Camp Canine

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Camp Canine
Camp Canine
Year: 2020
Mia has made a promise to her boyfriend to remain faithful over the summer, but her desires are growing too strong to control for much longer.
Moe Lester
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“King?” she said, frowning.

The big German shepherd has its paw raised again, ready for another scratch.  The dog pushes into the room as if it’s home.  Ana sees King glancing around eagerly.  She realizes it can only be for Mia.  Then she remembers Shaun has been wondering where the dog was wandering off to.  ‘So, he’s made friends with Mia,” Ana thought amused.

However, King has developed a genuine taste for licking pussy.  The dog’s disappointed Mia isn’t in the room.  It’s never paid much attention to Ana before.  But the brunette is naked, and she has been thinking about Shaun, which never fails to steam her horny little pussy.  The dog’s sharp nose picks the telltale, musky odor at once.

Then, as Ana sits in the easy chair, absentmindedly drying her hair, thinking dreamily of sex, King sees her pussy.  The German shepherd’s ears prick excitedly.  Ana’s pussy hairs trimmed at the mound, and she’s shaven on her labia, while Mia’s is bushier and blonde.  But the odor emanating from each tight young gash is pretty much the same.  King moves his big body in between Ana’s open thighs.  Ana’s startled out of her reverie by the feel of King’s furry flanks pressing against the tender flesh of her inner thighs.

“Hey.  What’s going on?” Ana squeals.

The dog presses its cold black nose against Ana’s pussy lips, sniffing eagerly.

“Yow,” Ana yelps as the icy button stabbed against her warm, sensitive pussy flesh.

She tries to jerk away, but her body cradles into the big chair.  She can’t move far enough.

“What the hell do you think you’re…” she starts to say.

But without warning, the dog’s long thick tongue slithers out of its mouth, hot and wet, over her surprised pussy.

Oh, fuck,” Ana blurts.

Her pussy is still quivering from that first tongue swipe when King licks again.

Ohhhhh… Wow,” Ana murmurs.

Her fingers dig into the chair arm, and her head thuds helplessly against the back.  The feel of King’s incredible tongue inside her slit has temporarily paralyzed Ana.  The dog eagerly continues to lick her pussy.  Its tongue laps steadily, digging knowingly between her pussy lips, scooping the rich juices that begin to gush from her vaginal opening.

I can’t believe it … I can’t believe it,” Ana mutters.

She’s not particularly shocked by the idea of a dog licking her pussy.  Anything that feels good is OK with her.  What amazed her is that she hadn’t planned it.  That the dog did it all on its own as if it’s something it does all the time.  The brunette’s in no condition for speculation though.  Her nerves are zinging wildly as the dog continues to lick her pussy.  All her attention focuses on the incredible sensations shooting through her loins.  Automatically she does the same as Mia had done, hooking her legs over the chair arms, so the whole plane of her pussy is flat.  Her pussy lips pull apart, baring her slit to the madly licking animal’s powerful tongue.

Mmm … Ahhhhh … Ohhhh, God, such wonderful things happen to me,” Ana moans.

Her hips writhe in little circles.  She finds it impossible to hold still while the dog’s tongue slithers into her slit.  The teen girl knows she’s going to orgasm soon.  Her belly is beginning to shudder and jerk.  She parts her pussy lips with her fingers, pulling them open as much as possible.  Ana wants King’s tongue to be able to reach every part of her pussy.  It’s so damned big, so wonderfully hot, and wet.  The most marvelous tongue she’s ever felt inside her always horny little vagina.

Ana’s back arches with her eyes half-closed, her mouth slightly parted.  She’s just about to start orgasming when the door suddenly opens, and Mia appears.  The young blonde stands in the doorway, staring wide-eyed, her mouth hanging open.  Ana gazes vaguely at her for a moment, then her eyes glaze, and she writhed helplessly in the chair.

Ohhhhh…  Ohhhh, God!  Cumming.  I’m cumming…  Starting to cum … AHHHHHH

Ana bucks and twists in the chair, whimpering helplessly, while Mia stares.  King keeps right on with his licking.  The dog’s tongue scooping the rich juices gushing from Ana’s climaxing pussy.  Mia’s thunderstruck, she stares at her friend, at Ana’s passion-flushed face, big naked breasts bouncing and jiggling as the brunette twists in the throes of orgasm.  At the dog’s colossal tongue diving deep into Ana’s slit.

“Oh, King.  How could you?” Mia shouts impulsively.  ‘Is Ana going to monopolize every willing male organ in the camp, either cock or tongue,’ the blonde wonders?

She almost flings out the room in anger, but then decides it’s her room as much as Ana’s.  Mia stomps angrily over to her bed and lies down, staring moodily at the ceiling.

Meanwhile, Ana is gasping out the last of her orgasm.  She sits straighter and weakly pushes the dog’s head away from her crotch.  Her pussy can only take so much of that kind of titillation.  ‘Where the hell has Mia gone,’ Ana wonders?  She glances around and sees the blonde lying, stiff and silent, on her bed.  Ana laughs a little self-consciously.

“I’ll bet that’s something to just walk in on,” Ana said.  “I’ll bet you’ll never believe it when I say it just happened.  I was just sitting here, drying my hair, when this mutt starts licking my pussy.  Can you believe it?”  Then Ana suddenly remembers Mia’s outburst when she came in the door.  “Hey, you’ve been making it with King here too, haven’t you?  That’s why you cracked the shits.  He’s been licking your pussy too.  You’re the one who showed King how to do this.  Wow.  Maybe there’s hope for you yet, Mia.”

Mia feels her face burning with heat.  She has shot off her mouth too soon.  “It was just kind of an accident,” Mia mumbles.

“Hey, you don’t have to justify yourself to me.  I think it’s a great idea.  Can this mutt ever lick a pussy?”

Mia’s a little flattered by Ana’s words.  She has a sneaking admiration for the other girl’s bold, uninhibited approach to life.  She sits up and smiles at Ana, finding herself gazing at the girl’s naked body.  Ana sure is beautiful, and Mia’s seen her in action enough times, fucking Shaun, and now getting her pussy licked by King.  Mia feels a slight stirring inside her loins.  The same kind of nervous, sexy feeling she’s gotten the other night when Ana said she wanted to eat her.  Ana gets out of the chair and kneels to pat King’s big head.  The dog tries to ram it’s head between her legs again, but she laughingly pushes the animal away.

“He never stops, does he?” Ana said, smiling.  “You’ve really spoiled him.”

Mia’s beginning to feel better and better.  She gets off her bed and sits on the arm of the big easy chair, only a couple of feet from Ana and King.  The brunette is petting King, scratching his back hard.  She starts on the dog’s flanks.  The animal’s obviously enjoying it.  For the moment, King seems to have forgotten about pussy.  Exquisite pleasure floods the dog’s brown eyes.  Its ears lie back limply.  When Ana starts scratching the dog’s belly, it rolls meekly onto its back, legs curled above.

“Hey, look at that,” Ana said and giggles, pointing to the significant furry protrusion covering King’s hidden cock.  Her hand is already near it.  She playfully gives it a squeeze.  “Wow,” the girl said, her eyes opening wide.  “There’s really something in there.”

“Sure,” Mia said with a raised eyebrow.  “What did you expect?  That it’d be empty?”

“Nah, of course not.  But it’s kinda hard with all this loose skin sliding around over it.”

Ana’s face is thoughtful as she continues to rub King’s cock.  The dog starts to jerk a little bit.  Obviously, she has hit a susceptible part of his anatomy.  The dog’s canine face begins to look slightly foolish.  Ana wraps her fingers around the furry protuberance.  Mia can see there’s obviously something inside.  Something long, cylindrical, and growing.

The blonde watches her friend begin steadily jacking the dog off.  A moment later, Mia sees a flash of something scarlet appear near the end of the dog’s sheath.  “Look at that,” Mia said excitedly.

Ana sees it too.  “He’s getting a hard-on,” she said.

Her fingers continue to knead the German shepherd’s cock through the covering of skin and fur.  King’s cock slides majestically into view.  Inch after inch of bright scarlet meat glides out of his belly.

“Jesus, look at the tip,” Ana blurts.

It’s needle-pointed, tapering to a little point of soft-looking meat.  Ana changes her grip, moving her hand from fur to naked cock-flesh.

“God, it’s hot.” Ana said hotly, “and fucking hard.”

Mia, open-mouthed, watches her friend’s hand glide smoothly over King’s mighty red cock.  ‘Funny,’ she thought, ‘I’ve never really thought of King having one.  I’d always thought of him as all tongue.’

“You wanna touch it?” Ana asks, pulling her hand away from King’s cock for a moment.

Mia hesitates.  Sure, she wants to touch it, but caution holds her back.  ‘Oh hell,’ she thought.  ‘Why not?  This summer camp is full of weird shit.  Why not go along with them?  It sure as hell got my pussy licked.’  Mia gingerly touches King’s naked red cock.  It’s hot and hard too.  Incredibly hard.  It feels like a shaft of hot steel tightly covered by thin satiny skin.  The animal’s cock seems to have its own lubrication.  Her hand slides easily over its hot surface.

“Did you ever see a pair of balls like that?” Ana said reverently, cradling the furry sack of the dog’s balls.

They lie in her hands, massive and heavy.  Mia grows shamelessly excited, and she begins eagerly jacking the dog off.  King lies on his back, his face looking more foolishly pleased than ever, his legs twitching and jerking a little as the blonde’s hand fly over his mammoth cock.  Mia glances over to see how Ana’s taking her preemption of the dog’s cock.  She finds herself looking straight into Ana’s big blue eyes.  They’re hot and smoky with excitement.

“What the hell are you doing with all your clothes on?” Ana asks in a sultry voice.

Mia shivers.  ‘God, Ana’s sexy, and she’s right,’ Mia thought.  ‘How much more exciting this will be if I’m naked too?’  She reluctantly gives up her hold on the dog’s rigid cock.  While she quickly pulls her clothes off, Ana’s hand replaces Mia’s.  She glides it hotly over the full length of King’s turgid shaft.  Naked, Mia kneels beside Ana.  Now it’s her turn to cradle the dog’s balls, they’re as hot as his cock.  She kneads them gently while Ana continues working on his cock.  Kneeling beside her friend, Mia feels Ana’s naked skin brush against hers.  ‘What marvelously warm, smooth skin.’  Mia begins to feel increasingly excited.

“Here, let me do it some more,” Mia said, grabbing hold of King’s cock again.

The animal’s cock is so long now there’s room for both their hands to wrap around its bloated girth.  Soon the girls are eagerly jacking the dog off, their hands sliding in unison over the heated slippery length of King’s thick shaft.

Crouched this close to Ana, Mia’s intensely aware of the other girl’s naked body.  One of Ana’s breasts presses against her arm.  It feels wonderfully warm and full.  Her own nipples throb, eager for touch.  Ana seems as turned-on as Mia is.  The brunette keeps pressing against Mia, her body seems to be getting hotter and hotter.

“Hey.  Look at that,” Ana suddenly shouts.

She points to the base of King’s cock.  It’s quickly ballooning into a ball of flesh.  In a few seconds, it’s bigger than the rest of the shaft.  With the thin red skin stretching tightly, the ball of cock flesh amazes the two horny teen girls.

“I’ve heard about this,” Ana murmurs.  “It happens when they’re gonna cum.  Their cocks swell so they won’t slip out of the bitch’s pussy.  Not until after they’ve filled her womb with puppy batter.”

“God.  That must mean he’s gonna cum,” Mia said and grimaces.

Strange, she hadn’t thought that far ahead.  Sure, King is going to climax, but until now, all Mia’s been interested in is pumping on his excitingly hard cock.  The two girls grow increasingly excited.  Their hands fly eagerly over the length of the dog’s cock.  King begins to yip and howl.  The German shepherd’s loins pump frantically, its legs waving in the air.

“It’s gonna happen.  It’s gonna happen,” Ana cries.  “I can feel the thing starting to throb already.”

Mia touches the dog’s balls again to find they’re tense, rigid.  Suddenly, they spasm, and a jet of animal semen shoots out the tapered tip of King’s cock.  It arcs through the air, finally splattering onto Ana’s big breasts.  More jizz follows, sizzling out of the animal’s cock in a seemingly never-ending stream.  It sprays over the naked bodies of the two kneeling girls.  They feel it, hot and wet, spattering onto their skins, running stickily downward.

A thick gob hangs obscenely onto the tip of Mia’s right nipple, threatening to drip but never quite making it.  The blonde knows she should be disgusted to have this animal secretion all over her body.  Still, oddly enough, it only excites her.  Mia has never felt so turned on in her life.

The two girls keep jacking the dog off until its balls are dry.  The German shepherd’s big red cock and knot shrink in their hands.  In about ten minutes, the cock has disappeared into its furry home again.  Ana and Mia glance at one another.

“Fuck me, that was sexy,” Ana murmurs.

She’s eyeing the animal jizz hanging from Mia’s breast.  Suddenly, taking Mia by surprise, she leans forward and licks the sticky mess from Mia’s nipples.

Ooh,” Mia moans.  A hot bolt of intense feeling shoots through her breast.  “Ooh,” she cries again as Ana hungrily sucks her nipple right into her warm wet mouth.

Mia makes no move to stop her.  She even holds onto Ana’s head, holding it tightly against her throbbing breasts.  The dog scene, and Ana naked and sexy next to her, has burnt away any last vestiges of inhibition.  Her body aches for contact.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” Ana mutters around her mouthful of breast.


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