A Night in with Spike

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A Night in with Spike
A Night in with Spike
Year: 2016
Her dog seems very horny tonight. Lucky she’s having a night in so he can fuck her brains out.
Moe Lester
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“I guess it’s just me and you tonight, Spike,” Emma said to the dog who wagged his tail and whined happily.

He followed the statuesque brunette into the bedroom and watched as she grabbed her pajamas and robe, and slowly begins to undress.  Emma had only her pajama top on when the dog came over to her, pushing his wet nose between her legs wanting to explore the source of her delicious smell.  She pushes him away, yet he’s persistent and wouldn’t stop.

“Ooh, bad dog,” Emma said with a pinched expression as she dodged another assault.

Suddenly, she feels his doggie tongue rake her pussy, the strength and roughness of his tongue sends electric shocks through her body.  She hasn’t been touched between her legs for a long time now, except when she rubs and slides her fingers into her needy cunt herself.

With her red lips pressing together in a slight grimace, and her breath caught in her throat, she spreads her legs apart allowing the dog better access to her cunt.  Emma stood frozen, open and closing her mouth, yet no words coming out.  The dog probed her pussy deeper with his tongue now she had so meekly opened herself to him.  She feels suddenly breathless as her body aches and burns with desire from the incessant licking.

The dog seems oblivious to her moral dilemma, and continues to nuzzle his face between her tantalizing loins.  She groans, watching with fascination as his head bobs hungrily between her thighs with the effort of his assault. She whimpers involuntarily.

She half sobbed, her lovely body spasming into an arched curve as the first of many wild shocks the invading tongue caused, rocketed through her body.

“Ah, ooh, yes,”  she continues to moan as time and time again, his mighty tongue slid wetly along the length of her pulsating pussy slit.

Starting at her puckered anus below, and trailing over her clenched vaginal opening, to finally end with a nerve-shattering swipe over her erect and throbbing clitoral bud.  Again and again, the dog licked her glistening wet nakedness, driving the sexy woman to the heights of desire she had never known.

“God, if I’d only known about this sooner,” Emma moaned.

Her flexing thighs spread to open her burning cunt wider to the slavering canine, still it wasn’t enough.  Emma reaches desperately toward Spike head, pulling it hard against her convulsing loins, wanting his tongue to plunge deep inside her yearning pussy.

The fascinated Spike suddenly finds interest with a new target: Emma’s tightly pursed little anus.  Licking lower, the dog begins to torture the rubbery opening, even managing to dig his tongue slightly inside occasionally.  Emma’s body quivers with excitement with this obscene assault, her body jerking as choking gasps of sexual-need bubble from deep inside her.  Bit by bit her delirious ravings fall into a rhythmic chant, keeping time to the dog’s depraved lickings between her wide-split legs.

“Keep licking, keep licking it feels so good.  Make me cum, I’m gonna cum.  Oh, faster, harder!”

Eagerly the big dog licks into the aromatic feast in her groin, his senses fill with the rich taste and smell of her.  Little by little, a fierce burning grows in the canine’s loins too, brought to life by the writhing woman who begged and pleaded with him.  The harder the dog strokes his tongue into the slippery cunt so shamelessly offered to him now, at the same time growing excited himself.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, that’ll do it.  That’ll make me cum.  Just a little more.”

Emma moans and twists in complete abandoned lust, feeling a wild pressure building inside her stomach, stroked into life by Spike lust-firing tongue.  A lifetime of sexual experience tells her she’s about to orgasm, the likes of which she had never before.  Powerful spasms begin to seize her helpless body and she lets herself go with it.

Abruptly, she feels Spike head wrenched from her grasp, and her cuntal flesh shudders at the sudden, terrible absence.  Emma opened her clenched eyes questioningly to see what had robbed her of such sweet release.

“W-What’s the matter, Spike?”

The dog backed slowly away from her, his eyes darting in every direction as he licks his furry lips haphazardly.

“Come on,” Emma said, throwing her hands in the air.  “Come back. I’m so close to cumming”

As she stared at the suddenly reluctant dog she noticed his cock for the first time.  Wide-eyed and mouth agape, she stared at the furry stomach of the Labrador, his huge penis emerging from its protective sheath.  Long and scarlet, needle-point and menacing at the tip, and dripping precum.  The menacing penis jutted out, huge and rigid, a clear drop of precum gleaming jewel-like at the very tip giving a glistening promise of the dog’s sexual potency.

“My God!” Emma breathed to herself.

She’s seen some cocks in her life, however, nothing to match this monster.

Who knew dog dicks are so damn big, she wondered.  I don’t think it’s possible a woman could take a thing like that inside her without being split apart.

The most fascinating characteristic of the mighty organ bare to her gaze is its unusual purple-red color, growing from the dogs furry stomach as if the fruit of some strange tropical plant.  His cock is meant for her, she knew it.  The dog had become aroused while licking her, tasting her heat, and now he’s telling her that he wants to do more than be a masturbatory aid.  The dog wants to participate, he wants to cum too.

The arrogance of the dog’s gesture made her muscles tense, and she bit her lip and tilted her head to the side.  Emma had always considered bestiality an act not dissimilar to rape, a person using an unequal power balance to force their will on another.  She’s never once considered the animal might want it as much as the person did.  Maybe even initiate it, as she began to suspect her canine companion had this time.

Sure, she thought to herself, I let him lick my pussy once I knew how good it felt, but this?  Isn’t this the definition of depravity?


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