Big City Blue

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Big City Blue
Big City Blue
Year: 2017
Hazel has moved to New York with her big dog “Blue” hoping she can make it big in the city that never sleeps. However, she never thought she’d be making it with her dog!
Moe Lester
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“Prepare yourself, Hazel honey. I promise you never have anything to equal to this.” Angel whispers in a feverish whisper.

Her naked ass raises high and her trembling thighs spread wide, Hazel tries to twist her head with cheek still pressed against the bed to get some conception of what is about to happen behind her kneeling body.  She sees Blue standing with ears erect and open-jaw, his lengthy pink tongue hanging loose and to one side while his rounded, brown eyes gleamed at her salaciously displayed ass cheeks.  At the same time, she sees and feels Angel’s hands on the stretched ass cheeks, luridly spreading them wider apart.

“There, Blue,” Angel’s husky voice said.  “Did you ever see a more inviting sight?  Oh, Hazel, you’ve got the tiniest pink asshole ever.  I’ve just gotta kiss it.”

A passionate shiver ripples over Hazel’s body as she feels the older woman’s face nuzzling warmly between the half-moons of her spread open ass.  Then, the delightful sensations her moistened lips incited as they press hotly against the tiny, sensitive opening of her puckered anus.  Her lewdly searching tongue tip follows to lick and probe, pressuring slightly into the reflexively clenching orifice, while Hazel gasps in pleasure beneath the black woman’s lascivious mouthing.  Blue’s whimper floats to her ears, then Angel’s delicious manipulations stop.

“Alright, alright, boy,” Hazel hears her say.  “Now it’s your turn.  Go ahead while I hold her open for you.  C’mon—C’mon, boy—That’s the boy.”

Automatically, Hazel finds herself trying to spread her straining thighs even wider, picturing narcissistically the obscene appearance of her voluptuous nakedness in her mind’s eye.  She hears her dog’s excited panting and senses his hot breath against the soft white mounds of her ass.  Then, she feels his long tongue slithering hotly into the smooth crevice separating them.  Again, Hazel moans at the electrifying contact, immediate, feverish impulses of lust stab wildly through her warmly secreting pussy and quaking belly.  What Angel doesn’t know, Hazel thought, is I have already and most definitely been introduced to the heavenly wonders of my animal lover’s lust-quenching tongueBut I won’t tell her, as I need to cum.  She wildly remembers the dynamic climax Blue had brought her earlier this day.

She feels Angel’s hands lewdly clutching at her upraised ass, pulling the soft cheeks farther apart to give Blue full access to her vulnerable gaping anus.  His hot tongue wetly caresses it, then goes lower to splay open her tender blonde-fringed pussy lips, grazing the seething pink cuntal flesh on its way to her hardened little clitoris.  She gasps out in impassioned joy, trying to inch her knees even farther apart and open the pulsating pink crevice between her straining thighs wider to him.  His long, curling animal-tongue thrust ardently, sweeping in an obscene liquid flame through the sizzling wet inner flesh of her loins and flicking at the tiny grasping mouth of her tight cunt.  The tongue strokes her hungrily offered loins to a still more intense heat before he suddenly moves into an unexpected, astonishing position behind her kneeling form.  Hazel tenses as her massive pet’s furry body crowds in close against her upraised ass.  She’s abruptly aware Blue is standing on his hind legs, his powerful forelegs gripping at the naked flesh of her hips.  Motherfucker, he must be mounting me, she thought amazed.

She cranes her neck, hardly raising her face from the bed to gape wildly back at him. There isn’t any doubt about it.  He intends to fuck her, just as if she was a bitch-in-heat and Angel is egging him on.

“Thatta boy, Blue.  Do Hazel the way you do me,” Angel’s husky voice luridly goads.  “Don’t be scared, Hazel.  It’s beautiful and you’re gonna love it.”

Hazel’s desire infused brain whirls with the incredulous salacity of it.  She tries to catch a glimpse of her passionate neighbor’s face but Angel has turned away and is reaching for something, her purse.  Hazel’s efforts to breathe seem to choke in her throat.

“Omigod, Angel.  I don’t know.  It’s absolutely obscene being fucked by a dog,” Hazel said.

“Yes, it truly is obscene,” Angel whispers, “and you’re gonna love it.  Wait, I’ll fix the mirror so you can watch.”

Oh God, this in unbelievable, Hazel thought.  Her mind reels, her naked young curves tremble to the erotic stimulation Angel’s and Blue’s lashing tongues had fired in her alcohol sensitized flesh.  Then, in the mirror Angel had adjusted for her, she stares at the sight of their lewdly locked position, sensually moaning at the lust flaming reflection.  The bestial obscenity of the huge German shepherd astride her widespread white ass cheeks sends irresistible charges of seething passion raging through her quivering body.  Then Hazel sees it, and she gasps at the breathtaking sight of his glistening scarlet cock slipping out from its long furry sheath, wet, red and hard, the tapered length wagging obscenely as it inched forward, its bevel-topped head reaching and probing the wet pink slit of her feverish cunt.  She feels Blue’s powerful animal body jerk against her smooth ass, sees his thickly dangling cock trying to penetrate the tiny mouth of her upturned cunt.

He whines aloud, almost in desperation, his forepaws making new demands against her naked hips as he jerks and stumbled on his hind legs, eagerly struggling to bury the sleek, throbbing spear of his raw animal hardness inside her steaming human pussy.  Hazel stares at it all in the mirror, hers and Angel’s heavy breathing thundering in her ears.  She shifts her lewdly elevated ass in little wanton circles back at the still growing dog cock, hypnotized by its glistening red dance, the tension inside her reaching a nearly unbearable degree.  Ooh yes, yes, I want it, she thought wildly.  Her beautiful boy’s long thick cock burning right into the aching depths of her throbbing hot cunt.

Help him, Hazel.  Motherfucker, how can you stand waiting?” Angel said beside her.  “Just watching is driving me mad.  Go on—Grab it—Grab that cock—Put it in for him.”

Hazel, with little mewling sounds subconsciously escaping her lips, reaches between the yawning white columns of her thighs and grasps her pet’s slippery hardness, spread the silken curls of her cuntal hair with its cone-shaped head, and guides the hot thick tip into her wetly nibbling pussy lips.  Spontaneously, the instinct-driven German shepherd humps forward, bursting his solid cock from her grasp as he plunges deep into her pussy.  Wider and wider, he stretches the moist, sensitive passage, sending his flesh-searing rod slicing cruelly into the churning wet heat of her quaking belly.

Uh—Ooooo—Ahhh—God,” Hazel moans as she feels herself being stuffed full to the brim in Blue’s unbroken forward lunge.

She watches in the vanity mirror with bug-eyed fascination as the huge, scarlet length of blood-swollen dog-flesh slithers in with a fierce wet charge, burying itself to the very hilt in her shockingly stretched cunt.  She feels and sees her new lover’s heavy, sperm-bloated balls swing savagely, smacking flat against her blonde pussy hair as her breath burst from her lungs.  The painful sensation of inner expansion comes with a delayed impact to explode through her obscenely impaled loins, forcing guttural groans from her half-open lips.

Oooo—ha-ah—ha-ahh—ahhhhhhrrrr,” she moans, her wide-eyed gaping unseeingly as her panting animal lover fucks rapidly into her cunt from behind.

Her head jars against the pillow from his every powerful, breast-quivering charge, Hazel tries to concentrate on the reflected sight of his long thick scarlet cock plunging wetly between her open thighs as she begins to move lewdly backward to meet his breathtaking, brute strokes.  Angel’s presence is obliterated as frenzied sensations of lust spread through Hazel’s sensuously slaving body heaving backward onto the relentless dog cock skewering deeper and deeper into her flame-filled belly from behind.  Furiously, the huge German shepherd batters his loins against his mistress’s supple ass cheeks, his pulsating rod of flesh sinking each time to its full blood hardened length into the moistly sucking depths of her clasping cunt.

Whimpering uncontrollably, Hazel rotates her ass around and around the pleasure-giving shaft in a building wanton furor, grinding her greedily clinging cuntal sheath back over the length of piercing animal cock in masochistic need.  The unmistakable beacon of her approaching orgasm flashes through the blonde’s passion-crazed young body, a fantastic promise of still greater bliss soon to come.  It coils through her seething loins as if a showering burst of fireworks, and singes the underside of her trembling belly with its loin tingling sensations.  She moans in lustful intoxication as the jagged edges of her mounting sensual rapture stab at her abdomen and ogles the mirror to watch her dog’s long, thick dog dick wetly disappearing between the soft whiteness of her absorbing ass.  His savage fucking is rapid, with hammering strokes.

She sees her own pink cunt-flesh clinging to his huge, handsome hardness when he pulls out of her, then disappearing back into her hungry passage with every new thrust.  His heavy, cum-laden balls solidly pummeling her unprotected clitoris below between the blood-swollen lips of her lust-inflamed pussy.  Hazel’s brain is spinning with the effect of such never before experienced carnality, her eyes feasting on the hedonistic spectacle of her full white breasts, suspended and quivering beneath her body as she raises partway from the bed.  In the mirror, they seem to ripple like ripe mounds of lush, pink tipped fruit before Blue’s breathtaking barrage.  She sees the flailing veil of her long, blonde hair as she tosses her head in a maddened cadence to the thorough fucking her dog is pounding into her, and pleasureful moans hiss loudly from her heaving chest.

Ahhhrrrr, God, I’m getting fucked,” she moans, quivering with mounting excitement. “He’s really fucking me.  Mmm, my pussy’s so hotFuck me, Blue, fuck me.”

The passionate, pleading tone to her voice let Blue know he’s pleasing her.  He whines in panting response as he hammers instinctively into her tight, slippery cunt from behind.  He knows he’s bringing her joy by the way she’s thrusting her soft female cunt willingly back onto his aching hardness.  The wet heat of her human cunt is clenching greedily at him, even more so than hers of the dark skin had done, and his blood pounds hotly through his straining body for her.  He feels the dribbling wetness against his throbbing loins as it trickled the soft, smooth backs of her thighs from where he’s locked into her loins.  His tongue hangs loose and dripping from his open jaws with the fierce pressure growing inside his raging loins.  Then he sees the dark skinned one’s naked body crawling upward on the bed toward his mistress’s face, yet he hardly pays attention.  Only his roaring hardness thundering into the hotly milking core between his golden-haired mistress’s long, white legs means anything to him.

“Is it beautiful, Hazel?” Angel leans to whisper close against the impassioned woman’s flushed young face.  “Have you ever had a more filling, capable cock fuck you by any man? Be honest, have you?”

“No, no, Angel.  It’s beautiful.  Oh God, he’s driving me mad with it,” Hazel moans, her long blonde hair flailing as she tosses her head from side to side with rapture.

Vaguely, she realizes Angel is positioning herself beside her head on the pillow, spreading her shapely black legs apart and inching her curved hips downward until her dark, curl-covered loins are directly below Hazel’s face.  Then she lay partway back, her hands stroking over the smooth black flesh of her belly and hips, moving inward with extended fingers toward the pouting, hair-fringed cunt-lips so erotically placed there.  Fascinated by the added, lustful sight, Hazel tries to hold her head steady, a next to impossible feat with her German shepherd’s huge cock pummeling her with trip-hammer velocity.  Her mouth waters with an unfamiliar, lewd desire as Angel’s fingers slowly spreads her fleshy cunt lips apart from either side, the pink inner-flesh glistening moistly as it clung then separated viscidly before Hazel’s avid stare.

Angel holds her pussy lips open so the soft wet inner folds are completely revealed in a lewd pink shimmering display, her pulsing clitoris erect, the tiny slit of her urethra clearly visible, while the secreting oval of her vaginal mouth works hungrily in search of something to fill it.  The raven curls and dark skin bordering the pink, desire-moistened flesh contrasts sharply, and it’s more than Hazel can resist.

“Don’t be afraid, you’ll love this, too,” Angel hotly whispers.  “Go ahead, lick my cunt while Blue fucks you with his big cock.  That’s right, snuggle your pretty face right in there close and eat me.”

Hazel is too overcome with lust to be afraid. Her hesitation as she slowly lowers her face closer to the older woman’s nakedly waiting loins is only to feast her eyes on the lascivious sight.  She hasn’t ever been this close to another woman’s pussy, has never even touched one other than her own.  Then Angel’s hands move away, letting the resilient outer lips of her cunt fold back in to kiss each other, leaving just a slender slit this is even more entrancing to her.  Hazel studies its long, tongue beckoning line downward to where it joined the rounded black ovals of her ass just above the crinkled circle of Angel’s tight little anus.  A heady essence, a perfumed spice of desire-filled heat stings her nostrils, causing them to flare excitedly.  She feels the older woman suddenly reaching beneath to her swollen, nipple-straining breasts.

A white-hot flame of lust rages within Hazel as she greedily spread her passionate neighbor’s flushed cunt-lips open with her thumbs, and mindlessly thrust her tongue greedily into the simmering liquid flesh.  While Angel’s voluptuous body squirms in naked pleasure and moans of lust-incited joy gurgled from her throat, Hazel’s young brain whirls in the overwhelming passion seizing control from her cock-stuffed body.  She whimpers into the hot, fluid flesh of Angel’s wide-splayed cunt in time to the maddening dog fucking she’s getting from behind, while her eagerly exploring tongue licks and probes its way over the pungent-tasting secret hollows of Angel’s pussy flesh.  It races inside the older woman’s seething cunt, feeling the pulsating clasp of her inner walls as she rotates her lewdly invading tongue.  Then she wiggles the tip into the moaning black woman’s tiny urethral slit, taunting it for a full minute before dropping to do the same to the puckered little rectal opening below.

Finally, with a long up-sweeping lick, she hungrily centers on Angel’s frantically throbbing clitoris, alternately caressing and stabbing at the tiny erect bud, sucking it between her soft lips to gently nip and worry it with the edges of her even teeth.

Oh—ooooooo—faaaaaaaaark,” Angel pants, fucking her pussy with her nice tongue. “Lick it—Eeeeeeeeeeeat it—Shove your fingers in my pussy and asshole—Both together—Please—It drives me wild.”

A series of screaming little sensuous impulses shot through Hazel’s erotic nerve centers at her neighbor’s lewd request.  She’s incited as much by the thought of what it must feel like to be so obscenely ravaged as she is by the licentious thought of being the aggressor.  With open mouth and lips immersed in Angel’s wetly streaming cunt, Hazel excitedly placed the thumb and middle finger of one hand at the two intimate orifices.  Gently forcing first her middle finger, she slipped its tip just inside the tightly resistant opening of Angel’s anus, then, insinuating the other in her hotly nibbling cuntal mouth, she plunges the pair of stiffened fingers obscenely into the squirming woman’s two burning channels.

AHHHHHHHRRRR—GOD YEEEEESS—That’s it—Ooohhhhhh—finger fuck me hard,” the older woman moans, her voluptuous body jerking convulsively as it begins a lurid rhythmic undulation against Hazel’s enveloping mouth and salaciously plunging fingers. “Oooooo—harder—Fuck them hard—ooohhhh—Bite my clit—Like that.—Yes, like that—Oh, Hazel—I’m gonna cum in a minute.”

Cum? Cum? Motherfucker, Hazel’s mind screams.  I’m gonna shatter into a million pieces any second. She can feel Blue’s thickly expanding cock still plowing without cease into the soft hot depths of her churning belly with its hard pointed tip.  Her burning pussy-channel is totally stuffed with its rampaging hardness, her feverishly clasping vaginal walls working in a rhythmic spasming action around the long thick shaft of dog flesh as if it’s a separate entity from the rest of her lust crazed naked body.  Her loins throb unbearably from the wild incessant pounding his sperm-bloated balls are giving them.  She’s nothing short of being on the verge of sensual insanity.

I’M CUUUUUUUUMMING!” Angel suddenly screams, her hands frantically winding in Hazel’s long blonde hair as she smothers the younger woman’s face tighter against the wide-split opening of her hotly spewing cunt.

Slave-like, Hazel gives herself completely to the pleasure bringing task, knowing the heavenly delight the other has to be reveling in as she fucks her fingers brutally into the wet, clutching heat of Angel’s spasming cunt and anus.  Gently she tongue strokes the straining little bud in her mouth, while her stiff fingers continue to plunge in and out, in and out, then she has to stop.  She raises her cunt-smeared face to choke out a throaty, animalistic cry.  Her glazed eyes grow round and unseeing.

OOOOOOO—GOD—It’s too much—I’m going wild,” Hazel moans but her voice is a strangled mixture of sob and ragged sigh.

Her head tosses frantically and her long, blonde hair streams as she begins the first erotic contractions of a violent orgasm.  Wildly, she skewers her undulating ass back onto Blue’s long thick cock in a sluttish frenzy.  The first seizure struck her with all the force of a lightning bolt and she slams her naked ass cheeks back hard onto the deep-thrust red animal-cock with a desperate lunge.  Simultaneously, Blue fucks forward with a deep growl, his massive animal hardness beginning to spew its scalding dog-sperm deep into her madly churning belly in long hard spurts.

Ooooo—GOD—I’m cumming!” Hazel whimpers, her jerking ass contracting convulsively to the eruption exploding as if a boiling geyser in her soft white belly and loins.

She throws her head from side to side in the ecstasy of her release.  At last gaping at the mirror to see the combination of human and animal cum oozing whitely from her clenching cuntal mouth still milking hungrily at her beautiful German shepherd’s cock. Thin rivulets of their sticky white fluids run hotly down her smooth inner thighs, and when she can no longer watch, she pitches forward onto her breasts, her face nestling against Angel cum-flooded loins as a sigh of ultimate pleasure slowly escaped her lips.


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