Bitch Hollow 2: The Dog Witch

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Bitch Hollow 2: The Dog Witch
Bitch Hollow 2: The Dog Witch
Year: 2016
The FBI have two female agents investigate the disappearance of Monica after her mother becomes ill, and uncover something unexpected. Monica seems possessed by some demon who makes her fuck dogs.
Sheela B.
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Cindy Radmore takes a deep breath as she surveys the slum neighborhood.  The buildings are in various states of disrepair, car frames dot the street, and young black men assembled in groups watch the pretty redhead suspiciously.  A wind blasts over her from the west, and instinctively she draws her coat around her with a shiver.  Checking her notebook again, she knocks on the door loudly.  Instantly she hears footsteps on the other side of the door and it opens to reveal a heavyset black woman with streaks of gray through her hair.

Cindy asks in a friendly tone, “Are you Tricia Brant?”

The woman’s eyes narrow as she examines the pretty five feet eight redhead.  Tricia asks, “Who wants to know?”

Cindy pulls a badge from her pocket and presents it for Tricia to examine.  The black woman sneers at the FBI credentials.

“I ain’t got nothing to say to you,” Tricia snaps and goes to close the door.

“I’m not here about any of your boys, Mrs. Brant, or your ex-husband.”

Tricia hesitates, staring at the slim redhead with narrow eyes.

“OK, then what?”

Do you know two young women, Jennifer Rogers, and Monica Alger?”

Tricia gasps.  “I’ve met ‘em, long time ago officer.”

“Oh?  How long ago?”

“Hmm, let’s see, must be two years ago,” Tricia said scratching her chin.  They came to me to, err, have their cards read.”


“Tarot cards, I used to do that to make some extra money.”

Cindy writes what Tricia says in her notepad with a thoughtful nod.

Tricia asks with darting eye movements, “Are they in trouble or something?”

“Monica Alger is missing, has been for a while now, and we’re trying to find her,” Cindy said.

“What about Jenny?”

Cindy nods with a small smile, she never mentioned the blonde Ms. Rogers’ preferred alias is Jenny.

“She’s not in trouble, but if you know where she is, that would be a great help,” Cindy said with a sweet smile to disarm the woman.  “Former friends say the two were pretty tight before Monica went missing.”  Tricia hesitates, and Cindy tries to reel her in.  “If you have anything that might help, I’m sure I can offer a reward.”

Tricia’s eyes bulge.  Cindy smiles inwardly, she knows people living in poverty will do almost anything for a few dollars, and Monica’s family had given her some cash to pay for information.

“I don’t know,” Tricia said, glancing around uneasily.

“How does a hundred bucks sound?”

The black woman’s lips press together tightly, before she says, “You gonna pay me now?”

“Yes, cash in hand.”

The door suddenly closes and Cindy hears footsteps inside when eventually Tricia returns, and hands Cindy a piece of paper with writing on it.  The FBI agent stares at the paper to see an address, Jenny’s address.  Taking the paper, Cindy pulls a hundred-dollar bill from her pocket and hands it to Tricia.  The black woman shoves it in her pocket quickly, as she knows it’s unwise to let the neighbors see you with cash.

“Thanks, Mrs. Brant, Monica’s family is very worried for her, and this might lead to something useful,” Cindy says as she hands Tricia a business card.  “If you remember anything else, don’t hesitate to call.”

Tricia takes the card and glances at it briefly, before pocketing it also.

“Aight, Officer, is that all?”

Cindy nods and Tricia shuts the door quickly.  The redhead turns and goes to her car circumnavigating the rubbish strewn around the place.  As she drives away, she hits her Bluetooth phone button in the car and a female voice answers.

“Cindy?  Get anything?”

“Yeah, Liz, can you run a check on address for me?”

“Ok, what is it?”

“One forty-five Lincoln Drive, San Francisco.  Got it?

“Yes, got it.  Whose is it?”

“Jennifer Rogers last known address,” Cindy said with a gleam in her eyes.

“Damn, and I thought the Brant lead was a long shot at best.  Good work, Cin.”

“Let’s hope it gets us somewhere this time.  Are you going to the State Pen today?”

“Yeah, I was just heading out.”

“Good luck.”

“Thanks, bye.”


One of the parts of any investigation is chasing up related cases, and in the search for Monica Alger, a peculiar case occurred before she disappeared.  A rape case involving two Greek men, and a dog committed against the missing woman.  Elizabeth Dench, an FBI agent working with Cindy on this case remembers feeling sick when she read the case file.  Both men received ten-years in jail for their crimes, which involved spraying several women’s genitals with a dog mating pheromone to get their dog to have sex with her.  They claimed the pheromone came from Ms. Rogers, yet lab tests proved the substance was urine from a female dog.  The guards lead her to an interview room where she sits and opens the file of the rape case against Monica, skimming it as she waits for the prisoner.  Eventually, the door opposite her opens and two prison guards escort a manacled man who sneers as he sees the smartly-dressed, brown haired woman.  They sit him opposite without removing his chains.

“Mr. Demetriou, I’m Elizabeth Dench from the FBI,” she begins, and flashes her badge.  “May I call you Paul?”

The fat Greek man shrugs.  “Like I give a shit.”

The guard nudes the prisoner, saying loudly, “Show some respect, Paulie.”

However, Paulie just sneers and stares at Liz coldly.

“I believe one of your victims was a Ms. Monica Alger, do you remember her?”

Paulie shrugs again.

“You claimed in your testimony that her friend, ah, Jennifer Rogers, had consensual intercourse with a dog behind your café and in her dorm room, right?”

He nods.  “The cops wouldn’t believe me, even though they saw the CCTV footage of it.”

Liz flicks through some papers, and gets to one and sighs.  “Yes, the prosecution argued Ms. Rogers was your first victim.”

“Pffttt, she took that fucking Jack Russell without any help from me,” he said.  “Just dropped her pants and let the mutt fuck her.  I had nothin’ to do with it.”

“And you claimed her urine was some kind of stimulant to the dogs?”

“Look, lady, it’s all in the court transcripts.  I ain’t changed my story, neither has Spiros,” Paulie said shaking his head.

“Your accomplice?”

Paulie nods.

“How do you think a woman’s urine turns into dog bitch in-heat urine?”


“Well, Paulie,” Liz said, leaning back and looking at him evenly.  “The problem with your testimony is the urine you claimed belonged to Ms. Rogers was proven to be dog urine, not human.”

Paulie glares at her, pounding his fist into the table.  The guard steps forward, however, Liz raises her hands to stop him interfering.

“How the fuck do I know?” Paulie shouts.  “I collected that piss from the toilet, she forgot to flush, it belonged to her.

“Tell me about the incident at Ms. Rogers dorm?”

Paulie sits back, and looks at the FBI agent, her pretty green eyes, and long brown hair masking her feminine face.  It’s been a while since he’s even seen another woman this close, and his mood softens.

“Well, here’s where all that lab bullshit falls to pieces,” he said, smiling insolently.

“Oh, why?”

“We didn’t spray anything on her, we just showed her a dog and the bitch went all nympho with us,” Paulie said.  “They said we sprayed the pheromone on her, but we didn’t.”

Liz writes some notes onto a legal pad.  “So you’re saying the mere sight of the dog aroused Ms. Rogers to the point where she willingly participated in bestiality?”

Paulie nods.  “Fuck yeah, just like she did at the back of my café.  She saw a dog, and fucked it.  Nothing to do with us.”

“So how did using the urine come about?”

“Spiros thought of it, and it worked,” Paulie said, puffing his chest out.

“So you stick with your story that all you had to do was present a dog to Ms. Rogers and she would copulate with it immediately?”

Paulie nods.  “Look, I know it sounds batshit crazy, but it’s the truth.  The blonde bitch was a fucking dog nymphomaniac.”

She makes a few more notes.  “OK, I think I have what I need.  You can take Mr. Demetriou back to his cell now, officer.”

“Yes, ma’am,” the officer says with a curt nod.

“As Paulie is pulled to his feet, he pulls free of the guard and slaps the table making Liz jerk. “I promise I’m not lying about the blonde bitch,” he said in a strained voice.  “Sure, we did force those other women to do it, but not her.  Something was wrong with her, something evil.”

The guards drag him away, and soon after, Liz is getting into her car and heading back to the office.


Back in the office, Liz opens the CCTV footage taken at the back of the café and watches again.  Jenny exits the toilets and comes an abrupt halt, looking at a Jack Russell terrier wagging its tail at the sight of her.  Jenny freezes, staring at the dog.  Her back is to the camera, so Liz can’t see if she’s saying anything to the dog.  The dog jumps on her leg sniffing at the young woman coming, and Liz can see the animals cock poking out in arousal.  The video flickers from an edit, and resumes with Jenny lying on her back with her jeans half off, and her legs spread.  The dog is licking her pussy with exuberance, and Jenny is twisting sensually indicating enjoyment.  The little dog practically buries its nose inside her pussy.   Jenny reaches under her blouse to pinch her nipples.  Eventually pulling the garment up to expose her breasts, so she can play with them while the dog’s tongue explores her pussy.   Whenever its tongue laps over her clit, Jenny nearly jumps off the ground and a squirt of wetness comes from her.  The little dog goes into another frenzy of licking making Jenny almost contort with pleasure.

Suddenly, the Jack Russell Terrier mounts her, sliding its cock straight inside her pussy and pumps her madly.  An orgasm makes her body quiver, and still the little dog pumps hard.  Its tail wagging in excitement, the dog panting rhythmically to its thrusts, and drooling on her stomach.  The dog settles after about ten minutes and Liz assumes the animal is ejaculating.  Suddenly, dog and woman alike jerk, Jenny twists her head to see back into the café.  Something spooks the dog making it pull out of her, though, it isn’t finished pumping her full of cum.  The small knot comes out without too much trouble and the dog runs toward the back fence and out a small hole into an alley.  Jenny gets up, puts her pants on, and rushes into the toilet.  The video ends.

Liz stares at her notes, trying to make sense of what Paulie said and the video.  The missing time in the video was theorized to be where Paulie and Spiros intervened, yet maybe the prosecution was too quick to judge.  Maybe the missing part is Jenny giving herself to the dog freely, she wonders?  If true, why would she do that?

Suddenly, Cindy’s familiar voice broke her reverie, saying, “Are you looking at that nasty video again?”

Liz turns and shrugs.  “That missing bit really bugs me,” Liz said, and sighed.

“Let me guess, Demetriou said she did it willingly?”

Liz nods, saying, “You know what, I believe him, too.  There’s something weird about this case.”

Cindy laughs as she sits at her desk.  “That’s why they gave it to us.”

“Anything come through on the address?”

Cindy’s face brightens.  “Yeah, we’ve got a hit.  Seems our Ms. Rogers still lives there.”

Liz slams her desk, shouting, “God damn, that’s the best break we’ve had so far.  Good work, Cin.”

“We’re going to San Francisco, Liz.  Pack your bags.”

“Open up that golden gate, California here we come.”



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