The Meter Reader

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The Meter Reader
The Meter Reader
Year: 2016
When Anita lands a job with the waterboard as a meter reader, she finds a sexual encounter with a dog leads her into a dangerous situation.
Sheela B.
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There are times when passion drives us, when needs must be met.  Desires, whatever they are, can chip at our minds until fantasy can no longer fulfill the things hidden in our souls.  Some may call these desires sin, illegal or even immoral.  Yet part of the human condition is not just a battle of logic over desire, it’s a fight against the flesh.  Once these desires take hold people can find themselves doing things they’d never thought possible.  This is where we meet Anita Collins, a bored housewife with unfulfilled sexual desires whose husband seemed unable to understand.  Anita doesn’t understand them either, as like many, she lives in a constant state of denial.

Her husband, Stan, had encouraged her to get a job to help fill her time, and today she graduates from the training program for a water company.  Her job, to read the water usage gauges so bills can be issued to the householders.  Dressed in her chartreuse vest over a blue cotton dress, her ID on a glove, hat and sunglasses, the curvy twenty-five year old set out down endless streets to record water usage.  The one thing she soon discovered is the job itself is boring, yet she liked the exercise and working outdoors.  It’s curtly summer, so the days are warm, and the streets are lush with trees, gardens, and grass.  The birds are noisy and the insects are annoying, however, she enjoys the work.

Most homes had their meters in front, giving her easy access, but often she found them around the sides in bushes and secluded from the street by overgrowth and trees.  At one such house in Greville street, Anita has an encounter that rocks her world forever.  While entering the numbers off the meter into her handheld device, she hears a sudden growl to her left, and turns to see a large mixed-breed dog crouched into an attack position.  Her heart races and stomach lurches at the sight of bared teeth, and raised hackles.  Omigod, she thinks as she backs away through the overgrown bushes.

“Nice doggy,” she says to the tan and black dog.  “Good dog, I’m not here to hurt you.”

The dog advances, so Anita steps back, through the narrow gap between house and fence, and the weeds and bushes.  Suddenly, she hits a high brick fence to find herself trapped.

“Oh fuck,” she moans as she looks for a place to climb to get away from the approaching dog.

She bangs on the house, and shouts, “Help, is anyone home?  Help.”

Silence greets her calls for assistance, meanwhile, the dog has her pushed against the fence, still growling and drooling as if she’s his next meal.  Her back is pressing hard against the fence, and her body trembles as she holds her hands over her face.  I can’t believe I’m going to be killed on my first day on the job, she thinks.  The dog edges closer, it’s head lower than its rear, ears straight and stiff, with teeth bared.  The water company had given them training with dealing with an aggressive dog, yet at this moment she can’t think of anything they said.  All she does is stand poised for the animal to attack, hoping it might give her the chance to escape.  I only have to get past it, she thinks, and I can run for the street.

Anita stands ready, legs apart, arms raised to protect her face, and her butt against the fence leaning forward.  The dog is close now, and her body trembles uncontrollably anticipating the dog to lunge at her.  The dog sniffs the air, smelling her urine as she’s squirted some piss into her panties as part of her fear response.  The animal can smell her musky odor, and suddenly drives his nose under her dress and passes it against her thong.

“What the fuck?” Anita says, and gasps loudly, feeling the cold nose of the dog press into her hot pussy.

She pushes the dog’s head and the animal snaps at her making her pull them away quickly with another gasp.  He returns to sniffing her musky, pissy panties, and to Anita’s surprise starts licking her thinly-clad pussy lips through her thong.  Anita had seen such things on the web, and has even fantasized about submitting to the lust of an animal, however, now she finds herself getting molested by a stray dog her first response in nausea.  The big rough tongue feels foreign to her, wide, wet, and kind of coarse.  The force with which it grinds across her now soaked gussets, and the speed is also unexpected.  She leans back against the fence, tilting her head backward and closing her eyes.  Maybe he’ll get bored, she thinks hopefully.  So she remains still, as the dog’s tongue devours her pussy.  A warm feeling grows in her stomach and groin, and her clit begins to throb as her legs feel suddenly.

Omigod, what are you doing to me?”

The heat in her lower abdomen grows stronger, and it feels as if everything in her groin is growing tighter.  Her eyes are still closed tightly as she lets herself enjoy the sensations of the animal’s tongue.  Slowly she lifts her dress and grabs the elastic waistband of her thong and pulls it down.  The dog moves its head to let the wet material past, then dives into her cunt with new enthusiasm.  Her pussy is shaved around her labia, however, she has a trimmed triangular patch of brown pubic hair on her mound.  Anita’s slit is puffy and red with arousal, her clitoral hood poking above her labia getting pushed and squished by the dogs persistent licking.

“Oh fuck, yes, that feels so good,” she moans softly.  “Good dog, very good dog.”

Now she’s pushing her groin into the stray dog’s mouth, giving her cunt for him to worship.  The dogs tongues slid inside her pussy, deep into the well of her womanhood.  He’s now fucking her with his tongue, her taste so wonderful for his canine mind.  The talented tongue seems to be everywhere, inside her cunt and lapping her clit and ass.  Anita’s body is shaking still, how we, not from fear but sexual desire.  Her orgasm is building, and the tightness in her stomach seems ready to burst.  Suddenly, she squeals and her body starts shaking.  Her head thrashes making her long brown hair swish through the air as if a brown cloud of smoke.  The dog tatters a sudden burst of juice as her pussy walls spasm madly.

“Oh fuck, yes, oh God, ohhhhhhhh yessssssss,” she moans as she cums hard.

The dog keeps licking as she cums several more times, it’s been so long since she’s had multiple orgasms.  Eventually, she opens her eyes to notice for the first time the dogs huge erect cock hanging low, all red and strange.  She gasps at the sight of the strange looking phallus, a tapered tip leaking precum already, so red with purplish veins she can see easily.  The thought of it fucking her makes her heart thump and with a burst of strength she jumps over the dog, and runs through the bushes beside the house pulling her cold, damp thong back up.

Looking at her watch, she sees she’s wasted too much time already, as she has a quota of houses she needs to meet.  So she quickly goes into the next house and records the data from the meter.  Her mind is racing, and the tingly sensations are still coming from her pussy.  The dog appears on the sidewalk once she’s four houses down the street, it watches her, and slowly follows her.  Anita can’t run away, as she has to do her job.  The dog follows her, its huge erection ever present, making her gasp every time she looks back at him.  Its intentions are obvious, he wants to fuck her, and despite telling herself, she’d never do such a thing, the dampness of her thong grows. This time, not from dog saliva.  At the end of the street, she looks back again to see him watching her, wanting her.  She sighs, feeling confused by her feelings.

“It’s wrong,” she shouts at the dog whom wags his tail briefly.  “Why do you want to see me getting into trouble?”

Yet his cock is so hard and big, daring her.  Bigger than her husband’s by a lot, and Stan’s six inches.  She hasn’t fucked a cock that big since she was in high school. The image of Jimmy Sanders and his huge cock flashes through her mind, she hadn’t thought of him in years.  How that massive organ could make her cum, and the thought of it makes her pussy squirt.  But this is a dog, not a guy, she tells herself.  It’s illegal to have sex with a dog.

After another dozen houses finished, she finds herself again battling an overgrown side yard to find the meter in an old house on Barton’s street.  The meter is buried in dirt and debris and she has to get onto her knees to clear it.  Suddenly, something cold touches her leg, it’s the stray dog sniffing at her from behind.

“You really want it bad, eh?” Anita says, patting his head.

He stares at her, licking his moist jowls, and his ever present hard-on dripping precum.

“Oh, OK, I’ll let you lick my pussy some more, but keep that thing away from me.”

She lifts her dress over her backside and slides her thong down to her knees, spreading to let the stray dog sniff at her now smelly cunt.  Having cum already and slathered inside and out with the dog’s saliva didn’t make for the cleanest pussy.  She glances around to make sure no one can see her, the bushes and shrubs are too high and thick so are perfect for the lewd moment.  The dog quickly begins licking her pussy, rasping his tongue through the crevice of her labia and lightning her clit with pleasure.  She moans softly, wondering how her first day as a meter reader could turn out like this.

Again, the ferocious lapping of her cunt soon has her having her first orgasm now she’s freely giving herself to the moment.  However, the dog has plans of his own making, and after ten-minutes of giving her pussy full attention, he suddenly mounts her wrapping his forelimbs around her waist tightly.

“No, get off me, mutt,” she whispers harshly, not wanting to make their presence known to the householder.

The dog is lost in the carnality of the moment, his sexual need overwhelmed his canine brain.  He jabs furiously at her groin with his hard cock, sliding easily between the valley of her crevice.  Rubbing her clit with its hot flesh, and spraying her dress with watery precum.  Anita tries to grab his legs and pull them apart, however, the animal is so strong and determined to have his way with her.  She wriggles her bottom to stop the dog finding its target, yet she unintentionally helps the animal and a loud gasp escapes her lips as he slams it home.

At first, it hurt because she hasn’t been fucked by a cock this big in years.  She soon discovers the strays cock is also thicker than her husband Stan’s penis.  Not that Stan is a bad lover, when he tries, the stray dog is immediately better.  His cock slides into her, making loud wet noises as flesh slaps flesh, and soon his furry balls hit her clit with each thrust.  Anita doesn’t know how it happened, the dog has impaled the full length of its big cock inside her.  She can feel it move into her belly, slap and push her cervix deep, and fill her in a way she only ever felt with her high school lover.  The big dog cock is expanding inside her, especially near the base, and she moans loudly as the red dick pushes her to another orgasm.

“Ooh, God, fuck me, own me,” she moans.

He grips her even tighter, and adjusts his feet to give him more purchase.  Then he starts thrusting faster than he had previously, making Anita’s body rock as he slams his cock so deep within her.  She is pushing back now to meet every lewd hammering he gives her, their mixed juices are already running down her inner-thighs, and dripping off her mound.  What strikes her is the meat of the dogs cock, scorching her cuntal walls as the massive organ slides in and out of her.  The dog achieves a steady rhythm, and her orgasms pile on, especially once she began rubbing her clit as well.  The swelling is really getting extreme and soon she feels the knot pushing her pussy lips even wider.

“What the fuck is that?” Anita softly asks.  “You’re gonna rip me open.”

Feeling her cunt stretch more, and more as the knot becomes so big, and adding pain to her already rapturous body.  I’ve never felt anything like this in my life, she thinks.  Who knew this could be so good?  The knot passes in and out of her, making her pussy lips bulge each time as if gasping for air.  She cums again, a bone jarring orgasm that makes every muscle in her body spasm wildly.  The orgasm so intense she finds it hard to breathe for a moment, and she grasps the ground as if she may fly off any moment.

Then she feels the knot, pull on her, her pussy lips can’t stretch wide enough for it to come out now.  The dogs cock is trapped inside her, yet he still fucks her sliding the knot over her g-spot, making squirts of piss escape her as it presses on her bladder.  The pressure inside her is extreme, making her body continuously orgasm as if her brain thinks this is the best way to find relief. Suddenly, the dog’s rhythm becomes ragged and jerky, and a new heat spread in her belly, the dog is cumming.

“Oh, fuck, your cum feels so good.” she moans. “I can feel every squirt, every throb inside me.  Omigod, I’m gonna cum again.”

Again, her body spasms wildly and shakes madly as she cums on the dogs cock another time.  She’s lost count of the orgasms she’s had, and this is just as powerful as previous one.  Anita wonders how much her body can take, as she settles again, feeling the big cock still filling her womb with his puppy makers.  As the intense feelings lesson, she tries to move after noting the time, however, the huge cock is not budging, thanks to the knot.  She sighs deeply, glancing around again to make sure no one can see her.  So she waits, feeling the dog cum build inside her, and dribble down her inner thighs.

Looking at her watch again, she says, “Come on, mutt, I have work to do still.”

The dog just whines as his balls spurts its contents into her body.  Eventually, she feels the knot shrink, and she manages to slide the cock out of herself. The dog lies on the ground to lick his cock clean, and as she stands cum escapes her cunt.  She squats to let her pussy empty as much she can manage, pushing down with a grunt to squeeze cum from her used cunt.  The amount of dog cum dribbling out of her amazes her, and she wishes she had something to wipe herself with.  Soon she slips on her slimy thong with an upper lip quiver, and leaves the secluded spot to continue her work.

Overall, she’s lost an hour of the day dealing with the stray, which means she’ll have to forgo her lunch break to catch up.  As she moves quickly into the next house to record the data from the meter, her pussy aches from the wild stretching it has just experienced, and dog cum dribbles into her thong.  Anita puts it out of her mind and keeps working.  The mutt is no longer following her, he’s satisfied, and as another clot of cum falls from her cunt, she sighs.  I hope I don’t have to do this every day, she thinks.  Otherwise, I won’t last long in his job.



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