The Switch

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The Switch
The Switch
Year: 2017
Nick unwittingly discovers his sisters secret sin — bestiality — in a most unusual way.
Sheela B.
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She gasps. “Noooo,” she said, shivering involuntarily as the warm, wet tongue washes along the crevice of her tremulous ass.  “I didn’t—Ahhh—think about—Ooooh—you wanting to do this.”  The animal keeps plunging his tongue through her ass cheeks and over her cunt.  “Stop it—Ooooo—Stop it!” Nikki moans, squirming with a blast of unbidden sensual discomfort making her weak in the knees.

She tries to pull away from the lewdly behaving beast, she would’ve crawled over the table if she had the strength, however, every time she moves her behind, he follows insistently, working his snout deeper into the cleavage of her soft white ass cheeks.  Nikki scoots halfway around the table before she leans limply forward with her head in her arms and gives in to the irresistible pleasure of his lust-inciting tongue.

Oooo—what are you doing to me?

The lapping tongue against her loins feels good, there’s no denying it.  She knows it’s wrong to let an animal lick her there, and her face flushes at her moral impasse.  I tried to stop him, didn’t I, she thought?  Oh, what can it hurt?  He’s only spit-bathing my ass, and it feels so niceIt’s no different from letting a pet lick your hand or face.  However, in the back of her mind, she knows better, because if her Bear was merely licking her hand or face it wouldn’t be causing butterflies in her stomach or sending ripples of illicit pleasure up her spine.

“I shouldn’t let you do this to me,” she said to Bear over her shoulder.  “But go ahead, no one will ever know, will they?  Oh yes, do it, lick me deep—Ooooo—get that tongue in there deep—Mmmm—use that hot tongue—Ahhrrrr—Omigod that feels good.”

Her teeth catch her lower lip, she lets her large, large tits flatten against the table top, takes hold of her white ass cheeks, and pulls the twin mounds apart.

Fuck,” she moans, rocking her flared hips as the Rottweiler licks hotly right into the puckered brown orifice of ass.  “It may be nasty, but it sure is nice.”

She doesn’t want him to stop now.  This isn’t sex, yet it’s close enough.  Having her butt licked is a form of tantalizing torture, and she thought she may cum if only he keeps going for a few minutes longer.  With her head resting on the table, she can’t see his canine cock is hardening swiftly, inch by inch of it sliding all red and gleaming, wet from the furry sheath in front of his large, dangling testicles.  So far as Bear is concerned, licking his mistress’ ass is a pleasant pastime, however, only a prelude to bigger and better things to come.  He’s through with her rectum now, and ready to move on to the next warming-up exercise, which means paying the same lingual attention to the moistening split below her ass.

What?  Omigod, you can’t—Oooooo,” Nikki moans in pleasured shock when she feels his educated tongue slap wetly over her shaved pussy lips and wriggle thrillingly between the puffy softness.

The tongues tip tickling the nerve-laden bud of her blood-enlarged clitoris as he drags his tongue up through the trough of her aroused pussy and gives her anus another mind-numbing lick.   Nikki hadn’t expected anything like this, however, it feels so terrific she isn’t about to object.

Yes, yes, yes,” she moans and sighs, a sensuous smile washing over her face.  “Oh, you naughty dog, it feels divine!  Lick my pussy!  Lick deeper—Oooooo—into it—GO DEEP!

Yet, her mind is trying to get through to the horny woman.  This is so wrong, she thought, however, her mind is fuzzy and she doesn’t care.  What would Sue think if he could see me now, she wonders?  Oh, to hell with it, there’s no one in the house but Bear and me, and wrong or not, I LIKE what he’s doing to me now!  I wanna cum so bad!  She’s slipping into a mood she hasn’t known for years.  What Bear is doing to her is so forbidden and erotic, and it makes her feel the way she had as a teenager when first awakened to sex.  However, this is much more sinful than anything she ever did as a teenager.  To allow the huge dog to lick her privates gives her an even greater thrill than she’s known before.  Bear’s tongue is so hot and scratchy, it feels marvelous.  She spread her legs a fraction more, her lower abdomen settles upon the table, the edge of it pressing into the fronts of her fleshy thighs, and she sighs softly with her eyes closed while she shamelessly exposes her cunt.  Sticking her inflamed pussy up and out, wagging almost imperceptibly from side to side and up and down.

Ooooo—Ahhh—deeper—lick it deeper,” she moans.

With her legs slowly inching wider apart, the hairy crack between them opens bit-by-bit as the Rottweiler’s tongue laps incessantly between her labia to collect the slippery clear fluids oozing from her secreting cunt.  Nikki loses herself completely in the mind-fogging pleasure of the lurid act, she’s read of such things with a sense of revulsion in the past and had been unable to understand how any woman would do such a thing.  However, now it’s happening to her, a basically decent person, and it feels so fantastic, she can’t honestly blame any woman for enjoying the wicked pleasures of a lapping animal tongue.  Bear is licking beyond her outer pussy lips now, and it’s getting better by the second.  She shivers with lascivious delight as she feels his rough tongue scrubbing the highly sensitive folds of reddish tissue comprising the vestibule of her aroused, tingling cunt.  The upper surface of his canine taste organ drags abrasively over the tender tip of her hardened clitoris.

Mmmm—Oooo—Aaaahhhrrr,” she moans, her hands trembling fists, and strands of black hair hang over her face.

Nikki feels this can go on for hours because she’s enjoying it to the utmost.  So is the Rottweiler, and his cock is fully erect now with a clear liquid dripping from its pointed tip.  His sperm-burdened testicles transmit a message to his canine brain, and he backs off, licking his chops.

“Oh no, don’t stop now,” Nikki groans.

Her orgasm is close, and she wants it desperately.

She needn’t have worried about being deserted in her moment of carnal craving, for the instinctive urge to copulate has taken over the Rottweiler.  Up he rears, his forepaws moving across her ass and up her back as he jumps forward on his hind legs.  She gasps loudly as she realizes what’s happening.

Omigod, noooooo—not THAT!” Nikki shouts.  A flash of fear-filled alarm makes her body jerk.  “Get down—No, you mustn’t—This is so wrong—BEAR, STOP!

Bear has his own ideas on the matter, and he won’t be denied.  When she swings her arm back, attempting to knock him off he growls at her for the first time, giving her the same vicious warning he gave to the cowering meter reader a few days earlier.  The growl scares the crap out of Nikki.  Then she watched in horror as his powerful jaws enclose her upper arm, the sharp points of his menacingly bared teeth prick yet don’t break her skin.  Nikki panics, if he bites down, those fangs will rip her flesh and crush the bone.

Alright, alright,” she groans in a voice thin with terror.  “I wasn’t fighting you.  Do what you will, only, dear God, don’t hurt me.”

He releases her arm, and Nikki breathes a sigh of relief.  Beads of cold sweat drip from her skin, and her heart hammers against her rib cage.  The palms of her clenched hands are moist with perspiration.  The hulking dog is going to stick his dirty animal cock into her, and there’s nothing she can do about it.  Nikki doesn’t dare try to stop him, and they’re alone in the house.  If Bear turns vicious, she dreads to even imagine what he may do to her.  Those sharp teeth of his can tear her to pieces in no time.   Cursing her own stupidity, realizing too late her naive logic had gotten her into this precarious predicament, Nikki resigns herself to her humiliating fate.  She abhors the idea of allowing the demanding dog to fuck her as if a whimpering bitch in some back alley.  However, she is whimpering, and every bit as helpless as a bitch-in-heat would’ve been to prevent this horrible act.  It’s an outrage, a crime against nature, however, what can she do? She’s being raped, by the very dog brought to protect her from such an attack.  It gives her a sinking sensation in the pit of her stomach, and she cringes at the knowledge this is basically her fault.  Allowing him to smell her ass would satisfy his urges, and put an end to the embarrassing incidents in the backyard when she goes to feed him was a stupid error of judgment.

Nikki wishes to God she’d never mentioned a watchdog, however, it’s too late now.  She can feel the pointed head of his obscene organ poking erratically at her dog saliva and secretion-slick cunt, and despite her reluctance to allow this unholy union, it gives her an unbidden perverted thrill.  How big is his cock, she wonders?  Will I be able to take it?  Oh, Father in heaven, don’t let him hurt me!  Have mercy on me!  I didn’t mean for this to happen!  I didn’t!  I didn’t! Bear finds the mark and jabs a couple of hot, hard inches into his mistress’ soft, moist crevice.

Ooomph,” she moans, and shivers with a mixture of fear and anticipation, steeling herself to take the rest of his unseen member.

His back arches, driving his thickening pole swiftly inside her flowering cunt.  Her red lips draw back over her white teeth, and her eyelids snap wide open.

OH GOD!” she moans.

How much has he got, she wonders dizzily?  For he already has more cock in her than Sue, and he’s still stuffing it into her belly.  The head bumps her cervix, jolting her womb as it shoves the most feminine of all her female organs higher into her belly.  Bear thrusts in the rest of his pulsating cock, his furry haunches flattening her ass cheeks as he impales her to the hilt.  She sucks in her breath raggedly, shuddering helplessly from the delicious ache of getting penetrated deeper than ever she has.

Fuck me,” she groans. “It feels like it’s in my chest!

Bear whines triumphantly and, clasping Nikki’s torso with his forelegs, he begins humping his meat into her.  It fairly takes her breath away, the dog’s phallus, which she’d never seen, feels a foot long, and as thick as a baseball bat.  He’s skewering it in and out of her with long, rhythmic strokes keeping her womb bobbing in her belly.  The cock’s tapering shape—pointed at the head and thicker than a man’s cock at the base—stretches her shaved slit almost to the limit during the in stroke, only to allow her elastic pussy lips to spring back nearly to their original elliptical position toward the end of each outstroke.  As a result, he’s opening her up anew each time he thrusts it home, and it feels for all the world as if he’s penetrating her for the first time, over, and over again.

Faaaaaaaark,” she moans, responding to the flood of lust-inciting sensations in spite of herself, the fear rapidly draining from her, a mind dulling flush of carnal pleasure rushing to fill the void.

He may be a dog, she thought dimly.  But he’s got a wonderful cock, and he’s giving me the best, goddamned fucking I’ve EVER had!  Nikki’s resistance evaporates, and she gives herself over to the mounting tide of her natural sexual desire and lies there docilely across the kitchen table, her head cradled in her arms, thoroughly enjoying the wicked act of intercourse with her huge dog.  A mood of willful licentiousness envelopes Nikki.  She doesn’t give a fuck about the right or wrong of bestiality any longer.  Now Bear is fucking her, she wouldn’t have missed this sinful sex for anything in the world.  His cock is bone-hard, much hotter than he remembers his former dick feeling, slick as glass, and so unbelievably big.

Yes, yes, yes—Oh God—Yeeeeeahs!” she moans, grimacing in rapture as the nerve-rich head of her blood-glutted clitoris flips maddeningly back and forth over the cool edge of the table.  “Oh fuck, your cock feels so good—Fuck me—Fuck me hard—Ahhhhrrr—Yeees—GIVE IT TO ME!

Her words are wasted on the animal, however, not the husky tone of her voice.  Bear catches the gist of Nikki’s impassioned request and starts hosing her faster and harder.

Ooooo—Ahhhhhrrr—Ooh,” she moans, between gasping gulps of air.

Bear’s arching back pumps his rear end in a blur of motion, causing his turgid cock to plunge as if a piston within the silky sheath of her wetly sucking cunt.  He’s giving it to her faster than any man alive can ever hope to do, hitting her so hard his hindquarters mashes the perspiration-moistened fatty globes of her buttocks as if balloons, while the pointed head of his skewering cock beats as if a hammer against the hypersensitive cervix.

“Oh fuck—I can’t believe this,” she groans.  “It’s just so great.”

However, she has to believe it and, depraved as it makes her feel, she also has to admit she dearly loves it.  She’s being fucked silly by her big dog, and nothing else matters.  So what if it’s vulgar and demented, so what if they call it bestiality, and makes laws against, she thought.  What the fuck do they know?  But God help me if anyone finds out I’m doing this.

Nikki rotates her rump as the overflow of her copious cuntal secretions trickle all warm and sticky-wet down the insides of her parted, weak-knee legs.

Oooo—GOD—I don’t care if you are a dog—Ooh Yeeeeahss—Fuck me—FUCK ME—FUCK ME!

The table legs are creaking rhythmically now, and Nikki’s cunt is so full of hot woman goo, she’s squished each time Bear stuffs his pulsing cock into her. It feels as if a red-hot poker is jabbing deep into her, searing her internal organs and cauterizing her womb.  The pain it causes is fantastic, and she doesn’t care he may rupture her because her brain is dazed with carnal bliss. Squish, comes the juicy report each time the dog drives balls-deep into her, then Slurp, when he pulls his cock part way out.  With her pleasure-drenched pussy sucking at the dog cock as if reluctant to part with even a fraction of an inch of it for so much as a split second.


On and on go the slippery sounds, as Bear thrusts into her with animalistic abandon for a few more minutes seems as if glorious hours to Nikki’s desire-dazed brain.  She can feel a knobby protuberance forming at the base of his thrusting cock, the knot grows slamming against her opening trying to force its way inside.  However, her position lying on the table prevents Bear from getting the baseball sized knot into her wet cunt.  Nikki can feel his cock inside her twitch, bend, and throb, and knows he’s about to cum.


As the knowledge he’s going to soil her human womb with his nasty animal sperm registers on her lust-crazed mind, it gives her an additional sordid thrill tingled clear down to her toes.  She can hardly wait to feel his cum spewing into her, and she knows beyond a doubt the first steaming jet will make her orgasm right along with him.  The passion-crazed woman bucks and gyrates her ass, gasping for breath as she reaches for her orgasm with all her might.  His rear end fairly flies for about twenty more glorious seconds then, with a yelp of fulfillment, and saliva drooling from his mouth, the glassy-eyed Rottweiler hunches his pounding cock home for the final time, grunting and whining as his sex muscles start convulsing to expel his massive load.  The first stream gushes out of him beneath pressure, splashing all hot and gluey-thick over the ultrasensitive neck of Nikki’s orgasming womb.

AAAAAAAHHHHHRRRR!” she moans, throwing back her head as the sudden inundation of superheated dog semen triggers her release. “Oooooo—Fuck—CUMMING—I’M CUUUUUMING.”


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