Animal Rescue: The Pony!

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Animal Rescue: The Pony!
Animal Rescue: The Pony!
Year: 2020
When Jenny buys a pony, she gets an idea of how she might be able to use it in her new live sex act.
Sheela B.
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Kelly’s breasts ooze milk, drenching two round spots in the front of her thin white cotton blouse, inches in diameter.  The wet fabric is translucent now and clings to her nipples appearing as if she’s wearing nothing at all.  It’s as if she’s cut two large round holes into the cloth.  Her nipples hurt, the pressure inside unendurable.  She cups the two mounds with her hands, but the gentle lifting pushes milk out in a stream, the fluid running down, soaking into the cloth against her skin at her belly.  Kelly closes her eyes and mutters an oath.

Then, careful not to disturb the burdens again, she touches her palms to the nipples, moving them in a circular motion against the taut flesh, massaging.  Even that touch makes the milk ooze faster and does nothing to relieve the pain.  She shakes her head sadly.  Even at sixteen, her breasts had been big.  Now at eighteen, and after giving birth to a stillborn baby, her breasts are gigantic, and the pain in her nipples makes Kelly drunkenly delirious.

If it were not for the pony,’ the thought makes her blush, makes her nipples tingle.

She can see the thin ribbon of road sliced out of the green hillside that wanders down the gorge, curving to a stream.  The sun has already dropped low over the west hill, throwing its dark shadow high on the opposite hillside, marking the difference between day and night, a sharp line.  Mist is beginning to rise from the stream blocking part of the road, but Kelly’s sure she’s alone.

The pony stands stiff-legged, dipping its nose into the grass and grazing.  As Kelly approaches, the pony’s eyes roll, its ears straighten, neck stiffens, waiting.  Kelly moves slowly alongside the pony, stroking the still fuzzy hair on its back as she walks toward its head, her voice speaking softly to the pony now.

“My little one,” her voice purrs softly to the pony, her hands rubbing its back, down its leg, moving along its neck and then down its long face.

The pony makes a low snorting sound, a purr, in its nostrils.  It nuzzles its nose into Kelly’s breasts, and she smiles, whispering, “Would you like some milk?”

Holding its head in her hands, she kisses the sloping nose.  Her hands fumble at the top of her blouse, pulling the gathered elastic down over the breast.  Her other hand pulls out the massive mound of flesh, the sticky fluid glinting dully on the dark nipple, droplets forming, oozing out of the tip.

“Here, here it is, baby.”

She feels the full wet lips nuzzling, parting over the nipple, the mouth already beginning to suck, testing, and then it seems to draw in half her breast, pushing on it, sucking on it.  Kelly’s lungs gasp for air with the sensation, her eyes closing, her knees beginning to shake.


So good, the feeling in her nipple, guiding the breast to the pony’s mouth, her other arm moving to its ears, pushing its head down into the soft, malleable flesh.  Then, coming alive, she pulls the cloth down, exposing her other breast.  Kelly forcefully moves the sucking mouth over, feeling the thick wet lips gliding from one heavy breast to the other.  Her hand grasping that mound, her body twisting, grinding, stuffing more of the breast into the warm wet mouth.  Kelly’s feeling the warmth flow from her breasts to her thighs, the heat spreading, the moisture growing as if the pony’s broad tongue laps between her legs.

Her eyes open wider, her hand’s fumble with the halter rope, shaking uncontrollably, her fingers refusing to function.  Her knees give way, and she sinks to the thick grass, smelling it.  The pony follows, kneeling awkwardly on first its forelegs then its rear ones.  Its hungry mouth never leaving the breast she feeds it, the steady sucking never stopping.  Then the pony rolls over on its side, her body moving with it, still stoking the milk-laden breast into its mouth.


For the last five months, Kelly’s breast fed the pony.  Ever since it’s breached birth.  Kelly remembers how the pony tangled hopelessly in its mother’s belly, one leg sticking out of the mare’s gaping bloody vagina.  The mare died during the grizzly birth.

The reason Kelly has milk laden breasts was an unexpected pregnancy that ended in a stillborn baby.  When the pony was born, Kelly washed the blood off the foal after its birth, watched its eyes rolling frightened around in its head, not seeing, blinded by the light of the barn.  It gurgled high-pitched sounds, a wail as plaintive as any newborns.  Her father sat back on his heels staring at the foal, fingering the knife he used to cut the animal free, his eyes rising only once to Kelly’s face.  Only for an instant did she wish her father had that look on his face when she had lost her baby.

She’d shaken the thoughts, with eyes blurring as she stares at the head of the foal in her lap.  Slowly Kelly unbuttoned the front of the dress she’d been wearing, wet with sweat and blood.  She’d taken her breast in her hand and guided the tip of it slowly toward the foal’s mouth, satisfied somehow.  Feeling the culmination of some deep longing as the animal nuzzles blindly, and then began to suck her breast until both were dry.  Kelly feels peace from them for the first time in months.

A month went by and then another.  The soreness in the girl’s womb and between her thighs healed, the rush of bloody fluids slowed and stopped.  Kelly then lay awake nights with the heat in her belly, her fingers toying in the folds of her pussy.  The girl feels alone and never is she more aware of it than when she holds the head of the pony in her arm, squeezing her breast into its hungrily sucking mouth.

Feeling the horse nuzzle between her legs as it sometimes does while its gigantic cock in its sheath of loose skin extends.  The cock becoming rigid and shiny when she touches it, which she sometimes does.  These days it gets hard whether she touches it or not as if predicting the feel when Kelly takes it in her hand.


She shifts its mouth to her other breast, feeling the pressure relieved, the pain gone, the nipples tingling excitedly.  The girl examines the enormous penis.  The head is like a cylinder, almost flat at the end, except for the slit.  Even as she watches a drop of thick fluid forms in it.  ‘Just like Luke,’ she thought, a smile spreading her lips, ‘only much bigger.’  Luke was the boy who got her pregnant.

Kelly slides her hips along the ground, moving toward the cock, trying to grab it with her hand, but she cannot reach.  Cradling the pony’s head in her arm, careful not to pull its mouth away from suckling, Kelly pulls it toward her, bending the head toward its body.  Her hand moves along the underside of its belly.  The muscles in her pussy keep tensing and jerking of their own volition, the desire throbbing inside her.  Straining, pulling at the pony’s head, her fingers touch the head of its cock.  The pony is growing too large too fast, and then, straining harder, her fingers move along the head and close around the shaft.  The pony’s mouth stops sucking, it stills at once, hardly breathing.

Squeezing it tight, Kelly shifts the loose skin of the pony’s cock over the head and brings it down again, then begins a slow, steady rhythm of stroking.  Jacking the cock, her eyes watching it, longing for it, not in her hand but stuck between her legs, rammed in her body, all of it, splitting her.  Kelly can almost feel it deep in her cunt, pushing her womb, forcing its way in, ripping at her.

Her eyes blur, her head shaking from side to side, hips quivering, knees clapping together, and thighs squeezing each other.  Kelly’s hand drops the pony’s penis as if it were burning her palm.  A moan squirms out of her lungs.  Her fingers dive between her legs, under her skirt with fingertips groping in the wet lips of her pussy.  She is mashing the flesh flat, and then rubbing back and forth from her clitoris to her asshole.  Then ducking inside, two fingers between her pussy lips, trying to jam her whole hand inside her cunt.  Tiny cries escape her lips.  As if suddenly aware of the pony’s mouth again sucking on her breast, pressing into the soft flesh, she runs her mouth over the side of its face, feverishly kissing.

With a loud groan, she let go of the pony and stands, fumbling with the bottom of her blouse.  She yanks it off over her head, shaking out her long black hair.  Her hands move to the waist of the skirt, pushing it down over her hips, dropping it to the grass, and stepping out of it.  The sun has gone now, and the early night air is cold on her naked flesh, but she can see, the moon is high and full, the light of it shimmering over her skin.

Kelly runs her hands over her body, down her belly to her thighs, then moving between them.  Her fingers rub the wet warmth of her pussy lips.  Inaudible moans escape her clenched teeth.  Staring at the pony’s cock, Kelly watches it jump as the animal tenses its muscles.  Her hands move back to her breasts, squeezing the mounds, straining the nipples toward her mouth, her tongue sticking out to touch them.

Dropping to her knees, Kelly pushes the pony’s mouth again to her breasts, feeling it suck, then shifting the animal to her other mound and back again.  Moving its wet mouth down over her belly now, seeing the trail its wet mouth left behind it.  Shifting the mouth across her stomach, up under her breasts, feeling it nuzzle into the softness, and then pushing the mouth back down again.  Further this time, over her mound of thick pubic hair and in between her thighs.

Her lungs suck in air sharply as the lips quiver against her hot pussy.  The tongue moving rough and wet against her sensitive flesh, exploring, and then the mouth begins to suck.  The pony’s now sucking loose, alive meat in its mouth, sucking the lips of her pussy in, its upper lip rubbing hard against her clit as it tries to suck more of her pussy into its mouth.

Ooh…” Kelly groans.  “Suck it, suck it, suck it.”

She lies back on her elbow, a hand squeezing her breast, kneading into it.  Her fingers massaging the nipple, her other high on the pony’s head between its ears, pressing its nudging sucking mouth even tighter into her pussy.

Her eyes roll back in her head, her head drops back on her shoulders.  The ecstasy rising in her body, spreading out from the mouth on her vagina.  It’s spreading, flashing heat and passion through every nerve ending in her body and bouncing back again, affecting her womb.  Seeing the gigantic horse cock in her mind, wishing not only for the mouth sucking her, wishing that organ would ravage her simultaneously.

Then her vaginal muscles throb and tighten, the muscles in her buttocks, in her thighs, her whole body, growing tenser, tighter, feeling the emotion swelling in her cunt and in her mind simultaneously.  Kelly’s feeling her body climbing, beginning to soar, rising straight into the night sky.  The sound now a wailing gurgle.  Kelly’s laughing through it in her head, feeling the beauty of the sensual pleasure as she rises, soars higher until she knows it can go no higher and then does.  The orgasmic build rising, and then in a flushing groaning whoosh, slow flushing from her body and soul, Kelly feels herself climaxing.

Gliding out in space over the edge, wafting on the pinnacle of pleasure, the ecstasy draining every muscle not only of tension but of strength.  Slowly, she collapses, lying back altogether now, in the cool grass, but feeling only a cushion of satiation between her and the ground.  Aware only of the beauty of sensations in her body as the pony continues to suck her pussy, nuzzling between her thighs.

Moments later, the animal apparently tires of the ‘breast’ between her thighs.  The horse’s head begins to move up.  The tongue’s lapping at the sweaty salt on her skin.  Then moving to her breast, the pony starts sucking at the nipple.

Slowly, Kelly let her mind return to awareness, smiling with the afterglow of orgasm, feeling the tingling mouth on her nipple.  It’s so beautiful, her pony.  Lazily she stretches, feeling the sharp points in the grass on her back for the first time, but trying to ignore them.  The girl lovingly strokes the pony’s face, scratching its long nose the way she knows the animal likes.  The animal has risen now, is standing with its hooves inches from her side.

Gazing down the horses flank, her eyes focus on its cock, sticking out bony and erect, the color of it eerily chalk white in the light from the moon.  Feeling the horse’s mouth on her, seeing that big fucking cock hanging down, thinking about how it would feel is intoxicating.  The tingling begins again in Kelly’s pussy.  But she can’t do that, she can’t take it, that cock is gigantic, it’d split her open.

The girl feels the blood racing through her body, beginning to pound at her temples.  The pony sucks her breasts, licks her body down, has nuzzled and sucked between her thighs at the meat of her cunt, but this has been the first time she’d ever reached an orgasm with the pony without helping it along with her finger jacking her clitoris.

Kelly pushes the head away and gets to her feet.  Rubbing her breasts and belly against the pony’s side, her hands run over its back, feeling its slick-curried hair like silk against her smooth skin.  Feeling as if sparks are about to fly from the horse’s body, from the appendage hanging from its groin, straight between her legs into her churning cunt.  The girl’s hand moves along the pony’s side to its belly and then back, feeling for its cock.

The pony is deathly still, waiting.  Then Kelly’s hand is on it, marveling it, sliding along the length of the huge cock, all the while her body getting hotter.  Yet Kelly’s mind is telling her she cannot do it.  More decidedly in each telling, Kelly’s body writhes inwardly, tingling, crying out for the cock, her cunt yearning to take it in her gaping hungry jaws and swallow it, demanding it.

Weak in the knees, wobbly, she sinks to the ground, still holding onto her prize.  Her fingers cannot close around it but move slowly up and down the shaft and head, knowing the pony likes that.  A drop of juice strings out from the slit in the head, dropping to the ground.  The string behind it gleaming, picking up the light before it breaks.  Kelly touches her thumb to the cleft, smoothing out the juice that’s left, rubbing it over the head, then jacking it faster, the strokes longer.

Overwhelmed at the sight of the horse’s cock, the feel of it in her hands, the yearning for it in her cunt, she bends forward and kisses the head.  Kisses it lovingly, her tongue circling around the taut, shiny head, then nuzzling it with her cheek.  So beautiful, she loved it.  Standing, Kelly presses behind the horse’s forelegs with her foot.  Pushing down on its back, and, obediently, the pony drops to the ground.  Kelly pulls on its legs, rolling the pony over on its back, and the animal curves its spine, balancing, its legs dangling limply.

She straddles the pony, her buttocks sticking out dangerously near its rear hooves but sure it won’t move.  Then Kelly takes hold of the cock, her eyes getting wild in anticipation as she lowers her gaping cunt to it.  The meat of its cockhead, cool from the air, touches her burning pussy, and she almost swoons.  Her jaw opens, and eyelids close.

Slowly writhing her pelvis, she rubs the head through the crease, wetting it.  The girl delights in the feel of it, gliding it over her clit, down between the pussy lips over the small gaping vaginal opening.  Then to her asshole, rimming with the edge of the cock’s head, and all the way back again.  Kelly can’t control herself, the sounds begin and grow, continually erupting from deep inside her.  As if they’re coming all the way from her womb itself.

Still holding the giant cock, Kelly’s arms move forward elbows stiff.  Her breasts between them squeezing the large globes together, mashing them into each other, sliding the cockhead over her needy pussy.  She’s afraid to try, knowing it’s going to hurt, but she must have it too.  Kelly can’t do without it now.  ‘Just once, just this once,’ she thought desperately.

Feeling the longing, the cries growing stronger by the second.  The heat emanating from her cuntal opening is like a furnace.  Hesitantly, she lowers her body onto the cock, guiding it to the rim of her cunt, settling her weight down.  The broad cockhead resists at the opening, pushing against her pussy lips but not penetrating.  Kelly wriggles her hips, settling harder, grinding the horses cockhead into her cunt.  The pain.

Her eyes close, her face contorts in a grimace of pain and passion, both hands on the cock, pushing her body against it, trying to force it inside.  Kelly strains harder, grinding against it.  Sweat forms in beads along her upper lip and forehead.  Her weight bounces on it as a frustrated wail breaks from her clenched teeth.

The pony whimpers an answer.  Tears come out of Kelly’s eyes as she knows she can’t make it.  Frustrated and angry, she moves her body back off the cockhead.  Her buttocks resting against the pony’s haunches, both hands still clinging to the cock.  The girl begins to jack it now, angrily, furious at her own frustration.  She’s crying and moaning with the ferocity of desires burning inside her cunt.

The brunette’s hands slow, her pelvis writhing forward, sliding on the shaft, rubbing it into her pussy lips, then falling back, jacking it again.  Loving it, stroking it in the semidarkness, her body leaning over it.  Kelly feels it pulsate in her hands.  A hot stream shoots up her belly to her breasts.  She cries out, knowing the pony is climaxing, wanting it to, but in her cunt.  Kelly wanted to feel that burning, spurting stream inside, blasting all the way up in her guts.  Again, her body goes on the cockhead, trying to stuff it in her cunt, her weight pounding on it.  Her hands trying to keep up the rhythm, feeling the thick syrupy semen splashing against her pussy and ass.  There’s pain again as she pokes it into the opening, trying to get the cock inside her vagina.

She doesn’t hear her father approaching, didn’t sense him stopping a few feet behind her.  His anger boiling, fists clenching and unclenching, watching his daughter, in the moonlight, trying to stuff a pony’s cock up her tight cunt.  Horse jizz still splashing out of it and running down the insides of her thighs.

Kelly’s delirious to feel the cock, even before her father hit her on the side of her head.  She feels the smack, the instant ringing in her head, and the flashing red behind her eyes, then there’s the battering pain.  The girl feels herself careening through space and then the crash to the ground.  Almost instantly, she’s yanked to her feet by the hair of her head.  A palm and then a backhand and another slap and back again across her face blinding her.  The attack is stinging and battering against her face.  Then there is a fist into her stomach.

She doesn’t hear the pony whinnying skittishly, scampering to its feet after she’s knocked off it.  Didn’t see it turning, maneuvering its haunches toward her father, didn’t notice the horse’s weight shift forward on its forelegs, its rear ones drawing off the ground, cocking, and then letting loose.  The two hooves catch her father square in the back, knocking him into and then over Kelly.

Kelly lies where she has fallen, dumbly tasting the blood from the cut in her lip.  The pony too waited quietly, the halter rope dangling on the ground beneath his head.  Kelly’s father raises himself painfully to his knees, fumbling in his pocket and then a click, and the blade of the knife glinted silver in the light.  He staggers to his feet, eyes flashing.

No, dad,” Kelly screams.

He goes by her, his eyes on the pony, staggering heavy-footed.

NO…” Kelly lunges, grabbing her father by the legs.  The pony neighing, shifting nervously.  “Run, boy, run,” she yells at the pony.

Her father swings at her and hits her on the shoulder.  The pony backs a few steps, its head rearing, turning from side to side.

Run, you stupid horse, RUUUUUUUN,” her voice wails, breaking into a forlorn cry.

At last, the pony turns, and its four legs charge off into the field toward the stream.  Its head turns back, holding Kelly in its vision until it disappears over the rise.

Her father’s voice crackles, his eyes on Kelly now.  “Kelly, you filthy bitch.  You have brought disgrace to this family for the last time.”

Saliva bubbles at the corners of his mouth.  He slaps her, openhanded, knocking her back on the ground.  Then the hand with the knife in it, he raises it.  Kelly gapes in horror at the glinting blade.  Her jaw drops.  Her hand goes to her mouth to stifle a scream.

Her old father falters, stops.  He glances at the knife in his hand and then throws it aside.  “Slut,” his voice hisses.  The man turns and stomps back toward the house.  “I’m selling that pony tomorrow, which is more than it deserves,” he said over his shoulder.


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