Outback Girls

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Outback Girls
Outback Girls
Year: 2020
Jenna is on holiday at her cousins’ farm in outback Australia and has her first sexual encounter with a dog.
Moe Lester
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“She still needs a fuck,” Sean said.

“If you wanna stick your dick inside her dog spit drenched cunt, then go for it,” Kyle said with a sneer.

“Ew, no way, mate.  That’d be gross.”

Kyle sees the German shepherd is now sitting attentively, he can tell the dog is horny again.  “Come on, Brutus, you’re gonna help out the little lady.”

The words bite into Jenna’s consciousness.  She had almost forgotten about the animal.  Her head snaps around, and she finds herself looking eye to eye at the big dog.  Its large brown eyes dance merrily in its head while its furry body pants with excitement.  The dog’s toenails scratch across the wooden section of the living room floor when it trots over to her.

Without any ceremony, the dog goes to work at once on Jenna’s pussy.  The young woman moans, raising her hands and twisting them around in her long hair.  She sobs and groans while Brutus sticks his nose under her hot pussy mound.  The dog’s spittle stings for some reason.  She worms her way several feet across the floor, stopped by Sean’s unmoving legs.  Jenna twists her head around and peers up pleadingly at him.  But sees she’ll get no help from Sean.  The dog’s whining, wiggling its strong, furry body around and around, its feet nervously prancing behind Jenna while the animal tries to work more of its snout into her sore loins.

Oh, don’t.  The dog’s hurting me,” Jenna cries, tearing at her hair.

Saliva drools from the corners of her mouth as the young blonde tries to escape from the animal’s sexual attack.  But it’s impossible.  The men held her down while Brutus assailed her with his licking tongue and probing nose.  That first touch of the dog’s tongue makes her stomach turn in fear.  She remembers what Brutus did to her earlier with Kyle and Sean taunting her all the while.  Now that unnamed fear creeps through her like a fog.  Yet she isn’t screaming or trying to push the dog away.

Oh, oh, my God.”

Unbelievably Jenna’s opening her pussy to the dog again.  Her knees push out far apart while her ass tilts up at a steeper angle.  Jenna rolls her hips forward, then backward, enjoying the subtle friction against her clit that movement makes.  The teen’s breasts ache from the growing excitement burning in her body.  She wishes suddenly someone would tear the aroused nipples off her breasts.

Then she feels the German shepherd’s tongue slopping over the tender inner skin of her thigh, soothing down the sore areas.  Each lick brings floods of juice from her pussy.  It’s a lovely feeling.  Jenna’s knees spread as far apart as they can go.  The girl tips her ass up, rubbing her cuntal walls together while she rocks from side to side.

Brutus growls in approval.  The dog nuzzles its black nose between her puffy pussy lips almost tenderly.  In a flash of mind-splintering realization, Jenna knows Brutus tastes her, savoring all the flavor of her flowing juices.  The girl shudders, dropping her hands and clawing at the carpet with her fingertips like some digging animal.  Jenna shakes with the consuming sexual fever Brutus releases in her.  She can feel the dog’s hot wet breath tickling over her pussy hair as the beast drenches her pussy again.

God, oh God,” Jenna moans, burying her face in her arms while she continues to rock her body.

Her breasts ache so.  If only Jenna could touch them without the men seeing and really knowing just how hot the dog is making her.  Her flesh crawls with excitement.  The teen’s breath comes in short, shallow gasps.  ‘Oh, if he’d only make me cum this wayIf I could cum, it’d be the climax of a lifetime.’  The hunger of her loins seems to force everything out of her mind except the desire to make the aching pleasure more intense.  Jenna’s entirely owned by that need.  Brutus senses her need and whimpers excitedly through his nose.  The dog moves upward, bathing the bottoms of her ass cheeks with its saliva.  Then it moves higher, washing her asshole with spittle.

Jenna moans, drawing her knees together.  She wants to trap the big dog’s head between her legs, to hold it there while the animal keeps bathing her clit with spittle.  The teen feels so wet down there.  The insides of her thighs, her ass, her pussy, it all feels so wet and wonderful with Brutus’s kind, gentle licking.  ‘If only it could last forever.’

Oh, no…

Jenna feels the pink tongue drive up and down her pussy slit.  It’s so shamelessly good.  Her clit burns from the steady lapping friction.  Every tiny hollow of her pussy seems peeled back now, entirely exposed to the big dog’s lapping.  Jenna gasps and babbles to the big dog as it licks more furiously at the red gaping hole in front of it.  The girl’s hands work like tiny animals across the floor.  Her face flushed and pinched with lust.  Nothing, it seems, will distract Jenna from working herself into a powerful orgasm.

Mmmmmm,” Jenna moans in abandon.

The stiff tickle of the shepherd’s coat against her heels and calves sends a shiver of excitement down her spine.  Drool leaks more freely from the corners of her mouth.  Jenna waves her ass up and back, up, and back, going faster and faster, twisting from side to side, so Brutus’s teeth brush against one pussy lip, and then the other.  She hunches down, trying to get the dog to lick her clit again.  Jenna feels her cuntal walls spasm.  She can feel the cramping muscles trying to grab the dog’s black snout.  The teen’s quivering on the edge of climax.  The big muscles in her belly and ass pull tight.  She spreads her knees apart once more as the fire burns out of control in her pussy.  Just a few more laps across her clit, and she’ll be sailing off the ground.

Oh, OH,” Jenna cries.

The dog gives a little yip, then nuzzles again between her buttery pussy lips.  Jenna feels her loins tighten for the big, forceful orgasm.  It’ll knock her to the floor.

“Hey, easy Brutus.  Don’t wanna lick her this way too long,” Kyle said, just as Jenna feels herself pitching over the edge.

The frustration at not climaxing when so close makes Jenna curl her fingers into two tight fists and beat them hard on the floor.

“Don’t worry, bitch.  We ain’t gonna leave you hanging,” Kyle said, holding the growling, straining dog down for a second, then raising its front paws and letting it stagger forward.

Uhhhhh,” Jenna moans under the sudden furry weight on her back.

Brutus is on top of her.  That realization startles and terrifies the girl.  ‘To have the dog lick me until I cum is one thing, but THIS?’  Yet her heated pussy has gone too far for Jenna to stop.  As revolted and terrified as Jenna is, the young blonde teenager kneels quietly, holding her breath and waiting for the dog to make the first move.

At first, Brutus is as confused as Jenna.  The dog lies sprawled on top of the girl’s hunching back, its paws dangling over the sides while its head rests flatly against the back of her neck.  The dog’s hind legs press against Jenna’s thighs, while its tail curls down between its legs in fear and surprise.

Gradually, however, the German shepherd realizes where it is and what’s expected of it.  The dog’s pointed ears flatten back, and it raises its proud head, pushing paws around the girl’s sagging belly and holding onto her tightly.  Jenna feels this growing determination in the dog and sucks in a deep breath.  She can feel something slick and hot, rubbing against her right inner thigh.

It’s the German shepherd’s cock.

Jenna saw it earlier, it’s long, slick, tapered at the tip, red with purplish/blue veins visible, and it’s dripping pre-cum from its sharp end.  Now the dog’s cock is fully unsheathed, rubbing against her bare leg, ready to slice into her vagina at any moment.  That thought sickens her.  Jenna grabs her stomach and fights for control.  She thinks she’s going to vomit.

Please, don’t make him … Oh God, please don’t let him fuck me,” Jenna groans, hating herself for saying that horrible word in connection with Brutus.

The only response she gets from Kyle and Sean is a rain of laughter.  They tell her how good she looks crouched there on the floor with her big breasts dragging across the rug.  Jenna sobs with indignation, her eyes red and sore while her fingers dig into the pile of the carpet.  Her skin crinkles with revulsion when she feels Brutus’s hot breath blow through the stray hairs on the back of her neck.  The dog’s fur tickles her back, while the claws are leaving long red streaks along her belly.

Oh, OH,” Jenna sobs, feeling the mixture of terror, rage, and humiliation boil to an explosive heat inside her.

The teen girl shudders when she feels the dog’s thick, hot wet tongue slosh across her neck, sliding down occasionally to the flesh between her jutting shoulder blades.  Brutus growls and snaps threateningly close to the back of her head while he tries to steady himself on top of the groaning blonde teenager.  Jenna shakes her head back and forth, her long blonde hair whipping across the back of her hand.  She crawls forward a few inches on her elbows, trying to get away from the growling shepherd.

Brutus’s growls are turning into excited, nervous little whines.  The dog starts jerking its ass back and forth, jabbing that pointed cock-tip against the bottom of her ass crack.  Jenna moans again, closing her eyes and sucking in a wet breath.  That slippery cockhead is edging its way closer and closer toward her vagina.  Kyle and Sean continue to taunt the sobbing girl.  Jenna now feels the shepherd’s cock slapping against the bottom of her ass cheeks.  The dog isn’t fucking her yet.  The idea of a dog sitting on top of her getting ready to stick that boner in her body makes the girl nearly shriek with horror.

Brutus soon tires of his foreplay.  The dog’s thick cock jerks up regularly now, pressing against its soft underbelly when it isn’t sliding over Jenna’s thighs.  Its body trembles.  The animal’s head flattens atop Jenna’s neck.  Brutus’s hindlegs move in quick, jerky movements while he prepared for his first entry.  Jenna realizes what’s about to happen and braces herself for the animal fuck.

Oh.  OH.  OOHHHHH,” Jenna cries, her eyes bulging and her face turning redder than before.

Brutus’s pointed cockhead stabs the blonde’s outer labia.  Jenna draws her head into her shoulders, sobbing through her nose.  The skin across her flushed face pulls tight.  Her toes and fingers curl defensively.  Strangely enough, Jenna finds herself thinking about her mother and father, her home in Brisbane, just before the big dog fucks her.

Then the girl feels the shepherd’s cock tip unstick her pussy lips and start sinking into her slit.  Jenna grunts, her belly jerking and tightening while her stomach turns.  Her lower jaw slackens, letting hoarse, choking sobs escape from her mouth.  Jenna claws desperately at the carpet.  She feels as if she’ll go mad on the spot while that filthy animal’s cock slices into her body.

Flashes of a strange kind of heat sweeps over her body and face.  Jenna wants to scream.  Push the animal off and attack the two men who had forced her to commit this act of incredible filth and degradation.  Yet she does nothing except meekly submit to this humiliating fuck.  Her eyes roll into her head.  Her breathing becomes rapid and shallow until the girl finds it difficult to hold any oxygen in her lungs.

Ahhhh,” Jenna cries.

She can feel something warm, dribbling out of Brutus’s embedded cock and wash against the sides of her pussy walls.  Only the first inch buries inside her cunt.  But Jenna’s groaning and sobbing as if the dog had its full knotted cock in there.  More canine cock enters her cunt.  Jenna feels the slippery, wet bumps on the dog’s shaft slip past her outer pussy lips.  It plops into her vagina as the German shepherd grunts and growls with animal lust.

Moving his head until it’s draped over the blonde’s right shoulder, Brutus pushes his legs a little further up.  The dog is hunching its hindquarters forward and pushing more inches of cock into the girl.  Jenna grits her teeth together, nearly breaking them from the pressure.  She lets out a choked hysterical laugh, then stops and begins crying wildly.

Oh God, is it always this hard to take a dog’s cock?  It seems a thousand times worse than fucking a man.’

Her body seems to be coming apart, splitting under the spreading pressure of that digging cock.  Her chest aches from the muscle tension; her belly sags, tightens, then sags again.  The girl’s breasts drag painfully across the carpet.  Jenna feels wildly degenerate.  ‘If only the horrible dog would just finish, and climb off me,’ she thought.

Oh, God, no, please.  Please, please help me.  Why is this happening to me?  Oh, dear God, dear God, don’t let him fuck me.  Oh no,” Jenna sobs hysterically, sometimes loud, sometimes just to herself.

But no God comes to answer Jenna’s tearful prayer.  Brutus jerks his haunches forward, burying the last bit of dog cock into her.  The teen grunts, feeling the big red knot just in front of the animal’s thick root bang against her pussy lips.  The dog’s trying to work that dense ball of flesh into her cunt.  Then Brutus begins fucking her with quick, short thrusts.

Uh, uh, uh,” Jenna grunts with each banging forward fuck.

Her big breasts swing, bouncing together while spittle rolls out from the German shepherd’s mouth and drips onto her shoulders.  The dog’s driving that big knot against her pussy lips until the air fills with a loud, squishing sound.  Jenna’s body sways as it stiffens and trembles.  The girl swears she can feel Brutus’s cockhead pressing against her womb.

“Look at her cunt eat that dick up.  Shit, what a fucking slut,” Kyle said.

Sean nodded, fascinated by the scene in front of him.  Jenna’s consciousness of the two guys ended some time ago.  She just groans and sobs, blocking out the world around her.  The teen feels her stomach tightening and turning over faster and faster while her head spins around crazily.  Her head bounces from side to side, hanging limply between her shoulders, swinging like a ball tied loosely to a string from the force of Brutus’s fucking blows.

Then she feels something inside her snapping her to her senses.  The knot, previously like a fist punching her pussy lips with loud slapping noises, suddenly forces its way inside her cunt.


Once inside, the knot keeps swelling, yet so does the shaft.  It feels like it’ll tear Jenna in two the way it’s now painfully stretching her cunt.  Still, Brutus keeps fucking her with as much force as he can.  Yet with the knot now buried in human cuntal flesh, the rhythm becomes jerky and irregular as it battles the resistance of the girl’s body.  Jenna can feel Brutus’s cock still swelling, ballooning like a stuffed sausage in her wet cunt, winding up for a big climax.  The girl tenses again and tries to crawl away from the dog.  She can’t have her tight little vagina filled with nasty animal jizz.  She’s still almost a virgin.  ‘Almost a virgin.’  Those thoughts almost make her laugh.

No, no, no,” Jenna cries.

But it’s too late.  Jenna’s knotted to a dog.  The big shepherd shudders then snapped and bit lightly at the back of her neck.  That nipping pain terrifies the young blonde teenager.  She stops her hysterical crying and movement, waiting for the end of this horrible scene.

It comes in a geyser of jizz shooting from the end of Brutus’s cunt-embedded cock and knot.  Jenna can feel a steady stream of something boiling, sticky, and spattering against the sides of her stretched cuntal walls.  The girl whimpers, turning her head away and shaking the tears from her eyes while Brutus finishes dumping his load of slimy dog jizz into her vagina.  Dog jizz is filling her womb and making Jenna’s belly bulge.  She can feel the dog shooting so much inside her, more than it did earlier.  There’s just so much sperm.

Brutus is whining, feeling the sexual release wash over his canine body.  As his orgasm passes, the dog suddenly jumps off Jenna, making its cock twist inside her body.  This movement is what Jenna needs to set her off, and a massive orgasm now rolls through her body as Brutus goes ass-to-ass with her.

Oh my God, I’m cumming.  I’m fucking cumming,” Jenna squeals.


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