The Neighbor’s Dog

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The Neighbor's Dog
The Neighbor’s Dog
Year: 2017
A lewd encounter with the neighbor’s dog changes Debbie’s life on a deep space station.
Moe Lester
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Liam Thomas is wandering around his living room, naked, looking for a cigarette.  He has been awake for less than five minutes, and he’s feeling groggy and a little irritable, the way he always feels first thing in the morning.

“Where the hell are my fucking cigarettes?” he shouts back into the bedroom where his wife is still in bed.

One of the things irritating him the most is having somebody else sleeping while he’s awake and suffering.

“W-What’s the matter?” a scarcely coherent female voice said from the adjoining bedroom.

“I said ‘Where are my cigarettes?’  I know I hid them somewhere.”

The big man scatters the dirty cups, plates and wine glasses scattered around the place as he doggedly continues his search.

“Why don’t you try the usual place, the hidden drawer in your desk.”

His wife sounds more alert now Liam returns triumphant to the bedroom, a lights cigarette between his lips.

“The cops will catch you doing that one day,” his wife May said with a smirk, sitting up in bed now.

Her back is propped against her pillows, and her red hair flows long and lustrous down either side of her face.

“Yeah, so what, everyone does it,” he tells her as he lands heavily on the bed and stretched out beside her on top of the covers.

He turns his head around and surveys her critically as he takes a long drag on his cigarette.  She’d let the blankets fall down to her waist so her naked tits appear firm and proud.  She’s obviously aware of his eyes on their milky-white smoothness, and she thrust her chest a little more, giving him a sultry grin when his eyes met hers.  He suddenly gives one of her pink nipples a playful tweak.

Fuck,” he said.  “I keep forgetting how beautiful you are.  That’s a fine set of tits as any I’ve seen, Mrs. Thomas.”

“Thank you, Mr. Thomas,” she said in her low seductive voice.

She and Liam had met on the station five years ago.  Her sultry voice and sexy figure hooked him, and his muscular body and big cock were everything she had been looking for.  Their five-year marriage has been one long orgy, not uncommon on the station as every residential section had thriving swinger clubs.  In deep space, the best way to pass the time is fucking.  They don’t tell you that on the brochure, however, Trump Station IV had become renowned for the hedonistic lifestyle of its residents.  He tweaks harder on her tender little nipple and grins as he watches her lovely pale face go into an ecstatic grimace.

“Like that, beautiful?” he asks her.

“You know I do,” she said.  “Keep going.”

He’s aware of his cock beginning to lurch into life as he follows her suggestion and returns to fondle the firm, lust-inciting swells of her tits.  Even after all this time, he can’t get over how smooth they are, or how easily they can be aroused to a hard, tingly excitement.

“Fuck, Liam.  You can turn me on quicker and better than any man I know.”

He chuckles.  “That’s quite a compliment, considering all the men you know,” he said insolently.  “I think at the party last night you must’ve fucked at least three guys.”

“Six,” she corrects him.

“Six?”  He laughs.  “You women are so lucky.  I could only manage two cums for the night then my cock just didn’t want to play anymore.”

“Someone had that new sex drug last night, what is it again?” she asks.


“Yeah, supposed to make guys be able to go over and over,” she said.

“It also makes your groin ache like mad for the next week,” he said with a sneer.  “No, thanks.”

He notices her eyes are clouding with lust as she stared longingly over at the half-erect shaft of his cock.

“Ooh, Liam, you’re getting hard already.  Does it want me to make it feel good, sweetie?  if you can go again, that is.”

He ignores her teasing.  “It can always go for you, May.  No matter how many women I’ve fucked.”

“Oh, I love your beautiful sweet cock.  I want to taste it.  Can I?”

She looks at him with her wide green, Irish-girl eyes.  A sexy look.  Already her lower lip is trembling with the intensity of her desire.  Liam pats the tip of his cock lovingly then lies back in total surrender, his arms at his sides.

“Take me.  I’m yours, baby.”

His voluptuous wife loses little time in positioning herself between his legs, her face bent to within a scant inch of his twitching cock.  She grips the base firmly with her hand and extends her tongue with the eager anticipation.

“Ah, fuck,” Liam moans as just the very tip of her tongue prods against the slit in the end of his cock.

Lewdly, she investigates the tiny orifice, washing it clean with longer, greedier swipes of her tongue, lapping any drops of precum hovering there from the first glow of his excitement.  Then her attentions become bolder and her tongue makes broader circles around the steadily inflating knob, coating it with an obscene lacquer-coat of her saliva.  Teeth clench against the raw force of his arousal, the big man watches her full sensuous lips gradually close in on his throbbing knob.  When she has the whole head slick, her lips close over the knob and nibble with greedy little quivering movements of her mouth, almost driving him insane with desire.

“Fuck, you really know how to suck cock, baby,” he said.

His eyes are wide as he watches his pulsing cock grow beneath the incredible stimulus of her talented mouth.  “That’s because I love to have a nice thick cock in my mouth, lover,” she said hotly.

Her mouth quickly returns to his hard cock-shaft, and she lowers her mouth all the way down on his erect dick, enclosing its entire swollen length in the smooth buttery confines of her throat.  She begins a lewd bobbing motion of her head, raising and lowering it steadily over his glistening cock, dealing moist tantalizing pleasure to every inch of it.

“Fuck, that’s it, baby.  Yeah, my cock feels like it’s getting dipped in a vat of honey.”

Liam had raised himself on his elbows now, so he can more easily watch the whole show of her full pink lips working their obscene way up and down his intensely excited cock.

“Mmm, what a mouth.  What a woman.”

As he watches her rhythmic movements over his stiff cock he subconsciously thrusts his hips up to meet her lips on their down stroke.  The erotic liquid sensation is so intense he finds himself moving his hips more and more rapidly, urging her to take all of his cock faster and deeper into her throat.

“Mmm,” May moans around the steadily sawing cock in her mouth.

Dutifully she opens her mouth wider, bobbing her head more energetically to meet the increased tempo of her husband’s answering upstrokes.

“Oh, baby, I love fucking that sweet mouth of yours.  It’s so soft and slippery and—UUGGHHH!”

His words fade as her tongue makes another unbelievable dart and swipe around the sensitive head of his cock.  His cock feels solid as steel now, so awesome is the internal pressure swelling its girth to full erect size.  As he watches her lewd oval lips, a new obscene idea occurred to Liam.

“Hey, baby, let me see you play with yourself while you suck me.  Your pussy must be oozing by now.  C’mon, move around a bit so I can watch you.”

He tugs on her shoulders, so his wife has no choice but to shift her position.  She’s now kneeling at her husband’s side, her full profile easily visible to him.  The idea of having her husband watch her play with her pussy inspired new lustful fires in May.  Timidly, she strokes the slick tip of her clit with a finger. Immediately, the nubbin responds by swelling a little.

“Mmm, feels good,” she mumbles around Liam’s cock.  “You get the best ideas, Liam darling.  My clit is just crying for attention.”

The excited husband surveys the lush profile of his kneeling wife’s naked body, first watching her mouth work up and down his cock, then watching her finger prod between her shapely thighs.  It arouses him intensely to see her hips grind salaciously in response to her manipulations along the moist, hairy slit of her cunt.

“Fuck, that’s a helluva pussy you’ve got there, baby.  Everything seems to turn it on.”

He watches her finger swirl around the peak of her clit, then probes further back between the red-haired lips of her pussy.  Obviously, she’s searching for the yielding entrance to her ripe, ready cunt.

“Ahhhhhhrrrr,” she moans around his sawing cock.  At last, she embeds a finger, the first little way in her wet cunt, and the clutching walls welcome the intrusion by releasing even more of her juices.  “Feels wonderful.  Soooo good.  My cunt’s so hot, Liam.”

“Your cunt is always hot, May,” he said with a smile.  “It’s always ready for anything.  Lucky for me, I’ve gotta few dozen assistants willing to help out at a moment’s notice.”

“I still like your cock the best, darling,” May said.  “I love the way your thick cock reaches all the way to the back of my throat and fills me up.  Mmm.”

Though he’s able to tease with his wife, Liam hadn’t lost any of the intense sensations getting dealt his cock by May’s talented mouth.  Still, his hips continue to work their way up and down beneath her wide oval mouth, sending his aching cock soaring into her eager throat with maddening regularity.

“Keep it up.  Feels so good.”

May’s finger is skewering with heated enthusiasm now in and out of her flaring cunt while her ass churns wantonly in lascivious appreciation of her expert manipulations.  She can feel the darting tremors of uncontrollable passion growing stronger in her belly.  She wants to be fucked.  She needs to be fucked—badly.

“Liam darling,” she moans, “my pussy’s so wet and excited.  It wants to be fucked, honey.”

He smirks.  “So you want to be fucked, eh?”

He’s enjoying watching his wife become more and more aroused by sucking his cock and playing with her pussy.  He wants it to continue, and he knows just how it can be managed.

“I’ve got an idea, baby.  Why don’t we let Oscar have his turn this time around?”

His wife’s face lights up with joy as she glances at him from around the bulbous head of his cock.

“Oh, yes, darling!  Make Oscar fuck me.  He’s such a beautiful lover, and that way I can keep on sucking your big ole cock.”

“Here, Oscar!  Get on in here, boy!” Liam called.

Almost at once his summons is said by a large black Labrador who comes bounding in from the living room and jumps on the bed with the couple.  Dog’s are allowed on the space station because of the psychologically calming effect they have on humans.  Oscar’s nose, smelling his mistress’s heat, goes immediately between her curvy legs and sniffs her leaking cunt.  He immediately starts licking the tangy meat, and May thrusts eagerly back, as though trying to trap the dog’s tongue between her thighs, to make him fuck her with it.

“I want something inside me, Liam!  Please make him fuck me!

In a perverse way, May’s enjoying her agonized suffering.  Long ago she has discovered anticipation is at least half the fun of sex, and she knows the longer she has to wait for the wonderful hard dog cock, the better it’ll feel.  However, still the heated longing in her belly is almost unbearable, and she sucks like a woman demented on her husband’s ramrod cock, waiting for the lovely moment when her husband will give the dog his command to mount her.  Liam is beginning to feel like a bit of a heel for prolonging his wife’s agony.  After all, she’s certainly doing wonderful things for his swollen cock-shaft. The least he can do is see she gets her jollies, too.  Balancing his upper body against one elbow, he reaches over and pats May’s fine shapely ass.

“Come on, Oscar!  Up, boy, up!” he bellowed.

As though the dog are a puppet on a string, he immediately responds to the command, abandoning his nosey prodding at the female’s crotch and mounting up behind her. His dark furry legs make an obscene contrast to the alabaster smoothness of her flesh where they straddled her full firm hips.  May’s body quivers expectantly as she realizes she’s now on the obscene brink of getting exactly what she’s been waiting for.  The dog is in the doggy position now.  All that remained is for him to get his hard slick dog-cock safely buried in her aching cunt.  Her husband watches with fascination as the protruding shaft of the dog’s tapered red cock bobs lewdly between his wife’s thighs, while the dog struggles to find her cunt hole.  The animal’s hips hump feverishly against her wriggling ass, never slowing, never expressing any doubt he’ll eventually penetrate his expectant bitch.

Though her attention is nervously focused on the struggle going on behind her, May automatically continues sucking the turgid human cock before her.  Once or twice she feels the animal’s cock catch on the edge of her pussy, and she moans in feverish expectancy each time.  However, each time the hard cock slips away from her pussy’s eager grasp she trembles anew with frustration.  At last, she turns her head to the side and gazed pleadingly at her husband.

“Please help him, Liam,” she asks in a passion-weakened voice.  “I don’t know how much longer I can put up with this torture.  I’ve got to have his cock inside me.  Please.”

“You know ole Oscar always comes through sooner or later, baby,” he said hotly, his eyes afire with lust as he watches the red dog-cock slipping and sliding in the crack of her ass.  “Just be patient, baby.  Be patient.”

“That’s easy for you to say.”

May feels she’s almost on the verge of tears now.  She thinks about reaching back and grabbing Oscar’s cock herself, yet she feels she dare not abandon her first duty to her husband’s pulsing cock in her mouth.  So, despite her mounting agony of need, she continues to dip her tongue into the little slit in the knob, whirl it around the swollen cock head, sucking until her jaws start to ache, while her cunt continues to beg for Oscar’s big dog cock.  Eventually, when May is beginning to think she’ll have to take matters into her own hands, she feels the wonderful hard pressure against her yielding vaginal orifice gives way to a stiff thick presence between her clutching pussy walls.

Oh—Oooooo—Oh, fuck—He’s found it!” she moans.  “Oh, Liam, darling, his lovely big cock is inside me.”

Overcome with her excitement, she braces herself against the first slight pain and shoves her ass cheeks back in open invitation to the animal’s unyielding thrusting.  Up—Up—Up—into her greedy cunt she feels his erect smooth cock soar, and her body seems to cry with the agonizing sweetness of this fulfillment.  There’s no pleasure like feeling a hard swollen cock filling and expanding her where there had been nothing before.  Without pausing in the forward thrust of this initial impalement, the dog rams his cock all the way against the end of her cunt, then withdraws almost all the way.  Then he’s shoving his burgeoning cock into her cunt again, then pulling back.  The establishment of a swift, exciting fuck rhythm comes almost at once, and May wastes no time in picking up the tempo.  Soon her ass cheeks are churning back against the animal’s hairy loins as if her life depends on the feverish vigor of her response.  In a sense, May feels it does.  The darting pangs of lust soaring throughout her naked body are so intense she feels a crying need to work the titillating sensation, to free herself of some of the awesome burdens of pleasure.

Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck,” she moans  Her voice is shaky from the hard pummeling the dog is giving her from behind.  “My pussy feels so good—SO GOOD!

To remind her of a job unfinished, Liam rams his momentarily abandoned cock hard against her lips, forcing her to open wide and let his tool enter her throat again.  She makes no protest.  In fact, she seems only too happy to have the stiff shaft sawing between her lips again, fulfilling the urgent oral need to suck and slaver while she’s fucked so hard from behind.  Liam drinks in the lewd sight of his lovely red-head wife kneeling submissively over his throbbing cock, sucking it to ever-increasing hardness, while a dog’s cock reams her relentlessly from behind.  He feels her long soft hair grazing his belly and thighs, while her head bobs obscenely over his cock.  Even this slight subtle sensation adds another titillating ingredient to the rising force of his excitement.

“Fuck, your mouth feels better on my cock the more you suck it,” he moans.  “I feel like I can fuck your mouth forever, May.”

His words had obviously excited her, for she makes an extra tantalizing swipe at his swollen cock head with her tongue, making him grit his teeth again to steel himself against the uncontrollable strength of his passion.

“I love your cock, lover,” she said hotly.  “I love Oscar’s lovely big cock, too.  My pussy is so wet and excited, baby.  You should feel that wonderful thing fucking me.”

He nods and grins.  “You should see his cock fucking your pussy,” he said.  “Fuck me—it’s so perverted.”

His voice fades off in a distorted grunt of lust as the realization strikes how excitingly perverse this threesome is.  Here they are, husband and wife, enjoying an early morning intimacy as any other.  Only the wife is enjoying getting fucked from behind by their pet black Labrador, while he, her husband, is getting his kicks from watching while she sucks his cock.  The perversity of what they’re doing turns him on the most and makes his cock throb with lust.

Suck it, bitch, suck it,” Liam moans excitedly.  The fury of his arousal making his words come out hard and ruthless.  “Fuck, look how that animal fucks you,” he groans wide-eyed.  “You must have a cast-iron cunt, baby, to cope with that.”

“Oh?  It feels so good, baby” she moans.  “He’s gonna make me cum any minute now.”

Husband and wife are totally engrossed in the growing excitement of their mutual fantasy.  Each entertains lewd visions of how debauched their erotic behavior is, and each feels the burning fires of lust growing hotter in their groins as the real intensity of their sensual involvement grows.  The hard driving fuck rhythm Oscar has established in May’s receptive cunt is causing more intense sparks of lust to ricochet through her squirming body.  Her building fever causes her to suck Liam’s cock wildly, which in turn gives him a secondhand version of how his wife is feeling.  The hotter she feels, the better she makes Liam feel.

“Oh, fuck, honey, you’re doing it to me,” he suddenly shouts.  “I don’t think I— Fuck, I’m cumming.  His body stiffens and hips jerk as his cock flexes and throbs in her mouth.  “Ahhhh, shit!  Suck it.  Suck it.  SUCK IT!

Liam’s words escape his lips fast and furious as he grinds his hips energetically toward May’s face, forcing her to gulp his entire load of thick shooting semen.  It’s only when the last orgasmic spasm is over his ass rests quietly against the mattress.  Before his climax is done, though, May, too, begins to jerk out her release.  To be swallowing her husband’s welling semen while the Labrador continues to screw her ruthlessly is all she needs to put her over the brink.

Oh—Ooooo—It’s so good—So good—I”M CUMMING!

Waves of roiling passion sweep over the slavishly kneeling redhead even as she continues to lick the last salty tasting drops of her husband’s hot cum.  The most exciting touch of all is that, while she thrust her ass hungrily back against the dog’s loins to work out her excitement, Oscar’s cock swelled and shot up into her. She can feel the thick dog-jizz slipping from her cunt and rolling obscenely down her legs as the animal fucks his load into her insatiable cunt.

Suddenly her eyes bulge and she gasps.  “Oscar’s cumming, too.  He’s knotted me and is filling me with his wonderful cum,” she moans grasping the bed sheets in her fists to brace herself.  “Oh, my beautiful, beautiful lovers.”

Content in the knowledge she now has the juices of both lovers’ safely in her belly, May collapsed forward on her husband’s stomach and lies perfectly still for several moments enjoying the feeling of Oscar pumping her cunt and womb full of his puppy batter.  Suddenly she’s knocked roughly aside as Liam springs from the bed and heads toward the bathroom.

“Fuck,” he said shaking his head. “Almost eight-thirty, and I’ve got to be in docking control by nine.”

He leaves the bathroom door open and turns the shower on full blast.  May is still knotted, she and Oscar lie ass-to-ass on the bed waiting for the dog’s cock to deflate.

“How long do you think Oscar’s gonna be stuck inside you, baby?” he shouts over the hissing roar of the water.

“Won’t be long, I’m still pretty stretched from last night,” she said and yawns.  “Besides, I don’t have my first class until ten.”

“Oh, the life of a teacher, if only you’re students could see you now.”

“Sounds like fun,” May said and giggles.  “However, the college has rules about sex on campus.”

Liam appears wearing his light-gray uniform with the station logo on the top left corner.  She always loves how the flexible material wraps around his flaccid cock making it look quite prominent, especially since he never wears underpants.  He kisses her on the head, then pats Oscar.

“Gotta run, baby, have a great day,” he said.

“Bye,” she said and he left her alone with Oscar, his cock still pumping semen into her clasping cunt.

She wriggles her ass and feels the dog cock move, and she knows he’s soft enough now for her to pull him out.  Reaching behind herself, she grabs his cock at the base and pulls while moving her body forward.  There’s a lewd popping noise, and she feels the cock leave her followed by Oscar’s cum.  The feeling of emptiness after a big cock pulls out of her is something she never likes.  She goes to the bathroom and has a shower also.  After her shower, May goes into the kitchen still naked, the dog following faithfully at her heels.

“Poor Oscar,” she said, patting the animal’s big head.   “I bet you’re starving.  You know what?  After the nice thing you did for your me this morning, I’m gonna give you an extra portion of meat.”

The dog eagerly attacks the meat in the dog dish, all his attention devoted to his meal.  Now Oscar is just a dog again, as any other.  When he’s finished, May opens the door for him that leads to a common area of garden, grass, and even playground equipment that’s shared by this particular residential cell.  All the residential cells are circular, the outer rim has a road, behind the road are the separate living apartments side by side, and in the middle a shared yard.  Some residents have their own gardens and fence them to protect them from the various dogs and children who play in the area.  However, residents are only allowed a small patch just behind their apartments for this.  Most of the common area is a shared space.

“Now, go play, lover,” May said to her dog.  “Have a good day, and don’t bring home any stray women.  You know how jealous I get.”

She hugs the dog, then let him out into the common area.


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