the whole time.  Surely Josh can do better than that, she thought.  She wonders how many orgasms they’ve had before she arrived here before she heard them fucking and started to peep at them as if some perverted voyeur.  Maybe they had only just started and she’ll get to see it all.  In spite of how much it kills her inside to watch, she knows she has to see it all. Suddenly, Josh gets off Pixie.

“Is that all?” Pixie asks.

“Of course not,” Josh said, helping her to her feet. “That’s just the beginning.”

“So why are we standing?” Pixie asks, obviously peeved at this sudden interruption to their fucking.  “Let’s keep fucking.  That’s what you brought me out here for, isn’t it?

“I certainly do.  Now, wait right here.”

Josh runs into the woods and Pixie just stands there looking as if she doesn’t know what to do next.  It seems to Sarah as if Pixie is gonna cry.  Then Josh comes back into the clearing, only he’s leading his stallion by the reins.  Pixie glances at Red, then at Josh and smiles.

“I get it,” she said, “we’re gonna fuck sitting on your horse, aren’t we?  That should be fun.”

Noooo,” Josh said shaking his head.  “That’s not what we’re gonna do.  You and I aren’t gonna do anything.  In fact, we’re never gonna do anything ever again.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she asks with a pout.

“What it means is you and Red are gonna do lots together,” Josh said his smirk growing.  “He’s all ready for you.  See his hard-on?  It’s as big as your arm, isn’t it?”

Sarah can’t help looking at Red’s huge cock, even though she has seen their cocks a million times or more.  Hadn’t she seen horses fucking at mating season since she was two? Didn’t she always get a secret thrill out of it?  Still, she looks to see what the stallion’s cock is like anyway.  The young woman, also staring at the thick horse cock trembled visibly.

“Just what do you mean by that?” Pixie asks, her eyebrows lowering to nearly touch her nose.  “Do you mean to say you expect me to have sex with your horse? That you expect me to let Red fuck me?”  He nods with a leer.  Pixie shakes her head, saying, “First, it’ll kill me, and second, it’s fucking perverted.  Take me home this minute, creep.”

She goes to get her clothes off the ground near her feet when Josh grabs her and throws her to the ground flat on her back.  From out of nowhere, he gets a whip, and he uses it on her.  Pixie rolls over onto her stomach as fast as she can as the whip cracks into her milky, white thighs.  Thighs still covered with Josh’s cum and her juices.

“You’ll do just as I tell you,” Josh said very softly.  “First you’re gonna blow my horse and you’re gonna blow him good, then you’re gonna let him fuck you.  Don’t worry, he won’t kill you.  He’s never killed any of the others, and you’re a lot bigger inside than they were.  A lot bigger.”

Sarah watches even more closely as Josh pulls Pixie back off the ground and pushes her toward Red.

“Now get beneath Red and blow him,” Josh yells at her, and with that he cracks the whip on her bare ass again, making her scream.  “If you don’t, you’ll get a beating instead.  It’s your choice, a beating or Red.  All the other’s picked Red, and I’m sure you can see why.”

Pixie is crying, yet she gets on her hands and knees and crawls beneath Red.  Josh holds Red steady by the reins and he keeps poking Pixie in the ass with the butt end of the whip.

“Stop wasting time,” he said. “Suck on my horse’s cock, and do it before I get good and mad and give you a beating anyway.”

Pixie grabs for Red’s cock and just holds onto it.  Sarah can see Pixie bringing her face closer to Red’s cock, then she’s taking the huge piece of meat inside her mouth, and working it all around the rubbery flesh.  She does it as if she really wanted to.  Sarah can’t take her eyes off of what’s happening.  She just can’t believe what she’s seeing in front of her and closes her eyes as the scene overwhelms her.  It’s unreal, she thought feeling hard to breathe.  This is all a dream.  Pixie isn’t sucking off a horse, and Josh isn’t really forcing her to.  I know none of this can be happening.  None of it.

When she opens her eyes there’s Pixie, and it appears as if she has more of Red’s cock in her mouth.  She really does look as if she enjoys it now, and it appears she’s getting more of Red’s cock in her mouth with each passing moment.  She gets as much of it in her mouth as she can, then she really sucks hard on it.

Sarah can hear the loud sucking noises Pixie is making and she can also hear the noises Josh is making.  He’s groaning and grunting away as if it’s his cock Pixie is sucking.  Sarah can see the agony all over his face as he watches Pixie suck harder on Red.

“That’s it,” Josh moans at Pixie, as he waves the whip about in the air above his head, “suck on that cock just as hard as you can.  Really get the meat in your mouth and suck on it. Make those juices flow.”

Sarah has never seen Josh like this, and she’s amazed by the way he’s now acting.  She’s also somewhat surprised by the way Pixie is now sucking on Red’s cock.  Josh doesn’t have to force her anymore.  She’s doing it because she wants to, which is obvious in her every action.  Sarah can see Red’s cock pushing out the sides of Pixie’s mouth.  The look on Pixie’s face is a wild woman’s.  The eyes are open wide and the facial muscles are contorted in the sweet agony only sex can cause.  The stallion is getting restless and excited as Pixie mouths it’s big horse cock harder.  Sarah can feel herself getting moist between her legs the more she watches.

Josh is still yelling at Pixie, yet he’s incoherent and Pixie hasn’t been paying attention to him for some time.  She has forgotten all about him.  The only thing she cares about is the huge piece of the meaty shaft in her mouth, and she’s sucking on it just as hard as she can.  Sarah shoves her hand beneath her blue jeans and her panties and feels her wet cunt.  She gets a digit inside and finger-bangs herself, feeling her breathing increase and her body shake simultaneously.  Sarah wants to tell Pixie to stop what she’s doing, yet for some reason, she can’t.

She’s too turned on by it now, and she can’t wait to see Red finally cum in Pixie’s mouth.  Pixie can hardly wait for herself, and she moves her mouth back and forth on the huge cock until finally, it shoots its sticky life-giving pony batter.  The cum just pours out in gushes, and it runs down Pixie’s chin, her neck, and all over her tits.  The young woman tries to keep as much in her mouth as possible, yet there’s just too much of it.  Pretty soon her body is covered in it, and it seems as if Red is never going to stop coming.

Sarah can feel her orgasm coming on her too, and she fingers herself harder and faster.  Pretty soon, the sweet agony of orgasm overcomes her and she closes her eyes and let the warm sensation overwhelm her.  Her cunt fills with her juices and they pour over her hand.

Sarah lies on the ground for the longest time, and when she finally wakes she sees Josh, Pixie is gone.  Sarah gets to her feet.  She’s dazed and still a little bewildered.  Had I dreamt the whole thing, she wonders?  Wandering into the clearing after she does her pants up, she squats and feels the ground to find a slimy liquid.  Putting her fingers to her nose she can smell semen.  Nope, she thought with a sigh.  I wasn’t dreaming.  Josh really did make Pixie blow Red the stallion.


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