The Hobbler 8: Fresh Meat!

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The Hobbler 8: Fresh Meat!
The Hobbler 8: Fresh Meat!
Year: 2020
On the run, Sarah has a new identity and look, but she’s still deep in the horse hobbling game. Still taking all that horse cock.
Sheela B.
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A knock on the door wakes her and glancing at her clock she sees it’s around two in the morning.  Getting up, Kelly grabs her coat and heads for the door.  Outside is a black man smoking a cigarette.  Kelly knows him, his name is Ike.

“Hey, gurl,” he said in a deep voice?

“Hi, Ike.  Where’s your car?” Kelly said, turning her back to him to close the door and lock it.

The man smirks.  He knows what she’s about to do.  “Over there,” he points.  “In the shadows, so no one can see us, just like last time.”

“OK, let’s get this over with, I got a long drive tomorrow.”

The drive to Fairmount Park is initially quiet, Ike was never much of a talker, and she liked that.  This time though, he had something on his mind.

“I think I found you a new girl,” Ike said calmly.

“Oh?  Someone you know?” Kelly said, somewhat amused.

“She’s someone I know sure, a local girl who got busted for fucking a dog.  She might be right up your alley.”

Kelly chuckles.  “There’s a big difference between a dog’s cock and a horse.”

“Have you ever fucked a dog?”

Kelly’s eyebrows rise.  “Of course, but what makes you think this girl would want to turn professional?”

Ike chuckles.  “Life ain’t been too kind to her since it happened,” he said, glancing at her from the driver’s seat.  “The courts let her off with a fine, but her family and everyone have shunned her as a result.  The girl needs a break.”

“Is she from around here?”

“Yeah, she’s my sister,” Ike said and grimaces.  “I told her about you.”

Kelly shouts, “You what?

Ike waves a hand, saying, “Oh, I didn’t go into any details.  I just told her I know of a job where she can make money fucking horses.  I told her she could make so much money that she could leave this town behind and never come back.”

“That wasn’t very smart, Ike.  When the boss hears about this, he’ll kick your ass.”

“But you need help,” Ike said.  “How are you gonna find it working all the time.  You look exhausted.”

As the car turns into the racetrack back entrance, Kelly said, “Well, I appreciate the thought, but we can’t risk this operation with loose talk.  Besides, she’d need to audition to see if she can take a horse cock.”

“This is your lucky night then,” Ike said.  “Cos she’s here now, ready to show you what she’s got.”

Kelly gasps.  “Have you OK’d this with the boss?”

Ike nods.  ‘Sean approves.  But he said it’s up to you.”

Kelly whips out her phone and texts Sean, asking if he knew about Ike’s sister auditioning tonight.  The reply was brief, it read: ‘You need fresh meat, Tina sounds ready to go.’


The hobbler decides to allow it, she could use a night off anyway.  The car stops near a stall.  There isn’t anybody around even though tomorrow is race day.  It amazes Kelly there’s so little security, and what there is looks the other way thanks to a bribe.  Standing near the stall is a skinny black girl, nineteen-years-old, with a nearly flat chest.

“This is Tina,” Ike said, introducing the two.  “Tina, this is Kelly.”

“Hi Kelly,” Tina said in a soft voice.

“So, you wanna get a horse cock up your cunt,” Kelly said coldly.

Tina shuddered and shrugs.  “Might as well, I got nothing else going for me right now.”

“Ike told me.  Why don’t you just become a prostitute then?  A pretty young woman like you could make good money.”

Tina smiles slightly and nods.  “I tried it, but I just don’t like men.  I’m not gay or anything, I’m a zoophile.”

Ike’s eyes bulge.  “A what?

Kelly took his arm and said, “Tina means her sexual preference is for animals, not humans.  I’m the same, really.”  Then to Tina, Kelly said, “You do realize a stallion’s cock is way bigger than a dog’s, even with the knot.”

Tina nods.  “Yeah, I have seen it online.  I got the idea.  But the dog I was fucking when I was busted was a fully grown Great Dane.  I can assure you, he had a huge cock and knot, and I could take it all.”

Ike grimaces, listening to his younger sister talk this way was too much for him.  “I’m gonna leave you ladies to it,” he said and got in the car.  “I’ll be back at four to pick you up.”  The car drives off.

“I’ve never fucked a Great Dane,” Kelly said after the car left, “but I could imagine it.”

“Have you ever fucked a dog, or do you just do horses?” Tina asks.

“I’ve done dogs, sure, and other animals.  OK, let’s get started, we don’t have all night.”  Once inside the stall, Kelly closes the door.  She takes a lamp from her bag and turns it on to illuminate the stall.  “Alright, Tina, take your clothes off.”

The girl complies, and she has a beautiful body under baggy clothes with a big black bush at her groin.  Apart from the visible signs of puberty, Tina looks more like a girl than a woman due to her flat chest and young face.  Kelly hands her some lube.  “Rub this inside your cunt, this cock is gonna stretch you like no dog ever has,” she said.

The brunette leads Tina to the animal’s head.  Tina leans her head back, staring bug-eyed at the large animal, a thoroughbred called ‘Bad Apple.’  The horse’s big black nose quivers, and it steps forward, sniffing the strange naked woman in front of it.  Satisfied the girl isn’t a threat, the horse peels back its thick black rubbery lips and reveals a set of large, yellowish teeth.  Then they part, and a long tongue comes out.  Tina shudders, jerking her head to the right and letting out a rush of air when she feels the horse start licking her chest.

“He’s just trying to be friendly,” Kelly said, feeling her pussy moisten.

There’s something incredibly exciting in Tina’s utter willingness to do this.  A shock of sexual lust rippled through Kelly’s body.  Tina moans while the animal licks her chest and neck in earnest.

Oh God, God,” Tina groans, feeling her knees turn rubbery then buckle.

She’s in a faint, leaning heavily against Kelly.  “Hey Tina, take a look,” Kelly said, pointing to the behind of the horse.  The horse’s cock has begun to stiffen, slithering out of its brown leathery sheath.  The big black greasy cockhead is visible now.  “Take a long look down there,” Kelly said softly in Tina’s ear.

Tina rolls her eyes down and sees the horse’s cock hanging like a large dark brown funnel from between its hindquarters. The animal’s sides are heaving with excitement.  A dull coat of sweat has begun to break out on the horse.  Tina feels a shriek rising in her throat.  Second thoughts rush through her head staring at that giant cock.  Kelly pushes her around to the animal’s ass.  The smell of piss and shit is almost overwhelming.  Tina twists her head away and wrinkles her nose.  She struggles with the thought of letting this horse fuck her then feels Kelly start to push her toward the ground.

“What are you doing to me?” Tina asks.

“Don’t ask questions.  Just get down there and start moving up,” Kelly said, pushing the black girl toward the big horse, then driving her back down.

Tina’s knees buckle suddenly.  She falls to the soft floor quickly, the force of her crashing knocking the wind temporarily out of her.  She feels Kelly pushing her forward again shortly afterward, telling her she’ll have to lick the animal’s hanging balls.

Oh God,” Tina said, grabbing her stomach with both hands to keep from throwing up.

To have something of that animal in her mouth is revolting.  Tina thought she only had to let it fuck her, not this.

“Come on, we don’t have all fucking night,” Kelly barks.

Tina crawls reluctantly forward, feeling the straw stubble digging into her knees.  The horse is prancing slightly back and forth.  She can hear its dense, shallow breathing.  Bad Apple is unsure about what’s going on behind him.  The horse can hear Tina’s occasional groans.  But nothing tells the horse what that girl is doing now between its hindquarters.

“That’s a boy,” Kelly said consolingly, going to the horse’s head and stroking it.

Meanwhile, Tina slides under the animal’s balls and is looking up at them.  They’re huge-big, fat, shaped like ripe coconuts, hanging down from the horse’s sheath.  She touches the right nut lightly with her fingertips.  The horse neighs loudly, its sides shivering with excitement while its hoofs stomp the ground menacingly.  After Kelly stroked the animal’s head and neck a few more times, it calms enough for Tina to keep going.

“Keep it up, Tina.  He likes it,” Kelly said, nestling the horse’s head between her torso and right arm.  “The more we get him worked up before the sex, the more energy the orgasm will take out of him.”

Tina reaches up again, touching the hanging brown sacs.  The only reaction now is an excited snort.  ‘At least he isn’t trying to trample me to death,’ Tina thought.  She toys with the big balls, pushing them from side to side, letting them go and watching those sacs swing like pendulums from right to left.  After a while, the teenager thought it fun doing this.  But then the thought of what’s to come sobered Tina.  She let go of the big balls, dropping her hands to her sides and pushing up her face.  Now is the time to take a good taste of those balls.

Uhhhh,’’ Tina groans, running her tongue lightly along the crack separating the horse’s fat nuts.

The smell of piss and shit nearly makes her want to vomit.  She’s close to the asshole now.  Between the trembling hindquarters, Tina can see the horse’s black tail swishing jerkily from left to right.  The horse’s belly sags in the middle, pressing on the back of her head.  Resting her hands on her thighs, the black teenager continues lapping at the horse’s balls.  She drags her lips along the sacs until she finds herself bumping against its cock.  Tina keeps on repeating this action for several minutes while Kelly watches.

“OK, OK,” Kelly said, bending and reaching under. “Time to get this horse off.”

Kelly goes to the corner and grabs a bale of hay, carries it, and places it in the middle of the stall.   She does this with several bales until she has built a platform approximately four feet from the ground.  She then throws a blanket over it.

“Over on it, Tina. You’re gonna love this,” Kelly whispers.

The young black woman sucked in a deep breath, then did as told.

Kelly turns the horse around, leading it to the girl’s exposed ass.  The big animal’s brown eyes roll around in its head.  Dropping its mouth down, the horse peeled back its thick lips and dropped out its tongue.  Tina shudders, feeling a sudden warm breath of air against her ass crack.  That’s quickly followed by a warm, wet sensation across her right buttock.  The horse is lapping at her ass, letting its tongue slosh around her butt cheeks as it neighs nervously with excited expectation.

Tina presses her thighs harder against the edge of the hay platform, now ignoring the knife-like stabs of the stubble.  There can be no excitement this time, although she must admit her clit is responding slightly to the hot, wet licking.  If only for the sudden fear of that cunt-splitting horse cock ramming her, she’d have let herself go and drink in that wonderfully moist sensation taking over her ass.  But all Tina can think of is how her vagina will stretch and stretch until finally tearing wide open.

Kelly was right, not even a Great Dane can compete with that monster horse cock,’ Tina thought.

“Up,” Kelly suddenly said.

That simple word sends shivers of terror through Tina’s body.  She feels her shoulders and thighs quivering with fear.  In a moment, the animal is coming toward her, pressing its flat black nose against her lower back. There’s some commotion behind her, and then the hay shudders as the big animal rears back, lifting its forelegs, then resting them on either side of Tina’s hands.

The young black woman shrinks away from the horse’s belly.  She’s completely covered by the animal.  Her knees shake, threatening to give way, and then the girl is aware of something incredibly hot and moist pressing against her ass cheeks.  It’s the animal’s cock, hot, hard, ready to ream out her vagina.  Tina curls her fingers and digs them into the hay platform.  Her eyes close, and she utters a muffled prayer.

Kelly bends, positioning Tina’s ass so it’ll tilt more and take the animal’s cock easily. Tina holds her breath and waits for the horse’s cock to start in on her pussy.  It comes quickly.  The girl’s eyelids flutter open, and her lower jaw slackens.  She feels a steady hot pressure against her pussy lips, forcing them in with the downward thrust the cock is making.

Ahhhhh,’’ Tina groans, digging her fingernails harder into the hay.

Kelly is making the animal fuck her hard and fast.  She feels her sensitive cuntal walls stretching apart incredibly, strained to the ripping point by the horse’s fat cockhead.  Tina wants to vomit, to scream, to do anything to get away, yet she can’t; this is her only hope of getting out of this terrible place in her life.

Down, down went the animal’s fat cock.  The young girl’s legs shudder, then fly apart to either end of the hay to make the horse fuck easier.  Tina’s face flushes red and pinches with pain.  The cords in her neck stand out while the tendons in her thighs and arms bulge.  She seems like a piece of wood spiked by a long black spear.

AHHHHH,” Tina moans.

The pain is too much.  She shudders, clawing wildly at the hay as the first five inches stuff themselves into her cunt.  More and more of that hot horse meat feeds into her belly.  The pain is radiating through her cunt, to her ass and breasts.  How much more could she stand?  Yet amazingly, Tina finds her cunt is more elastic than she thought.  Sprawled across the hay bales, the young black woman finds her cunt able to take the animal’s cock more easily as her muscles relaxed.

“He’s halfway in, a good ten inches,” Kelly said, nodding.  “Impressive.”

Tina let out a breath with a whoosh, then sucks in another.  Her cheeks puff out while her face turns redder than before.  The animal snorts loudly above her, then starts pulling out its massive cock.  The girl let out a moan, fearing the cock is tearing out her insides with that movement.  Then the horse stops, seems to catch its breath, and feeds its meat back into the black teen.

“OHHHHHHH,” Tina cried.

‘Bad Apple’ is fucking her now.  Really drilling its cock into her vagina.  The horse won’t be able to feed all its cock into the moaning, twisting teenager, but it’s satisfied to fuck half its cock in and out of her cunt.  Tina starts babbling, digging her toes into the loose dirt underneath and begging the animal to stop before it rips her apart.

But Kelly isn’t controlling the horse.  It starts curving its equine back, arching it up as it fucks the black girl faster and faster.  Hot tears of shame and agony roll down Tina’s flushed cheeks.  She sobs, chokes, gags, praying to God to make the animal get off her.  But the young black woman’s prayers go unanswered.  The big horse hammers away, pushing its cock deeper and deeper until Tina thought it might come out of her mouth.

After what seems an age of fast, hard-fucking, the horse suddenly stops its movements. Tina opens her eyes and sees a myriad of bright lights flashing in front of her.  Her body feels light and on fire.  The killing ache that surrounded her violated cunt replaced by a hot, tingling sensation.  It isn’t the feeling she’d had with the other men, or even with the two dogs she’s fucked. Nevertheless, the pain is gone.

Tina sees Kelly smiling at her from across the stall.  “Bad Apple’s gonna dump his load,” Kelly said in a soft voice but loud enough for Tina to hear.

The young black woman feels her flesh crawl at the sound of those words.  “AHHHHH,” Tina moans like a wounded animal

She knows it’s true.  Tina hears the big animal’s breathing catch, then become shallow and irregular.  Rolling her head to one side, she gazes up and sees the horse’s brown eyes quivering and glaze over. It’s that same dull, dumb look she recognizes in the men who had fucked her just before they sprayed their jizz into her cunt.

“There he goes,” Kelly said.

Tina sucks in a deep breath and holds it, feeling her brain spin around then go numb.  It’s true.  She can feel her itchy cuntal walls spread apart, pushed out by the ballooning of the big horse’s cock.  It’s swelling with lust, getting ready to blow the first thick wad of animal jizz.  Then it happened.  Tina drops her head to the hay, banging her forehead in despair against the dry grass as she feels something hot and sticky burn into her cuntal walls.  Then another wad comes, and then another and another until she feels her vagina drenched with horse semen.  It’s filling her tight little hole, scalding the walls of her cunt, finally spilling out from the corners of her tightly stretched pussy lips.  The girl can feel the horse’s sperm running over her pubic hairs, matting them down with its sticky, disgusting consistency.

The shooting seems to last forever, although in truth Tina’s fucking is only a matter of minutes.  When the animal’s done, it backs carefully off the makeshift platform, dropping to the ground while pulling its cock out of the still-moaning girl.  Tina slides off the hay after the animal moves back, crumbling into a useless heap on the floor.  She lies stretched on the straw, her legs crossed at the ankles one over the other while her arms are high above her head and over her face.

“Come on, Tina.  It isn’t all that bad,” Kelly said softly.

“Not that bad?” Tina repeats numbly.

“You wanted to try out, so now you see it’s not as easy as you thought.”

“No, it was nothing like I expected,” Tina said.  “You were right, that cock was huge.”

Kelly shrugs.  “I’ve had bigger,” she said.  “But the jobs not done yet.”

Tina’s eyes open wide.  “What?”

“You don’t think one cum is gonna hobble a horse, do you?  If you wanna work for me, then you must make the horse cum as many times as you can, in the time you have.”  Kelly glances at her phone to see the time.  “We still have an hour and a half before Ike is back.”

“I don’t think I could take it again.  I need time to recover,” Tina whines.

“Then use your mouth, hands, and even your asshole to make that animal jizz at least half a dozen times before we leave.  You’ve done it once, we got five more cums to milk outta that cock.”

“Oh, God,” Tina moans.

“Come on, either get to work or get out.  Make your mind up.”  When Tina hesitates, Kelly stomps to the stall door and opens it.  “Get out, you’re wasting my time.  I have work to do here, and babysitting a silly young girl is not part of my job.  I could’ve had two cums out of him by now.”

Tina gets to her feet, and the thought of leaving is strong.  What she just experienced was nothing like Ike had said.  Then, as Tina stares at Kelly’s stern face, a spark of defiance rises in the skinny black girl, and a new resolve breaks in her heart,

“No, I’m gonna prove I can do it,” Tina said with her hands on her hips.

“Then get to work, stupid bitch,” Kelly barks and shuts the door.

Kelly immediately climbs aboard Bad Apple.  The stallion’s coat lathered with sweat and it feels damp, warm, and good when the brunette spreads the bare cheeks of her ass across the horse’s broad back.  Down below, Tina is preparing the racehorse for another fuck.  Handling the horse’s big cock without the slightest bit of self-consciousness now, she lubricates it with her lips and tongue.  Soon the dark organ is as stiff as a board and glistening with her spit.

Mmmmmm, you’re ready, aren’t you, Bad Apple?” Tina coos to the snorting horse. “Ready to stick your big cock into my tight pussy again and fuck my brains out.”

Letting go of the horse’s throbbing cock, Tina drops to her knees under Bad Apple’s belly.  Then her shapely ass sticks straight in the air.  When she spread her ass cheeks, her rear-opening cunt is only inches from the head of the beast’s cock.

Sitting atop Bad Apple, Kelly reacts instinctively.  Gouging her heels into the horse’s ribs as if a cowboy wearing spurs, she urges the stallion forward.  Bad Apple slams his hard-on in a straight line toward Tina’s gaping vagina.

Oooooooo,” Tina moans loudly, as the horse’s immense cock travels inch after inch within her again.

After Bad Apple’s initial penetration had buried about half the horse’s cock in Tina’s cunt, she takes the initiative to enclose the rest.  Wriggling her ass in a rolling, rocking rhythm of stark sensuality, she gradually draws back against the animal’s loins.  By the time the physical limitations of her nineteen-year-old body force her to stop, Tina has nearly three-quarters of the stallion’s gargantuan cock stuffed up her tight cunt.  Better than the first time when she fought it.

Now that both are satisfied with the depth of the insertion, Tina and Bad Apple get down to the business of serious fucking.  It’s apparent from the first lurch of the horse’s flanks and her delighted squeals that this time things were going much better.  Perched on the sweaty back of the racehorse, Kelly bounces, going up in the air higher and landing harder the faster and more furiously the stallion fucks Tina.  Every time her bare butt strikes the horse’s back, Kelly’s pussy loudly squishes out the juice.  It’s like sliding around on a freshly shampooed carpet.

I love it,” Tina squeals. “I love it.  It feels so fucking good.”

Well, it certainly looks good to Kelly.  She wishes it were her getting it in the tail from this big, muscular stud.  The brunette is sure she’ll get a chance tonight.  Then the bucking stops.  Now Bad Apple concentrates on making the deepest penetration he can.  Obviously, the racehorse is getting ready to shoot its load.  The horse whinnies excitedly, and then let go. The orgasm is so intense on an animal the horse’s size.  Kelly can feel the vibrations from the horse’s sudden ejaculation.

God, if the impact is this intense second-hand, what must Tina be going through,’ Kelly wonders?

The answer, of course, is ecstasy.  Sheer ecstasy.  Tina is screaming with joy.  At once, Kelly has an inspiration.  Sliding from Bad Apple’s slick back, she drops to the ground. There the older woman quickly launches an oral attack on the union of a horse cock and teenage pussy.  Since the jizz is streaming in excess from the side of Tina’s cock-stretched slit, Kelly can swallow mouthful after mouthful of the beautiful stuff.  When Bad Apple’s cock finally pulls free of Tina’s cunt, Kelly licks it.  It’s covered with its own succulent discharge.

Eventually, Kelly laps the horse-cock squeaky clean keeping the horse hard for another assault.  With her last mouthful of jizz, she turns around and falls on top of Tina.  Kissing her deeply, Kelly transfers the wad of animal semen from her mouth to Tina’s, forcing it down her throat with a ram-rodding tongue.  When Kelly pulls away, Tina groans disappointedly.

“We’re not here for each other,” Kelly whispers.  “Bad Apple is still hard, so you need to make him cum again.”

Tina sighs.  “I’m not sure if my pussy can take another fucking,” she said.

“You’ve got a mouth, suck him off.  Come on, you’re not doing too well in this audition, are you.  The people hiring us for this are not the kind you want to piss off, Tina.  They’ll put a bullet in you without a thought.”

That seems to motivate the girl, and she grabs the hard cock and starts licking the head.  Not long after, a full blowjob is making the horse quiver all over.

“Good, good,” Kelly said, watching intently.  “Suck that cock like a total slut, make him cum.  You have to drain those balls before we leave, and there’s still a lot of cum in them.”


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